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#healing journey
healingislimitless · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Checking In!
Hey friends! I hope you’re all doing well and taking care of your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health as best as you can! As our world seems to change at the drop of a hat, it’s important we are consistent in taking inventory of who we are and what we’re doing, that includes our place in our world and what we are feeling. How often are you checking in with yourself? Someone said that talking to yourself is weird, but it’s honest and raw, and incredibly therapeutic. Take a moment, and ask yourself some of these questions, and be as honest with yourself as you can. If you don’t like the answer, you have the power to change it absolutely, but for now just focus on getting the answer honestly.
How am I physically feeling today? Are there any new sensations in my body? Do I recognize any old sensations? What can I see around me? What can I hear? Taste? Smell? Touch? If my physical body could speak, what would it say to me?
How am I mentally feeling today? Are there any new thoughts that have arised? Do I recognize any old thoughts and patterns? What was my first thought when I woke up? What are my thoughts about my day today? If my mental body could speak, what would it say to me?
How am I feeling emotionally today? Are there any new emotions? Why are they here? Do I recognize any old emotions and beliefs? How did I feel when I woke up? How am I feeling now? How do I want to feel in this moment? If my emotional body could speak, what would it say to me?
How am I feeling spiritually today? Are there any new beliefs or experiences? Do I recognize old beliefs? Have I shed any beliefs to make way for new growth? Am I feeling connected spiritually? If my spiritual body could speak, what would it say to me?
Happy check in, friends!
Love & Light!
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elphin365 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
I did it. Playing again and giving myself permission to let go. One small step on my journey.
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healingislimitless · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Divine Expression
We are different expressions of the Divine. Not just physically or emotionally, but Spiritually. All of us have different beliefs, views, and experiences that have shaped what we see as our Spiritual understanding. Though some may say that it all leads to the same place, the expressions and understandings are all vastly different. They’re all just as beautiful.
While different views and experiences are often compared and contrasted, we need to remind ourselves that our experience is our truth, and someone else’s experience is theirs. Our views also change and evolve as we do, and what worked for you back then may need to be shed in order to make room for what’s working for you now – you never stop growing as a Spirit.
Spirituality in itself is fluid, as is Divine expression. Allow it to move and mould you as you move and mould it.
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crazy4daizies · 5 days ago
Fuel Your Thoughts with Positivity!
#mindsetmonday Fuel your subconscious thoughts, with positive affirmations.✨ I am radiant, resilient, & growing* Wishing you all a beautiful day 🌼
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theeflowerqueen · 8 days ago
Write about a happy time in your life
When babe proposed to me after a 5 mile hike up a mountain <3 Everything about that day was perfect
Overcast during the hot NC weather, beautiful fog from the peak view. I wish I had my camera back then to capture it, phone photos don’t do Grandfather Mountain justice.
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elephantmystic · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Akamara Tarot
The card of this moment in time is ensuring us all that there will be things that are out of our immediate control. There are karmic cycles that are part of the fabric in which we incarnated and until we reach a point of critical self-reflection, we are fallen into the inevitable. For many of you, this card represents the upheaval that is occurring in your life. Perhaps relationships with folks have dramatically ended, or cycles of abuse, toxicity, and habits that are no longer beneficial, have come to the breaking point. You are left with an inventory of your life up until this moment. And in this moment of self-reflection, you become the narrator you always were, dictating the following steps in your life. Many of you are dealing with loss. You are coming to terms with this new version of life that perhaps you couldn’t fully imagine. Understand the power you have in this moment. Recognize that the healing journey is one that takes time, one that cannot be rushed, and one that is not entirely pretty. However, it is one that elevates you. The journey teaches you more about yourself, it delivers you to a place of self-mastery- as long as you are flowing with the current. This is a moment of surrender; of recognizing that you are not in control. That you are indeed a droplet of water in the river that is flowing past each obstacle. When moments get too tough to bear, remember the analogy of the river and remind yourself to flow like water.  
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healingislimitless · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Manifesting + Doing the work
I’m loving this cultural shift of people taking more of an active role in creating the life the want to live, specifically though manifesting. Manifesting is everywhere I look on social media, in conversations with strangers, it’s everywhere!
While it is a beautiful step to take in claiming your power, a lot of people don’t realise there’s a lot of steps you need to take after that in order to actually create what you want. Manifesting, spellwork, prayers, wishes are only the first step in a long journey.
For those of you who know, I’m a huge Disney fan. In The Princess & The Frog, Tiana wishes on a star to help her get what she wants, but her Dad pulls her aside and says, “You wish and you dream with all your little heart. But you remember, Tiana, that that old star can only take you part of the way. You got to help it along with some hard work of your own, and then, yeah, you can do anything you set your mind to.” This is a perfect example of how manifesting works.
Wishing and wanting is a great step to get your intention out into the Universe, but the Universe doesn’t just hand away things for free. The Universe wants to know that you’re willing to do the work to get where you want to be – it won’t do the work for you. ‘Manifesting’ as social media presents it, isn’t a quick-fix to life.
What does doing the work look like to you?
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selfcareserenade · 11 days ago
Today is the birthday of my longest friend. She stays with me from the first grade of elementary school to college. Sadly, the fateful ending of our relationship came in my fourth semester, when she passed away. When I first received the news, I went to bed and prayed that it's not true. But I woke up, lay still in my bed and reality stills hit. The first sentence that came out from my mouth is a whisper to my mom, telling that she passed away and I have to go to the funeral home. Even after I arrived there, her death still felt like a really bad dream. I had just visited her two weeks prior to surprise her on her birthday, and two weeks later I saw her face again, resting in an open casket.
In her funeral service, all I could think about was the sort of things that she would say if she attended here. A lot of our highschool friends came, and the thought that ran across my head was "look at them. Did they come because they care? Or did they come because they're shocked she's the first one in our year that left?" But in her cremation, the one that comes is her guy best friend, her internet friends, and me. None of our school friends are present. I sent a picture to the alumni group chat, thanking them for paying their respect yesterday. Nobody responded and it didn't matter anymore. The fact that the one who comes is the closest one to her just struck me, and everything feels evaporated after that.
To this day, I still don't know where they spread her ashes. I understand why she went, but I still feel that I didn't have a proper closure. Even two years from now, it feels less like a real tragedy, and more like a stale remembrance. I want to commemorate her, but it turns out that fourteen years of knowing her, I still don't know what I can do to make that day meaningful. All I see is bleak. The thing about loss is, you may feel okay after time has passed. But then, the sadness will hit you again without warning; like waves crashing into a beach, tore open and salted your wound as if it's a fresh hurt.
Even though life doesn't get bad, life certainly feels worse after that. In every irony, I got back together with my ex after her death. He said that when he saw me break down, he realized that he didn't ever want to see me that sad again. And truth be told, without his help I would have fallen into a pit of depression. Still, I don't want to label it as a blessing in disguise or "it's for the better". Life has become a series of exams and some people have this notion that you have to measure it by wins and losses. But life doesn't automatically become good from winning. It is certainly better to gain, and losing sucks, period. But who's to say that we need to win to make up for our losses? Winning is not a salvation of our losses.
Maybe all I wanted was to be on a cloudy gray beach somewhere, just waiting for a thunderstorm to happen. Maybe then I can cry and scream along without any hesitation. To soak in all of the feelings. Celebrating losses alone.
The point of an exam is to learn. But the process is never comfortable. For me, it's as if after you answer one question, the next question rushes along and demands to be answered. And the pulsating question in my mind right now is, do we get better at accepting or do we just distract ourselves enough to keep us from thinking about losses? Do I celebrate losses to feel closure or do I need closure that much I have to celebrate losses?
In the end, I decided to buy a pumpkin scented candle that I intend to light on her birthday. She always loves Halloween. But when it came in the mail, it smelled like Christmas. And it occurs to me that I want to give this candle to my boyfriend. Christmas is his favorite holiday. It feels like the right gesture after he pulled me out of the abyss of despair that lingers because of the incident. As silly as it sounds, the thought of having to leave him in this world makes me want to stay. And maybe that's what I really needed: not a closure or a celebration, but to pass on the light to somebody else. Just like me, another person may need to see the light in front of them to prevent them from going to the light at the end of the tunnel. Today, I chose to light one for us.
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theeflowerqueen · 15 days ago
What are three new hobbies you would like to try?
Gonnaa be kinda lame here and pick hobbies I would like to further expound on, I feel as if I have too many already:
- Lead climbing
- Macro photography
- Painting
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infodumping-on-main · 15 days ago
oh BOY, is EMDR interesting
(EMDR, for those who don't know, stands for "Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing".)
It's a modality of therapy where, put simply, you reprocess your trauma via bilateral stimulation (where you're stimulated on both sides of the body). For me and many others, the bilateral stimulation is following a dot or light bar from left to right.
There are 8 phases and I'm currently on the third
Stage 1: Initual history and treatment planning (this is where you meet your therapist and discuss what you'd like to tackle)
Stage 2: Preparation (your therapist teaches you strategies to quickly manage coping disturbances; for me this was going over grounding techniques and creating a "happy place")
Stage 3: Assessment. (You pick a "target" memory and focus on it. You'll verbalize the negative cognition associated with it (eg. "I am hopeless"), the emotions and sensations you're feeling, and you'll come up with a positive affirmation to counter the negative (eg. "I am competent")
I'm currently on Assessment, Stage 3, and I haven't been all the way through it. I just started, in fact. I can tell it's going to be hard for me, but definitely worth the work. Apparently, I'll have to rank how much I believe the positive affirmation and the goal of the reprocessing is to have me believe the affirmation completely (or near completely, depending)
This is just where I'm at, so take this with a grain of thought! I'd caution against trying any of this without a experienced practitioner. I'd also advise against EMDR if you don't have any healthy coping mechanisms. It dives deep into your trauma and you'll need to be able to stay afloat
If you're on your healing journey like me, props to you! I'm proud of you, regardless of where you think you're at.
And if you have yet to start, hang in there. You'll start healing one day and life will feel more worthwhile as you work on it
I'm proud of all of you trauma survivors. We can do this, and stay tuned if you'd like more therapy and EMDR updates
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healingislimitless · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Plain and simple.
Keep in mind this is not meant to invalidate or attack anyone for their thoughts and feelings, but more of a reminder to not only claim your power, but accept responsibility with it.
Thoughts are energy. Energy is power. Therefor thoughts are power. And with power comes responsibility. As we navigate our world in our own way, our experiences have two responses – action and reaction. Both of these responses start with a thought. This thought may be one constructed over time with various experiences to back it up, or it may be more impulsive. Either way, these thoughts have feelings attached to them, as we are sentient beings. The reactions themselves may be impulsive, as we tend to feel ‘in the moment’ which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but living our lives solely impulsively can have some pretty dangerous consequences.  
Now as a Spiritual person, we tend to focus on being ‘intuitive’ and just ‘trusting’ and ‘going with our gut’. Discernment is key in these moments. Remember, our Ego isn’t our enemy, just something we need to work with. Ego is here to protect us and help us make rational thought of our impulsive feelings. Ego wouldn’t be a part of us if it didn’t serve a purpose – and that purpose isn’t to hold us back, but to get us to examine and deconstruct our experiences before we make a decision that inherently changes the world around us, no matter how small.
Being mindful and taking the time to check ourselves saves us in infinite ways. You also have a responsibility to yourself, those around you, and the very Universe you live in to control your thoughts and impulses. Make informed and educated decisions towards a goal that ultimately benefits you and by extension, everyone around you. Your thoughts really do create the world around you, so you need to decide if those thoughts are conducive to the world you want to live in.
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healingislimitless · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Stop blaming yourself for what you did in the past.
We know that identifying the root of an issue can be helpful when trying to solve, heal and release it. But when you’re caught up in identifying and blaming, you don’t take an active part in the correction of the issue. Constantly blaming yourself for how you thought, felt, acted in the past isn’t going to help you move forward at all.
With Spring freshly sprung, we need to look to moving forward and turning over a new leaf within ourselves. So much growth has happened for all of us in the past few months (let alone the past few years) and it’s important that we honour that growth by using the lessons we learned to move forward. If we’re constantly looking back and beating ourselves up, we can’t possibly expect The Universe to help us pave the way for new things if our consciousness isn’t in the present.
Self-depreciation is a rabbit hole I’m sure we’ve all gone down. Beating ourselves up can turn a learning opportunity into our own personal Hell. We’ve all made mistakes we aren’t proud of, we’ve all been involved in something out of our control that we wish we could have avoided. Hindsight is both a blessing and a curse, depending on how you see it.
I urge you to break your cycles of condemnation. Stop blaming yourself for growing. We’ve all made mistakes, but if you continue to let them hold you back, you do no justice to the lessons that they taught you. You let them win by keeping you in a place of stagnation. It’s time to grow beyond the restraints we’ve put on and work towards being our authentic selves.
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chanteusetarot · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Daily Card Draw 3.28.21
Surrender to Complete Healing & Surrender to the Wisdom of Your Body
The combined intuitive message for today is to be receptive to the messages from your body as you navigate your healing journey. While the healing you’re experiencing could be spiritual or emotional, I feel that many of you are in the midst of recovery from a physical illness, injury or dis-ease. While it is important to follow the advice of trained medical and health practitioners, it’s still essential that you pay attention to your own bodily signals. If something (or someone) causes your pain or condition to worsen or intensify, take heed. Not every remedy is appropriate for every person. There is no “one size fits all” solution for the ailments we experience. Trust that your intuition and physical sensations will help to guide you towards or away from certain resources and individuals. Be open to changing the course of your healing process as necessary. Have patience with yourself and remember that you deserve to be nurtured and treated with loving-kindness and compassion by yourself and those around you.
The Power of Surrender Cards by Dr. Judith Orloff
Add me on Instagram: @chanteusetarot
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healingislimitless · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Intention. Intention. Intention. Everything starts with intention. Life itself, started with intention. You need to have a strong intention in everything you do, otherwise it won’t have true meaning or purpose. Intention should always be your starting point, and remembered each step of the way. People have often forgotten their intentions and asked themselves how they got where they are now. Your intention is everything.
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yogapilates · 23 days ago
Five years ago I didn’t own any cute dress. It’s not that cute dresses are important in order to be confident but the problem is that the reason I didn’t own any cute dress is because I was hiding. I was hiding the shape of my body, what I thought were imperfections and most of all I was hiding my femininity. For all my life I always rejected my femininity. I did it in different ways like wearing baggy clothes or choosing men who weren’t able to commit intimately.
 The first reason I was rejecting my femininity is that I was subconsciously copying the behavior of my mum, who needed to survive with my narcistic father in a very unhealthy turbulent relationship.The second reason is because I didn’t feel worthy of love. I didn’t feel like I was good enough. I was afraid to be myself. 
So I kept rejecting a part of myself that was indeed essential for me  to connect with if I want to have happiness in my life and an healthy, fulfilling and balanced romantic relationship. Another reason I was rejecting it, I think,  it’s also  because in these modern days it’s incredibly hard to be feminine. Our culture often rejects a woman’s authentic femininity  and also does not allow men to fully stand in their masculine energy while they can still worship the divinine feminine around them but also inside them. Being able to claim my feminine energy has ben an important part in this journey toward self-esteem and self-worth. I had to learn to embrace my vulnerability, my creativity, to be more gentle with myself and to have more fun without taking life too seriously.  I had to learn to stop leaving myself at the door and fully step into my own worth. I learned to give myself permission to do what feels right for me and to be my unapologetic self . 
Like every journey this too requires lots of practice and introspection and there are moment I still leave myself at the door and I esitate to step in my feminine energy and my self-worth. In those moments I just go inward , take deep breaths and gently I find the courage and the strenght to step into the sweetest and still powerful part of myself. And it’s pretty amazing because when you step into and embrace that power, it shows up everywhere. Now I own cute dresses but most of all I own myself. This yoga nidra doesn’t have music so you can play your favorite meditative music while you are listening to it.  Enjoy.
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