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#self improvement
recoveryecho · 6 minutes ago
My body is not here solely as a before picture that is looked at with disgust and contempt. When you look at my body it is not just a tool you can use as you pitch your fab diets, exercise routines, vitamins and supplements.
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ceonasim · 18 minutes ago
5 Ways To Overcoming Failure
Everyone hates failure but what most people do not know is that failure is part of success. Anyone who has been successful has often failed. So how can you overcome them?
Here are 5 keys to overcoming failure:
1. Learn from your mistakes and shortcomings: How did you learn to ride a bike? Short answer: you fell 100 times. Every time you make a mistake or fail, learn as much as you can to prepare yourself for the future.
Action Step: Write down the top five things you learned from your last mistake or failure.
2. Don't stay there: Now that you have learned something from your mistake, move on. Don't dwell on your past. You cannot tell where you are going when you look back. Also, dwelling on your past mistakes will keep you in jail where you are.
Action Step: Read what you wrote in Key 1 (5 Things You Learned).
3. Don't be afraid to try again: Do not let the fear of failure eventually hinder you from reaching your greatness, your goal, your dream, or your strength. Like learning to ride that bike, do not cross it once or twice, and stop.
Action Step: Take what you learned and try again now that you are better prepared.
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4. Surround yourself with good people: No matter what you try to achieve, surround yourself with successful people who have done what you want them to do. One of the best ways to overcome failure is to learn how other people like you have overcome failure. This will not only encourage you but also give you proof of the possibility.
Step by Step: Find a successful person or group and approach them as quickly as possible.
5. Note that failure is part of learning: Failures and mistakes are not fun, but it is what helps us learn to be bigger than anything we are trying to achieve. “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning to fail. ”- Colin Powell
Action Step: Think back to the time when you were successful. Then think of how often you have failed or made mistakes in achieving that goal.
Now that you have 5 keys to defeat failure, get out there and just do it! You have a seed of greatness within you. Don't let anyone or anything stop you from reaching your full potential in life.
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ceonasim · 27 minutes ago
3 Tips For Self Help And Personal Growth
Self-help and self-promotion are things that most people do not have. For many, getting up every day means going to work, coming home tired enough to go to bed and do it again the next day. Your rest days are cleaned up, cleaned up, cooked up, and try to do something meaningful with the kids. While this is the life of many Americans, it is not a good standard of living. Also, while that paycheck is a good asset, it is not something that will give you a life to look back on with a smile. Improve your health by helping and nurturing yourself, and you and your family will be better off.
Tips for Improving Your Health Through Personal Growth:
1. Get Healthy: You heard the saying, now apply it. While you may think it is necessary to work long hours and get a big check ***, if you ask your kids if they would like to have more toys or see you more, they will probably choose you. Cut down on the job you are looking for and find time to invest in your family. Their values ​​will improve, your relationship will improve, and you will sleep with a smile on your face.
2. Helping yourself means looking at yourself: Although it is not easy to do, you will have to deal with your mistakes and find ways to improve. Find out what you hate or dislike about yourself and work on improving these features. Don't like the way you look? Then change it. Don't like your attitude? Include things in your life that you should enjoy.
3. Your time important: It is also important to spend quality time doing the things you enjoy doing. Want to go slow? Then take a walk after dinner and leave your spouse and children. A 10-minute break from everyone is a time you can spend exploring yourself and learning who you are and where your life is headed.
When you take the time to learn about yourself and build your relationship, your personal growth allows you to become the person you want to be.
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queerlaracroft · an hour ago
as a former athlete who's doing therapy for anxiety and body dysmorphia, there's something that i try to remember everyday. thought it might help to share it here.
whenever i have days when i feel ugly, i ask myself: is it true? is it really true?
and then i try to remember all the things i find beautiful about myself, about my body.
for example, just today, i caught one of my roommates watching me as i worked out. i found myself spiralling into anxiety. i began to wonder what she thought of the fat i've been gaining in my lower belly area, if she thought that maybe i wasn't athletic enough.
then i asked myself if it's true that gaining fat in your belly is ugly, and if it's true that i wasn't athletic enough.
i sat with those fears, accepting the unease i felt, then i decided to comfort myself. after all, if we can hug a friend when they're in distress, we can also give ourselves a comforting, reassuring hug.
so i reminded myself of the way i genuinely enjoy food. i connect with people by treating them to their favourite dishes and seeing the pleasure they get from it. my generosity and joie de vivre are beautiful.
i think of the times when i've helped push cars, lifted heavy stuff, and protected people around me with my strength. i worked hard to gain that strength. my discipline and hard work are beautiful.
of course this also means that you have to challenge what you believe is beautiful. question where those beliefs came from and if they're serving you. meditate on how you can transform those beliefs to help you live a healthier and more peaceful life.
it's also important to know that my beliefs about beauty do not have to be your beliefs. you are free to challenge mine too!
it's not going to be easy. sometimes you might find yourself relapsing. but if you train yourself to constantly challenge your beliefs, then you're giving yourself the space to grow and embrace beliefs that nurture you.
self-love might seem unattainable at times. but self-nurturing is a skill you can acquire. be kind to yourself.
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project-me-tamorphosis · an hour ago
I wish I always had painted nails, cute hair, made smoothies for breakfast, wore nice outfits and spoke kindly.
It's attainable, but it's hard work. I'll get there.
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delmcch · an hour ago
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turtle-to-eternity · an hour ago
Day 111 - Schedule Change
This post is for May 9th, 2021. I'm about to transition to night shift.
Abigail was a silly happy girl.
My mental score for the day: 7/10
Met some cool people, felt good about it. Work doesn't seem like such a daunting task anymore. I'm gonna start sleeping at 8am and being awake during the late afternoon and evening. More chance of a social life that way.
For medication, I think Wellbutrin is starting to energize me more. I hope so. It's all I have for the foreseeable future.
My calories for the day: 2200/1500
Big fat, but I'm going on an 1800 calorie plan from now on. I don't think 1500 is sustainable while I'm working anyway.
My exercise for the day: 25 steady rows on the rowing machine.
Got some other exercise too ;P
My education for the day: Looking up psychiatrists more.
Hard to decide who to take a chance on.
Mi espanol para la dia: Skipped.
Kinda slipped my mind in all the scheduling chaos.
My social interaction for the day: ;)
Saucy and fun, m'kay?
My thoughts for the day: Honestly,
who the hell even needs thoughts when you got thots?
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effy-siderokardios · 3 hours ago
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Am I failing my life ?
I should not be here. I should be in university. Or in one of those private schools. I should have never let anyone wrong me, much less get away with it so often. Is my academic life ruined ? Is my love life ruined ? Is my life as a whole ruined ? Did I miss an opportunity that could have changed everything ? Perhaps multiple ones ?
I could torture myself like this for hours. And eventually cry, probably, and, there's no doubt on that, I'd ruin the rest of my day doing so. Instead, I will do my best with what I have. What needs to be improved or changed, will be. I am better than who I used to be. Much better. And I keep becoming better. I will have a great life, I will not fail myself, my destiny is to succeed.
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lolaskmeanything · 4 hours ago
DAY 71
Hi friends, I have been taking some time to get my shit together. That’s why I haven’t been so active on here. I have been getting my medicine in check, I’ve been bad about taking it, and I even met some new people this weekend. I have been doing my affirmations too which is good. I think i’ve been relaxed a bit more too. Asides from the job butt fucking me. When I get home I am going to apply to more jobs I think. I’m also going to ask my friend Misha if the restaurant she works at is hiring because at this point I’ll do anything. The money I make could barely let me afford a stick of gum. It gets me by. 
I had a facetime with an old college friend this morning and it made me happy. We talk here and there but I get excited when she calls. We had good times together, things just got messy with our living situation and so yeah...
I also think I have a guy in my life, but i’m not sure how to feel. Everything seems really sexual with him and I’m not into that. Like he wants a relationship which is good, but I don’t like how everything is so sexual. I think I am going to cut him off. Just sucks because he’s gorgeous. He asked me though if I would fuck another guy and send him videos/tell him all about it. No thank you, my sex life is private sir. Also, we were on the phone last night and he was making me say yes sir. I also was pretending I was fingering myself. In actuality I was laughing and rolling my eyes in my bed. If any guys are reading that, just know girls do that all of the time. Hate to break it to you. I have to head to work but I just wanted to check in and update. See y’all later :)
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hher-galore · 4 hours ago
Happy Monday!
New week,
New blessings,
New opportunities! 🧿
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efforteveryday · 5 hours ago
Today may 10th
Today so far I’ve finished my chemistry exam and turned in a huge project for microbiology, I’m waiting to hear back about the care taker job. Fingers crossed I get it.
I’ve eaten so far some rice cauliflower and lentils I love it 🥰 also drank some kombucha and coffee, working on drinking some water lol I also have some activewear on the way because it’s getting to be summer and I have pretty much no summer activewear surprisingly? I’ll post photos when it arrives(all second hand too!)
I have been home for about 30 minutes so pretty soon I’m going to start lifting weights. I also will start using a manifestation journal... maybe I’ll manifest on here since I’m trying to be less wasteful. I’m even going to get a rocket book for next semester.
I saw the most beautiful flowers today at school, they were pink and the flowers have bloomed where I live too. I love flowers so much. I wanna grow some. But I kill even succulents lol. Can’t have anything as a Gemini 😚 lol jk
My birthday is this month so I’m hoping I can finish some goals.
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rheageneayangwa · 5 hours ago
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I’ll always choose to be righteous 🥰
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d-i-x-i-t · 5 hours ago
If you don't trust yourself, you can't believe in anybody else.
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jamienotmyrealname · 5 hours ago
Taking more steps towards healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy soul.
I got more than 8 hrs of sleep last night, which is rare, hence the happy boomerang. Since I moved back to the province, I have been waking up early, usually at 5AM, but I still sleep late. So I've decided to try to sleep earlier. I am aiming for consistency in my sleep schedule so I will be imposing a gadget curfew on myself HAHA. No more phones, etc. when the clock hits 22:30.
Wish me luck, beautiful souls.
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