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#healthy relationships
pessimisticfvck · 22 minutes ago
i wish i didn’t hate my dad, i wish he didn’t hate me, i wish everything was different, i wish i could say i love him, i wish he would see the good in me instead of just seeing everything bad and hating everything i do
i wish i had a dad.
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cheryljmuir · 8 hours ago
How To Get Over Your Crush
"The unrequited crush is a mirror for the parent who didn’t give us the love we needed. By addressing the cause of this we break the cycle and become the person who receives love with ease." - Cheryl Muir
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Published in: Metro News | Written by: Edaein O' Connell
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sabrinavictoria82 · 8 hours ago
Setting #boundaries can be uncomfortable if you have never done it before. Learning to do it lovingly is the key to creating #healthy #relationships. Do something awesome today! Much love, Sabrina Victoria #mindset #mentalhealth #empaths #narcissist
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rinharu-purple · 13 hours ago
Having read almost all of Gavin dates in season one (and all in S2, that Cheri translated), I think I can pinpoint the certain milestones of MC and Gavin's relationship. In three specific dates, they confess their romantic feelings for each other and also tell each other directly that they want to spend the rest of their lives always...spoilers ahead
Tumblr media
MC’s Love confession
MC has been building up romantic emotions towards Gavin ever since they’ve met again at the Loveland police station and Gavin has swept her off her feet for the first time...figuratively AND literally.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This one is very easy to pick because during this date, MC is not only fangirling over Gavin but also shouting her feelings out loud in public as well as confessing them to him...loud and clear...I am talking about the “Slightly drunken date”.
As to her more instinctual urges...They have been growing since the moment she saw him like this for the very first time:
So once the slightly drunken date came, MC was overflowing with an ocean of emotions for Gavin for a while so she confessed to him:
“...than reappeared at his exposed waist and abs...As I reached to touch those scars (around his abdomen)... a different feeling arose in me“. That different feeling arose in all of us MC ;)
“No more talking! Just listen to me! When I said that, I meant it. Not about the bass playing, but you. I like the gift you gave me, I like the bracelet you gave me. I also like that love letter that I never read. I want to see more sides of you...When you’re eating, when you’re sleeping, when you’re happy, when you’re sad, when you’re wearing a tuxedo, or red in the face from drinking.
All of it! I want to see every side of you”.
(If you want to read a longer analysis on this date, let me take you here)
Gavin’s Love Confession
First things first...The question which should be ask before anything is...Has Gavin fallen in love with MC once his Evol awakened or was it an already ongoing process until that specific moment, on which Gavin realized he is in love with her? I think he has been observing MC for a while and was already enchanted by her kindness and beauty way before “the fall" into his Evol-awakening.  
As for Gav-babe’s instinctual urges...I would say, Gavin realizes them during the Shooting Date when he sees MC in a very revealing dress for the first time and she asks him to unzip her, in a very tight space, with the lights out...Our poor birdcop cant help but have naughty thoughts and wonders why MC asked him to do that for her :) I love this man to the moon and back
When he got verbal on his feelings however was during the “Spring Festival Date”. Not only he confessed to MC and her family that he used to have a crush on her during high school, but he also opened up about his honest feelings about her, which are extremely heartwarming.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I have a very strict father and a brother I seldom see...I don’t even know when I turned into such a loner. Eating alone, sleeping alone, doing everything alone...until I met her. It was a beautiful autumn day. The gingko leaves were floating in the wind. I was also going through a pretty dark time. But she saved me before I hit bottom...It’s she who told me I could live a stronger life. And it’s also she who told me I could live a more tender life. I never felt lonely before, until I met her. I started to get used to star-gazing with her, having dinner with her, spending the New Year’s with her.”
and this part he tells twice...once in front of her family and once while they are alone afterwards to prove that those words were genuine:
“In the future, I will give it my all to stay with you, to take good care of you, and love you.”
Yep, he drops the big L word <3 
“I wanna make up for all the times I wasn’t there“
After all, he’s waited a long time for that day to come...And when that day was finally there, he would make sure to confess to her.
Btw in both occasions out lovebirds were slightly drunk. And on a side note, my very first date with Gavin was the Spring festival date, so you could guess why I am so smitten by him and why there isn't any chance for the other LI’s to dethrone him.
Moving on to second phase...
MC’s future plans
The first time I read @cheri-translates​ English translation to the “Late Autumn Date”, I literally fell off from my chair by the intensity of this highly emotional and extremely spicy date. The date takes some time, but when Gavin and MC gets it going, holy cow it hits you hard!
I will intentionally not dive into the hot spicy details of this date and how they finally make out passionately at Loveland High. Sure both Gavin and MC are overwhelmed with nostalgia and oxytocin, but it’s once again MC’s time to gush out about her feelings for Gavin but this time, she tells him how he is her past, present and the future. MC promises her all to him and if that’s not a hand in marriage yakusoku then I don’t know what is. This again is a very long confession, so brace yourselves:
“ …we seem to have really missed out on a lot.  I’ve thought about a few things since a very long time ago. For example… cheering you on at the basketball court after school. And then proudly telling the entire class that the name of the tallest and most accurate shooter is ‘Gavin’!  Back then, there was a small stall outside the school gate selling red bean puffs. $3 for one, $5 for two. It was crispy on the outside and sweet on the inside, with a generous amount of filling. You’ve definitely not eaten it before… We used to have late night self-study sessions and were only dismissed after 9pm. The girls in the same class would find company to walk with. If you were there, you’d have been able to send me home.  Piano lessons were way too dull. Once I sit here, it would be for several hours, playing the same song over and over again. Sometimes, I’d think of going out to have fun - to go shopping, sing karaoke, eat all kinds of good food, or do my homework while having a drink in a small shop.  Also, the 800-metres physical test was literally my nightmare! If you were there to practice running with me, I wouldn’t have passed only after my third test.
If I could be with you back then… my deepest memories in high school wouldn’t have just been of exams.
– we missed out on a whole six years! Even if we want to make up for it every day, it wouldn’t be enough even if you spend a full twenty-four hours with me!
----(insert NSFW part here) ------
I cling to his waist tightly using my calves, wanting to brand every part of him into my heart.
“I want to bear his everything.”
Gavin: “Do you like it?”
“I like it…I like it very much…I like it so much that I don’t know how to prove how much I like it” “The rest of my life is yours, The years that we’ve missed out on are also yours” (whatever I have, I will give it to you. I will give everything to you, leaving nothing behind)
Gavin’s Future Plans
Here comes the tricky part, because there is not only one single date yet, where Gavin is seriously telling MC in length about his future plans. However there are soo many moments in various dates, events and Co. that implies to Gavin's proposal plans. Actually, I feel like the S2 Gavin dates revolve around the phase in their relationship, when things start to shift from a long term relationship to we're gonna get married soon.
Sure, Gavin told MC also in S1 many times, how he wants to spend the rest of his life with her during the
Looking at all these moments in S2. I believe it will be more eminent to see, how his future plans get more concrete:
- Every time he says "We" specifically in Puppy love call "Yes, we"
- Every time he say "In the future"
- Third year anniversary (testing the waters)
- From Afar Date (already has the gem)
- Old Haunt Date (their future home)
- Beautiful Future call (their dream of living in a Shangri-la when they grow old)
Even though Gavin hasn't told MC his future plans in a Monologe like she did directly, I believe he is adamantly planning about a proposal and expect in his birthday in 2021 something that hints to a concrete proposal.
Fingers are crossed
Tumblr media
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thevalleyisjolly · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
[Image description: A digital art piece of Dimension 20′s Cumulous Rocks and Sir Theobald Gumbar.  Cumulous is a person with blue skin, and short, fluffy light pink hair.  He wears a sleeveless pink wrap outfit, a purple belt, and purple arm and leg wraps.  He is floating in the air, with swirls of pale cloud around around his body, and is leaning forwards and gently holding Sir Theobald’s face in his hands.  Sir Theobald is a red gummy bear wearing a full suit of golden plate armour, a dark pink cloak, and a tartan purple sash and belt.  He is standing with a straight posture, with his head tilted back and looking up at Cumulous.  The background is a gradient sky from pink to orange, with thin but fluffy pale clouds.  The ground is brown.  A watermark on the bottom right corner reads “”  /end description]
“I like your whole vibe.”
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rancorbled · 17 hours ago
i know it seems im posting a lot of ooc but really im posting facts that everyone should know whether it be rule wise or just hcs in general !
and one to add is that james still loves nat very much but would never bring it up to her because he doesn’t want to push something that she may want to forget.  he would never try to make her feel uncomfortable.  he trusts her with his entire being and she is the only one he’ll ever have that much trust in.   he remembers,  not everything,  but a good portion of their time together and is so very in love with her still.
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bonnieinflowers · a day ago
Before we start... tw!
Hey, I’m Bonnie and I’m going to be blogging my weight loss journey. Follow along ;) I do not advise this in anyway possible (weight loss)!!!
My current weight is 131lbs and my goal weight is 125lbs (nothing silly). I am pro recovery for everyone who is going through an Ed. This is a safe space 🤍
Also I’m here to give advice on how to get better, and how to have a healthy relationship with food and dieting. Everyone deserves to be happy and enjoy life. I’m always here for everyone🤍
You deserve to be happy! Don’t forget that...
Tumblr media
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honeybabybea · a day ago
I want someone to love with me without acting like I'm a burden 😔
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mae90 · a day ago
He makes me wish I could tell my younger self her fairy tale is coming.
That there's someone out there that will love her loud laugh and toothy smile.
That someone will hear the trauma of her past and use it to learn how to love her.
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