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hellorheels · 54 minutes ago
Do You Know
Do you know how many years it's taken
To see my bare skin
And love it?
Do you how many times I tried
To forgive the face in the mirror
Before it took?
Do you know how many nights
I only ever seemed to be sliding backbackback
Before I could tell
I was moving forward?
We are all first drafts of our favorite stories
Before we can be glossy hardcovers
And we are all the hero
Hidden in the pages.
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deepspacetransmissions · 2 hours ago
Take me
Back to the sea
Before I was worried
About everything
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andrew-kelly · 2 hours ago
My soul will always remember an ember that became a fire then turned into a phoenix in November
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kaveskisuzuki-tanpo · 3 hours ago
I Want to Live
I want to love-
Love with my heart crashing into ashes;
I want to hate-
Hate with my eyeballs burning into nothingness;
I want to take-
Take all that I need and all that I don't need;
I want to give-
Give all that I have and all that I don't have;
I want to kill-
Kill til the world is barren of grass;
I want to heal-
Heal all the wounds that I'll regive;
I want to live
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gemini-verses · 3 hours ago
If Only
Love is found
Death is had by all
If only these two were reversed
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sotova · 5 hours ago
Y el olvido que yo no quiero,
lo veo cada vez más cerca.
Y el adiós que más temo
pronto saldrá de tu boca.
Deseo sea en nuestro lecho de muerte,
Y presiento es en uno de estos días.
Tus palabras dulces
adornan lo amargo de su verdad.
Soy un cuerpo pasajero por tu sendero,
lo has dicho y no es reclamo,
mas me entrego toda
como sino hubiera mañana,
porque quizá mañana ya no llega.
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bocampo02 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
I thought that love was in the sex
but the more sex I had
the more love they took from me
and they could never get enough.
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incentive-thoughts · 5 hours ago
A bird is flying In the nameless sky, looking for tomorrow, searching for tomorrow
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andrew-kelly · 6 hours ago
Little Fire
"My heart
and my soul
not kin to this world"
(Does a single flame in a frozen oceanic world sense
and feel it's own warmth?)
what is love
but warmth
warmth and comfort
unnatural for it's nature
with no concept
of how much love and comfort
could come from a single source of warmth
for everything around
either melts
or tries to engulf this warmth
"extinguish" the roaring wind howls
flicker and flutter
even sway, it may
but this cold
barren land
hadn't yet learned
true passion
can not be simply
or be stomped out
for once that flame
has been kindled
the moment
it's heartstrings
strung and fiddled
of love
at that moment
the world and that single flame
felt a little
less cold
By Andrew Kelly(AKE)2021
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u4word · 7 hours ago
add some pain in conversations
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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