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w0-2013-36521 minutes ago
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rakeshousepartyan hour ago
You humans write stories yet there are no good ones where I am Very cool and do really cool things like backflips!!!!!!
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seelenklaengean hour ago
Er f盲llt mir schwer,
doch ich weiss, dass es besser so ist.
Eine letzte Umarmung, ich w眉nschte, sie w眉rde nie enden.
Mir bricht das Herz,
doch ich weiss, dass es besser so ist.
Du schaust mich an, nimmst mich an meinen H盲nden,
lass nicht los!
Doch ich weiss, dass es besser so ist.
Im n盲chsten Leben werden wir beide zusammen gl眉cklich.
Du sp眉rst es auch,
doch ich weiss, dass es besser so ist.
Bitte sag doch was, diese Stille, sie erdr眉ckt mich.
Nur ein Wort
und ich weiss, dass es besser so ist.
Stirn an Stirn, Augen geschlossen, bitte k眉ss mich nur ein Mal,
du willst es auch,
doch ich weiss, dass es besser so ist.
Sind beide vergeben, weiter zu gehen w盲re absolut fatal.
Mein K枚rper zittert,
doch ich weiss, dass es besser so ist.
Es musste raus, doch h盲tte ich blo脽 damals nicht gefragt,
so lange her,
doch ich weiss, dass es besser so ist.
Eine aller letzte Sache, die ich dir niemals hab gesagt:
Ich liebe dich,
doch ich weiss, dass es besser so ist.
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animegirlsakurablran hour ago
Shenanigans in the Grand Order, part 172
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh, fun. 馃槄
Tumblr media
I swear to God.
Tumblr media
He just had to say that! Goddamnit, rescue is on the way!
Tumblr media
Oh, shut up! Do you want to die?! Because I would gladly leave you to die if it wasn't what you said on the P.A. system!
Tumblr media
Alright, Evil Elsa, let's go, one on one!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Not even five minutes...
Tumblr media
Goddamnit, TM.
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plusheyan hour ago
鈥忊忊 鈥幨-鈥斺斻儉銉炽偓銉炽儹銉炽儜鈥斺-蔀
Tumblr media
鈥忊忊幝 鈥忊忊 鈥
Tumblr media
鈾÷ 鈥渉ome鈥 - hajime oneshot聽 鈾 藲 喙 鈧 /) /) 鈧 鉁 锝 藲 嗫斅 reader; gender neutral | wc; 1.7k+ 藲 鉁 ( 鈥⑻ 藭 鈥⑻) 锝 藲聽 tw; none | category; fluff, sfw 鈧娝氾健 c(鈥) (鈥) 鈧 喙戔 chr; hajime hinata 鈥斺斺斺斺斺斺 now playing; ivy - frank ocean
鈥忊忊 鈥
Tumblr media
鈥忊忊 鈥
Tumblr media
鉂ヂ 鏃ュ悜 鍓;
Unlike usual, his movements were gentle and lacked confidence. Even you knew he never had the best self-esteem, but nobody could miss his snippy, rough nature. so, for him to suddenly be so timid 鈥 around you, no less 鈥 definitely meant something.
One foot in front of the other, Hajime, remember? What鈥檚 taking you so long? The boy scolded himself as he walked down the road, alone. It had only been a year, but the town felt foreign to him. Though, he supposed that was just what happens to people after being cooped up in a janky dorm room for 12 months; you lose touch with the outside world, and reality in general. The student stopped at an intersection, waiting for the cars to pass by before using the crosswalk. He, of course, observed his surroundings. There were a few new faces, and some shrubs that appeared to be less taken care of than he remembered. His expression was blank until he let out a quiet gasp when his eyes locked onto his old elementary school.聽
Did you forget it was here, or something? Just cross the road, dumbass...
Even with his internal scolding, he couldn鈥檛 help but reminisce about the memories you two shared from that building.聽
It was an odd act of fate that both of your families moved into houses directly next to each other, all at a time where both you and Hajime鈥檚 mothers were pregnant with their first child. With a coincidence like that, conversation was bound to spark; and that it did. It didn鈥檛 end at idle chit-chat, no. A strong bond was formed between the two couples, a bond that they had planned to pass on to you both.聽
That was all things Hajime had been told, though. What he remembered when he looked at the school was the first day of kindergarten you had walked to, together. Of course, being toddlers, your parents each took turns chaperoning you there, but it seemed to them like you didn鈥檛 care for the company of anybody else but each other. On your first day, one of your chubby baby hands clutched onto Hajime鈥檚 equally pudgy fingers while you walked to school. All of your parents thought it was absolutely precious, especially the fact that you did it every day. In fact, it never stopped. Up until the very last day you were together, you and Hajime routinely held hands to-and-from school.
What he wouldn鈥檛 give to feel your hand in his right now.
Subconsciously, he started walking a little faster towards his destination. However, his brisk pace was interrupted by him tripping over a step in the sidewalk. Hajime let out a sigh of relief when he managed to regain his balance before tumbling face-first into the concrete, turning back around to look at the poor construction work that almost murdered him (at least, that鈥檚 what he says).
鈥淗ajime, you idiot!鈥
鈥淪-Shut up!鈥
鈥淣o I won鈥檛 shut up, that鈥檚 been there since, like, forever and you鈥檙e still falling over it! There鈥檚 no other explanation for it other than you being an idiot, sorry.鈥 You teased, pointing your nose up in feigned detestation. When you peeked to see his reaction, you dropped the snooty act after seeing his bloody hands, immediately swooping down to help him up, only to have your hand smacked away.
The (now older) boy let out a little huff of amusement out of his nose. Looking at the small scars that still remained on his palms, he wondered if they鈥檇 still be there if he鈥檇 put his pride aside and just accepted your help. Even as a kid, it seemed he never seemed to take your feelings into consideration, so he made a mental note to apologize for that as well. The amount of things he needed to explain to you once he got to your door just kept piling up, but it was only inevitable.聽
Though, this spot did mark a checkpoint in the town, letting him know that he was almost there 鈥 almost home.
He kept his gaze forward the entire time, but every little thing reminded him of you. A faint 鈥榤eow鈥 coming from the bushes made him recall the day you snuck in a one-eyed stray kitten from the alley into your home. Stinky, you called him. He wondered if he was still around. He also noticed the stop sign you had painted pretty pink hearts all over, thinking to himself, they still haven鈥檛 replaced that?! The further he treaded, the more memories came flooding in from his psyche, truly making it a trip down memory lane if he鈥檇 ever had one.
Continuing his journey he thought, I wonder if they鈥檒l even remember me... no, that鈥檚 nonsense; of course they will!
It was true, it couldn鈥檛 be easy to completely forget about someone you鈥檇 practically been attached to the hip of since birth. At least, until now.聽
The past year had put more than just physical distance between you both.聽
Hajime was never sure how to tell you his plans for high school, and he spent so much time thinking about it that, eventually, he wouldn鈥檛 be able to anymore. He moved himself into his dorm at Hope鈥檚 Peak, leaving with no warning, goodbye, gift, explanation 鈥 nothing. He鈥檇 hoped that he would be able to come visit during the year, but the reserve course swamped their students in work, not giving him any opportunity to leave campus long enough to spend time with you.聽
Hajime felt the weight of his guilt crush him all at once. Damn it, I don鈥檛 remember the road being this long, he thought as he still couldn鈥檛 see your homes in the distance. He walked to another intersection, waiting for the cars to pass so he could cross the road. The neighborhood was safe, but his parents always told him to be wary of strangers; so when a car pulled over right next to him, he got a little tense. He kept his gaze forward, hoping they鈥檇 just go away, but, instead, he heard the car door open. Just when he was about to turn his head to see who it was, he felt a hand on his shoulder.
That voice... slowly, he turned around to look at the face of who called his name.
鈥淪/O...鈥 Hajime murmured, eyes widening even more when you threw your arms around him and buried your face in his chest.
鈥淥h my god! It鈥檚 really you! I-I mean, of course it is, nobody else walks so angrily鈥 I...鈥 You pulled away just enough to look him in the eye,聽鈥...I missed you.鈥
He stood there in silence, peering down at you. Your words were nothing but sincere, and it hurt his heart when you confirmed that he had hurt you. Suddenly becoming hyperaware of his silence, he opened his mouth to speak, but...
鈥淵-Yeah...鈥 was the only word that fell out, despite everything he wanted to tell you. His arms stayed at his sides as you laughed into his shirt.
鈥淵鈥檏now... we were preparing a聽鈥榳elcome home鈥 party, but now that you鈥檙e actually here, I don鈥檛 want to go.鈥 You say into the fabric of his white button-up, the fabric muffling your voice.
鈥淵eah...鈥 Again, that was all he managed to get out. Hajime could feel the beads of sweat forming on his head. He told himself it was just the summer heat but who was he kidding. He was so shocked to see you 鈥 despite you being the reason he was so eager to go back home 鈥 and he stayed alert for each movement he made, every breath he took; scared that, if he did anything wrong, you鈥檇 be gone.聽 Unlike usual, his movements were gentle and lacked confidence. Even you knew he never had the best self-esteem, but nobody could miss his snippy, rough nature. So, for him to suddenly be so timid 鈥 around you, no less 鈥 definitely meant something.
鈥淎re you feeling alright? Here, just let me...鈥 You yanked the boy out of his thoughts by sliding your hand down his back pocket. He let out a weird yelp, and his body grew even more tense. What were you doing?! Well, you were actually just grabbing his phone, giggling quietly when his password was still the same.
鈥淗-Hey, what are you鈥 Hey!鈥 His reactions were far too delayed, made evident by you handing the device back, showing him a text you鈥檇 sent to his parents to let them know he wouldn鈥檛 be home right away.
鈥淐ome on! Look at this, I鈥檝e got a car now, hehe...鈥 Flaunting the birthday gift made you realize something: Hajime was walking. You鈥檇 gone out of your way to drive past Hope鈥檚 Peak before 鈥 the reason doesn鈥檛 matter 鈥 and you knew, oh you knew, just how far away the campus was from your hometown. Hajime noticed the puzzled look on your face, and decided to answer the question he could tell you wanted to ask.
鈥淣o, I don鈥檛 have one, the, uh... the school fees were too high...鈥 While that was true, he had another reason to go by foot. Though, nostalgia seemed stupid to him now based on the ache of his legs. You nodded with a hum before stepping away from the door and back towards him. Your eyes shot towards one of the hands he still had by his sides and took it in yours, raising it up in between the both of you to show the way you laced your fingers together.
鈥淭hen, for old times鈥 sake, let鈥檚 walk.鈥
鈥淚-I, um- your car...? And... my legs hurt...鈥
鈥淭oo bad, you owe me this after a year, don鈥檛 you think?鈥 You giggled, dragging him along the sidewalk. You weren鈥檛 sure what you were going to do about your car, either, but that wasn鈥檛 important to you in that moment.聽
鈥淚... yeah.鈥 It was like he鈥檇 never left in the first place. He felt a sense of comfort that he missed so dearly during his time at the academy. It was odd; the whole trip here he had still felt anxious and out of place. It wasn鈥檛 until you showed up that he felt at home again. Whatever it was...
...he was glad to be back.
Tumblr media
喃挵 鈶 鈥 嗉 鈥 陹贬儛 i hope you enjoyed! 喑勦線嗫 藠藥-聽
锛忥浚锟o浚锟o浚锟o技 銆銆 bye now!聽 聽 聽 聽聽 锛硷伎锛裤锛匡伎锛匡紡銆銆銆 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 鈭 聽 聽 聽 聽(^._.^)锞
i鈥檓 having too much fun with this
Tumblr media
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wildthornberrybits2 hours ago
It's a very apt comparison. The headlights are a safety feature. Just like the mask is a safety feature. Are you people really so weak that you can't put on a mask for a trip to McDonald's? Christ. We are not long for this world
Hilarious. First of all the fact that you felt the need to message me anonymously about some goofy post is very telling. But I'll entertain.馃槄 The comparison is weak bc if a person driving does not have their headlights on at night, not only are they preventing themselves from seeing but also preventing others from seeing them*. A car behind you with no lights is hardly visible even if there are also street lights present. Everyone on the road is at risk of not seeing this person and the person driving is at risk of not seeing anything in addition to other vehicles so all parties are at a risk to be affected. If you have on a face mask and someone 6ft away from you does not, your chances are not more at risk bc they have chosen to put themselves* at risk. Assuming you know how to stay out of people's faces and wash your fucking hands you shouldn't be so morally affected by what someone else is doing when you've taken the necessary precautions to take care of yourself. As much as I want everyone to wear a seatbelt bc it reduces the risks of fatality in the event of a car accident, I'm not going to berate or call someone an idiot for choosing not too. Maybe it's unwise or foolish IN MY OPINION* but at the end of the day if I put mine on then that's all I can really control. That's their bed to lie in. Seatbelts honestly would've been a better comparison for the op but I's also FUCKING HILARIOUS you've made assumptions about me based on what exactly? I never said I have an issue with wearing a mask. "Christ." It was the "you people" for me lmao gtfo and go read a book. 馃檮
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ghostsdailyart2 hours ago
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Day 130/365
first kirumi birthday now mikan birthday? people really gotta stop being born on days
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seungminhos2 hours ago
its so funny to me that i only recognize some weeekly members from that idol . evaluation . thing on kingdom 馃槶馃槶 LMAOOOO
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nicoleautumn2 hours ago
sorry but this is HOT
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cigarette-eater2 hours ago
If i ever unfollow you it's because i'm simply not vibing with what you're posting but godspeed go in peace friend UNLESS you are one of the many people i have blocked but You Would Know
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duranske213 hours ago
Sadness invades me once more.
Fueron 2 a帽os y 10 meses en los que re铆, llore, dedique mi tiempo y mi espacio, entregue todo de mi a la persona que mas he amado despu茅s de mis padres, imagine mucho en este corto tiempo a su lado. Quer铆a una familia, un hogar, unos hijos. Hoy digo ADIOS a esos sue帽os a tu lado porque no se pudo m谩s, luego de tanto luchar, ya no puedo mas. Es hora de dejarte ir de una buena vez, Espero que en el camino hacia el futuro seas muy feliz, y que a lo largo de tu vida sean muchas las puertas que se te abran y deseo con todo el coraz贸n que encuentres un amor como el m铆o o mejor.
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jinchantallee3 hours ago
Hi everyone!
I have been a RivaMika shipper since Season 1 that made me join this loving community in Tumblr.
But seeing the community as of now, I think I may quit.
Not because I lose the shipping war but because of the way things are right now.
It was peaceful, unified and respecting but now, all I see are negativity. Hate towards the ending. Hate towards the other ship community. Hate towards multishippers, and hate towards haters.
The old RivaMika community would give respect and understanding to the haters, multishippers, other shippers and to Isayama himself. They would be nice despite of all the hatred and insults but now...
Things are so different.
They reciprocate the hate, despising Isayama on the way he wanted to end HIS STORY.
You guys can hate me but I will never hate you. I still love you guys but I think you guys changed for the worse.
This is not the loving, respectful, and peaceful community anymore and it saddens me to see how hate changes people.
So, I think this is my adieu to the former loving community. I hope you guys could have some wake up call and go back to being the loving, understanding, and respectful community I once became a part of.
Love you guys. You can unfollow me if you hate me for this post.
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theangrycomet4 hours ago
apparently this isn鈥檛 canon, so headcannon for y鈥檃ll
Tumblr media
The Ben from the What If Episode Goodbye and Good Riddance in the Original series is OS Ben 10,000 when he was younger.聽
Tumblr media
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whyyyyyyyyyy34 hours ago
Grandmother, I do not want to sleep I want to continue drawing these girlfriends
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