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#sad thoughts
oliviarose420 · 5 minutes ago
Every time you pass my mind I wanna call you. Every time you invade my dreams I wanna run to you. Every time I smell you I just wanna cry. Only because I know that I can never call again, never hold you again and never melt in your scent. I wish I could forget. Just erase all the memories ...I dont wanna hurt anymore. I just don't wanna live....... Not without you.
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hollowcruelty · 27 minutes ago
One day everyone will love you, but nobody will likes you and that s the lonliest feeling in the world.
And there is me. Nobody loves me and nobody likes me.
I am the lonliest feeling in thid world.
I am like someones shadow, you never turn your back to watch your shadow.
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heartfeltstories · 36 minutes ago
kind of a note to self but 3/28/2018. it’s been 3 years since i started what would have been my biggest turn around in my life i think. it’s kinda wild to think that it has been 3 years since. 
that first year was just all sunshine and rainbows and i know it’s because it felt like for the first time in all my life i’ve actually worked through a shitton of things that i’ve kept under wraps for a good 6-7 years by that point. i felt so free and so happy for once in my life. i still love that year so much. even if it was really rough at the beginning. i winded up meeting a lot of wonderful friends later in that year and got to spend time in a nice community for a bit and it just felt really nice. 
then came the second and then the third year till present time. ever since, things have grown rockier, and i still find myself in moments when it just feels overbearing. 
but 3/28/2018. if it weren’t for that day, when i had decided to begin something new, i don’t think i would have had the strength to go on. the same strength that helps me even when im really down and out of it. to rethink and challenge the self doubt that have grown and festered those good 7 years. i wouldn’t have met wonderful friends nor would i have pushed myself to just keep trying. 
so i’m glad for that date. i’m glad for my “by chance” action that turned my whole life around for the better. 
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loudinmyhead · 51 minutes ago
No one cares because the last time I tried to Kill myself they didn’t. It just made all my friends distance themselves from me. They “couldn’t handle it” I was “too negative”. They made me feel like more of a fucking freak than before I tried. This time nothing is different. It just hurts that no one cares enough to even check on me after I gave them a warning. I thought my life was bad back then - it looks like fucking heaven compared to now. I’m a shell of my former self. I’m disgusting and fat and ugly and I never get half of the shit done I’m supposed to. I have no friends, I’m not close with any of my family, school is online and it’s absolutely killing me, I have no money, my therapist never helps me & just makes me feel lazy and fat, I feel sick all the fucking time. There is no joy. There is no peace. Not even a moment.
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makaelachanese · an hour ago
Everybody I’ve known has given up on me... I’m slowly giving up on myself too. -Makaela Chànese
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chickawah23 · an hour ago
Sad Beautiful Tragic is such a good song
Maybe I’ll do a deep dive on the lyrical parallels maybe I won’t. Maybe someone else has (cool for them if they did). But these are my basic thoughts.
Idk 🤷‍♀️ all I know is the song tells a sad story of separation based on circumstances outside of love but people gloss over it because of it’s simple production.
The ending is pretty great at encapsulating that point. Like in their own little bubble it was perfect but everything fell apart every time they stepped outside. And eventually the fear of the outside infected the inside of their bubble to the point where it was too much.
Tumblr media
At any rate, it’s a good song. Read the lyrics if the production lulls you too much.
See if you can find the parallels on her other albums.
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dragonofthehood · 2 hours ago
i'd come back to you screaming, "i would die for you"
but who knows what will happen,
if we go back to where we started.
it is you.
it always was just about you.
you turned around my life,
and now i am scared.
because i don't know, how to start again...
without you.
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jaeltheexplorer · 2 hours ago
I’m kind’a tired with what’s life throwing at me right now.
I’m kind’a tired that i‘m almost wanting to give up.
I feel so helpless but i have no choice but to sacrifice.
So i told myself, that someday, you’ll be successful,
successful enough for people not to look down, and not to step down on you.
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jaeltheexplorer · 2 hours ago
April 20, 2021
someday, I’ll look back to this day and will tell myself i made it.
i will have the means, that people won’t look down on me.
that they will not step down on me,
that i won’t be just like a sacrificial lamb,
but for now, i have no choice
but to follow,
but to sacrifice,
but to cry,
but to question my place,
but i can’t utter a single word,
for i have no rights to do so.
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a-whisp-of-thought · 2 hours ago
My body full of creaking bones
Wraiths writhe within their marrow
Whisper haunting tales that echo through
These hollow heart chambers.
A dust leaden tounge
And rotting floorboard flesh.
Guilting termites eating away at each memory I do not have left to loose.
Bleeding out stale promises that crumble when held.
My existence a ghost.
I forget how to pronounce poetry's name
And she does not cast me sinner for this transgression
Instead, she caresses my tounge
Brushes a metaphor across my aching finger tips
close your eyes, oh you who once believed
And let me remind you of what heaven tastes like on the lips
Let me teach you again of how to summon my mercy
im just going to have to keep writing bad poems until there are none left but good ones ;) writers ♡strategy♡
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betyourefine · 3 hours ago
I went to bed with the feeling that I wouldn't wake up, but when I did I acted like nothing had happened.
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salzundhonig · 3 hours ago
I understand why people like to make angsty and deep and dark content with Booker, I know he's one of the best-suited characters for that but you know which characterization I love for him in fanon? Booker who has mastered the art of Not Giving A Single Fuck. Abba's Waterloo comes on the radio? He's jamming on it mocking napoleon 2 centuries later while that fucker is dead and gone. Someone mentions some terrible events from the past he lived through? Yeah, he was there, not impressive, you know what is tho? This new dish they invented, that is worth his attention. Someone tells him he looks old/suspicion of Things going on? He tells them straight to their face he's an immortal warrior that has died countless times while sipping his drink unbothered as they do the "woman doing math" face.
Like, give me the most cynical with the darkest humor ever Booker ("Gallow humor? Been there, done that. Do not recommend," he says with a straight face to the fam one day). Yeah life has no meaning but that means you can do whatever tf you want, he can do whatever he wants! No consequences for any of his bad ideas. I just love the idea of Booker who doesn't care anymore and just. Vibes all day long and do whatever he wants. He can't die? Okay, he's going to make it everyone's problem then and he's gonna go do the floss dance he saw on twitter in front of the english royal guards to see if he can make one move after 3 centuries of trying to humiliate the english in any ways he can. Who's gonna stop him anyway?
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solarister · 3 hours ago
I scatter dirt on my face in effort to find
A new vision
The fields and fields of grass I see every day—
Oh, I am so alone.
But I live with flowers on the side of the roads and
The ever changing sky, swirling with clouds, in
Shapes and colours sent by God
And I am alone,
In a different way.
Sometimes when I think I’ve lost my mind truly
This time, it’s always the ugliest things
That I see.
Maybe that’s what you would call me.
I don’t change as fast as I wished to, I am
Like the colours of the horizon as the sun slowly
Rises at dawn.
I have been left with dirt on my face—
A different vision,
Not better, just different.
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