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starklyscifi · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Greetings everyone, hope you're having a lovely start to your week.
I'm participating in Camp Nano this year, and it's probably about time I got started on that..... This last week got sucked up by another project, so here we are.
Goals this week:
Catch up on word count
Re-outline story
Get all my miscellaneous notes in one place
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tearinmyside · 12 minutes ago
NaPoWriMo, Day 11...
i’m learning how to write and remain in ruins
to watch the cracks in the ceiling grow and open like hungry mouths while the floors begin to warp and the walls buckle— and i am sitting with the last empty notepad in my possession in the middle of a foyer that no feet but mine have traveled in years and nothing is resolved by leaving traces of what is slowly eating away at me on the dusky walls in permanent marker when collapse is imminent when i am the city of pompeii and vesuvius is always ready to bury me without a trace.
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anonymouskudoswriteblr · 20 minutes ago
If you're having a rough time right now and need a break in order to not lose your shit, just remember that doesn't make you a bad writer.
It is extremely ableist to act like people should be able to write 24/7. Some people have depression or anxiety that clouds the mind and makes it difficult to write.
That doesn't make you any less of a writer than people that are able to write during times of stress. You are incredible and intuitive of yourself if you are aware enough to know when you need breaks.
And that, my friends, is a huge reason to be PROUD. Don't let people bully you into self-doubt. Take breaks as you need. You and your brain deserve that and you deserve to be loved and respected for caring enough about your mental health to take those breaks.
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anonymouskudoswriteblr · an hour ago
Reasons to Keep Writing
It's awesome
You're putting something new and creative into the world
Inspiring others
Helping others deal with personal issues through creative means
The world needs more creativity
The world needs to learn to embrace their inner child
Encouraging introspection
You enjoy it/it makes you happy
It challenges you, which is a great way to improve yourself
The sun rose today, so must your creativity
Need I say more?
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writinginslowmotion · an hour ago
2, 15?
2. Which character flaw would you never give to any of your OCs?
I could never make any of my OCs abusive to their partner(s). I just can’t do it, it hits too close to home for me, and it also makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. 15.  What’s the best writing advice you have come across? What’s the worst?
The best writing advice I have ever come across? To ignore all of the lists and “rules” out there on how to write. Do what works for you. And honestly, once I realized this, a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders.
The worst writing advice? That a person should write every single day, or they’re not a “real writer”. Thank you for the questions! 
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meg-moira · an hour ago
The voice in your head that says your writing isn’t good enough is a bully and a liar.
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touchmymindfirst · 2 hours ago
With numb fingers you cling to a cigarette as the only source of warmth. Smoke circulates in your lungs; you punish me with that look - cold steel look.
I can feel pain, I feel your pain. Slowly put my hand on your shoulder - it's gonna be alright, everything is gonna be alright.
This symbiotic relationship between my inner never fading optimist and understanding realist help me to help you. Doesn't matter what is coming - you'll be alright.
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thedaileigrit · 2 hours ago
"You can take the girl out of writing but you can never take writing out of the girl."
Tumblr media
I may have read that somewhere or just made it up in my head.😅😂 But yes, I'm the girl.
It's a cliché but writing as a craft is more like a *calling* for me. I've had my bad days, when it went downhill, failures, rejections, writer's block, anxiety, and what have you. But somehow, I made it here which is quite a feat.💥
Tbh, it's a love-hate relationship I have with writing. And how ironic bec. I don't see myself doin' anything sans writing (aside from baking which comes a close second). 😋😁
And my journey wasn't always smooth, boy was it chaotic--it was a whole lot of mess you can say.
But I guess I kinda owe it to myself to be proud of how I've come so far. Well, we should be esp. of "the progress no one else sees or know little of."
And so I cannot discredit myself for every  accomplishment, win, or success (big or small) I've had along the way. After all,
"We are all works in progress."
It's still a long way to go but maybe a few things I've learned/still learning at 31:
1. It's okay not to have it all figured out. We learn as we go along. So you gotta learn how to let go of the things that you can't control and move forward. Keep movin.
2. You don't always have to take charge--and that's okay because God is. He always is.
Guess I've always been so obsessed about taking charge in my life (again)--or so I thought and felt. But life happens--detours, mistakes, and, bad decisions and really, that's how you learn, grow, and get better.
3. "You have to revel in the now."  Stop worrying so much about the future and live for today because, tomorrow is not/never promised.
4. Find what you love and stick to it. You don't have to be an expert or perfect your craft, but you gotta love what you do and yes, "it has to find you working (too)."
5. Do not give up. "It's difficult until it's done" and yes there's so much you can do outside fear so take a leap of faith. Take that 1st step (even with the 'nerves' or your knees shakin').
6. Write on. Dream on.
[continuation on the image]
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ambsthom · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
(photo credit: Ken Baehr)
My name’s Amber! I’m 21 years old, sapphic, and a big fan of fiction, whether it be books, videos games, or shows! I’ve been writing since roughly 2011, though it was only around 2016 that I started writing seriously. I post a lot about my ocs, who can be found here! I lean towards the fantasy genre in my own writing, though I occasionally branch out to other genres. Most, if not all, of my writing focuses on lgbt+ characters. My writing can be found here.
The Iridessia Chronicles
Heroic fantasy, friendship, lgbt+, romance, adventure, found family. Inspired by The Dragon Prince, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Dragon Age.
Safi Ryee and Kadan Fray are adventurers and they only care about two things: getting paid and themselves. When a big hero goes missing, they go searching for her, certain they’ll earn a great reward. Only things aren’t that simple…​
The hero is dead. When her soul connects itself to Safi, they find themselves forced to pick up her mantle. One thing is for sure; they’re no heroes. But whatever killed the hero is still around, whether they’re ready or not.
Sci-fi, found family, lgbt+, romance.
Jazmine Thorne lost both her brothers to space. When she finds two aliens stranded on Earth, it gives her the opportunity to track them down. Unfortunately, she’s stuck with a crew of people she doesn’t even know, and she’s not exactly a people person at the best of times.
Untitled Vampire Project
Romance, lgbt+, modern fantasy.
Rowan is the daughter of a vampire-hunting guild’s leader. Annette is a vampire in a coven plotting the downfall of humanity. When Rowan is attacked by vampires, Annette saves her, intending to benefit herself. But the two have more in common than they realise, and they’ll learn more about each other’s worlds than either of them would've ever thought.
Besides my own characters, I have several ocs from some of my favourite video games, such as Dragon Age, Fallout, Mass Effect, and Skyrim. Occasionally I write and post about them too! A selection of my fics:
got you under my skin (fallout 3) - multichapter soulmate au, Butch DeLoria/Katherine Albert | After escaping the vault at nineteen, the lone wanderer travels to Megaton, where she first hears about soulmates and their marks. Imagine her surprise when she finds out her mark reveals Butch DeLoria as her soulmate.
can't help remembering you (fallout 3) - oneshot, Butch DeLoria/Katherine Albert | Butch mulls over the events of the past few days after leaving Vault 101. There’s one person who just won’t leave his mind.
you're getting to be a habit with me (fallout 3) - oneshot, Butch DeLoria/Katherine Albert | After being kicked out of the vault for good, the lone wanderer struggles to cope with her feelings. Luckily for her, someone from the vault feels the same way.
―where else to find me
I use tumblr as my main platform, but I can also be found on twitter, instagram, pinterest and ao3!
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anonymouskudoswriteblr · 3 hours ago
To everyone that feels like their efforts amount to nothing and no one cares:
I see you. I see the effort you put into your worlds, your characters and your creatures. You are amazing. You are beautiful and raw and intense. Your writing builds universes with just words.
You can paint a picture with the ABCs. Not everyone can do that. Not everybody can inspire with written words. Not everyone can make people laugh, cry, hum along to a song, with just written words.
Lift your head high because you are incredible.
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ichor-if · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The world is upside down. A canvas of broken lines and shattered dreams, abandoned hopes and failed aspirations. You've known that since the earliest days of your childhood.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Life has never been right.
Not to you, not to anyone you’ve met thus far. Something was always off about it—whether it be the strange scent of copper that befell your hometown at the end of the week, or the flickering of lights across the dark horizon on starless nights in particular.
You’ve experienced countless of ‘those situations’ others would call paranormal. To you, however, and to many other citizens of good Old Hillford, these were day to day occurrences.
For as long as you can remember, you've heard the sweet-nothing-filled whispers of spectres, preventing you from ever fully achieving rest.
No one has ever bat an eye as you talked about it, the most people did was nod along knowingly, whilst the very shadows behind you watched the display.
Dancing along the walls and floors as if agreeing. Latching onto you as you took your leave, as if to leech your life away with their frozen, groping fingers.
Life has never been just. Chained to a bed, trapped in a chamber of contorted hallucinations, you've always been plagued by a sickness  for as long as you can remember. Disease has claimed your bones and blood alike. You've seen death approach countless times before, creeping in through your wide open window as you dozed off into a deep slumber. There was no such feeling of dread gripping your soul when faced with its cold embrace—even though people always mention it. All it did was to tell you, in a deeply solemn tone, that existence can never be fair. That the grave is always a set hour away. And yet, despite everything that happened, you’d say that life has been good to you. You've experienced all the love, all the happiness, all the comfort you could throughout your childhood, throughout the short adult life you've had. It was a wonderland, a fantasy, a dream. It was all you could ever wish for. All of it has been enjoyed thoroughly, to the best of your abilities. Until your heart burst with joy, and your body collapsed with applauding, rattling bones. Life has come to a halt. A finish. An end. Except that... it hasn't. Not fully, anyway. It keeps going, faster and brighter. Too confusing to fully grasp. Although the dream, in fact, has died. Has turned into a nightmare—a confusing, haunting tale of growling beasts, biting demons, and golden ichor. And it all started with your solemn awakening in the catacombs of your hometown. Disoriented, disordered, dispossessed of your heart.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Olivier Alarie
A vampire, as well as an old, dear friend.
They’ve always worn their heart out on their sleeve, perhaps a bit more than they should. Although not being known as particularly bright-minded, they are extremely caring and high-spirited.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A mysterious demon, who seems to know a bit too much about you, considering you’ve never met before.
They carry themselves in an overly elegant manner, though their poised behaviour can’t hide the fact that they’re inept at human interaction...
Tumblr media
Percival Chéreau
Better known by their nickname, Perce—they are an exceptionally outspoken human, stemming from a rather peculiar spiritual group.
With a personality as eclectic as their wardrobe, they seem to know many things, though whether they’ll share that knowledge in ways you can easily understand is another matter entirely.
Tumblr media
A rather feisty... uh, werewolf?—that crossed your path.
Quick tempered and brash, they don’t tend to measure words when speaking; regardless of the harsh exterior, they are secretly soft-hearted and thoughtful.
Tumblr media
All Romance Options, with the exception of Lazarus (genderfluid) will be gender selectable!
Tumblr media
Demo: TBA Wordcount: ... Next Update: Also TBA
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drunk-on-writing · 3 hours ago
it’s funny how i always thought i would die without you, yet here we are; the days have turned to months to years and i’m doing just fine without you by my side maybe i didn’t need you as badly as i once believed
(cc, 2021)
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anonymouskudoswriteblr · 4 hours ago
To poets:
The way you put such raw emotion and move people without even having to write about a specific character, or build characterization, yet your readers still get so attached?
That is so beautiful and so real and so inspiring.
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writinginslowmotion · 4 hours ago
5. How do you get over a bad writing day?
6. Do you prefer to write heroes or villains?
5. If I’m having a bad writing day, I don’t force myself to write and I try to not beat myself up. I just put my writing aside, make myself a cup of tea or something to eat, and try to do something I enjoy. And then I try again the next day. 6. Villains. Heroes are easier for me to write but I prefer to write villains because it’s more fun, and I love delving deep into the psyche of a character and figuring out why they are the way they are. My favorite type to write is the straight up unapologetic villain, who has no qualms or regrets about what they have done and do. I love the villains that are irredeemable. 
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ohnoitsthebat · 4 hours ago
1, 4, 12
1. Which reoccuring theme is present in all of your WIPs?
Found family. That is very important to me. 4. Which writer do you admire the most and why?
Hmmm...tough to say. There are so many writers that I admire, both famous and not. One of my favorite writers on here is @abalonetea! Katie has such wonderful, creative story ideas and characters, and she is one of the hardest workers I know. I don’t know how she balances her work with her writing, but she always manages to do it and that’s a huge inspiration to me! 
12. What’s the longest time you have worked on a WIP? 
I’m a bit ashamed to admit it, but I have been working on Paper Hearts (which was meant to be my first novel) for almost 10 years now. 
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vividly-creative · 5 hours ago
Chazzawrites Challenge
28. What do you think could be improved about the writeblr community?
I wish we all had a little more faith and confidence on our works [myself included]
Let’s stop describing our wips as shit and garbage and giving ourselves more credit for having the courage not only to create but to put it on the internet.
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fromthemarginsof · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ive recently dropped the idea that some people are beautiful and some are ugly—and subsequently trying to figure out where I fit. People don’t fit on one side of any dichotomy, we are too much. We are all both
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