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esuemmanuel · 10 minutes ago
Mirarte mirarte mirarte, de tus ojos llenarme y, entre silencios y cosquillas, a tus labios acercarme para probar de tu boca la delicia de besarme.
— Esu Emmanuel©️, To look at you, to look at you, to look at you, to fill myself with your eyes and, between silences and tickles, to approach your lips to taste from your mouth the delight of kissing me.
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postcardstohell · 17 minutes ago
i’m writing love letters
to a boy in another world
i’m a lost girl
far from Peter Pans world
and i wanna scream because
when i see glitter
i hope it’s Pixie dust
i wonder -
what even happened to us?
because i’ve been tugging at shadows
and although i’m not Wendy Darling
i know he started falling
all the way from Neverland
and he came all the way to me
- i watched him up in the sky
flying so high
never coming down
maybe that’s why
he stopped coming back around
but maybe
that’s my problem
i fell for Peter Pan
my love for him doomed
way before it began
// Ophydia
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esuemmanuel · 21 minutes ago
Te escribiría si no fuera por mis ojos que no dejan de mirarte y, entre que trato de desnudarte y tocarte —sin ponerte un dedo encima—, mis manos trastabillan sobre la hoja mullida.
— Esu Emmanuel©️, I would write to you if it weren't for my eyes that keep looking at you and, between trying to undress you and touch you -without laying a finger on you-, my hands stumble over the fluffy sheet.
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esuemmanuel · 43 minutes ago
No nací para hacer la guerra, ésa la he llevado dentro aun antes de venir al mundo; caos y orden han sido mi perpetuo existir, no hay espacio para algo más y, sin embargo, es el orden el que sujeta a mi alma de un hilo y le ordena que, a donde vaya, sea la paz la que convenga una tregua entre el vacío de la tierra —la misma que pisan mis pies— y la vastedad del cielo que me besa la cabeza. No me detendré, por lo tanto, en discusiones ni afrentas, pues si algo he aprendido de mi guerra interna es que ya es suficiente caos el que trato de comprender como para prestarme a conflictos que conmigo poco o nada tienen que ver. La vida es una en el presente; pasado y futuro han dejado de ser o no son aún, es por esto que invierto mi tiempo en largas horas de introspección con la noble finalidad de conocer todas mis facetas, las que incluyen: mis sombras, mis voces, mis obsesiones y miedos, mis sueños, mis virtudes y secretos, ya que soy un cúmulo de preguntas con una sola respuesta. Si acaso me detendré, por momentos, en los otros —en ti, en él y en ellos— con la premisa de reconocerlos como complemento a mi totalidad, porque no estoy apartado de ninguno; cada uno tiene una característica que me habrá de ayudar a estudiarme y no —como se ha pensado— a agraviarme. [...]
— Esu Emmanuel©️, I was not born to make war, I carried it inside me even before I came into the world; chaos and order have been my perpetual existence, there is no room for anything else, and yet it is order that holds my soul by a thread and commands that, wherever I go, it is peace that arranges a truce between the emptiness of the earth - the same earth that my feet tread on - and the vastness of the sky that kisses my head. I will not, therefore, dwell on arguments or affronts, for if I have learnt anything from my internal war, it is that there is enough chaos that I am trying to understand without lending myself to conflicts that have little or nothing to do with me. Life is one in the present; past and future have ceased to be or are not yet, that is why I invest my time in long hours of introspection with the noble purpose of knowing all my facets, which include: my shadows, my voices, my obsessions and fears, my dreams, my virtues and secrets, since I am an accumulation of questions with only one answer. If anything, I will dwell, at times, on the others - on you, on him and on them - with the premise of recognising them as a complement to my totality, because I am not separate from any of them; each one has a characteristic that will help me to study myself and not - as has been thought - to aggravate myself. [...]
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followcb · an hour ago
Yeah . . . All That
vibe yeah . . . I'm
feeling you . . . feeling
your fire
heat your intensity passion
your energy
physical magnetism
spiritual synergy
emotional alignment
mental telepathy
unspoken understanding
crystalline clarity
shared mutual wisdom
yeah we
vibe we feel
love's vibrations
cool connections
honest conversations
interpersonal intersections
Yeah . . . we're . . . pretty . . .
close . . .
Uh-huh and . . . well
all that
©️ @followcb ☆ April 12, 2021
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soulless-sultry · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Even how beautiful you are,How strong and powerful time will come that you'll lose everything and turns out to nothing and the only thing you left behind is just a memory to remember...
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lebuc · 2 hours ago
raise the living/slay the dead
* echoes from eons past hold sway, still
mining moribund minds of the fools on the hill 
here in the valley, visions animate the landscape designed for the compliance of the collective hive 
we be the pollen behind the poll dancing, stage-left winging away from splinters of our discontent.  
if it were meant to loop groundhog-like through the daze, retracing paces put-through by our progenitors 
we'd have grown shells, ensconced our sentience safe & supple within earth’s tethered womb & our reticence; 
surveyed the beams from many moons ago, parsed scattered smoke signs in the sky; 
followed the prescriptions through the ages, by-and-by hardly questioning while treading pattered paths, barely taking the time to stop & wonder why. * 4/21 - lebuc - raise the living/slay the dead
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alaskaisnothere · 2 hours ago
I dry out rivers when you yell at me, because all it takes for my paper bones to lit up is a match and some gasoline. And I know you don't mean to make me cry but I should be fuelled by passion and not exhaustion. I'm sorry I'm this weak, I tried to stitch an armor to my skin but the wind blew it away and I shouldn't have to wear a mask when there is nothing wrong with being vulnerable in the first place.
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heartofmuse · 2 hours ago
When we pray for another are we not also praying for ourselves? For in the space between every word elevated to heaven for another, we purify our hearts, crucify selfishness and augment love.
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dg-fragments · 3 hours ago
Words that were shared, albeit a little late,
brought those emotions which lay forgotten;
a request, to include one in the other's prayers,
such is the impact, there's proximity even in the distance,
how could anything else be more beautiful.
- DG (NaPoWriMo'21 / Day 9)
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consciousprose · 4 hours ago
you have grown tenaciously - since the day you sowed the seeds of courage and autonomy, to live the life you seek.
by burrowing fibrous roots, deeper and wider, weaving those tendrils to asphyxiate the enemies, to reclaim wild meadows of your loved ones and community.
perseverance and resilience - for the bloom of yellow dandies into cotton wisps, destined to be swept by eager winds and naive wishes of childhood memories.
- aleta jay
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blackinkmess · 5 hours ago
NaPoWriMo 2021 - Day 12
My hopes like glass over and over they shatter. My hands bloody from picking up the pieces over and over I try. I'm used to this cycle. It's become a way of life. But the fall always hurts the same. There are so many battles no one sees me fight. So many unseen sacrifices. There is no road map to lead me where I want to go. Day by day I lay the stones of my own path. One step at a time I learn how to survive.
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inversefunction · 5 hours ago
gradually, practically particle by particle
(in the past participle) -
my inverted functions came right side
up and bloomed with bountiful
buttercups in between our sips
and sups. we found out who was
ducking us by who did and didn't
show, and, to some extent, who
came and "had to go."
in circles i made circuits between
bathroom and keg where my
smoking buddies laughed and passed
me by, those twinklings, those
fucking guys.
how far away is the nearest fire
and why do we still feel its heat?
why must we steal its meaning?
sure and sure enough it is the
cause of the spark that we would
take away if we only could but we
cant so we dont even think we
should if we ever got the chance.
not me though.
maybe you but not me.
i've see the stakes and tables turned.
i am the fire sign always
getting burned.
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kidgillis · 9 hours ago
You love life's beach. I watch you wade in seas of your own tears. You walk into the depths, knowing you'll be tossed to & fro amongst the darkest waves of uncertainty; yet, still you go - barely breathing, alone in your chaos, drowning under pressure. Not knowing how to swim...
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scriptedsilence · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
* knowing *
remove my guards and my walls
remove my doubt and my fear
remove the questions out of my throat
remove my desire to keep control
step to me with a secure confidence,
and self awareness
letting me know
who you are and what you want
let me know that you mean every word
which escapes from your lips
look me in the eyes
read my secrets
a endless pool of
divine goodness
tell me what I want
tell me what I keep hidden
strip my layers with your depths
loosen my tongue with your charm
get past the intrigue
dive in
go deep

I've never been one
for small talk or forced pleasantries
blank stares and rehearsed answers
are meant for someone else
bring your heart, allow it to bleed
stand bare
release your fears,
all the while I am allowing my own to paralyze
my steps
telling you not to come close
begging you not to come close
but, come close
strip me down
as my walls and cages suffocate me
ask me to spill my heart, as you
hold me in reassurance
ask me questions,
but remember the answers you saw in my eyes
let me know, that you know
let me know that you have been
reading me, observing me, dreaming of me
only to awake in the morning
with excitement of full rediscovery
memorize my laugh and how it
comes effortless with your subtle humor
know the catch in my breath,
right before I am getting ready to answer
a question in which you just asked
feel the flush in my cheeks, when you
make my body betray my good logic
with your want and need
know the depths of my silence
and what it truly means
know what causes my pain
and make every selfless effort
to prevent that from happening
when the words LOVE escape your
lips, make sure it is a verb and never
just a noun
mean it ; show it
remove my walls
come with confidence
be ready ; know what you want
mean what you say
strip me
know me

© ScriptedSilence. All rights reserved
Pic Credit - Alyssa Monks
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creatingnikki · 10 hours ago
The candles are all burnt out and my stomach sighs. Why does my tongue still want more, why does it have to take after my heart? I keep satisfying the two, fucking everything else up in that Sisyphean task. Let it go, let them have their way tonight, whispers my brain. It has its own agenda in mind. When it's 2 am and my body want to lie down, it will dance around like a little ballerina charming the rest of me to stay awake till the birds welcome the dawn.
Parts of me 
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pelicandensity · 10 hours ago
Morpheus Enjoys His Petting Zoo
there are no
night terrors
no frightful fears
running loose
across my
nightly landscape
of imagination
just the comfort
of a safe place
where everything
is warm and round
no sharp edges
no demons
of self doubt
to claw at my
I am surrounded
by childhood memories
loving moments
the best thoughts
of who I am and
who I want to be
leaving me with
a single tear
when I wake
not wanting to leave
this wonderful world
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