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#free verse
beckywtghmai · 25 minutes ago
Role Model...? I Do Not Model.
Role Model…? I Do Not Model.
Why is it required To be a positive role model As a transgender podcaster With no plans to parent Anything but plants And this boner I can have 24/7 without anyone knowing I just think it’s insane — If I found my blog as an outsider I’d be relieved I finally found a place That understands my rage While also giving me sometbing To help keep my fists From hitting my own face
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beckywtghmai · 2 hours ago
Fat Neutrality
The same way The Queer community Took back queer From the mouths of predators I want to take fat And turn it into something Greater than a description of Adipose tissues. I wish fat meant “I’ve experienced body negativity” and not “My body is negative, needs improving” I wish fat meant Other, special, non-conforming The same way that queer does now, the way Queer used to be…
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ironxkid · 2 hours ago
Can we request verses to rp?
((If you mean for memes and opens with v; tbd - absolutely!! Y'all are more than welcome to throw a meme my way or answer a meme/starter with a specific verse mentioned! <3
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againshedances · 4 hours ago
I'd like to plant seeds in your hair
And dance with you in the rain
Watch, love, as the flowers grow
The hummingbirds and the butterflies and the bees
Will find sanctuary in you,
Just as I have.
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beckywtghmai · 4 hours ago
Fat Has No Political Party
Fat Has No Political Party
Nobody cares what your politics are if you’re fat. No one cares what you have to say. Nobody cares if you’re trans, Nobody cares if you’re gay It’s all because you’re fat that you “feel” that way Whichever way that is… So just please, leave for a little while Go somewhere else and lose weight Until you’ve proven to “yourself” That you have enough confidence to contribute Besides,…
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beckywtghmai · 5 hours ago
"Body Positivity Flag" LMFAO KILL ME
“Body Positivity Flag” LMFAO KILL ME
It’s worse than I thought! If you google “Fat flag” You get these results And if you google “Body positivity flag” You get those results– Which– Mind you Is just a trans flag I’ve literally never encountered a body positive moment Since being a trans guy.
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roesavalonsigma · 5 hours ago
You Forgot
Another video
filled with laughs
making you forget
all the troubles
in the past.
To the point
that your mind rewinds
to a time
where anti was nowhere near
not a being to be feared.
So when he does show
in shock you go
cursing to and fro
that you weren't aware
he was there.
For even though
no act of violence
doth he displays
you could of easily made
a big mistake.
The 12th poem in the series of making a poem for all the known canon and possibly canon ego vids. This one is on (3895) GRANNY DAB | Stuntfest #1 - YouTube
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roesavalonsigma · 6 hours ago
What is his True Intent?
triggers: blood, implied death
In a game about
bouncing up and down
on trucks with
no driver licenses to be found
and a goal that could abound
even above ground
don't fool around.
For in a scene
over in  a blink
there's a tiny glitch
easy to miss
that could be brushed aside
if not for the words
that coincide
and anti appearance
to the side.
Making the remark
that a word misused
issued when thanking fans
for making levels
that he could play
in videos which he makes
could translate into him
being buried in a grave.
Which is when anti appears
like a few times before
with red lines
underneath his eyes
to the left and the right
coming off in times before
as merely a little joke.
But when paired
with the words said
it might be giving a hint
to his true intent
and we are powerless
to stop it.
The 11th poem in the series of making a poem for all the known canon and possibly canon ego vids. This one is on (3876) CHOOSE YOUR OWN GOAL | ClusterTruck #16 - YouTube
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beckywtghmai · 6 hours ago
IDGAF About Your Tax-Evasion Organization/Why MAI Will Never Be A Non-Profit
IDGAF About Your Tax-Evasion Organization/Why MAI Will Never Be A Non-Profit
OMFG it’s unreal people The sheer number of young trans people I know With non-profit organizations “Helping the queer community” In ways I’ve never seen evidenced Like– Is your thing a non-profit Because you’re helping other people… Or because you’re helping yourself And you justify it With a million little made up reasons?
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beckywtghmai · 6 hours ago
“Being fat isn’t anything like being queer– Being fat isn’t an identity, It’s a lifestyle choice” That doesn’t sound hypocritical at all… Now does it!
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roesavalonsigma · 6 hours ago
We Can Only Watch
triggers: implied death
Back to the playthrough
that started it all
prepared to watch
Jack take a fall
for we are helpless to stall
the demon from controlling it all.
So we watch
with bated breath
as the demon plays
its little game
unable to look away.
Even if we could
the need to know
has its hold
we must see
how this unfolds.
Lucky for us all
the demon is still
just having fun
the real show has yet
to begun.
Though if the hints
that he's playing
in our mist
holds any clues
for what show
he plans to do
then we are all
royally screwed.
For if the neck
gives any clues
then the kiss of death
is going to get its cue
and coming for Jack
very soon.
Though as its shown
there is a struggle brewing
but Jack is losing control
try as he might
the demon will not let go.
There is truly no hope
for anti is getting stronger
while Jack is getting weaker
he mind as well give in
there is no point
trying to win.
But this isn't the worse
consequence for our sin
that has yet to begin.
We should of looked away
but it's already too late
we have sealed Jack
to this horrible fate.
The 10th poem in the series of making a poem for all the known canon and possibly canon ego vids. This one is on (3863) MERGED TOGETHER | Five Nights At Freddy's Sister Location #4 - YouTube
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beckywtghmai · 6 hours ago
Wouldn’t it make more sense If you went to a trans guy meeting Before transitioning And they talked to you about anything Besides your weight And what you were eating? Am I the only one who thinks Ya’ll are a bunch of hypocritical nazis Hell bent in the other direction Blasting your flag all over the place without any Respect for what it means, or who it includes Forgive me for not…
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Be - A Poem by Brandon White
Be – A Poem by Brandon White
BeIt’s a wonderful life.Though there’s sickness,and death,and bodies meltinglike candlesin trailers outsidethe mortuary.It’s a wonderful life.Though fearand division threatenthe stability of our country,and the house is rotting,and I feel like a walking panic attack,It’s a wonderful life.The river rushes on. The cardinal watches through the window. The mystery remains. The Kingdomis here. The…
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theskorupiegg · 8 hours ago
Heart to Heart
Content warning: this poem is about loss, departure, and existential musings. I know no journey lasts forever but this one is different. This one makes me afraid. The thought that one day you may slip out of my life and we will go on living. I am afraid that we will we touch each other for the last time without knowing the weight of the moment. The departure would cut me open, and I am…
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beckywtghmai · 8 hours ago
You Don’t Need Trans-Specific Help With A Trans-Specific ID Change
You Don’t Need Trans-Specific Help With A Trans-Specific ID Change
I’d make a guide But I followed a few myself And they were all wrong, outdated Long-winded or worse. Just look up how to get a legal name change In the state you live in And follow the rules for regular cis people Because to everyone else you are one of those Even if you get your ID changed to Sparkly Underpants McGee You don’t need anything besides What the government website tells…
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beckywtghmai · 9 hours ago
Nobody wants fat perspective on trans issues. It’s hard enough to get people To respect the issues we’ve already fought and won Consider our current set of battles— Now — I want to add on?!?! Yes! They’re linked. Win one battle knock a few dominoes down. If trans men deserve respect despite how well they pass Perhaps cis men do as well Perhaps we’ve been allowing some seriously Shitty…
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batgovernor · 9 hours ago
Poem: 'Warfare'
Poem: ‘Warfare’
The mother’s nightmare The child’s terror The rapist’s freedom The girl’s death. The killer’s ecstasy The band’s brotherhood The youth’s excitement The dying breath. The glory of the luckyThe scream of the unluckyThe lost limbs, blindness, madnessThe lifelong PTSD, homeless in the streets.The poet’s puzzleThe politician’s pornThe aphrodisiacThe power-soaked sheets. The demagogue’s causeThe…
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contentiousslutpuppy · 17 hours ago
This weekend has been an
Emotional rollercoaster.
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beckywtghmai · 17 hours ago
Weird Shit.
I figure I can’t be The only man in the world Who has a complex about his dick And sometimes can’t perform The way he wants, when he wants Here I thought this whole time I was some sort of Weird broken non-man but honestly Based on what’s popular, I kinda think A lot of you are struggling to finish Without resorting to some pretty Weird shit.
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