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#indie music
justrandomthings3 · an hour ago
what songs do you guys have on repeat recently? These are my top 3 atm
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pennysky · an hour ago
Music is my happy place.
Like do you dance like you fuck
Like do you dance like you make love
Do you dance like you fuck
Do you dance like you make love
Do you do you do you do you
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petrichorsis · 2 hours ago
Everyone please consider reblogging this, listening to my friends new album, and/or buying his digital albums or one of the Polaroids so he can keep on making music. It’s all chill indie + synth that sounds like it’s coming from the other room. He is also making the music and doing sound design for The Blackwater Anomaly as well as voicing Pax!
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endlessplaylist · 3 hours ago
Simple Song by The Shins (2012)
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troyreif · 3 hours ago
Primadonnaz - "LIVE @ Club 218 - 01/23/2004" - Music Video
Philadelphia/South Jersey area glam/punk rock band Primadonnaz playing LIVE at Club 218 in Philadelphia, PA
Mikey Primadonna - singer Dan Parsels - guitar Rikki Seven - bass Bob Taylor - drums
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pandaponderart · 3 hours ago
Hello, Welcome to this weeks blog post, this week I’m talking about some music that should be in you eardrums, criminally underrated artists and bands that deserve more recognition and attention. This is not your mainstream list of artists everyone knows, but they could become your new favorite. If people like this I’ll make more parts, well I probably will make more anyways and hope people like it. So I hope you guys find some new favorites and add these to your playlists!. Also for this list it’s going to be more of the pop punk/rock and a little bit of indie mixed in there more genres next time!
1. The Technicolors 🌹
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This band deserves your attention because number one, they’re one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen, I had never heard of them before when I saw them in 2015 for This Century’s last show and I was completely won over. I was won over by their stage presence, their energy and their songs. I immediately bought their ep Ultraviolet Disguise after the show And I’ve been hooked every since. To me they incorporate elements of more classic rock, infused with alternative and Brit Rock. They have a really original sound, especially with vocalist Brennan Smiley voice, plus he has one of the coolest last names!. One of the most underrated artists from the 8123 family, also if your a fan of This Century their guitarist Sean Silverman joined after they split. So do yourself a favor and add some Technicolor to your music library.( sorry for the bad pun had to do it)
Favorite Albums: Metaphysical and Ultraviolet Disguise(EP)
Favorite Songs: Tonight You Are Mine, Heavy Leather, Little Charmer, 26 On a Tuesday, Sweet Time, Hollywood, Space Cadet
FFO: The Maine, This Century, Vista Kicks, HUNNY, Beach Weather
2. This Century 🎹🔥
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Should have been a clue since I talked about them a lot with The Technicolors, but these guys truly never got the attention they deserved. They always sounded like they could fit on the radio and should have been as popular as similar bands in their genre. I became a fan after their first album Sound of Fire, then went back to their old ep’s and I was sold on their sound. They lost me a little bit when they stayed from their pop rock sound into more of the pop side of their sound,but won me back with unfortunately their last album Soul Sucker. Their one band I’m still sad that they broke up in 2015 I saw them live a few times and met them too, always put on great shows and were really nice guys. If your a fan of 2000’s pop rock don’t miss out, it would be a loss of the century!(sorry I’m a corny person).
Favorite Albums: Sound of Fire, Soul Sucker, To Love and Back(EP)
Favorite Songs: Sound Of Fire, Young and Useless, To Love and Back, Hopeful Romantic, Do It To Me, Soul Sucker, Heaven, To Cruel, Slow Dance Night
FFO: A Rocket To The Moon, Artist Vs Poet, The Maine, Every Avenue, The Summer Set
3. Beach Weather ☀️🏝
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Sadly one of the most short lived bands on this list, they were only active for a few years and released a few ep’s. I had no idea who Beach Weather was when I saw them open for The Maine on their American Candy album cycle tour in 2015. But they were another case of falling in love with them after I saw them. They have a very bright summery sound, and if you like A Rocket to The Moon this was Nick Santino’s new band. I wish they would have been around long enough to release a full length record but glad we got what we did.
Favorite Album: What a Drag(EP)
Favorite Songs: New Skin, Swoon, Rebel Sun, Sex, Drugs, Etc, Tremors
FFO: A Rocket To The Moon, COIN, Flor, Vacation Manor, HUNNY
4. Peach Pit 🍑
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Going more into the indie rock side of my music taste, a newer discover for me Peach Pit. The first song I heard was Sweet FA from their EP with the same name, I loved their chill, indie summer like vibe but they differentiate themselves from other bands with a sound that’s unique to them. I don’t know what it is but they somehow make super mellow music that’s still equally as catchy, and doesn’t lose your interest, you just vibe along with them. Their music is as sweet as as a peach!
Favorite Albums: Being So Normal, Sweet FA(EP)
Favorite Songs: Drop The Guillotine, Alrighty Aphrodite, Tommy’s Party, Peach Pit, Sweet FA, Seventeen, Shampoo Bottles
FFO: Wallows, Declan McKenna, Hippo Campus, Kid Bloom, Sure Sure
5. Anarbor 🌵
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Now for the last but absolutely not as all least, my favorite band of the entire list, the most underrated and under appreciated band that has always deserved better, Anarbor. Despite their name they‘re from Arizona, actually every band except for Peach Pit is (they’re from Canada!). I‘m pretty sure I became a fan sometime around 2010 around the time their first album The Words You Don’t Swallow, and after hearing their song The Brightest Green. That song came off their EP Free Your Mind and I have to say both of these releases are flawless. I’ve seen them multiple times in concert and will go see them anytime their in town and they are the nicest guys!. All these years of them being a band I’ve never understood why they weren’t bigger, their vocalist and bassist Slade Echeverria has one of my favorite voices, their songs are catchy and infectious they deserve to be huge. They have been making music since 2003, they have 3 albums, 3 EP’s and although the bands lineup has changed throughout the years they’ve been releasing singles!. If you only listen to one band from this this do yourself a favor and listen to Anarbor they deserve all the success in the world.
Favorite Albums: The Words You Don’t Swallow, Free Your Mind(EP),
Favorite Songs: (To list a few there’s a lot) The Brightest Green, Always Dirty, Never Clean, Passion For Publication, Contagious, Let The Games Begin, Gypsy Women, Carefree Highway, Useless
FFO: Go Radio, All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Forever The Sickest Kids
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human-royale · 4 hours ago
hi girls gays and theys!!!!!
You don’t know me (probably) but I made a song and I’m really excited about it!!! It’s called summer green and it’s on most (if not all) popular streaming services.
You may like it if you listen to: girl in red
If you have two minutes and forty seven seconds I’d love if you could give it a listen <3
(there will be a summer solstice remix coming June 20th!!! but shh that part is a secret)
Tumblr media
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