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#taylor swift
swiftly-tilting-planet · 9 minutes ago
It’s so funny to see people questioning Taylor’s longevity on twitter. Like, she came out of Cats looking good. CATS! She’s not going anywhere.
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ipektaylor13 · 9 minutes ago
Very thoughtful and very cute. @taylorswift @taylornation
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msperfectlyfiine · 13 minutes ago
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I just got a million compliments on my ring & told I have amazing taste. Soooo @taylorswift you have amazing taste! That was all you!! Thanks buddy ❤️
And of course, a big thank you to @taylorswiftstyle who is the queen of finding/knowing Taylor’s fashion! You are so appreciated! 💗
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fearlesslyallison · 13 minutes ago
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these spot the difference games are getting harder
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we-all-get-high-sometimes · 19 minutes ago
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long story short, . . .
i survived.
reblog or like or both.
@swiftsromantics 🤗😘 @spillingwineinthebathtubposts 🤗😘 @folklorestansblog 🤗😘 @walte01 🤗😘 @marissalubejofficial 🤗😘
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alltoowell-taylorsversion · 19 minutes ago
I think I would actually implode if I went to a Taylor Swift concert and she played The Moment I Knew
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evieplaylists · 23 minutes ago
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and in this navy blue, i am at peace // playlist
songs to imagine yourself peacefully floating away in a world where you’re surrounded by soothing blues and there’s nothing that can hurt you. just beautiful scenery, and you.
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fuck-sewingmachines · 24 minutes ago
Y'all are absolutely insane
I saw someone on IG comment on how much Taylor has worn opal jewelry lately and they thought it might have been a clue
Home girl can't just love something without people overanalyzing it
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captainswift · 29 minutes ago
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taylor swift (grammys 2021) headers
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captainswift · 31 minutes ago
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taylor swift (grammys 2021) icons
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shathoerenhood · 33 minutes ago
No one:
Absolutely no one:
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sweettea-and-godsgraces · 34 minutes ago
1989 (Taylor's Version) thread:
What we know:
-Rolling Stones blue photoshoot has 6 words which would be June
-77 letters out of place in Hey Stephen lyric video
-77 days after April 9th is Friday June 25
-42 letters shifted up
-42 days after April 9th is Friday May 14
-35 letters shifted down
-35 days after April 9th is Friday May 21
-Midsommar is June 20-June 26
-Taylor posted a photo in a bear costume and wore a flower dress to the Grammys which both resemble Midsommar
-Talked to Stephen Colbert about Hey Stephen on the 13th
-National Pizza Day is February 9
-Style was released February 9
-National Pizza Party Day is May 21
-1989 secret sessions were referred to as pizza parties
-National Pepperoni Pizza Day is September 20
-1989 secret sessions were first held on September 20
-5 pieces of pepperoni on the pizza
-1989 is the 5th album
-bird on the collage is similar to bird on 1989 shirt
-Taylor posted a picture with Haim and pizza on February 19
-She captioned it "the mood board" which she also referred to her collage of Stephen Colbert as a mood board (which also had pizza)
-Style was recorded on February 19
-Stephen Colbert's Ben & Jerry's ice cream is in the collage. It was originally released on February 13
-The style music video premiered on February 13
-12 stars
-8 hearts
-8 of hearts means success in love
-The flag of Europe has 12 golden stars and was adopted on December 9
-Stephen Colbert dressed up as Legolas on December 9
-Legolas is played by Orlando Bloom which is Katy Perry's husband
-Legolas and Gandalf are in the collage
-Taylor bought her New York apartment from the Lord of the Rings director
-bike photo of Stephen colbert from GQ is on the collage
-Taylor did an interview with GQ during 1989 era
-no this is a pizza sound like no this is becky
-no this is becky was during 1989 era
-old picture of stephen colbert on mood board is from 1989
-she mentioned his social security number as 33035
-33035=14=May 14th
-You Need to Calm Down is the 14th track = May 14th
-Katy Perry was in You Need to Calm Down music video (1989 vault song?)
-Dark Visions by Stephen King came out in 1989
-Stephen Colbert's birthday is May 13th
-513 address=May 13th
-She says she can't call the song Stephen or it would be too obvious which is a nod to Style which is about Harry Styles
-Stephen talked about the Squad which was popular during 1989 era and Bad Blood music video
-Bad Blood was about Katy Perry
-44 years 179 days before April 13 was October 27
-1989 came out October 27
-4 4 1 7 9 =25=June 25
-1989 came out in 2014 when Taylor turned 25
-TS is re-recording her first five albums in order of F1RST: Fearless, 1989, Red, Speak Now, Taylor Swift
-She picked up the phone because the old taylor was calling her
-She is wearing a cardigan because she is coming out of the woods (folklore/evermore) and into re-recording era
-5'11"=November 5 which is a Friday
-Spirit is released 6/4/21=13
-Wildest Dreams is the soundtrack for Spirit which has 13 letters
-Luminescent=neon lights=1989
-April 13 is National Scrabble Day
-Scrabble posted about Taylor on twitter on April 13
-Luminescent in scrabble can make 523 words and is 15 points
-The Shining was mentioned and was released on May 23
-15 days from the interview is April 29
-the clock in the Cowboy Like Me lyric video is at 4:30=Friday April 30
-the all knower posted a photo on April 1 with a fake TS album and track list with a clue about a 1989 single release date
-the words twenty and june were part of the track list
-the shifted letters in the Hey Stephen lyric video minus "light" because it is the only full word shifted up is 72 letters
-72 days from April 9 is June 20
-5 1 1 and 3 3 0 3 5 add to 30
-30 days after April 13 is May 13
-the pizza on the mood board is New York style which is not to Welcome to New York and Style
-Stephen Colbert was 44 when she wrote Hey Stephen
-44 days after the interview is Friday May 28
-Taylor mentioned 1989 and Shake It Off in the interview
-She said she stayed up for 3 days making the vision board
-Hey Stephen is 4 minutes and 13 seconds long = April 13
-3 days after April 13 is Friday April 16
-She typically announces stuff on Thursdays and releases on Fridays
-Thursday April 15 =4/15/21=13
-She said in the interview "I came here to have a good time"
-The meme "I came here to have a good time but honestly I'm feeling attacked right now" was popular in 2014 during 1989 era
-Taylor seemed stalker-ish in her interview which is a nod to Blank Space
-Taylor mentioned Stephen Colbert on Law and Order
-His episode aired on 3/14/04=21=May 21
-She says "Hey Stephen I love you on TV"
-TV is an abbreviation for Taylor's Version
-The Stand by Stephen King was mentioned
-it is about a virus that almost kills the entire world population (lol)
-The book has 823 pages
-Stephen King's birthday is September 21
-Taylor did a cover in 2018 of the song "September" where she changed the lyric from "the 21st night of September" to "the 28th night of September"
-this is speculated as a nod to her anniversary with Joe
What this means:
-Style, Shake It Off, Blank Space, Welcome to New York, Out of the Woods, Wildest Dreams and Bad Blood are potential singles
-Dates to remember: April 15/16, April 29/30, May 13/14, May 21, May 28, June 4, June 20, June 25
@taylorswift @taylornation
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yes-kissmeonthesidewalk · 34 minutes ago
"We were jet set Bonnie and Clyde, until I switched to the other side..
There's no surprise I turned you in 'cause us traitors never win.."
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lux2765 · 35 minutes ago
Has NO ONE ELSE realized that every single colour in their outfits match PERFECTly??? The flower over her heart matches his trousers! The BUTTERFLY! The feathers from his BOA are her PETALS! The YELLOW in his jacket are her DAISIES! The GREEN her LEAVES! 🌻🌸🌼💮🦋🌿🍃🎨
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we-all-get-high-sometimes · 37 minutes ago
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it would've been . . .
reblog or like or both.
@swiftsromantics 🤗😘 @spillingwineinthebathtubposts 🤗😘 @folklorestansblog 🤗😘 @walte01 🤗😘 @marissalubejofficial 🤗😘
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