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unemelisande · an hour ago
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Les traigo más Flaubert
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sayuri2028 · 4 hours ago
Te fuiste, y lamento decirte que esta vez yo no iba a ir tras de ti, ya estoy demasiado cansada en insistir en algo que mil veces ya me hizo entender que no es posible.
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k0wasuu · 13 hours ago
You have a post that says something along the lines of “a mutual who you’re in love with and a little suspicious of” and honestly? It’s been both ever since I found and followed you 😳😳😳
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uncanny-tranny · 15 hours ago
Sometimes I think about our trans elders who've passed... I wonder what they would think about today's society
I wonder what Dr. Allan L. Hart would think of how far medical transition has come since his time. Of how Christine Jorgensen might have loved how many trans people were inspired by her and how many beautiful trans people now grace televisions all over the world.
What would Leslie Feinberg think of how much hir work changed the face of the trans and general LGBT community? What would Marsha think of the community she lovingly helped create with so many others?
And I wonder, with star-struck eyes, if any of these people would know just how much they changed the world just by existing - by existing unabashedly and boldly. Did they think that they'd make such an impact? I wonder if they know that I looked at them as a small child and knew - "I could be like them one day. I could have a future!"
And I know that when I see the moon tonight, I'll be seeing our revolution.
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chaos-in-the-making · 17 hours ago
A mother's wish:
The laughter of her children drifted on the breeze over the dancing field of flowers, tinkling like bells, and warmer than the sun. Rin sat against the sturdy tree beneath the shade, a fixed smile on her lips. She was clothed in a light kimono of the finest silk, cut in a practical way that kept her cool. But her real riches, the shining jewels of her heart, were tumbling in the grass together, pretending to slay demons and conquer the land.
Towa's fist curled and hit Setsuna's brow a little harder than she expected. Setsuna tumbled to the ground and began to cry, more out of shock than hurt. Rin shifted ever so slightly, leaning forward in case she was needed. But Towa was the perfect big sister. She kissed her twin's brow, hugged her in apology, and helped her to stand so they could resume their game.
No need to rush to mommy. They could take care of each other.
"Don't grow up too fast, my babies," Rin murmured as she watched. "Please need me just a little bit longer."
She knew the bad hurts would bring them back to her. She knew the dark nights would have them curled against her sides for protection. She knew they sought her voice when they were scared. They felt so free and at ease because she was well within view. If Mommy was watching, all was safe.
Rin's smile grew as she watched them play. Not even three years old, and they knew the glade like the sound of their mother's voice. This was their haven. This was their home.
"Whatever happens," Rin whispered, touching the place of her kimono that hid a token from their father. "Whatever happens... take care of each other. Your survival depends on it, my dears. And always remember... that your mother loves you."
Years later, after fire and separation and sleep and pain....
Rin dreamed of the days in the glade, suspended in the tree of time. She slept, and dreamed.
Of holding her babies once more. Of singing to them as they slept. Of watching them care for each other, and survive all that life could throw at them.
This was Rin's wish. This was her dream.
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definitely-not-bean · 21 hours ago
wanna dance with you in our small apartment with soft radio music coming from our downstairs neighbor's open window. want to trace stars onto our cheeks while faint classical music is heard in the distance, lying in bed together with silence filled with words unsaid. to kiss you softly in the back of a movie theater while the credits start to play. i want moments that we wish would last forever.
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morsobaby · 22 hours ago
How's life?
Oh man.. Crying over songs that remind me of people I probably can't be with? Something like that. Not bad but... *heavy sigh*
Big feels, questioning my identity, all that. I could be a demigirl or genderfae (at least I think that's the right term??) or something like that. Orientation wise.. Demi Wlw except in very specific cases. Labels are getting difficult ngl. I don't feel entirely human all the time. I crave romance (irl) and horror (not irl) and general adrenaline boosts
Aside from how I feel rn we'll be going over to my grans house for mother's day tomorrow. That could be fun I guess
Thanks for letting me sort out my thoughts, the ask was a welcome surprise
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madamsmallwrists · 22 hours ago
I went to get groceries today, and I always walk since we have no car. The weather was nice, and the apple blossoms down the street were in full bloom and gorgeous and the smell was fantastic. I used my new plant identification app to learn about some of the plants along the way, and it was really nice and cool. The pinecones on the trees near the bottom of my hill were just starting to grow, and they were so tiny and cute, and they looked purple! And when I touched them big poofs of pollen came flying out, and I never knew pinecones had pollen, it was very surprising and very cute.
I was in a great mood.
And then... leaving the store, I had so many groceries. It was so hard trying to fit them on my little cart, and when I started across the parking lot it tipped over, and I knew it was going to be rough getting everything up the hill. I could suddenly see my great day turning into a miserable muddle. But, I steeled myself for the uphill walk, got a good grip on the cart, and started slogging towards home.
And then I heard someone calling. “Excuse me. Excuse me!”
I turn and look, and there’s a woman down in the parking lot waving at me. “Are you the young lady I used to always see with the bicycle? You would always put all the groceries on the back and ride away.”
Yes, that was me.
“That looks like so much work. I’m parked right here, can I please offer you a ride? I used to be where you are, I had no car and I struggled. Can I please help you out?”
It brightened my day so much, so I agreed, and she put down her back seats so I could load my cart in the back. While we were driving home (which is not very far away at all) she explained that she recently lost her job and was put on disability because she had hip problems and she broke her hand. Her family all pitched together and bought her the car because they knew how much she could use one, and now she really wants to be able to help out wherever she can, because she wants to be able to give back since she has been helped so tremendously by others. I was so grateful to her. And then she gave me her name and her phone number, and she said to call her anytime I needed a ride. Anywhere in town she’d be happy to take me, and if I had to go anywhere farther out all she would ask was a little money for gas.
I just wanted to share this story, because it’s people like this that make life so beautiful and wonderful. Just a small act of kindness can lift someone’s mood and make their day. A kind word, a simple gesture, people don’t place enough importance on things like this. So many people are struggling right now, and a lot of times we focus on what we CAN’T do, or what we CAN’T give, but if you offer what little bit you can, I can promise you it makes a difference. 
Would I have made it home fine if she hadn’t stopped? Absolutely. Did I appreciate the offer of a ride? 100% 
When a stranger compliments my skirts, or shoes, or bag, does it make a difference in the vast scheme of things? No, probably not. Do I think about it every time I wear that thing, and feel a little happier and prettier and more confident? 100%
When someone smiles at me or waves as we pass each other on the street, does it fix all of my problems? No, of course not. But does it make me smile, does it lift my spirit even one little inch? 100%
You may not think you are doing much. You may not think there is much you can do. But do what little you can, when you can, and allow others to do what they can for you, and the world will be so much better for it.
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release-the-sheep · a day ago
I assume that you are a very sentimental person and you get attached to and assign meaning to objects you own
yknow, that's not totally incorrect. I'm not very big on physical objects generally but some I do absolutely ascribe meaning and sentimental value to.
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okiedokie4 · a day ago
I graduated college today with my Master’s Degree. It’s a great accomplishment, but I can’t help but feel sad. My best friend is a freshman (my masters only took one year, and I met her at my internship) and so this means I am leaving her. My other best friends either graduated with me or have one semester left, which means I’m leaving them, too. I am leaving the apartment that I have lived in for 3 years with my dog, and this time when I move out, I know I’m not coming back. Someone else will move in next semester and make new memories. I got my first dog here. I had my first kiss, and basically fell in love here. I fell in love with marvel and avatar all over again. I got into DC shows, and I picked up tennis. So many things happened while living in this small one bedroom apartment that can’t be compared to anything else in this life. This city has given me so much, and as the song goes “This city’s gonna break my heart. This city’s gonna love me then leave me alone,” and while I know I’ll be back, it will be different. The drives around the campus won’t be the same. Going to see my professors and supervisors and friends will feel weird. This place became home, and I don’t even remember it happening. When I first came to this college, I had no intentions of staying. I planned on getting out as soon as I could, and moving to a school that I thought was going to be better for me. But then I met my professors, and friends. I got a job, and then another, and another, and next thing you know I’m being asked to be the GA which meant I was going to be accepted into the Master Program, and I couldn’t turn that down. I found my passion here. I fell in love with my career choice, despite the obstacles it will take to practice it. I met some great people who have changed my life.
Saying goodbye is not something that is hard for me. I’ve done it a hundred times already in this lifetime, and I’ll do it hundreds of more. But change is hard to accept when you are living in the best years of your life. I know there are good times ahead of me, but I also know there are struggles as well. Struggles I have never faced. Struggles I will go through alone. Struggles that I am not prepared for. This semester, and these five years have flown by and all I’ll have are the memories of years that shaped me into who I am. What I would give to go back just even a few months. I would do things differently. I would tell my first kiss that I liked them sooner. I would enjoy the moments for what they were, and not what I wanted them to be. I would learn more, study harder. I would spend more time with my dog and my friends. I would talk to my grandmother more. I would do a lot of things that I never tried before or wanted to do more of and I would love it all. I would talk to new friends sooner, so we had more time. I would love harder and more freely. I would do it all if I could.
So no, saying goodbye isn’t hard for me, especially because this isn’t goodbye. What’s hard is knowing things will change when all you want to do is go back and enjoy the life you had. What’s hard is knowing you just had the best years of your life and you won’t or can’t go back. What’s hard is accepting the things you cannot change.
So for anyone who reads this, here’s what I want you to take away from it: live loudly, love proudly, and enjoy the moment. College is a time for self growth, a journey that shapes you into the person you will become, and a time where you can be free. Embrace that, cause when it’s gone, it’s gone. And soon you’ll be sitting in an apartment that has been your home for 3 years that is practically empty, alone, reminiscing and wishing you could do things just a little bit differently. Live in the moment, and love it. If it doesn’t hurt you, it will help you, and you college students need whatever help you can get.
From a recently and formally done College Graduate, enjoy the chaos. It’s the best years of your life.
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