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lnmpoems · 2 hours ago
Don’t tell me you love me
Tell me you’ll never leave
Tell me you’ll never judge me
Tell me you’ll still be here
When I’m full of tears and regret
These things are more important
Than love could ever be
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pjg2950 · 6 hours ago
This Afternoon
My breath seems tight within me
As if afraid to leave me, afraid the next will be last,
I clean as if afraid to leave the ruins behind.
Bits of junk that I treasure
that family will never understand.
I know it is silly.
Yet I curl upon the couch.
I don’t want to mess the bed.
Nothing is of interest.
The body will not let me loose upon
the unsuspecting world!
Legs buckle as I try to stand.
Feet seem to be throbbing for no reason.
Part of me wants to call out, but to who?
Those closest never hear my screams!
So I write, hoping to leave some
Inspiration when there seems to be none for me.
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diversetv · 7 hours ago
"Morning Awakening" by Peter Dome Poetrydome worldwide - Peter Dome Poet -
"As the dawning morn is aroused and awakened By the fluttering twittering assenting skylark Joyfully heralds a gifted fresh new day The retiring consuming dark of night dissipates And the canopy of sky high above Turns to vibrant blue pushing the obliterating darkness Clean away . The warming sun stretches and smiles down Exposing the nakedness of the land bathed in light As creation in all its finery Looking lush green and painted bright . The pretty pink cherry blossom Tickled and teased By a gentle wisp of a breeze Flowers unfurl their dainty petals Of every colorful hue Plants in their proliferation stand proud Kissed by morning dew . Painted Ladies stretch their paper like wings Flitter and flirt In a delicate showy ballet Serenaded by the perky red robin As it sweetly sings . The cottontails leave their warrens To graze on bejeweled tranquil meadows Of clover green While bovines chew the cud On long idle lazy summer days Adding life to the pasture scene . The old thatched roofed rugged stone cottage Surrounded and dwarfed by steep ambling hills That towers high above the sweeping valley And there stands bold and majestically The sail turning working grinding windmill . A patchwork quilted land of varied pleasant green And seas of waving gold And furrowed tiled tawny browns Dividing hedgerow copper copse and variegated thriving plantations Where time tends to stands still With little change since ancient times Generation after generation."
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cherry-truth · 7 hours ago
Something about this love, it feels so true
Never saw it coming, me falling inlove with you
We’re going strong, this love is fresh
Our relationship isn’t based solely on sex
When I look in your eyes, betrayal I can’t find
Go to sleep every night, thanking for that you’re mine
Gave you my heart and you promised you won’t break it
This love is so different and I’m going to embrace it
Our heart and souls are intertwined
Everyday I fall inlove with you, like the first time!
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instaveis · 9 hours ago
🧃 o céu carrega o infinito.
na imensidão do manso vento que sopra no ar.
dentre as entrelinhas da brisa matinal, que te faz suspirar.
ao sútil balanço das folhas no alto de cada galho.
e no simples ato do gotejar do orvalho, da planta, ao chão.
me vejo, então.
nos detalhes.
meu corpo é céu.
e em meio aos devaneios da infinidade,
eu só consigo sentir.
sentir o orvalho que cai por aqui.
diante do meu olhar.
a sair de mim.
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trepidatingboarfetus · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Or perhaps I am just the Cowardly Lion in the end. I'm tired of being a machine, producing for entertainment without emotions. Without friends. Always without. Everything is fake in the end. #fake #embracethejourney #whatisreal #platitudes #poetryoftheday #poetsofinstagram #poemsofig #wizardofoz #dorothy
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alliexa · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
#poem #poetry #poet #poetsofinstagram #text #writing #writer #write #author #words #dikt #dikter
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btk-lyrics · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Black Bone - #skeleton #bone #black #horror #poems #poem #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #poet #poetry #poetrycommunity #poets #poetsofinstagram #writer #writing #author #authorsofinstagram #writingcommunity #monster #love #goth #gothgoth #emo #poemsofinstagram #horrorfan #zombie #art #artist #arts #ghoul
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divinemurty · 14 hours ago
Sponge Love 🧽🧠 - - - - #sponge #spongepainting #love #divine #poetry #me #candoanything #style #breathe #poetsandpoetryycontest #poetryprojectx #poetrylovers #poetsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #writersandpoets #microstory #storytelling #sophia
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