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#jujutsu kaisen
keiamor · 9 minutes ago
For the ask game, forlorn with Sukuna if that’s okay
also take care of yourself bb I hope you have a lovely day🥺
I’ve got you bestie, oh god Sukuna would love this shit so so much and my legs are SHAKING
I have been bb dw 🥺♥️ you too okay, eat, drink and nap!
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Tumblr media
Tw: predator and prey, fear play, squirting, choking
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It was probably one of the stupidest thing you could’ve done with telling Sukuna your fears following closely after, but it does look pretty and mesmerising. The way those delicate lines are itched into your skin, it was all fun and games before that grin on Sukuna’s lips grew. He is way too familiar with crests like this, how can he not be when he’s the King of Curses himself?
Oh— if only he could laugh at your stupidity, ‘it’s pretty’ you said. Well, is it still pretty now that he towering over you with his hand wrapped tightly around that small neck of yours. Bones threatening to break under his inhuman grip as you gasps for air, Sukuna would never hurt you, well he tries not to unless he have a reason to. Someone’s ought to teach you a lesson or two until you’re unable to sit for at least a week, “‘kuna…”
You can feel the way his bulge grew under all those fabric as he sneers and chuckle lowly at your pathetic form, licking up those pretty tears as he coos softly. “Can you feel it, the wetness between your legs hm? ‘Cause I sure can.” Sukuna would taunts, even though knowing that this is all harmless fun between the two of you. The way your body acts tells a different story, perhaps it’s the natural instinct. To run from danger and death but damn it would be a lie if it doesn’t give you that bliss and high like never before.
“There you go, look at you. Cumming untouched and on fear alone, pathetic.” He spat with that same sadistic grin, watching as the stream of liquid rushes down your legs.
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tozhan · 13 minutes ago
I just really want to thank you for sharing your insights on Gojo because I swear so many people just cannot read.
I literally saw a theory where Gojo would betray Yuki because she wants to remove cursed energy and Gojo would become a villain because he wants to keep his powers. Like seriously? Why do people want this man to be a villain so badly?
I mean it is interesting to think on situations where Gojo would or would not sacrifice his power, but if both of their goals is to roughly "end jujutsushi suffering" and if sacrificing his powers (you know the one thing that has isolated him and forced him to bear a heavy responsibility since he was born but I guess people can't read) also means the end of curses in general, I'd actually think he'd be jumping at the chance. Which makes me wonder if he and Yuki are allied, since he should know her plan as she was looking for him.
On another note, do you think the reveal that Mai was Maki's reason all along was out of nowhere? I've seen some people complain it wasn't hinted at all, but I always thought it was a possibility since usually in shounen reasons like Maki's are always done for someone's sake.
Lol, tbf, he would have to be working with Yuki in order to betray her :p There's no indication of that, as of yet. But some ppl sure are desperate for him to become a villain, smh.
First of all, we don't even know what exactly Yuki plans to do. We know her end goal - but how is she going to reach it? And what ramifications will it have? Is it possible to get rid of CE without causing any damages (particularly to sorcerers)? Her path is pretty vague, right now, and I guess that's mainly because Yuki herself has no idea what exactly she needs to do. She doesn't even know the origin of or main source of CE, yet.
Whether Gojo will support her or not will probably depend on those things. If getting rid of CE will be the solution to end all this misery, he'll definitely help. But if it comes with great costs and might cause harm to the kids, I don't think he'll be on board with it. Maybe there are also other factors to be considered here that we’re not aware of. So, there are quite a lot of "what-ifs" - but his decision isn't going to depend on his own selfish reasoning (clinging to his powers... where do ppl even get such ideas from...).
On another note, the phrasing (”betray”) is amusing. I mean, Gojo's a main character with the clearest (and pretty sympathetic) goal in front of him. Yuki's a side character who said that she's on no one's side in particular and just wants to achieve her own goals - which doesn't mean she's evil or any such nonsense, just that she's going to focus on her own agenda over everyone else. Saying that Gojo will betray Yuki kind of implies that we're rooting for her or are supposed to when we don't even know her exact plan or anything much about her as a person, whereas Gojo's - Gojo, lol. (On that same vein, there's the subtle implication that Yuki might have known about what Kenjaku was planning in Shibuya - since Larue was with her - but she might have not intervened to stop the sealing itself because she wanted to meet Tengen (based on her thinking that now that the Six Eyes was gone, Tengen should see them). Of course, it could also be that she was just late and since the deed was already done, tried to make the best of the situation, aka meet Tengen. Or none of these... lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
As for the Mai bit - I do think it could have been built up a bit better, ngl. But! From that one FB during the Goodwill Event, we knew that Maki always looked out for Mai when they were kids, reaching out to her and pulling her along (while protecting her; that never changed). Seeing that, it was always hard to believe that all of a sudden, Maki would just start to focus on herself and not Mai. Heck, when she left the Zen'in house, she even told Naobito to leave Mai out of this. So, there have always been the hints that Maki still very much cared about Mai and the revelation that Mai was her actual drive just felt like a natural conclusion to that. To me, at least! Also, as you pointed out, in stories like these, people usually act for others and not just themselves, so.
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sunshine-tea · 13 minutes ago
JJK writers sitting down to write Gojo X Reader fic
*queues Woman by Harry Styles song on repeat*
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sierrascribbles · 20 minutes ago
daisy, fennel, and morning glory for nanamin? 🥰
BESTIE MARIA GOD BLESS ... 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 mwah luv nanamin
what are their kisses like? where do they like to be kissed the most?
🌱 nanami’s kisses are reserved; a kiss to the forehead before work, a welcome home kiss when he gets back from a mission — but they always have so much underlying affection underneath. he’s gentle with you, holding you like glass in his hands as he plants lingering kisses to your face. not only to your face but to any part he can reach, your knuckles, arms, neck... thighs.
🌱 he likes to pick you up and hold you as close as he can, often picking you up in his arms or pulling you flush against him by your waist. he enjoys feeling you warm against him, and often will stroke up your sides or arms as he’s kissing you.
what is their favorite form of physical affection?
🌱 nanami just enjoys being near you — whether he’s touching you or not. his affection is subtle, an arm around your shoulder as he’s reading, his thigh touching yours as you’re eating together, or his hand in yours as you’re walking around the city. he likes the physical contact just to reassure him that you’re okay.
🌱 laying next to you in bed is also a favorite of his, it’s easy for him to unwind as he buries himself into your neck and breathes. he’d just melt if you scratched his head, he often has headaches (he works with gojo...) and it just feels so good to him. it's the easiest way for him to fall asleep, and he often has a hard time dozing off if you're not there with him.
what is their love language, both giving and receiving?
🌱 giving - nanami loves to spend quality time with you. his free time is scarce, but he always has time to squeeze you into his ever-busy schedule. even if it's just for an hour or so, he'd love for you to come over and enjoy lunch with him, the two of you sitting in comfortable silence as his free hand is in yours. it's a moment of respite in his ever crazy days, and just seeing you for short periods of time is enough to relax him, if just for a bit. he'll also feed you bits of his lunch if he's in a good mood.
🌱 receiving - he enjoys anything you do for him, but particularly his favorite is physical touch. for a moment, his mind isn't buzzing with work related stresses and he can just feel you against him. it's intoxicating, and he can't help but think his life would be perfect if he could spend the rest of his days like this. usually, he's the one holding you but he does like to be held in your arms often. there's something comforting about being that vulnerable with you.
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truther-cloud23 · 28 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jujutsukaisenzine · 34 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Who’s excited for the movie? 📽️🎞️
This spectacular piece by @/velvet_kt featuring Yuuta and Rika will surely help get you pumped for their big-screen debut! 💍⚔️
50% of the proceeds from our shop will go to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund!  We’re closing in on our fourth strechgoal!
🖐️👅🛒 :
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elysianslove · 35 minutes ago
Bro I’m literally waiting for toji!dilf content just saying it’s your fault he’s been on my mind for a whole day
@megumiya ur area of expertise ,,,, but let me put u on some.... thoughts if u will....
uh trigger warning manipulation, kinda dub-con? it’s lowkey coercion ig
dilf!toji who only fucks girls half his age, who gets off on how inexperienced and naive they are, who let them do whatever he likes to them cause he must know better,,, dilf!toji who coerces those same girls into letting him take polaroids and videos with their cunts stuffed or their faces covered in white ropes of cum. they just want to please him, desperate for his appraisal. dilf!toji who tells those same girls that big girls get their asses fucked too, who presses a butt plug between their cheeks and praises them endlessly when they sit full of his cock. dilf!toji who fucks his girls dumb and stupid, who repeatedly tells them they’re so good for him, they’re so pretty like this, so perfect for him.
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hvdra00 · 39 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr told me Getou's file was too big so here we are a day later. Link to this collection of stickers on Redbubble in the source link.
I didn't realize how generous Redbubble makes the borders until my friend showed me. These were finished when they showed me so I put a warning regarding the small size's borders, but for the other sizes, it should be alright.
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animetube · 40 minutes ago
BORUTO DIRECTOR Gives WARNING, Fire Force Author Suspended, Jujutsu Kaisen Movie News, MHA New Story
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art-of-a-sebulitis · 45 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I finally did a piece that’s just flat shadows and I’m happy with it and who better to show off with it than Nobara. Definitely need to draw even more jujutsu Kaisen in the future though
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dilftaroooo · 47 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
find the opportunity to be paired with your favorite characters. in ‘ΩMΞGΔ’ though, your chosen characters will have some... animalistic qualities.
Choose the character you’d like to be paired up with - from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure or Jujutsu Kaisen - and an animal you’d like them to mix with (e.g. tiger, bull, dog).
NOTE: please check my character list before requesting.
You can pick more than one character but two is the max.
Choose one of the categories you would like the scenario to be:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
not much of a lewd person? no worries. request something soft and fluffy (no pun intended).
from satisfying ear scratches to near suffocating cuddles, pick whatever scenario you’d like to be in involving your favorite character.
we all get a little whorish every once in a while. request something steamy with the character you have to hots for.
it must be mating season! the heady scent of an omega fills the air and they’re ready to bed with an alpha.
↱ you can either be the ΔLPHΔ or the ΩMΞGΔ (a beta is also acceptable).
↱ pick a kink you’d like to be included in the scenario. read my request rules for more details.
↱ please take to consideration the kinks that i am uncomfortable writing. if you oppose, your request will be deleted.
↱ ruts, heats, markings; you name it, i write it.
Tumblr media
the deadline will be on JULY 1ST ☠︎ so hurry and send your requests before then.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lcveaesop · 53 minutes ago
I have a follow up to the Yan! Nanami and Gojo piece: Gojo kidnaps and ties up both reader and nanami watch as he roughly noncons and cums inside her talking about her “slutty pussy that just loves his cock better hmm?~~” and makes her say all sorts of things she doesn’t want to and reader is babbling out apologies to nanami as she cums on gojo’s cock
a/n: sorry this took too long bby.
part 2 to this
pairing/s: yan! gojo satoru x f!reader, nanami kento x f!reader
warnings: forced voyeurism, non-con, blindfolding, light bondage, explicit (n)sfw, lowercase intended, reader uses she/her pronouns
Tumblr media
this felt right.
tears leaking through his blindfold, your lovely sundress you loved wearing for your lover bunched at your waist, revealing your puffy cunt as he hammers into you, and your hands tied to the headboard.
everything about you felt right.
it was only fair, right? the number one getting anything he wants.
and he wanted you, the moment you bowed to him deeply at your first meeting.
he wanted you, when you brought him back a souvenir from one of your missions (sweets he forgot to buy once, whining about it on the staff room where he earned annoyed looks). from the brief moments you greeted him politely, to the concerned texts you sent when he had been so worried whenever his students got injured too badly.
there was no doubt in his mind you were meant to be his. who else who care for him like this like you do?
a grunt, the few sounds nanami could make from where he was tied to the corner of the room.
right, the audience wasn't planned. but something about defiling you in front of your supposed lover sent more arousal in his groin than he wanted to admit.
a deep thrust had you gasping, hitting that spongy spot inside that made you see stars.
your whimpers sounded real good to his ears, leaning over to nibble on your earlobe to get closer to you. your were nipples sore and sensitive to his lithe fingers, rolling one while his other hand kept your hips steady as he pistons his cock inside your cunt over and over again.
a particular thrust had you arching your back for more, when he dug his pelvis into yours to give that delicious friction to your clit from his pubic hair.
"please, please- i don't want.."
he tuned everything else out, focusing on the way your bodies were connected. his cock sliding i. and out of your slick cunt, no doubt stretching your walls than your ex lover ever could.
"you don't know how much i- oh fuck, love you." he gasped, kissing you briefly on the lips before making eye contact with a glaring nanami across room.
he pressed kisses on your neck, urging you to bare your skin to him more. the sensation was overwhelming, every touch magnified by the blindfold, you couldn't think straight, not when his cock was hammering into your weeping cunt with a fast pace, his mouth on your neck, and his hands on your breasts.
"say that you love me," gojo whispered into your ear, punctuating his words with slow deep thrusts, "you belong to me. see how your pussy is taking me in so well? you must love my cock so much since ahh- you're so tight around me."
you couldn't, never could, you loved nanami. you loved it when kissed you deep after fixing your bandages, loved it when he made you cum on his tongue before going to work, loved it when he presented you with gifts as you cooked him dinner after a long mission.
but there was no coming out of this, gojo got what he wanted and you'd be damned if nanami got hurt if you didn't give him what he wanted.
"i'm sorry kento." you sniffled.
before gojo felt his anger resurface you turned to him blindly and kissed him.
it was heaven, your voice wavered, but babbling how much you loved his cock, how he made you feel so good, and how you wanted him so bad you wanted-
"to cum, please satoru, make me come."
and who was he to deny you?
kissing you with a newfound fervor, his long fingers found their to your clit, rubbing circles as he fastened his pace. your moans were muffled by his tongue on your mouth, bit it felt so good you didn't mind. you felt the pleasure spreading like a wild warmth from your clot building up until you broke- pussy spasming tightly on his cock as you moaned his name.
gojo was on you soon after, fucking into your pussy until he too, felt his release. he laid his head on your shoulder, focusing on your quick breaths and most likely, exhausted body.
he took a quick look to the other sorcerer in the room, a despaired look in his eyes but looking away, an unmistakable hard on his pants.
and you? you were his, and there was no doubt about that now.
Tumblr media
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lokescurse · 54 minutes ago
The Naoya fanarts where he has glowing eyes and a tongue ring
Tumblr media
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