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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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onasunnysnow5 minutes ago
there are movies you watch throughout your lifetime and your opinion on that movie, on the characters, never change.
and then, there鈥檚 500 Days of Summer.
I swear every time I watch this movie, my feelings change and I gain a new insight on the movie, on the characters, it always changes.
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endosmokepop17 minutes ago
A book that tells a story without reading a single word... Has lyrics written without glory which tells of a frightening world... Is this where I leave you... Or do you choose to walk out of the room? For all intents & purposes, no matter the action... We're controlled by our gloomy doom. So I'm here blazin', smiling as I listen to a bangin' tune 馃榿馃幎
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scatteredthoughts224 minutes ago
A Home for Pain.
I would like to take your pain,
And make it all my own,
Because if it was with me,
It would have a better home.
Your face could smile again,
And the light that's left your eyes,
Could be back where it belongs,
And radiate for miles.
When you'd speak your voice would lilt,
There'd be lightness in your tone,
All this and so much more,
If your pain was in my home.
You'd be bouncing with each step,
There'd be laughter in the air,
And the world would feel much better,
Just to know that you are here.
If I could make it better,
If I could help you to forget,
I would carry all your burdens,
With no morsel of regret.
If life could be this simple,
And we could switch and swap,
I would take away your pain;
Yes your pain I would adopt.
Ambrose Harte
Scattered Thoughts
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tinysupergiant26 minutes ago
Manskin Wolves
Maybe I should just lie here for a while and dream
a mountain ledge to rest upon, beneath
a ceiling patched with green fields, where
like a dog, I鈥檒l play
dead and
the wolves can strut around beneath me in
their manskins;
or a land that rolls down the walls
in blended earth tones
to the edge of the flat white tundra before
dropping off
sharply into
the abyss.
Maybe I should just lie here and dream about
Or let me just pretend it is the middle of day
and all the suns are shining
and the dog is just
and the only abyss I see
is the fathomless depth that
I鈥檓 drawn down into, at the centre of
your eye.
And on this day, our hands are full
of each other, and the horns of the watchtowers at
the city鈥檚 edge
blast one chilling blast, to tell all
that the wolves are coming
the sleepless have fallen
in love.
(Yes, maybe I should just lie here for a while and
dream that
I鈥檓 enough)
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juan-francisco-palencia41 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Each person lives his own illusion; It is part of their love, and although it may be an emotion that can drive someone away, but generally it brings someone who will be important in their life. It is an emotion that the soul chose, and so intense that it can infect everything even to people who come into our lives unexpectedly.
- Juan Francisco Palencia.
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secretdecadencean hour ago
have you ever thought about that maybe this is all a dream, maybe you are in a coma waiting to wake up and realized that you haven't live your life but instead you have dreamt about it
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oppositexyouan hour ago
鈥濷d roku 偶y艂am w ciemno艣ciach, nie potrafi艂am si臋 u艣miechn膮膰, ka偶dego dnia moj膮 g艂ow臋 wype艂nia艂y zle my艣li. Nagle pozna艂am ciebie osob臋 kt贸ra roz艣wietli艂a moje 偶ycie i pokaza艂a jak powinno wygl膮da膰 偶ycie鈥
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monarchalchemistan hour ago
"Thomas Shelby and Grace - "I'll break your heart" | Peaky Blinders" on YouTube
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darkenlyghtan hour ago
Just Once Sad
I wish I didn't have to lie When they ask "how are you?" But there's nothing they can do So I don't even try
To tell them I am sad Not feeling at all right Crying every night It would make them feel bad
So I just put on a smile And say that I am good As they hope I would And fake that for a while
漏 DarkenLyght von Dunkellycht
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imperialleftyan hour ago
45 syllabic moment
9 mirror your heart with the last red sky
8 mirror your heart with another
7 mirror your heart with the sea
6 mirror your heart with me
5 hate without your heart
4 love with your heart
3 eat you heart
2 your heart
1 heart
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itakenoshitan hour ago
2:59 A.M
I stared at myself at the mirror,
and a pair of dead cold eyes stared back at me.
My fingers quivered as it touched my white face,
Am I in pain?
I honestly can't keep track.
The blows struck me squarely in the chest
and sent me reeling,
The ringing sound of my dreams breaking pounded against my ears,
my feelings were stuck, my mind was spiraling.
Was it me,
who turned my hopes and aspirations into vanishing puffs of smoke?
Or was it someone else was slammed the last nail in the coffin that I myself was building for a long time?
Now, it feels like the last straw of hope that I'd been clinging on,
the future that I've been looking forward to
is truly and utterly gone.
I'll manage to come up with the new dream and
I'll arrange the broken pieces of my life together
to build a new future.
I'll burn myself with the fire of life,
and be reborn from the ashes of my scarred self,
Once again, to be and to thrive.
I'll bid goodbye to the seemingly never-ending pain
with happiness and peace that'll rain
down on me,
maybe blessings and mercy of the Lord I'll gain.
Or maybe,
I'll lay scattered on the pages of my diary
In the hundreds of emotions that I have conveyed into words entirely.
But these pages won't feel the touch of my fingertips or the splash of my tears anymore.
Ink won't trace words and lines in my handwriting
like it did before.
I'll pop up in the minds of people that love me as memories once in a while
They'll reminisce about how strong and kind and beautiful my soul was with a smile.
But my voice won't call out their names or my hands won't pat their backs when they're sad,
I will be okay with being unheard just like I always had.
I'll just be in the material little things I own
where there forever be the touch of my cologne.
But they'll be of no use to me then
because I'll be far away, never to be seen again.
The story is mine.
I'm not even halfway through it.
I'll see you to the end
Or maybe,
I just wouldn't.
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aboutmybonesan hour ago
Seatbelts聽 The ways your adoration made me feel, your devotion, was聽like roller coasters.聽 First ascending to firmament, I was gravitating, mesmerised聽 around your core, and your secrets Question marks, your lips are blurry. And when I realize I can鈥檛 kiss them, I鈥檓 thrown in my perpetual dusk, no seatbells, just void.聽 Nosedive, I鈥檓 flapping my arms unholy wings that can鈥檛 fly.聽 I wanted another ride.聽
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canitalktouat2aman hour ago
it can be overpowering.
Growing up,
I felt invalidadet, voiceless, lost.
I don鈥檛 matter.
I never did.
Of course I hurt myself.
When you don鈥檛 have a voice,
you have to scream somehow.
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wychowanaprzeznienawiscan hour ago
Chcia艂abym by膰 tym dzieckiem na rowerze
Kt贸rym by艂am lata temu
Kt贸re upad艂o 10 razy
10 razy obdar艂o kolano
10 razy nabi艂o siniaka
Ale 10 razy si臋 podnios艂o
I gdy po 10 upadku uda艂o si臋 jecha膰 d艂u偶ej
Bieg艂o do rodzic贸w 偶eby ich przytuli膰,
Ciesz膮c si臋 niewyobra偶alnie
Chcialabym by膰 tym dzieckiem na rowerze
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shadesofdeadity2 hours ago
You know the beauty that my heart craves right now is to be in country libraries, where I find the old books on dusty shelves, some of those papers burnt, and in one of those last shelves, one people never saw, has those books that were once banned in history for being immoral, some which carried secrets and reality the world has no clue about. Yes. That is exactly what I want, unraveling that beauty and mysteries.
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veronicamagedd2 hours ago
I won't say I want it
Because then I will have to try
I'll ignore my desire for anything
If it's a desire I can't deny.
When Desires burn my heart
I pour water to put them off
When they're madly unrealistic
And trials will not be enough
I am passionate but fear failure
And you look like my next one
I can't have what I wish for
That's why I'll run.
I'll stand behind my fear of commitment
And deny my ever need for love
Maybe if I live pretending
The pretence will become true enough.
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