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#kpop imagines
ja3hyuk · 39 minutes ago
can i request treasure jihoon and his s/o almost get caught when having sex at campus? thank you, have a nice day!!
☆!*:.。!0!. o.。!!.:*☆0..!☆*:!!.。. !o .0。.:*!!☆
hello!! omg YES. i hope you like it <333
have a nice day as well!! <33
— Hall 103 —
— Jihoon x Reader —
{public sex, spanking, slight edging}
[1:36 pm]
jihoon<3: “meet me by the bathrooms on hall 103.”
your heart flutters as you read the text you’ve just received from your boyfriend. you two would usually meet up to talk daily, but never on hall 103, it was odd because there are only a few classes on that hall, but you didn’t think too much of it.
“excuse me? can i use the restroom?” you ask and your professor nods. you make your way out of the room down the stairs and to the hall jihoon said to meet in. you get closer to the meeting place and you still don’t see him, as you pull out your phone to shoot him a text, you feel a hand grab your bicep and pull you into a classroom. spinning around in shock at the aggression, you see a familiar face. it was jihoon.
“hi baby what’s-“ you are soon cut off as you feel his warm lips on yours. you pull away to ask “what’s going on? i don’t-“ another sentence cut short. “baby i need you right now.” he says in between sloppy kisses. “here?? now??” you ask nervously, “yes. now.” he responds. “there’s never classes on this hall, we should be okay.” jihoon says with a sinister smile, “i’m not too sure about this, ji...” you say, but with the way he’s gazing at you right now, NOBODY could resist him.
pinning you up against the wall,you’re face to face with jihoon, as you think to yourself, he looks so hot like this. jihoon reaches for your thigh and brings his cold hand up your skirt, and begins to rub circles on your clit. “fuck ji.” you moan as he picks up his pace, knowing just the right spots, you can already feel your high coming. you moan out his name forgetting your surroundings, “i’m gonna cum” you pant, as he pulls his fingers away, “not yet baby. i wanna fill you up.” he says.
pulling you away from the wall you were just up against seconds ago, jihoon bends you over one of the tables in the room. “god look at you. so wet for me.” he states as you’re preparing for what’s about to happen. jihoon lifts up your skirt and lands a few smacks on your ass making you cry out in a mix of pain and pleasure. pulling your already wet panties down, with one hand, he uses the other and strokes his cock a few times and you can already see the glistening precum on his tip. he grabs you by the hips and inserts himself into you slowly causing you to let out a loud moan. he reaches up to cover your mouth, “remember, we are still on campus, baby.” he says softly. he begins to pound into you speeding up with every thrust, you can already feel your high reaching again due to the previous edge he left you on. “jihoon i cant hold on for much longer.” you say, “cum for me, princess” he coos, and those words were enough to send you over your edge, with him following not long behind. crashing together with heavy breaths, both riding out each others highs, you hear the doorknob jiggle.
“yeah i’m pretty sure she went in there.” you hear an unfamiliar voice from outside the door, you feel an arm pull you closer in shock. jihoon looks at you and reaches a finger up to his mouth and lets out a quite “shh” as you both laugh quietly. the voices begin to fade, you walk over to the door and check if the coast is clear. you spin around to kiss jihoon goodbye, before making your way to your next class as if nothing ever happened.
☆!*:.。!0!. o.。!!.:*☆0..!☆*:!!.。. !o .0。.:*!!☆
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chaeryybomb · an hour ago
Tumblr media
pairings: female reader x lee heeseung
summary: you thought lee heeseung was the best boyfriend you could ever wished for. but they did warn you about long distanced relationships. at first, you convinced yourself that it was just your insecurities taking over. but your gut feeling has never been wrong
genre: college au, lovers to exes, fluff, angst, sad ending
featuring: kang hyewon, shin ryujin, lee chaeryeong, lee daehwii, yang jeongin & zhong chenle
word count: 10.4k
warnings: breaking up, mentions of insecurity and cheating, arguments, strong language
the sour series masterlist
Tumblr media
Setting down the final box on the ground, you released a sigh of relief and stretched your arms upwards. The satisfying sounds of your joints popping gave you a sense of relief as you stretched. Then you felt a pair of arms snake around your waist. You smiled as you took in his familiar scent. You reached up to touch his neck as Heeseung pressed a kiss to the side of your head.
"Thank you for your help, lovely," he mumbled in your hair.
You turned around in his arms and clasped your hands behind his neck, toying with the back of his hair. Lee Heeseung was looking at you with pure love in his eyes and you couldn't be more happy. "I can't believe we're both finally in university," he said, squeezing your waist.
"Hmm yeah, finally out of high school," you hummed. "It's sad that we didn't get into the same university though," you cupped his left cheek, rubbing his cheek lovingly with your thumb.
Heeseung nuzzled into your hand, slowly drawing you closer. "I can always drive to your dorm, it's just a three hour drive from here."
"Or I can drive to you," you replied.
He scoffed, "Yeah if you get your driver's license," he teased.
You rolled your eyes and softly punched him on the chest before pushing yourself away from his embrace. "Listen, not all of us can miraculously pass on their first try okay," you defended yourself but Heeseung just laughed at you.
Although you tried to act like you were mad at his joke, you couldn't wipe the smile off your face as you sat down on his bed. Currently, the two of you were in Heeseung's dorm. You wanted to help him move in before you had to leave. Heeseung and you were high school sweethearts, the school's loveliest couple. And you've been together ever since then. Today marked a new milestone for the both of you as you had finally graduated from high school and now both of you were accepted into different universities.
The both of you had decided to do what's best for each other and went to different schools. It was for the sake of your future, you didn't want to cause a commotion just because you guys were three hours apart. Plus, it was just three hours. Heeseung could always come visit you and video calls were a thing. You're friends were scared that the both of you wouldn't survive a long distance relationship but you had faith in each other. And that was enough.
Heeseung was lucky to have a room all for himself, whereas you had to share a dorm with two other girls. His room was small but big enough for one person. You knew Heeseung was a simple man, if it had a bed and a table, that would be enough for him. A knock on the door caught your attention, you suddenly remembered that you guys had left the door open when you were moving boxes.
Outside the door stood a pretty girl with long blonde hair. She was really pretty, you noted. She looked so natural as a blonde as well, you couldn't help but thought. The pretty girl sent both of you an awkward smile and waved. You stood up and walked to her, somewhat excited to make a new friend.
"Hi!" You greeted her with a smile, you felt Heeseung behind you.
"Hi," she mirrored your smile. "I'm Hyewon, I'm from the room next door," she pointed out.
"Oh! I'm Heeseung," the taller boy introduced himself. "And this is my girlfriend, Y/N," he smiled at you.
"It's nice to meet you, are you both music majors too?" Hyewon asked. It was common for Hyewon to ask that, considering the university Heeseung applied for is known for their music stream. Heeseung was extremely talented, being blessed with a heavenly voice and all. It was his dream to pursue a music career. Thanks to you, he found the courage to do so,
"Oh no, just him. I don't actually go here," you immediately told her. "I actually go to George University instead."
"Oh! So you're a theatre major then," Hyewon said, surprising you a bit. You nodded in return and Hyewon's smile seemed to grow wider. The university you applied to was quite well known for its theatre arts course. "That's so cool, I'm a theatre major too!"
Your eyes lit up in excitement and you stepped closer to the blonde, eager to learn more about her. But before you could ask her anything, your phone chimed. You gave her an apologetic look before checking your phone. "It's my mom, she's asking when I'll be home. I still have to pack up," you said disappointed. You really wanted to talk more with Hyewon so the both of you could geek out. (And spend a bit more time with Heeseung.) Hyewon looked disappointed too that you couldn't stay longer.
"Let me drive you home," Heeseung started to move to get his keys but you placed your hand on his arm to stop him.
"Nah, it's fine," you shook your head. "I can take the bus home."
"Then I'll walk you to the bus stop," Heeseung said with determination. He was gonna make use of whatever time he had to spend it with you, even if it was for five seconds.
You realised that there was no way of rejecting him, so you just chuckled and said, "Alright, let me grab my bag then." But Heeseung was already one step ahead of you as he had already gone to get it for you. You sent another smile to Hyewon. "It was really great to meet you, Hyewon. I hope we can talk again soon," you told her.
"Likewise Y/N, have a safe trip home," she bid you goodbye before returning to her room.
Heeseung appeared behind you once again, sneakily slipped his fingers through yours and pulled you out of the room. He locked the door with your bag on his shoulder, he looked like he had the intention of not letting you hold it.
"C'mon," he tugged your hand and you giggled, falling into step with him.
The walk to the bus stop felt quicker than it should be, much to your dismay. The bus stop was empty besides the both of you. As the two of you stood under it, you mindlessly swung your intertwined hands back and forth. Heeseung laughed at your action. He released your hand and you looked up curious on why he did it. Heeseung moved so he was standing behind you and wrapped his arms around you, effectively back hugging you.
Your lips tugged upward at the position you were and you held onto his arms. Slowly, he started to rock you back and forth. "I'm gonna miss you," he suddenly said.
You couldn't help but let your smile falter. You were gonna miss him too, you're gonna miss him so much. "This is the first time where we'll be so far apart, I think I might die without you," he rubbed his face into your hair as you laughed at his words.
"I'll call you everyday, Hee. I promised," you assured him with a pat on his arm. The taller boy only hummed in reply but you felt him move his arms to your middle so he could bury his face in the crook of your neck. You giggled when you felt him peppered small kisses up around your neck.
"I love you," he mumbled before pressing a loving kiss to the top of your head.
"Love you too," you leaned back into him.
Just in time you saw the bus in the distance, which meant your time with Heeseung was ending. As the bus slowed down in front of you, your boyfriend finally reluctantly let you go from his slip. "I'll see you soon, okay?" you promised him. He nodded and leaned down to give you one more kiss before you entered the bus.
Sitting down, you waved from the window and he gave you a smile. Oh god, you already missed him. Heeseung watched as your bus left the station. You sighed, leaning back into the seat. This was the beginning of a new chapter of your relationship, and you have faith that the both of you will be okay.
Tumblr media
"Thank you," you said to the barista as she handed you your coffee. With your free hand, you pushed the front door open. The November breeze welcomed you once you stepped outside, your coffee warming your fingertips. Your phone then started to ring in your pocket. You fished your phone out and a smile crept onto your face when you saw the contact name.
"Hello, love," Heeseung greeted as soon as you picked up. You smiled at him, holding your phone in front of your face.
"Good morning, Hee. I just got my coffee," you showed him your coffee like it was a little trinket. Heeseung laughed at your child-like action. The second semester was almost ending and your relationship was still going strong. The both of you were consistent with the video calls and text messages. You'd be calling him at the end of every day and the two of you would talk about your day till one of you fell asleep. (Spoiler: It was usually you.)
And now your second semester as a couple is ending, the both of you had decided to retreat back to your hometown during the break like you did during your first break. So you could bask in each other's presence and visit some old friends. It was slowly starting to become a tradition and you couldn't ask for anything more.
"So, how was your audition?" Heeseung asked as you walked past a group of band kids, sending them a smile as they waved at you.
At the mention of the audition, your smile turned into a pout. "Rejected, as usual," you sighed. You have auditioned for almost every play in your school but you were always rejected or chosen as a background character if you were lucky. You knew that there were a lot of talented students in your school, but you felt dejected each time.
"Sorry, love. I'm sure you'll have better luck next time," Heeseung told you with a sad smile. "I wish I could hold you right now."
You looked at him with a sad gaze, "Me too, Hee." You couldn't lie that long distance relationships were hard, everyday was spent through a screen and you yearned to be next with him physically. During the first few weeks, you told yourself that you would get used to it after a while. Spoiler alert, you still haven't gotten used to it. "But enough of that!" You said, waving away the depressed aura and taking a long sip from your coffee before letting out a sigh. "Our break is coming up and I can't wait to see you."
At the mention of the break, you noticed how Heeseung visibly flinched. His eyes suddenly weren't looking at you anymore, averting his gaze to the side instead. "We are going to be seeing each other, right?" You inquired. But you were met with silence, you stopped in your tracks when Heeseung didn't say anything. "Hee?"
"Actually, Y/N," he started to say and you felt your heart sink already. He didn't call you "love". Some may say you were being dramatic, but Heeseung only used your name whenever something was serious. You're not going to be able to see him during break, your mind told you. You knew it was the most possible outcome, but you hoped that you were wrong.
"I'm not going back during break."
And there it was, what possibly could have been the worse news for you. "Oh," was all you could say, your fingers tightened slightly around the plastic cup before you plastered on a fake smile. "Well, there's always next semester," you assured him, but it felt more like you were reassuring yourself. This was going to be your first winter break without Heeseung.
Heeseung smiled at your reply, a twinge of sadness in him but he brushed it off. "The reason is cause a senior from the film department asked me for help," he explained. "You see, there's a music video competition and he asked me if I could write a song for it."
Your eyes lit up in excitement. "No way! So they're gonna shoot a music video for your song?"
Heeseung nodded with a big smile. "Yup! It's such a big project, like they're bringing in some of the theatre kids as the actors and we're gonna start filming, like next month."
"I'm so happy for you, love," you told him truthfully. Internally, you were scolding yourself for feeling sad that he wouldn't be free during the break when he has something big going on in his life. Stop being so selfish, your mind scolded. Of course you felt a bit blue but this was a big opportunity for Heeseung, imagine if they won the competition. He would finally get some recognition for his music. And the fact that the senior chose him to write the song meant that people were already starting to appreciate his songs and his voice. You were being selfish, like a child.
As Heeseung continued to tell you about the project, you resumed your walk back to your dorms. You listened to him intensively, capturing every small detail in your heart. It was rare for you to see him speak so passionate. Music was his passion, his safe place. You knew that and you wanted him to live a life where he could make his dream a reality. A singer on the bright stage with thousands, no, millions of fans to appreciate his vocals.
You managed to reach your dorm just as Heeseung was being called for off screen. A feminine voice was calling from him and you easily recognised it. "Is that Hyewon?" You asked.
A few seconds passed and a familiar looking pretty blonde came into view. "Y/N? Y/N, hi!" The blonde waved at you enthusiastically, Heeseung was slowly being pushed out of the frame. You could tell he was scooting over to make space for Hyewon. An uneasy feeling slowly sprouted in you when you saw how Hyewon and Heeseung were sitting too close, but you shoved it down when the blonde girl grinned at you.
"Hyewon!" You responded with the same enthusiasm, which made the two of you burst into a fit of giggles.
"I'm so sorry for disturbing your time but Chan is looking for you," she apologised, the last part directed to your boyfriend.
"Ah, it's okay, I understand," you said.
"I'll talk to you later, okay? Love you," Heeseung said once Hyewon was out of frame.
"Love you too," you replied and your phone screen turned black, your reflection staring right back at you. You were frowning. With a sigh, you stuffed your phone back into your phone pocket to unlock your front door. Your coffee was now cold in your hands and the uneasy feeling from before was slowly creeping back in. You did not like it one bit.
Tumblr media
Chaeryeong and Ryujin thought you were being dramatic, they were right in a way. But you were too busy missing Heeseung to be bothered. You missed his warmth, his voice, the way his hands perfectly fit yours when he held them. you missed the way you laid your head on his chest when he sat behind you, you could always hear his steady heartbeat. It always lulled you to sleep in seconds.
You let out a long and loud sigh as you flipped onto your back on your childhood bed. You had returned to your hometown one week ago, which also meant another week without Heeseung. Your best friend and roommate, Chaeryeong, was the one who drove you both home. The last time you saw her was when she dropped you off at your parents home. And you've been dwelling in your Heeseung-less days ever since.
Reaching over to retrieve your phone, you moved to open your chat with Heeseung. The last text message from him was from this morning. It was just a simple "good morning" text, and you replied with the same message except you added a heart emoticon at the end. And the message was on delivered. Not even on read. You don't know which one was worse.
Your phone suddenly dinged and you immediately sat up straight, thinking it was Heeseung. But your shoulders sagged in disappointment when you saw it was just a message from Jeongin. If Ryujin had seen you right now, the short hair girl would have called you a "lovesick fool". She was right, of course but still.
[2:42 pm] jeongin: guess what
[2:44 pm] chenle: what
[2:44 pm] jeongin: guess
[2:45 pm] chenle: no
[2:45 pm] chenle: just tell us
[2:46 pm] jeongin: g u e s s
[2:46 pm] chenle: n o
[2:46 pm] jeongin: guess goddammit
[2:48 pm] ryujin: jeongin i stg
[2:48 pm] ryujin: i will break ur kneecaps just tell us
[2:49 pm] jeongin: ugh fine theres a amusement park and i wanna go
[2:50 pm] chenle: its winter
[2:50 pm] jeongin: yeah and
[2:50 pm] jeongin: is there snow? no
[2:51 pm] jeongin: so therefore, amusement park
[2:51 pm] ryujin: i-
[2:52 pm] chaeryeong: where is it
[2:52 pm] jeongin: its like a 2 hours away from here
[2:54 pm] ryujin: and who tf would be driving us genius
[2:55 pm] jeongin: y/n bc she loves us
[2:56 pm] y/n: since when
[2:56 pm] chaeryeong: and shes alive, great job jeongin
[2:57 pm] chaeryeong: u pulled her out from her depression
i[2:58 pm] y/n: hey im not depressed >:(
[2:59 pm] ryujin: hm sure
[2:59 pm] y/n: >:(
[three:00 pm] y/n: also i dont have my drivers license yet dumbass
[three:01 pm] jeongin: ah right i also forgot y/n cant drive
[three:01 pm] jeongin: ryujin it is
[three:02 pm] ryujin: whAT I DID NOT AGREE TO THIS
[three:0three pm] chaeryeong: lets meet up at jeongin's place then
[three:0three pm] chenle: cool with me
[three:04 pm] y/n: sure!
[three:05 pm] ryujin: HEY DONT IGNORE ME
You stifled a laugh as you read Ryujin's message. Then, you switched to check your chat between Heeseung and you. It was still on delivered. Maybe he's just busy with filming and recording. Yeah, he's probably busy. Stop being so selfish, Y/N.
Yang Jeongin just had to choose the coldest day of the year to go to the amusement park, didn't he. You silently thanked yourself for dressing up in an extra layer, unlike Chenle who looked like he was about to die from frostbite. Whereas Jeongin had a huge grin plastered on his face as he looked at the Ferris Wheel ahead. You rubbed your hands together, bringing it to your mouth to blow hot air at it. You heard the car door slam shut behind you and Ryujin walked next to you.
Families lined up at the ticket booth, laughter and chatter filled the atmosphere. You spot some couples around the area as well, the sight of them tugged at your heartstrings. You wished Heeseung was here with you, he would've wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel with you.
Chaeryeong linked arms with you and Ryujin, leading the two of you to the entrance. The boys already beat you guys to it, you realised. Once Chenle handed you your ticket, you were immediately dragged to the first ride that caught Jeongin's eye.
After a couple of hours, you found yourself resting on the bench with a cup of hot chocolate at your side. Your social battery was empty and you didn't know where the rest of your friends had gone. Ryujin may have mentioned going to the restroom, you're not sure, you were too tired to keep up. So here you were, on the bench next to the Teacups Ride.
You watched as the visitors walked past you. Some were students with their friends laughing as if it was their last day on earth, children giggling as their parents lifted them up in the air and couples sharing a loving look. You fiddle with your phone, debating whether you wanted to text Heeseung or not.
The both of you had called each other last night. You couldn't see him but his voice sounded tired. You felt bad for calling him. Maybe it was for the best if you didn't. You picked up your hot chocolate, the warmth spreading through your fingers as you blew on it. Your body relaxed once you took a sip, enjoying as the warmth spread through your body. Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed a very familiar looking coat.
You saw a couple walking together, he was wearing a coat that looked identical to the one you gifted Heeseung last year during Christmas. It was almost as if that was Heeseung, well his back kinda looked like his and Heeseung was about that height as well. But it couldn't be him, his school was almost three hours away from here. Plus the girl beside him was blonde, she kinda looked like Hyewon.
What are the odds of those two being here, you laughed. But when those two stopped in their tracks to look at the Ferris Wheel, your entire body froze right there and then. That was Heeseung and Hyewon together. What were they doing here?
Your body reacted immediately by standing up. Heart beating rapidly, you were about to walk towards them when you saw Heeseung laughing at something the blonde said. A gnawing feeling grew in you, he was laughing with her. He was at the amusement park with her. Not you. Her.
And he never mentioned anything about going to the amusement park, let alone the same one you were going to. Your feet stayed glued to the ground as you watched them get into one of the carts. Why was he here? Why didn't he tell you? Why was he with her? Why? Why? Why?
You saw Hyewon stopped from getting into the cart and she stretched her hand out while she looked up in the sky, Heeseung following her. It was snowing. It was the first snow. And Heeseung spent it with Hyewon, while you watched from the sidelines. They looked like an actual couple. Snow started to fall, your hot chocolate was losing its warmth and jealousy filled up instead. The noise drilled out of your ear so all you heard was a low buzz, your gaze burning on the two. You didn't notice Ryujin walking towards you.
"Jesus, the line was so long that I-" Ryujin stopped mid sentence, her eyes following the direction of your gaze. "Y/N?"
You walked past her without saying anything, chucking the drink into a trashcan.
Tumblr media
Your phone felt heavy in your hands as you paced around your room. You knew your eyes weren't wrong. It was Heeseung and Hyewon at the amusement park, you could tell it was him from a mile away. After that incident, you went to find your friends and told them you wanted to go home because you weren't feeling well. It was partially a lie anyway, you didn't feel comfortable. You don't know what you would do if you had stumbled upon them.
Thousands of questions echoed through your mind. And you couldn't bear to ask Heeseung. You knew you had questions but you didn't know what to ask. Why didn't you tell me? Why were you with Hyewon? Why wouldn't you tell me?
Your phone suddenly rang, causing you to jolt in surprise. The phone screen lit up with his name in bold. He was calling you. Without thinking, you accepted the call.
"Hey, love," Heeseung's smooth voice greeted you.
"Hey," you replied, making sure your tone was steady. You were silently grateful that it wasn't a video-call so he couldn't see the nervousness in your eyes.
"How was the amusement park?" He asked.
You bit your thumb, hesitant to answer. Should you tell him that you saw him today? "It was fun, a lot of people thought," you hummed, moving over to sit on your bed.
"You know, funny story. Today we actually went to an amusement park too," he suddenly said and you froze on the spot. "They decided to film there so we went there in the afternoon, it started snowing too!"
You felt a weight was lifted from your heart. So it was just a pure coincidence. Heeseung never planned to go to the amusement park, he just went with what they said. "It would've been funny if we bumped into each other, don't you think, love?" He laughed but you couldn't find the energy to laugh along.
"Yeah," you mumbled, leaning back into your pillows. He was there to film for the music video. He's busy with the music video. It's always for the music video. You trust Heeseung, don't you?
Winter break went by like the cold breeze and now cherry pink flowers occupied the empty branches. Flowers were blooming from the left and right, the cold winter was now in the past and you welcomed (the still cold) spring into your arms. Which meant you left whatever uneasy feeling and doubts in the past.
You were currently in Heeseung's dorm. Today was a big day, it's the day where they were gonna upload the music video and Heeseung wanted you to be there to watch it with him. Heeseung picked you up from the bus stop and then took you out for lunch. Thankfully it was the weekend so you could stay for the night.
Heeseung was at his desk, his thumbs typing away as he laughed silently at his phone. You wondered who he was texting. Maybe he's texting Hyewon, your mind taunted. You shook your head to drive the thoughts away, you were not going to be paranoid. You already left the bitter feelings in winter, you agreed with yourself that you'll leave it behind. You trust Heeseung.
"Who are you texting?" Yet the question slipped out of you either way.
"Huh?" Heeseung looked up, like a deer caught in headlights. "Oh, uh no one," he quickly said, turning off his phone and placing it on his desk. "I think the music video is uploaded," he added before you could question him more.
He moved to his bed, where you were sitting. You scooted over to make space for him as he sat next to you with his laptop propped on his lap. He clicked into his senior's channel, Jeong Yunho, you took note. And there it was, the music video, uploaded forty five seconds ago. You let out an excited noise once you saw it.
"Not for sale," you read the title out loud. Heeseung had a proud look on.
The music video started off with a frame of Heeseung and Hyewon facing each other, then he handed her a note with the words "Not For Sale" on it. The camera then panned out to film the sky where the title appeared again in bold, and the song started to play. The song had a bubbly beat to it and Heeseung's angelic voice accompanied it. The music video was filled with pastels and some scenes were filmed at the amusement park. Specifically, at the carousel. There weren't any scenes of the Ferris Wheel though, you noted.
The video ended with Heeseung and Hyewon holding hands as they face the sunset, while the camera slowly zooms away from them and into the sky. The last scene was a black screen with all the credits listed out. When you saw Heeseung's name being credited for writing the song, you felt a sense of pride inside of you. Your boyfriend wrote this song, of course you're going to be proud.
Once the video ended, you threw your arms around Heeseung. Heeseung laughed as he wrapped an arm around your middle and the other holding onto his laptop. You planted a big fat kiss on his cheek and he tightened his hold on you.
"The song was so good, Hee! I'm so proud of you, babe," you complimented him, one hand reaching up to ruffle his hair while the other cupped his cheek.
Heeseung smiled and leaned into your touch. "Thank you so much, lovely. This song means a lot to me," he kissed your nose. "I actually thought of you when I wrote this song," he confessed.
You blinked at him, your heart beating faster as you processed his words. You were kneeling on his bed as he looked up at you, pink dusted on his cheeks. Instead of saying anything, you threw yourself onto him, tightly wrapping your arms around his torso to buried your head in his neck. Heeseung let out an "oof" when you knocked him back onto his bed, his laptop on the edge of his bed.
"I love you," you mumbled.
"I love you, too," he said. His hand reached up to stroke your head as the both of you laid there in each other's embrace.
A few minutes passed and Heeseung tapped on your head to get your attention. "Hm?" you hummed in reply.
"I need to go pee, love."
"No," you said stubbornly, tightening your arms around him.
"Please, love. I'll be back fast, I promise," Heeseung told you, looking down on you.
You lifted your head to rest your chin on his chest as you narrowed your eyes at him. "Hng, fine," you pouted before you rolled off him.
"Thank you, lovely," he pecked your lips before pushing himself off his bed, not before moving his laptop to his desk.
You watched as Heeseung left his dorm to go to the restroom. You stretched your arms upwards, making grabby hands in the air before sitting up. You reached over to his desk, which was next to the bed, to get your phone when you saw Heeseung's phone lit up. You knew you shouldn't have looked but when her name was in bold white, you couldn't look away.
[4:47 pm] hyewon: can't wait to do it again hee!
"Can't wait to do it again?" You read the message out loud. Can't wait to do what again? And since when did Hyewon called him "Hee"? That was your nickname for him. The bitter feelings from winter crept back into you like the cold seeping in through the crack of your window. Why did you feel so uneasy whenever Hyewon was alone with Heeseung? Was there something going on?
No, they're just friends, Y/N, you reminded yourself. Just friends.
The door opened and your eyes snapped up to see Heeseung returning from the restroom. Suddenly, you wanted to get out of here. You don't know why, but that text message from her just rubbed you the wrong way and you wanted to get out of there before you say something you regret.
"Ryujin just texted me that she needs my help," you lied. You stood up to grab your coat and bag from the chair.
"Woah, woah, what's with the hurry?" Heeseung took a hold of your wrist as he looked at you. But your eyes didn't meet his.
"Ryujin has an emergency, she needs my help," you said again, this time firmly.
"Oh," his grip on you loosened and you pulled your hand back to you. "I'll drive you back-"
"No, it's fine," you cut him off. "I-I'll take the bus home. I'll call you tonight," the words rushed out of your lips and soon enough you were out of his door.
You did not call him that night.
Tumblr media
You ignored Ryujin's questions when you reached your dorm, she didn't press on. Now it was Sunday morning and Ryujin had left for breakfast. You felt bad for leaving Heeseung like that and ignoring Ryujin when she just wanted to help you. And you knew you should've talked it out instead of walking out. Sighing, you curled deeper into your blanket.
After a few minutes, you threw your covers off and sat up. Maybe some warm breakfast would make you feel better. So you went down to the cafeteria to see your friends all huddled up at the corner.
"Y/N, just in time!" Jeongin called out. Curious, you walked towards them and saw that they were watching Heeseung's music video.
"The song is so sweet," Chaeryeong cooed, leaning onto you.
You let out an awkward laugh, not quite sure what to feel because of the act you pulled yesterday.
"It has almost two thousand views. I bet you must feel so proud, huh," Chaeryeong said.
You bit the inside of your cheek as you nodded. Now you feel even more bad, Heeseung wrote this song for you and you should've stayed at his dorm to celebrate with him. Instead, you left because you saw one text message without context. You were being a bad girlfriend, you should apologise to him.
"Who's the other girl? She's really pretty," Jeongin suddenly asked.
"Ah, that's Hyewon. She's his neighbour," you explained.
"Hyewon? As in Kang Hyewon?" Daehwii suddenly said. He was passing by when he heard you say her name and pulled a chair across Jeongin. You nodded. "Oh, I know her," he casually said.
You tilted your head to the side. "You do?" Jeongin leaned forward. You heard Ryujin mumble "simp" under her breath, and you bit back a laugh.
"Mhmm," Daehwii nodded and pulled out his phone. A few seconds later, he showed his phone screen and it was Hyewon's Instagram. "I went to the same high school with her, she was really popular. All the teachers said she had the face of an actress. There was a rumour that she even got scouted by an entertainment company."
Ryujin reached over to grab his phone to scroll through her account. "Woah, she has like two hundred thousand followers," she said in amazement. You leaned closer to Ryujin to check, Hyewon sure was popular.
"Yeah, she's a free-lance model and I think she models for smaller brands," Daehwii added.
You couldn't help but feel very small next to her. She was beautiful and she had somewhat of a reputation in the entertainment industry, a rising model. Imagine what kind of connections she could get for Heeseung…
"I bet Heeseung wrote this song for you," Ryujin suddenly said, smoothly switching the topic back to the song.
You felt your cheeks to warm up at her words. Sheepishly, you nodded. Your friends immediately reacted with a chorus of "ooh"s and Chaeryeong playfully nudged your shoulder. "Fuck Romeo and Juliet, I want what these bitches have," Jeongin quoted and the rest of you fell into laughter.
After breakfast, you and Ryujin strolled back to your rooms with your arms linked together. She was telling you about what happened when you weren't here yesterday. "And then he said and I quote "sometimes bullying is okay" just as a family was walking by, the mom was literally glaring at us," you laughed as she told you. "And then- oh," she stopped, and you stopped as well. She was looking ahead of you so you followed her gaze.
"Heeseung?" His name left your lips before you could even process the whole situation.
Heeseung waved awkwardly at you, internally wincing when you used his full name. You and Ryujin exchanged a look before Ryujin pushed you towards him. You stumbled right into his arms but you took a step out of his arms, you rubbed your forearms instead.
"What are you doing here?" You asked him.
"Ah," he rubbed the back of his neck, "I wanted to surprise you since you left early yesterday. I hope you were able to solve Ryujin's problem."
At the mention of Ryujin's "emergency", you stiffened because you didn't mention that you had used her in a lie. You could feel her eyes on you and mentally hope that she got the message.
"Uh, yeah. It was solved," Ryujin replied with an awkward chuckle. "Actually, I forgot I had to meet up with Chaeryeong so it was great seeing you, Heeseung." You turned around and mouthed a "thank you" at her and she gave you a look as if to say "we are going to talk about this later".
And then the two of you were left alone in the empty hallway. Was it always this awkward?
Heeseung stood awkwardly in your room. This was the first time he looked so out of place. Usually, you were the one at his dorm. He doesn't come over to yours that often since he was more busy than you. So it truly was a surprise when you saw him outside your door.
"So, uh, how are you?" He asked.
You hummed in reply. "I'm doing fine," as you sat down on your bed.
"Great! That's great," he coughed while he played with his fingers.
And then the awkward silence returns. You knew it was your fault for walking out yesterday, you probably made him think he did something wrong. When really it was just you refusing to communicate. You gripped your sheets, your mind running laps on what to say. But he beat you to it.
"Did I do something wrong?"
Your eyes snapped up to finally meet his eyes, he was looking at you with brown innocent eyes. Your heart broke a bit at the sight. "It's not you," you assured him. "It's…it's just me," you told him truthfully.
Heeseung looked at you with confusion, he didn't understand what was wrong. He wanted to help but he didn't know how. So instead, he slowly moved to sit next to you. When you did not move away, he took it as a sign of permission. So he took your hands into his, slowly rubbing circles on top of your hand.
"I'm sorry," you whispered.
"Love, what are you even sorry about?" He softly asked.
"I saw you at the amusement park that day," you confessed.
Heeseung's fingers stopped moving. "Oh," was all he could say. You bit the inside of your cheek, the atmosphere shifted but you can't read him at all.
"I'm sorry," you whispered again because you didn't know what to say. "Ever since that day, I've been feeling weird whenever I see you with Hyewon and I don't like it."
"Love," he softly cupped your cheek to make you look at him, "are you perhaps jealous?" he asked with a teasing tone. You shifted your gaze to the side, you were jealous but you were reluctant to admit it. But your avoiding eyes already sold you out. Heeseung chuckled and brought you into his embrace. "There's nothing to be jealous of. Hyewon and I are just friends," he assured you.
His voice was genuine when he told you and you felt a sense of relief hearing him say those words. You fell forward to hug him and Heeseung immediately accepted you. He planted a kiss on the top of your head and sighed. "Next time we're gonna be honest with each other, okay?"
Heeseung was right, honesty was the key to maintaining a healthy relationship, Heeseung has been nothing but truthful to you since the start, and you allowed yourself to be overwhelmed by your insecurities instead of talking it out. This reminded you of when Heeseung once shut you out because he didn't want to burden you.
He hid his passion for music from you because he thought you would react like his parents, against him. He refused to tell you the truth which left you confused and hurt. Did I do something wrong? The question was constantly in your head. It wasn't until you forced it out of him, and it was the first time you saw his composed figure break down in tears. You embraced him and assured him with comforting words, you loved him at his worst.
And you told him the exact same words: "Next time we're gonna be honest with each other, okay?"
Tumblr media
Exam season was the most painful time of your life. Everyday was the same routine: wake up, eat, study, sleep and repeat. You're starting to spend more time in the library than in the comfort of the dorm. Heeseung was just as busy as you, the both of you rarely have enough time to check up on each other. But you tried and so did he.
You plucked out your earphones and let it fall into your lap as you stretched your arms upwards. Chaeryeong and Ryujin were scattered around your shared room, with the latter laying face down on her bed. The three of you had spent your entire morning studying for your own examinations. You had sent Heeseung a quick good morning text before telling him that your phone will be on silent mode until you were done.
That was six hours ago. You pushed your laptop away from you as you reached over for your phone. You smiled when you saw your first notification was from your boyfriend.
[8:15 am] hee <3: okay remember to stay hydrated love! and take some breaks in between!!!
"Look at her, smiling all lovey dovey and shit," Ryujin sneered at you in disgust as she lifted herself onto her elbows.
You stuck your tongue out at her before typing a reply.
While waiting for his reply, you decided to scroll through Instagram. Tapping through people's stories, you stumbled upon Hyewon's one. (She had followed you a few weeks ago.) Your thumb pressed down on your phone screen as your breath hitched. It was a photo of Heeseung, it looked like he was in the library and he was reading a book. The words "with mr. hardworking" positioned above his head. You tapped through to the next slide and it was a candid of Heeseung looking up at her with a smile, his hand outreached to grab her phone. This time the words "oops, got caught" were written on the side. You checked and saw it was posted ten minutes okay.
[3:52 pm] y/n: guess who's done studying?? 
You frowned at the two photos. You knew Heeseung said they were just friends, but you couldn't shake that uneasy feeling away. Your mind was telling you that they weren't but your heart was with Heeseung.
"Who's that?" Chaeryeong suddenly asked.
You jump, startled. Since when was she behind you? Chaeryeong ignored your expression and leaned towards your phone. "Isn't that Heeseung? Who's he with?" She asked.
"Hyewon," you answered.
Ryujin crawled over to plop down next to you, her curious eyes peering up at your phone. "The same girl we saw at the amusement park?" The short-haired girl asked.
You looked down at her, shocked. You never told her about what you saw last winter. Ryujin understood your expression and rolled her eyes. "I'm not dumb, Y/N," she said.
Chaeryeong looked between the two of you with confusion. "Did something happen when we were at the amusement park?"
"Y/N saw Heeseung and Hyewon getting on the Ferris Wheel together."
"What?" She shrugged at you. "We did see them there and it was the reason you were upset," she stated with her arms crossed, now sitting crossed legged next to you.
Chaeryeong gasped beside you and placed her hands in front of her mouth. "Do you think he's cheating on you?"
"Chaeryeong!" Ryujin hissed at the other girl. "Heeseung isn't the kind to do that," she defended him despite what she said before, "right, Y/N?" Ryujin nudged your elbow.
You opened your mouth to defend your boyfriend but no words were said. You bit your lips, Heeseung wouldn't be the kind to cheat, right? Then why were you hesitating? You wanted to agree with Ryujin and say that Heeseung would never cheat on you. So why were you doubting him?
"I'm just saying, long distance relationships never work out. Like Yeji and Soobin, they broke up like six months later," Chaeryeong shrugged innocently and leaned back on her hands as she spoke.
"But that was different, Yeji never really liked him anyways!" Ryujin countered.
"Vivi and Haseul! Everyone thought they were gonna last but they broke up the moment Vivi went home, and they were together for four years. Four years, Ryujin!" The younger girl exclaimed. "Point is, long distance relationships rarely work out."
Before Ryujin could retort, your phone lit up and all three of you looked down. It was a notification from Heeseung.
[4:01 pm] hee <3: hey sorry i was with taehyun
The three of you blinked at the message, Ryujin and Chaeryeong exchanged a look. While you just stared at the notification, refusing to tap into the chat. Did Heeseung just lie to you?
Tumblr media
Something shifted in your relationship, you could tell. Calls with Heeseung were now cut short and text messages got short. At first, you blamed it on the upcoming exams and you told yourself that Heeseung was equally busy as you. Sometimes you were too tired to send a text because all you wanted was to sleep but when you tried to give him a call, he always brushed you off with a "I'm busy" text.
Text messages now never got past the "how was your day" before he said that he was going to sleep. Ever since that day with Ryujin and Chaeryeong, you turned a blind eye to the text message. Maybe he really was with Taehyun, you wouldn't actually know.
But that's the thing, isn't it? You would never know what really happens because you're not there with him, your mind taunted you. You shook away the thoughts and tried to be positive. Exams had ended a few days ago and Chaeryeong suggested that you should surprise him with a visit.
So here you were, on the bus to Heeseung's university. You could barely contain your smile, it's been so long since you last saw him and you just missed him so much. You could imagine how happy he would be to see you. An hour later, the bus came to a stop and you thanked the bus driver before boarding off.
Tightening your coat around you, you looked at the road ahead of you with a determined look. You were gonna surprise Heeseung today. And nothing was going to stop you from doing so. You reached the entrance of the school and sent a friendly smile to the security guards.
You made your way towards Heeseung's dorm, your feet have walked this path multiple times. You were familiar with these hallways. Soon enough you reached his door, you patted your clothes and fixed your hair before raising your fist. Your hand hovered in front of the wooden door, Heeseung was one door away from you.  Knocking precisely three times on the door, you took a step back and clasped your hands behind you. You couldn't wait to see his smile when he sees you.
"Surprise!" You said, doing jazz hands the moment the door opened.
"Y/N? What are you doing here?" Heeseung asked you.
You blinked, slightly lowering your hands. Heeseung wasn't smiling at you like you thought he would be, instead he was looking down on you with furrowed eyebrows. His hair was dishevelled, like he ran his fingers through it multiple times and he wasn't opening the door fully, like he was blocking something.
"I was going to surprise you, since exams are over and all-"
"Why didn't you text me beforehand?" He cut you off.
You narrowed your eyes at him and crossed your arms, annoyed that he was questioning you instead of being happy to see you. "Because it was a surprise, Hee, that's the whole point. I wasn't supposed to tell you, surprises don't work like that."
Heeseung opened his mouth but cut himself off with a sigh, he turned his head around to look inside then back at you. "I didn't mean it that way, I just wished you would've told me before," he repeated with a softer tone this time.
You frowned and dropped your arms, you shouldn't have listened to Chaeryeong. Maybe you should leave, the next bus would be in two hours. Heeseung was still leaning against his door, you couldn't see past him. "Whatever, I'll leave then," you mumbled and waved him off, turning on your heel to walk away.
"Y/N! Wait!" Heeseung called after you but you ignored his calls and just continued forward. The taller boy caught up with you and grabbed your wrist.
You tried to shake him off but his hold on you was strong. "Let me go," you said through gritted teeth.
"No, you're mad," he said.
"Of course, I am! I wanted to surprise my boyfriend after not seeing him for weeks but he doesn't even look happy to see me!" You sneered at him, still trying to shake his hand off your wrist.
Heeseung's hands moved to hold your shoulders instead to keep you in place, forcing you to look at him. "Hey, I didn't say I wasn't happy to see you. I am happy to see you, okay? It's just that today's a busy day, love," he explained to you softly.
You stopped squirming and sighed. "Sorry, I just…I just really missed you okay," you told him. You overreacted and got mad at him without letting him explain himself. "Sorry," you said again.
Heeseung smiled warmly at you and pulled you into a hug. "It's okay, love," he planted a kiss on top of your head. You rested your chin on his shoulder and returned the hug.
Then, you watched as a certain blonde walked out of Heeseung's room. Hyewon stepped out of his room and waved at you with a smile. Was Heeseung hiding her? You slightly pushed Heeseung away and he took a step back in confusion. He turned around to see Hyewon and then back at you.
"Hyewon and I were working on a project," he quickly explained.
"Yeah," the other girl nodded in agreement. "If I had known you were coming today, I wouldn't have bothered Heeseung," she said.
"Ah, no. I'm sorry for interrupting the two of you," you apologised, slightly ducking your head. You're not sure if you meant the apology. Should you be sorry that you interrupted them? But Heeseung was your boyfriend.
"Well, I'll leave you two be," Hyewon smiled at the both of you before walking away.
You watched as Heeseung smiled at her and how his eyes followed her figure until she disappeared down the stairs. You bit your lower lip and clenched your fist together, feeling uneasy in your chest once again. Your hand reached to tug on his sleeve and he finally looked at you, like he forgot you were there in the first place.
He moved to hold your hand and lead you into his room, not before smiling softly at you. Instead of the usual feeling of butterflies in your stomach whenever he smiled at you, there was a sinking feeling. Because he smiled at Hyewon the same way. Your lips raised a small smile for him but it didn't reach your eyes. He doesn't seem to notice.
The door closed behind the two of you and you swung your arms before clasping your hands behind you. "So, what was Hyewon doing here?" You tried to ask naturally.
Heeseung wasn't looking at you when he replied, "She was here for a project," he hummed.
"What project?" You continued to ask more.
"For school," he simply replied, taking a seat on his bed.
You leaned against his desk while nodding your head. "Ah, so you're helping her?"
"Uh huh."
"Ah, didn't know you guys were this close…"
"Well, we are neighbours so it's just natural that we grew close, you know," he shrugged.
"Close enough to get on the Ferris Wheel with," you muttered under your breath. You thought Heeseung wasn't able to pick up what you said but his eyes snapped to look at you. You gulped, knowing you were caught.
"Love, I already said that we were there for the music video shooting," he told you with a tired sigh.
"I know, I know but I can't help feeling jealous, Hee," you explained yourself.
Your boyfriend sighed exasperatedly as he ran his fingers through his hair. "I already told you that we're just friends, there's nothing to be jealous of."
"Well, you would be jealous too if your boyfriend didn't mention that he was going to the amusement park with you and you found him hanging with another girl!" You scoffed sarcastically.
"I already told you it wasn't planned, Y/N. Why don't you trust me?" His voice was slightly raised when he spoke the last sentence, his expression was begging you to drop the topic.
But your stubborn self refused to let it go and stood up straighter. "Because you're making it really hard to trust you."
"What?" He looked at you in disbelief as he stood up as well. "How am I the one being hard right now? You're just being paranoid and you're letting your insecurities get the better of you!"
"Can you blame me?!" You raised your voice at him. Anger clouded your eyes as you begged him to understand your point of view. "We're so far apart and we rarely get to talk to each other and you're always brushing me off! It's almost like you're cheating on me with Hyewon!"
Heeseung groaned in frustration and dragged his fingers across his face. "How many times do I have to tell you that we're just friends, Y/N? Hyewon literally has nothing to do with this! I don't get why you hate her."
"Cause you talk to her while we're together," you knew that sounded childish and selfish but you were blurting whatever that came to mind.
"Oh, so now I'm not allowed to talk to other girls?" He curled an eyebrow at you while crossing his arms.
Your words were caught in your throat. "I didn't mean it like that-"
"Then what do you mean, Y/N? You never acted like this before," Heeseung rubbed his temples.
"Because!" You threw your hands out in frustration, trying to convey your words out, "I don't know what's happening in your life because we're not in the same school and I'm scared that you're cheating on me with Hyewon!"
Heeseung knitted his eyebrows at you, you don't know if it was from confusion or annoyance, maybe both. "Cheating? No, you just don't trust me! Never once did I doubt your relationship with Jeongin, so why are you doing this to me?"
"Don't bring Jeongin into this," you sneered at him, "you knew Jeongin since we were in high school. Hyewon is a completely different story. You…you look at her like…you're in love," your voice slowly died at the end, it was the final hit on the nail. You looked up at Heeseung, his eyes widened at your words.
They said the eyes are the window to your soul. Brown guilty eyes just stared at you, because you were right. Heeseung couldn't figure out his feelings and you just did it for him. Your boyfriend was falling out of love with you and he was falling for someone new. And you watched as he realised it right in front of you. You swore you heard your heart crack.
He held his head and took a step back from you, silence fell upon the both of you. "I-I think you should go," he managed to say.
"Yeah," you croaked out, your throat was swelling up. You walked past Heeseung in hurried steps and out the door to the stairs. You never saw how Heeseung dropped to his bed with his head in his head as guilty tears slowly rolled down his cheeks.
God, you wished he had thought this through before you went and fell in love with him.
Tumblr media
You haven't talked to Heeseung since that day, you knew that your relationship was over but your heart refused to believe it until those words came from Heeseung himself. A dark cloud hung over you and your friends didn't dare to ask. You felt betrayed by him.
You loved him at his worst, but that didn't matter. He gave you his word, but that didn't matter too. You were bitter, angry, devastated, heartbroken. But you couldn't cry, your heart was full of tears yet nothing came out. A single piece of tape holding back your fragile heart. A small sign of hope that you were wrong and Heeseung still loved you.
In the middle of a cold winter day, you were nestled between your warm sheets. Chaeryeong and Ryujin had left for lunch, not before promising to get you something. In the midst of your dark covers, your phone screen lit up and caught your attention.
[2:23 pm ] hee <3: We need to talk, I'm outside your door right now.
What? Your head snapped up to look at your front door. There's no way he was standing outside right now. Gulping, you pushed yourself up and walked to the door. Your hand hesitated, hovering right in front of the silver door knob. You already knew what was coming. Taking a deep breath, you opened the door.
The same brown guilty eyes looked at you, and the little white lies from before all came crashing down at once. You stepped to the side to let him in and closed the door. Your back was facing him, you refused to look at him. Your hope was wavering, you don't know if you accepted it or not.
"I'm sorry," he was the first to break the silence. you still refused to turn around. "I didn't mean to hurt you."
Lies, lies, lies. You shut your eyes closed, your hand was still on the door knob, holding it tightly.
He inhaled a deep breath before saying his next words, "This is the end."
The words pierced your heart and it started to fall apart. This doesn't feel like a break up, it was the end of your story. It was him telling you that he was removing himself from your life. Falling out of love hurts, but losing a friend is the worst.
"Do you still love me?"
"Do you still love me?" You finally turned around, your glossy eyes looking right at him.
Without a heartbeat, he said, "No."
And when you were alone again in your room, your heart finally shattered and the tears poured out like a waterfall. You fell to your knees with your hands clutching your heart, ugly sobs escaped from your lips. You were crying out the pain as big fat tears dropped onto the wooden floor,
Chaeryeong and Ryujin nearly dropped the food when they found you broken on the tear stained floor.
Tumblr media
Two weeks later (after being forced to get out of bed by Ryujin), you found your friends huddled at the same place of the cafeteria like when the music video was released. They were surrounding Daehwii with their heads ducked, whispering to each other.
"What are you guys doing?" Ryujin's voice caught their attention and their heads lifted to see the both of you, eyes widening at the sight of you.
Everyone exchanged nervous glances whereas you and Ryujin were left confused. You tilted your head to the sign to show that you were confused while Ryujin raised an eyebrow as if  demanding an explanation. Chaeryeong shoved Daehwii's shoulder and gave him a look, silently telling him to break the news.
Daehwii nervously looked between you and his phone before sighing, his shoulders dropping. Instead of saying anything, he showed you his phone. Ryujin reached over to take the device from him before you could see anything and squinted her eyes. The short haired girl inhaled a sharp breath and looked at your friends, finally understanding what was happening. She then looked at you, deciding whether she should tell you or not.
"What?" You asked her, your eyebrows furrowed as your patience was running thin. What were they not telling you?
But instead of telling you, she showed you. The phone screen displayed an Instagram post with a person holding hands with someone else. The caption was a simple "with him". At first you were confused on what it had to do with you, then Ryujin tapped on the post to show you the person tagged in the post. Heeseung's username appeared, your eyes travelled up to the owner of the post and it read Hyewon's name.
"Oh," was all you could say.
Your gaze averted down and you don't see how your friends exchange worried glances. "Y/N..." Chaeryeong softly called out to you while she walked towards you. She angled her head to look at your face with her arms around you.
Your mind was a mess, it took him two weeks to find someone new. No, not someone new. It took him two weeks to go off and date her. He talked to her when you were together. And you knew if he truly loved you, there was no damn way he could fall in love with somebody that quickly. Ryujin and Chaeryeong embraced you but you felt numb. He betrayed you. And you knew that he'll never feel sorry for the way you hurt.
"He cheated on you," you heard Jeongin say, but you shook your head as you tried to rub the tears away.
"Guess he didn't cheat but he's still a traitor," Jeongin rephrased.
The girls hugged you tighter when you let out a choked sob. Jeongin was right, he didn't cheat but he was a traitor. You played dumb but you always knew that he'd talk to her, maybe did even worse but you kept quiet so you could keep him.
God you wished that he had thought it through, before you went and fell in love with him.
© chaeryybomb 2021
a/n: this took so long to write and i wrote more than i expected. thank you for waiting and reading this, see y'all in "drivers license"!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Roommates, no refunds!
Reader x Wendy | featuring Brother!Kun, Nct, and Red Velvet.
Previous | 19 | Next
When Kun’s sister transfers to SMU Korea & left without a place to stay due to a mix up, Sorority sister Wendy who got a double room instead of her single room gets a last minute roommate. Maybe?
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deja-vux · 2 hours ago
Sing To Me Taglist Now OPEN
Tumblr media
As we reach the halfway point of Just As I Am I'm going to open up the masterlist for Sing To Me which is the second installment of the Promise You'll Be Alright series. If you are already on the series masterlist then you are already on this if you are not and would like to be added please comment, message, or drop an ask. Taglist will close once the list reaches 30 tags and the tag list for JAIA is still open as well. Taglist is included under the cut ⬇️
Tumblr media
Taglist: @a-soft-hornytiny​ @yoheyyosup​ @little-precious-baby​ @yeosangmystar​ @yungisstar1117​
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Tumblr media
a guide for people who are too afraid to love, scared of getting their heart broken, or simply don't know where their heart can rest.
or alternatively: in which you rate all the boys that have made their way into your heart according to how safe it was to love them.
word count: 2.367k
genre: fluff
song: Bubble Gum - Clairo
Yang Jeongin — 3.5 stars out of 5.
Jeongin, at the age of five, was already a heartbreaker despite having only broken your heart.
Looking past his dimpled smile, raven black hair and adorably expressive eyes had been a task that proved to be even harder than keeping your hands from getting sticky after an hour of spontaneous crafting.
In your head he had been nothing short of a prince charming, which looking back to, seemed like exaggerating since you would never dare call someone that again, except for a particular tall boy whose rating you will get to in a bit.
Soaked in childish infatuation you had gathered all your courage and walked to him on a particular hot day after school.
Both waited to be picked up from school, carrying your all too small school bags on your back as if they were the biggest burden in the world, with hands sweating and minds daydreaming of a cone of ice cream to quench the thirst of having played without restrain all day.
A couple of steps kept you away from him and you were quick to send them all flying into oblivion as you stood next to him and took his tiny hand in yours.
Round cheeks of his were pushed downwards as his eyes opened wide in surprise, only to go back to their respective place when the kid broke out in wails that left you… horrified, there was no other word to describe how you felt.
At the age of five he broke your heart as he cried his eyes out for what seemed like hours after you had just slipped your hand in his. Of course it hadn't been on purpose and that’s why you wouldn’t dare give him a bad rating because of it.
The low rating was the result of the particular mix of that distant memory to which you both laughed amused whenever it came up in a conversation, and the many times that he hadn’t even noticed your eyes glued to his hand that only wished to hold his hand on yours one more time.
So, if one looked to make your heart ache in a subtle yet tender way, then Jeongin’s obliviousness was the best option.
Lee Felix — 4 stars out of 5.
With Felix there’s not much risk of getting your heart broken, that’s something that could only happen as often as a solar eclipse.
When the boy wasn’t leaving everyone blind with his smile and seemingly infinite cheerfulness, he was uplifting the rest of the words with sweet words and kind actions.
If only, the only thing you could risk with the sunshine boy was getting a toothache from how awfully sweet his existence was; that was if you didn’t fall in love.
The tricky part of having such a loyal and attentive friend was that hearts are foolish, and yours was the foolishest one of them all; the longer you stayed by his side the faster you fell for him without him having to do anything apart from being himself.
At one point his platonic hand holding turned into something that would only make your heart beat faster, and his hugs turned into a weapon that made your knees weak and your cheeks to try imitating the shade of roses he gifted you for your birthday once.
Felix was and is a safe place to leave your heart at, if you understand from the beginning that you will ever just be friends. Because he can break hearts if you give him yours with the wrong intention, even if he doesn’t mean to.
Seo Changbin — 4.8 stars out of 5.
The first thing that made you stare at him from across the classroom was how awfully sincere his smiles are; the way that his eyes were pushed by his round cheeks and the loud laughs that would escape his lips, were both things that made you want to be around him.
Changbin being the friendly and warm person he is, accepted your presence in no time, wasting not even a second in including you in all the plans he had with his friends and always going an extra mile for you to feel as comfortable with him as humanly possible.
It was no wonder that your heart developed a special fondness for the boy after a semester spent practically solely by his side, evolving into an unbreakable adoration after those months turned to years.
Passionate, dedicated, easy to distract, goofy, terribly adorable, honest, sweet and attentive were some of the words you would use to describe the boy who turned into your best friend without making too much of a fuss.
And it had been exactly his passion what drove him kilometers away from you, literally.
You still vividly remember when you hugged him goodbye on the gloomy day he moved away. His hug was warm and draped over your figure like a blanket of comfort that to this day you could still conjure if only you closed your eyes tight enough and concentrated.
Changbin was the best friend you could’ve ever asked for and the only time he made your heart ache was when he drove away to pursue his dreams; lucky for you he fixed it right away with his silly texts and visits on Christmas that almost tempted you to give him five stars, if only he didn’t annoy you so much.
Han Jisung — 5 stars out of 5.
Han Jisung, also known as the owner of your first kiss, had made you fall hard and fast.
You seemed to have a certain something for round and squishy cheeks because yet again there you were, falling in love with a boy whose cheeks would most probably function as pillows and in that case you would love to sleep there.
He was awkward and shy but when you got to know him that faded away only to leave space for his confident self to appear and leave you in awe.
There wasn’t a moment you could recall in which your perspective of him shifted, all you were aware of was that the boy that one day had been just a friend quickly turned into your last thought at night and the first one right after you woke up.
Lucky for you he had seemed to experience the same as you as without a warning he had held your hand in his with a confidence that made you feel at ease and never want to let go.
His laugh filled your mind and your heart, the mole on his cheek turned into your favourite place to plant your goodbye pecks, and his hands became your anchor to happiness.
It had been the night of prom in which he had kissed you so softly and tenderly that you felt like you could die from it, melting in between his hands and ascending to heaven.
The lame excuse of being bothered by the music that he had been excitedly dancing to mere seconds ago had slipped his lips and you didn’t think much of it, not even when he took you to the back of the school gym and gave you a shy smile.
His hands were cold in yours but that’s something you had gotten used to a long time ago, and without a warning he told you he loved you; Han jisung could never be a heartbreaker, not in your books.
Seconds later after you confessed your love for him he had asked you for permission to kiss you and even though you were nervous beyond words you had given him permission because with his hand in yours you always felt safe.
Just as expected the first kiss had been a little bit of a mess, neither of you were quite sure of what you were doing but seemed to quickly get the grasp of it the second time and that was one of the memories you would always keep close to your heart about the person who had been your first love.
Time passed and even though you would never say you fell out of love, things dissolved until what was left of it were memories and a fond smile that the two of you would share when you found yourselves alone and in utter silence.
Jisung, the most tender first love, a safe place to let your heart rest from the outside world.
Hwang Hyunjin — 3 stars out of 5.
Hyunjin, or should you say, prince charming incarnated.
Three, four, five stars would never do him justice and still you settled for less because everything you had left of him were the memories and a million questions.
It was at the beginning of college and in a party so grand that caused half of the people there not to even know who the host was, you included.
From afar you had caught sight of him and felt yourself not being able to move after it; he was —or is— one of the most breathtaking people you had ever had the pleasure to witness in real life. And when he returned your smiles from across the room and finally walked up to you, there was no denying you felt like you were floating.
His hands were like fire against your skin while still having a tender aura to them that warmed your heart. His mouth had been your end and your beginning and to this day you would still go back to it contentedly if given the chance. His eyes had disappeared behind a smile more times that you could count, creeping his way to your heart perhaps forever.
If one night was all it took to give someone your all then that’s exactly what you had experienced that time by his side.
Sadly for you, words didn’t seem to come out the way you wanted and hesitation had turned into a lot of regret as time went by.
You parted ways and weren’t brave enough to ask for his number or at least suggest that he walked you back home; back then and today you wished you had been as brave as your five year old self and just walked a couple steps towards him to grab his hand.
But you didn’t and with that Hyunjin turned into a face you never had the pleasure to see again.
Lee Minho — 2 stars out of 5.
You were going to give him one and a half stars but he agreed to buy you a chocolate muffin this morning while you went with him to buy coffee.
In all honesty, the two stars were just for you to be able to laugh; if there was someone who definitely did not deserve a low rating it was your trustworthy and always responsible roommate Minho.
He had saved you from the hell of staying in the dorms when he offered three months, and three months only, of sparing you from paying rent to stay with him in the two bedroom apartment. Of course you had to start paying after but at least he had made the moving process easy for you and your broke student self.
Through it all he stayed, always present and as annoying as the day before. Someone who cooked for you when he wasn’t feeling lazy, the owner of three cats that more often than not thought it was okay to steal your bed, your support when you weren’t having a great time.
Minho didn’t look friendly at first but god was it a privilege to have a friend like him. You couldn't think of the possibility of ever letting him go and he never showed signs of wanting to leave.
Kim Seungmin — 3 stars out of 5.
When it comes to how safe and easy it was to love him then you do have to settle for a big and round three, because he could be seriously hard to deal with sometimes.
You would give him the most annoying coworker award of the year but that would make him scowl which wasn’t at all the purpose.
At first when you both began working it felt like a competition that nobody agreed upon but ended up taking place nevertheless, and so you began sending defiant looks across the room and laughing silently when victory grazed your actions.
It had been easy to get annoyed at his attitude but once you looked past that and really got to know the guy of the puppy like excitement, there was a sort of alliance that surged.
He would help you when you weren’t helping him, bringing coffee for the other or just a small snack became routine and then before you knew you were leaving work together and hanging out from time to time.
Seungmin goes to show that you can find a friend even in the competitive person you want to defeat or in any other situation or person that looks unlikely. And even though it wasn’t always easy, you thought it was lovely to banter and tease each other.
Bang Chan —
Last but not least is the man that you can’t rate just yet, because even though you are well aware that you love him you’re still not sure how things could develop.
Still, he feels like the last person on your list, as in the last person, ever.
It had something to do with the sweet giggles he would let out while embarrassed, his habit of hugging you out of nowhere and staying there as long as it took to melt your heart into a puddle, the way he hums in content when you press a kiss on his forehead or simply anything else that made him himself.
After what felt like a whole life lived you found him, rogue curls dancing with the wind and a smile that created two endearing pools in his face, and you fell in love, slow and steady.
And even though you’re not sure how safe it is to leave your heart in his hands, you are more than eager to discover it as time passes by.
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mina-love · 2 hours ago
i just watched the new video hello82 posted where bambam surprised fans, and honestly i don’t think i could survive meeting any of the skz boys if that happened to me
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lilhana3 · 3 hours ago
Hey can i get a enha and bts ship
......I am indian born in october 2005....i an 5'6(or5'6.5)...Libra..INFJ..medium length dark brunette wavy hair..dark brown eyes..i have an hourglass body type..wear glasses..i am introvert like to be alone listening to music but with my friends i am really outgoing..they like to describe me as THE CRACKHEAD of the group..LOVES BLACK COLOUR aesthetic is grunge and dark academia..i hate wearing dresses and high heels and all the stuff that girls usually do You can say i am a tomboy LOVES HOODIES AND SWEATSHIRTS SWEATPANTS..I LOVE AMUSEMENT PARKS AND THE RIDES..FOOD IS LOVE..DOGS ARE LOVE..I love to to eat spicy food..dose not like sweet things that much..I LOVE TO DO WORKOUTS..I have really hard time showing my feelings so i just bottle them up inside me and dont share them with anyone cuz i am really bad at explaining them..Its hard for me to confess to people i love..but i care for them too much..!!Its like i cant say 'ily' to them when face to face but i can write it and give it to them...Well thank u in advacne!!
hi! thank you for responding!
for enhypen, i think you would fit great with sunoo! sunoo is the type to wear hoodies and would love going to amusement parks with you! he would love riding new rides with you and spending the whole day with you, at the amusement park! with the cute matching headbands to holding hands while riding a scary ride, sunoo would always make you feel warm inside! he would understand if you cannot show your love by saying i love you! but sunoo would always say it to you and would always let you know that he loves you and would always give you lots of hugs!
Tumblr media
for bts, i think jungkook would be a nice match! jungkook would be your work out buddy! he would play sports with you and go to the gym with you! though working out wouldn't be what all couples have in mind for a nice date, jungkook and you would enjoy spending alone time together at the gym! you guys can refresh yourself and would spend time doing what you love! also his favorite color is black so i think you guys would love wearing clothes that are black together and would enjoy sharing the love for black!
Tumblr media
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jeontaehui · 3 hours ago
taehee being “drunk on nctzens”
“why are you like that? are you drunk right now?” doyoung jokingly asks taehee, the female idol giving him a lazy smirk and a thumbs up in response.
“i have pink blush on my cheeks, and my voice sounds sluggish for some reason so it looks like i’m drunk,” taehee says, adorably exaggerating a wink when she sees herself appear on screen.
“i’m feeling drunk on czennies~” the members beside her, specifically jaehyun and winwin, proceed to attack her with pillows that has her laughing until her back hits the soft cushions behind her.
“don’t say weird things, taehee-ssi,” winwin reprimands, an amused smile on his face after seeing taehee’s own pleased one.
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lilhana3 · 4 hours ago
Hey can I request a ship for Stray Kids, The Boyz, Ateez and Victon?
I'm 20 y/o, INFJ and Pisces. I have long dyed hair and big green eyes. I study graphic design and I love to draw - realistic portraits or punny doodles😅 Besides drawing I love doing makeup. My style varies between goth or egirl and an arthoe... Well and homeless man at home😂 I used to be a competing dancer before I got disabled and now I sadly can't do that anymore. I love to laugh and also make others laugh ofcoure. Apparently I am pretty funny myself. I love horror movies, thrillers, true crime (podcasts, documentaries, videos)... Physical touch is a bit uncomfortable for me untill I really relax and then I can get a bit clingy especially when I'm in pain.
I don't know what else to write. Thank you for taking time to do this ship (if u decide request is done right way). Have a nice day/night xx
hi! thank you for responding!
for stray kids, i think jeongin (i.n) would be a good match! i think jeongin is the type to love affection but wouldn't care if you did not give lots of affection to him. if you find it uncomfortable, he wouldn't show his love through affection until you feel more comfortable with him hugging you! jeongin would be very understanding and with whatever decision you make in life, he would be there by your side, supporting you!
Tumblr media
for the boyz, i think you would pair well with kevin! as i had said in previous ships, kevin is a big arts guy! he would be the one who would express his emotion on a canvas with you and would always love sitting/standing next to you with a paint brush in your guys hands and canvas close to you! if kevin has a busy schedule and can't meet you, i think you guys would always make a masterpiece on a ipad or electric device so that you can send it to one another!
Tumblr media
for ateez, i think you would fit well with yeosang! yeosang enjoys applying facial masks and taking of his skin. so i think he would love taking care of your skin and would even try to put on make up on your face! he would always compliment you art and make up and i think he would always admire your art! he would also not care if your clothes change and would love whatever you wear! he would always compliment you which would make you feel confident in whatever you wear!
Tumblr media
for victon, i think hanse would be a nice fit! hanse is a easy-going and very encouraging person. he would be the one who would cheer you up when others aren't there for you and whenever you have to go in front of a audience like show a piece of your art, he would be in the audience with a bright smile on his face, giving you a thumb ups to show you that you're doing so good! he would love all of the things you do to make him laugh and would try to make you laugh as well!
Tumblr media
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yeobuns · 4 hours ago
requests are open! please send me things to write 💕
willing to write sfw/nsfw for the following: ateez, nct, the boyz, txt, stray kids
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soolust · 4 hours ago
BTS; Kinks
RM: dom, daddy kink, spanking, marking, hair pulling, dirty talk, sexting, lingerie, blowjobs, strip teases, impact play, roleplaying, breathplay, anal (giving)
Jin: dom, sir kink, praise, body worship, begging (receiving), drawn out foreplay, food play, punishment, fingering
Suga: switch, blindfolds, bondage, multiple orgasms, dirty talk, degradation, spanking, oral fixation, face sitting, edging, overstimulation, praise (receiving), choking, orgasm delay/denial
J-hope: switch, toys, public sex/teasing, exhibitionism, dirty talk, mirror sex, hair pulling, praise, light spanking, scratching (receiving), body worship
Jimin: switch, praise, bondage, blindfolds, cock warming, choking, edging, denial, overstimulation, voyeurism, thigh riding, pegging
V: switch, begging, teasing, breeding kink, multiple orgasms, oral fixation, marking, corruption, sensory play, pet play, bondage, body worship, hair pulling (receiving)
Jungkook: switch, bruises, hickeys, dry humping, thigh riding, wall sex, shower sex, praise, orgasm delay, fingering, degradation
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dadada-changbinnie · 5 hours ago
Late Nights
Changbin x reader
Summary: Changbin always told you not to wait up for him when he was working but you never listened.
Word count: 0.2k
Genre: ✨FLUFF✨
Warnings: none
Whenever Changbin had late nights at the company, you always tried to wait up for him despite his protests. He didn’t want you to stay up late and be tired and grumpy the next day but you never listened. And every single time, he would find you passed out on the couch and would then have to move you to your bed.
“Baby,” Changbin murmured, shaking your shoulder lightly, “baby, come on it’s time to go to bed.”
You groaned and flipped around to face the other direction, too lazy to actually move from the soft cushions. It would most definitely kill your neck and cause you to be sore in the morning but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. It was far too comfortable to move now.
Your boyfriend merely chuckled before scooping you up into his arms. Immediately, you curled into his buff chest, his familiar comforting scent dragging you further into dreamland. You hummed in satisfaction, wrapping you arms around his neck and clinging to him like a koala.
“Always make me do the hard work,” he grumbled despite the huge grin on his face.
“Shhh, I’m trying to sleep,” you whispered.
He just laughed and carried you to your room, like he did every night. You might have been stubborn but you were still too cute for Changbin to resist. He’d carry you to bed every night as long as he got to see your content smile and hear your happy sighs as you snuggled into him, soundly dreaming in his arms.
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yerimyah · 6 hours ago
Hey 💖 28 and 41 for the kpop asks!
Ahh hi Ley~!! 😁😁 thank you!!!!!!!!
28. What's your favorite album?
Ummmmm I'm going to say Querencia at this moment, I've been listening to it quite a lot nowadays 😅
41. How old were you when you first got into kpop?
I wanna say just like a 15 second ad you couldn't skip away from being 16? 🤔 been in the game for two years 😔
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kp-mcu · 6 hours ago
Conflicting Opinions
Idol: Kim Minji (Dreamcatcher)
Yall idk if your ready for a Enemies to Lovers vampire Jiu fic but here you go. Also this is all thanks to my friendo @wkpa and her amazing writing ideas :3
Warnings/notes: Vampire au! Enemies to Lovers! Suggestive themes!
Tumblr media
When you had first met Minji she had immediately peaked your interest, a vampire so powerful and yet so unhappy. Well, unhappy isn’t the most accurate of words to describe her situation.
She loved the people she had chosen to surround herself with, her makeshift family of people suffering just like her. Suffering with what? Well immortality of course. It would seem like a gift to anyone else, but to Minji it was an illness of sorts.
Loving people became hard, you had to make a choice every time. Either love and let them die or love and turn them. Neither of which seemed like adequate options for her or for whomever she chose to love. Not that she planned to fall in love with anyone, it would be torture both for her and who she chose to be with.
She’d always hated what she was from the minute she realised she’d been turned, centuries ago now yet the pain was still there. Her life, her ambitions and all her plans ripped away from her in an instant all from a simple bite when walking late at night.
You however, had always had a fascination with vampires. How could you not? Here were these beautiful, superior and powerful creatures roaming the earth in the utmost secret. To know if someone was one of these majestic and wonderful creatures usually meant that you were about to meat death or become one. For you? It was neither. Simply turning into an alley at the wrong time coming face to face with a feeding frenzy and 7 vampires.
That was 2 years ago now, the group ending up taking you to there base and explaining dos and don’ts to make sure all of you were safe. You were a permanent resident there now, your job being coaching them in self control and adding some warmth to the place after centuries of it being cold and somewhat depressing in atmosphere.
All the girls had immediately warmed to you, finding the way you acted and spoke somewhat peculiar to there way and yet so intriguing they couldn’t help but want to watch. Minji was taking a lot longer to win round though, particularly due to your clashing views on vampires as well as the fact that you refused to let her ignore you.
It had been five weeks since your last fight and thus five weeks since you last spoke, neither of you oblivious to the worried glances the girls sent your way. Simply choosing to ignore them and each other rather than move one, unfortunately this didn’t last long as the silence was killing Minji on the inside. Not seeing you or the girls smile and laugh, Yoohyeon and you chasing each other and regardless of her advantages her loosing from falling over. She had to make things right.
The next morning she rushed to find you in an attempt to make up only to find you actively ignoring her all day. By nightfall she had finally had enough, roughly pulling you aside “look clearly we dont agree on certain things and are hardly on the clearest terms but for them,” with a head tilt she gestures to the six vampires lounging around in the next room “we should at least play nice”.
Rolling your eyes you roughly grab her collar and pull her so close she can feel your breath “Act nice? Why do that when,” smirking at her widening eyes you lean up to her ear “we could act like lovers”. her cheeks flush as you chuckle, clearly amused by the dumbfounded and panicked expression on her face. Shaking your head smirk prominent on your face as you saunter away humming a tune. Very aware of how shes still staring at you, contemplating all the thoughts she has on you and why she suddenly has this desire for you…
The next few days fly by and the girls cant help but be totally confused as yo the sudden change in attitude between you and their leader. Today no different when you march into the main living area of the dorm, a smirk plastered onto your face as you think of all the ways to tease the vampire. Turning towards her you set your plan into action, eyes staring into hers as you take a seat beside her.
“Hey Minji, you’re looking very cute today, do you need anything?” Quickly running your tongue along the side of your lips as you ask her. Such a movement startled her, a bright red blush rising to her cheeks despite no longer having blood in her body.
“When did you two get all close,” The youngest asks in disbelief, breaking the silence and sexual tension in the room. “Weren’t you two at each other’s throat’s yesterday?”
You smile innocently at the youngest, giving a small shrug muttering something about just being friendly before walking out of the room. The day continues with you dropping comments and doing little actions to fluster and tease the eldest vampire, wanting to know how far she’ll let you take it.
It was late afternoon when the girls came back from “lunch” and not a minute later where you ready to push the eldest’s buttons once more. Sending a wink her way before sauntering over to bora, practically falling into her lap. Laughing a little to much at one of her jokes in Minji’s opinion. The final straw being bora giving yoh a playful bite, not enough to draw blood obviously, but enough for you to playfully moan and effectively make their leader erupt with jealousy sending a glare your way as she leapt from her seat.
Eyes glowing red she marches over, grabbing your chin and pulling you closer inch by inch till your lips are almost meeting. Muttering a “Don’t test me.” Against your lips, her voice low and barely above a whisper growling out every word. Smirking you simply tut, “Now look who’s jealou-“ within seconds you find yourself pinned to a wall, the paint cracking underneath you at the force of impact.
A whine threatening to escape your throat only to be stopped by the new found pressure of her long fingers wrapping around your throat. Veins popping out across her hand as her grip hardens, her eyes steely and gaze hard…
“Dont. Fucking. Test. Me.” She leaves a harsh kiss on your neck. Teeth grazing against your pulse point before storming out your body hitting the floor as you slide down the wall letting out a small whimper when you reach the floor. The girls left wide eyed and silent at what they had just watched.
End… or is it? 😏
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allyreactions · 6 hours ago
NCT Reaction | Date at the Aquarium { Johnny, Ten, Mark, Haechan, Yangyang }
Tumblr media
MASTERLIST // requests : closed
Tumblr media
║ A/N : I have a headache, but I haven't written anything in a min so .. I figured I should post this. also, completely unrelated, but I felt a little nostalgic from my visit to the Shedd aquarium in Chicago.
~ Admin Ally
♡ Johnny
⇢ Johnny can't help but take photos of the two of you against the glass, smiling wide as fish swim around in the water behind you. the the blue glow of the water illuminates your faces in the dark room.
⇢ "we look so cute in these photos .. I can't wait until my mom see's these"
Tumblr media
♡ Ten
⇢ Ten couldn't wait to take you to the new dolphin exhibit at the aquarium. the two of you walked, hand in hand, down through the glass tunnel and gazed up at the aquatic animals swimming above your heads. Ten was almost speechless as stared in amazement.
⇢ "oh my god, Y/N .. this is soo cool"
Tumblr media
♡ Mark
⇢ as Mark walks in the room, he can't help but gasp in amazement at the dozens of fish swimming around in the aquarium. he'll point out all of the funny fish to you, hoping you're as amused by their wild appearance as he is.
⇢ "woah! babe did you see how crazy that fish looked?"
Tumblr media
♡ Haechan
⇢ Haechan surprised you with a visit to the aquarium to see the new tropical fish exhibit that just opened up. Haechan let you take the reigns for the night and let you drag him around from exhibit to exhibit. and he only complained a couple times.
⇢ "Y/N, I'm coming! if you pull any harder my arm is gonna fall off"
Tumblr media
♡ Yangyang
⇢ the first thing Yangyang gravitates towards is the tide pool petting pond. he'll drag you by your wrist to the enclosure where people are sticking their hands into the water. his face lights up as his fingers glide over the back of a starfish.
⇢ "babe, could you take a photo of me touching this stingray?"
Tumblr media
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