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prasannawrites · an hour ago
sing your song – you’ve took up residence in my heart long before you decided to perch on me; so sing your melodious songs of melancholy and mourning, i already know the lyrics. i'll sing with you, little dove – and if no answers back, i'll stay with you till your whole again.
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rhapsodyinblue80 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
feels like a colossal word,
with beauty so vast
the heart can't fully absorb
its glorious color
instead it's left aching
endlessly for the silhouette
just beyond paned glass
a malnourished child
wanting, dreaming
half awake
grace . . . emerald water wings
speckled jewels glistening
beneath sunlight's intensity
spraying generosity
& hope as holy water
upon dehydrated feelings,
a baptismal of belief
within these withered
chambers where
& disbelief
take up resistance
grace reminds you
let go, forsake knowing,
understanding, controlling
lean outward dangerously
toward intuition, let faith grasp
you within her ginger eyes
a hearth burning away
your stiff places, kindling them
into warm flesh
grace blooms,
a vermillion rose
aromatic acceptance,
kindness, unfolding buds
as fists into small fingers
reaching for the tenderness
of a regenerated world
unburdened with blight
grace . . . a threaded
sainted syllables
plaited in forgiveness
& mostly,
Image: By Erica Wexler
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sharkygiovanna2 · 10 hours ago
amazing how
rubbish can influence daily life
stories just made up
to strum our ears
make-believe diaries
of those-who- claim- to- know -better
the cheek!
rubbish can easily be turned into
it just needs a false prophet to make that
wish come true
have you met one? Report coz they are
rightout dangerous
@sharkygiovanna 2🗿🗿2021
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sincerelysharon · 13 hours ago
Life is offering me a chance to take comfort, to sit in the warm waters of knowing and belonging. Where I know how the sun sets, the way the grass grows, how the sky looks at Christmas. I'm giving up all that knowing, and it feels like giving up all that knowing means also giving up on all that belonging. I'm on the precipice and it looks like I'm not moving. My heart, strung out by cappuccinos and the love for the sun, is at a stand off. Reeds of wistfulness hung over head, nostalgia ripens beneath. Change holds its hand out to me, Comfort does too. I sit, fading, tremulous and undone.
change and comfort, hands open, inviting // s.g. 
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followcb · 15 hours ago
An Unspoken Language
this morning, a welcome warning
is it you, coming to . . .
coming through . . .
as if everything we ever knew . . .
these feelings, I'm feeling
sense of awe, sense of enchantment
subconscious, unconscious
subliminal messages of wonderment
from another channel
perhaps they're heaven sent
maybe I'm just a host . . .
maybe I'm just a ghost
remaining, wondering where you went
and now, I know
it was you, who . . .
I always loved the most
and like the brightest, burgeoning dawn
the day and time moved on . . .
and now you're gone
though we both know,
you're not, you'll never be, gone
love plays on and on and on
like the lyrics of our forever song;
we are timeless as oceans
interwoven quilts of sewn emotions
stitched for eternity
united through infinite intimacy
an unspoken language that . . .
exists solely between you and me
destiny in the stars you see
©️ @followcb ☆ May 15, 2021
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heartofmuse · 20 hours ago
We all need someone with whom we can be one hundred percent us. Somebody that quietly understands us. Someone who we can find shelter in their arms when the world is too much. Someone you can speak with in the language of silences. Someone whose heart is ready to accept you in whatever shape or form you come, bloody or pristine, happy or in tears, a place of peace and renewal. For me, that is you, and it fills me with so much gratitude that I have the miracle that you are to be my own unadulterated self with in the sweet acceptance of your embrace.
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soulreserve · a day ago
to say “I love you” to a ghost.
now that we have parted, I look for you in my dreams.
like the fragrance of the wild frangipani that blooms near my window, I have filled up my lungs with your scent. I have hidden your face under my eyelids. I have dissolved your essence softly, within my being.
you are a teary-eyed ghost that embraces me when we meet, before you break away into the clear blue sky and the falling petals of the ruined flower that I love so much.
© SoulReserve 2021
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dg-fragments · a day ago
Life is a race, those in the society say,
I have but lost myself, along the way,
Society, is that all there's to life,
No time for joy, all for struggle and strife,
Society, I'm so done already,
Trying in vain to keep myself steady,
Society, you are a crazy breed,
I hope you're not lonely without me.
- DG
(Last two lines are not mine, they're from a song/poem titled "Society" from the movie "Into the wild")
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heartofmuse · a day ago
The Undying Flower
What power possesses this flower,
The one stabbed by a million thorns?
That makes it bloom as it bleeds,
That makes old petals fall as new ones sprout, refusing to dry out.
Yes, it wilts and faints, but doesn't die,
Like moon which fades, but remains in sky.
Though varying degrees of light and darkness hit,
The essence of constancy remains the lifeblood in its veins.
This delicacy is betrayed by its carrier,
That feeds it, but the cocktail of fears,
Churns violently in a cup that is never full,
Refuge from the fall it seeks
In the arms of the oblivion of a self it no longer is.
Breath of outer noise though crushes the inner call,
Yet how far can the seeds of innovation be destroyed?
With Life and Time's every changing and transforming tide,
It must accommodate to let go, die and then burst into new life.
Presents this flower and these verses of lasting revival
A song of a poet's re-kindled passion for painting the imagination.
Collaboration with @a-tour-to-self
His words in bold.
Mine in italics.
So glad you are back here writing my friend. Always a pleasure to collab with you.
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i have had a bad habit of grieving things that haven't left yet, my love, and it will be the death of me. i will give you all the dusk skies that fit inside my fists — this the dullest aching that my heart can hold. one day, it will fade into the colors of my loneliest nights. i hope that tonight, i choke on all the longing i'm yet to feel — and maybe when you leave, no breath will be loud enough stop the time in crowded airports. no breath will haunt you in manhattan's streets. no breath will beg for you to stay. i hope you find someone to love; i hope city lights fall softly on her neck as she hums your favorite song. i hope her skin tastes like daybreaks and poems. i hope sunsets live and die for her, and that you too, live and die for her and all the cosmic flickers in her eyes. i can already feel you loving her and maybe soon, i'll be forgotten, like this letter under your bed.
maybe soon, i, too, will forget the sound of your laughter. in death, it's the last sense to ever go.
i have a bad habit of grieving things that haven't left yet, and this letter is for when you say goodbye my love. this letter is for when you finally leave.
— fray narte, "may 14, 2021, 9:39 pm"
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heartofmuse · a day ago
I can only look at you from afar and gaze into the fire at the bottom of those eyes in which you hide so much. I wish I could ask you what sadness and pain you keep there because I know they are there, hiding behind that smile, hiding in that silence that I can hear so loud. 
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pelicandensity · 2 days ago
The Names We Choose to Die With
I have my list ready
I keep it
in my wallet
just in case
it has all
the names of
who have meant
so much to me
who had
an impact
on my life
every so often
I touch my
back pocket
and smile
knowing I am
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purgatorypoetry · 2 days ago
and I’m back with broken promises in tow, ships on a rope and hooks on a line I’m back and drawing lines through the waves of your skin I’m tearing tiny bits of myself tiny bits and I’m throwing them in I’m watching them sink I’m floating, I’m floating, I think,
that I’m back as regrets etched in memory as finite masked affinity for the end the endless sea, carry me, prodigal, Sisyphean simplicity explicitly excepted, the gross margins subtracted, operators extracted, finer facts redacted
but I’m back with lip kissing, tongue hissing, teeth missing still spitting venom in alliterated obliteration, destitute damnation sated on the safety of my station, my happiest of faces for the kindest of your graces and the erasing of the traces of my return when,
I’m back, broken, buckled, bent and bowed and bested,
defunct and detested
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poetlegit · 3 days ago
The infinitely big the infinitely small and the infinitely human: this is reality and man is a universe.
existential quotes.
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goneahead · 3 days ago
The tenderest part of a wing is not the scars, but memories, etched bone deep, of that betraying first cut. The tenderest part of a wing is not new feathers, but memories, the still aching root from that betraying first yank. We give kids wings, why won't they fly?
@nosebleedclub prompt: the tenderest part
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heartofmuse · 3 days ago
Every minute lived is a responsibility. I feel the weight of it more than most. I don't know why.  I just understand how precious each second we have that is full of health, that is full of life. For those who didn't get to live though they were by far more worthy, sometimes I ask God, "Why me? What is so special about me? Why do I get more time than those who died far way too young?" I feel His arms so gentle around me as He whispers," Because you have lives to touch, and people to love." I don't really know what is the impact of just one life in the grand scheme of things but I so feel my fragile mortality. I just hope that when it's my time to go, be it soon or far off, that I can say that I loved as much as I could, that I was a light and a gentle soul that brought beauty into this world, not to make glory my own, but to give back in some measure what God blessed me with and put in my heart so the glory be His for His dadivosity.
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