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boredhistoryfan · 39 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The city was founded by Rajendra Chola I to commemorate his victory over the Pala Dynasty. The name means “The Town of The Chola Who Took Over Ganga”. It is now a small village, its past eminence only remembered by the existence of the Great Lord Maha Shiva Temple. The Chola Empire included the whole of Southern India to the River Tungabhadra in the North. For administrative and strategic purposes they built another capital and named it Gangaikonda Cholapuram.
The city seems to have had 2 fortifications, one inner and the other outer. The outer one was probably wider. The remains of the outer fortification can be seen as a mound running all around the palace.
Rajendra I built the entire capital with several temples using plans and infrastructure recommended in Tamil Vastu and Agama Sastra Texts. These included a Dharma Sasta, Vishnu and other temples. 
Other Chola landmarks are evidenced by soil covered mounds and excavated broken pillar stumps and brick walls found over an area of several kilometers from the surviving temple.
The reasons for the city’s destruction are unclear. According to Vansanthi, The Pandyas who defeated the Cholas during the later part of the 13th Century “may have razed the city to the ground” to avenge their previous defeats
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heartweary-writing · 2 hours ago
“I loved, and I loved, and I got nothing back”
But at least you gave,
And that sounds like a poor consolation-
That sounds like a lonely grave,
But they will one day remember your open arms as golden,
Their memory will be stunned with the recall of your unabashed embrace.
Or maybe they will forget you,
At least your love was brave.
Perhaps, this daringly luminous show of selflessness
Was why we were made.
J. K. L
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autumnsunshine10 · 4 hours ago
Who knew this month would mean
Turning up the heat
Nights and days in dissaray
Put away the fans reach instead
For high pile blankets, nostalgia
Flowering in this fall-
Like making a fire in a hearth
When usually the ash
Would be discarded by now
Feeling the fool who pulled
The wool over their own eyes
From thrilling to chilling
Bone-tired and aching
Playing connect the dots with
The starry night sky
So aloof as to be frozen
In time though they blaze bright
It may be another
Trick of the mind
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delightsofmysoul · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
I feel deflated
As though life has left me an empty being inside a familiar shell
Tears roll silently down my cheeks
My misery
All encompassing
Then I look up
See the majesty of the sky above me
The sereneness of the countryside
The glory of the rainbow
Each colour a jewel reminding me that life is a tapestry of events woven together
With the storms of life there is the promise of hope
If only I look.
Delightsofmysoul 13 May 2021
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kidgillis · 11 hours ago
Embrace the change. Are you happy with who you are? There are unknowns and uncertainties that come with learning about yourself. What does your spirit say? Listen closely. Do you hear it speaking aloud? It's a voice only you know. Can you identify it? It's you. Do you hear it? Your voice. Are you listening? Accept the change. Nothing is the way you'd though it'd be, huh? Everything is different. Do you even know what you're doing? You don't really know how to do this thing called life. Do you enjoy what you are experiencing? Be present and aware. Does this bring you closer to your spirit? You don't know how you got here. Where are you? Believe in the change. How do you really feel? Stop pretending. Are you being honest with yourself, if not everyone else? Show up for yourself. What are you thinking about? Give your emotions names and sounds, let it out. You don't have to dwell alone in your complicated chaos, don't you know? Have faith in the change. You're doing the best you can, aren't you? Speak, voice your questions and concerns. Can you handle what is happening right now? Don't minimize your presence or ignore your need of expression, be and do as you please. Do you want to do this...any of this? You are enough, always has been and always will be. You know that you can choose what will happen next, right? This is your life, your space, your time...make it count by living, out loud. If you know this, why don't you act like it? Take this world by storm and show them just how powerful you truly are. You got this, will you trust me? I got you, us, me...I got me before anyone else. Trust me? I promise, I got you. You love me? I love me.
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mortalghost · 15 hours ago
I could have held you a little longer. Could have fought, hoping you would realize that I could offer you all that you ever needed. It would have been so much easier if you would have stayed. I wouldn't suffer as much as I did.
Experience gives you hindsight that makes you wish things would have been different.
I let my pride get in the way. I let you go, I walked away. There was nothing more that I could do but watch you leave my life that day. If only you had shown a hint of wanting me to reach deep within and take a hold, grab on for control, hoping that I would be enough to make you want to fight for me, try for me, wanting me.
Even after all of these years...
...I'm suffering.
-H. Murcia 5/12/2021 10:47 AM
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dreamscapesandnightmares · 18 hours ago
Why can I still remember the buttery softness of your hands? I believe 3 years are enough to forget. Even my skin cells have fallen away like dust on snow. I scrubbed my hands, my mouth, my life. I let others scrub you off of me too. I made them stay the night so their morning faces and bed hair would slowly obscure the picture of you that flashed in front of my eyes when the sun hit horizon. But no matter how beautiful they were, their syrupy hair and strawberry mouth, I still open my eyes to the thought of you and it is blinding.
~ dreamscapes and nightmares
Tumblr media
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parasomnambulist · 18 hours ago
Dying Butterflies
Where are the poems,
the words to be discovered. Has someone else
already claimed them? Is that why I
find fog on the bluest of skies?
This thicc cloud follows me and tells
me jokes. It laughs, I chuckle weakly.
It's only funny sometimes but not this
time. I'm used to people laughing
at my expense. I'm still in debt, making
payments before I'm sprawled out
on the pavement. LifeAlert: I won't
get up, I already did this morning much
to my chagrin.
I had a dream I was floating somewhere
in outer space, approaching my limits,
never touching. I witnessed poems swirling
into a black hole as the last remaining words
disappeared from the galaxy.
I might do the same some day.
© @parasomnambulist May 12, 2021
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courtneyopoetry · 20 hours ago
man in a shell
your cheap drunkenness and hidden phone calls
your running away...
the malady of the modern age! being so free, so drained
your emptiness, I guess there's your pain
that you guard in disposable one night stands
your fooling around the world,
devoid of attachments, and devoid of love
your thirst for life
that hides a persistent death inside
the shell that keeps you safe
the aloof, detached shell
that keeps you away
the shell that broke us because
I couldn't stay there
must be hell
to have such a shell
to be so sedated
thinking it's all going well
All the tears I shed
saddest thing - unable to shatter
the shell
I bleed, I bleed,
but in the end I will be saved,
you'll remain alone, anyway
your FEAR, all over the place
beautiful like a wreck, but,
you harm me, sorry,
I can't make it today
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rebelliousrochelle · 23 hours ago
I know I haven't said this in a while but
With every single electron in my body,
I love you
For as long as I have oxygenation going on in my capillaries and air in my alveoli
I love you
For as long as there's water in the ocean and trees on the land
I love you
For as long as there's cold in Antarctica and awesomeness at Washington
I love you
For as long as we stare at the same sky and consume the same nutrients
I love you
There maybe times when I'd want to reach down your throat pull out your intestines through your oesophagus and tie it around your neck
For as long as there's cosmic storms on the sun and nebulas in the space
I love you
Till all the stars burn down the sky
I love you
Till the very end of time
I love you
With every single mitochondrion in my body
I will love you.
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followcb · a day ago
My Dream (Everyday)
paint me in your picture
capture me with your sunlight
seduce me with your moonbeams
draw me into the clouds above
lift my spirits
with your graceful love
take me downstream
where your river rushes
spills powerfully into the sea
you are tides taking my time
ebbing and flowing in my life
mine again tomorrow
exactly like you were today
replay, repeat, replay,
my dream, everyday
©️ @followcb ☆ May 11, 2021
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ginadope · a day ago
on the house
There is an hour in the evening Doomed to forever tell Of cursed lovers All prayers begin to feel like Just poetry White stone steps Disappear in muddy waters I'd follow our story All the way to Tbilisi I would Had I not known What time it is
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kidgillis · a day ago
Don't block it out. Don't run from it. It's inevitable. It'll always be with you. You mind as well face it. Face it, head on. Eye to eye. Don't worry. Don't fear. It can not harm you. It is only a reminder and a reflection. Embrace the image. Understand it's likeliness. Accept the place of which it came from. Don't deny it's existence. Don't allow it to take control of you any longer. Give it a name. Call it out. Let yourself be heard. Strong voice. Let it know who has authority. Remind it of who's in control. No more! Tell it, no more! You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live. You deserve to be free. Say goodbye. Give it all it brought and gave you. Send it on it's way. It's no longer welcome here. There's no room for it to stay. This is the end for it but, merely the beginning for you, beloved.
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mortalghost · a day ago
Forests run green in blooming songs of yesterday
While fairies flicker, pans dance igniting ways
Across butterfly memories laid to praise
Beguiling the atmosphere of tunes for your soul
May whispers turn to June songs
As July warmth leads to August days
Spent in each other's arms
Light the candle for the dead to come
Bringing back memories of all of the loves
You've loved and lost and brought with a thought
Of all the names you choose to die with
Let the one you call yourself now be at peace
Carved inside your soul of anonymity
Spring is Eternal
As are you...
-H. Murcia 2:25 PM 5/11/2021
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scribblersobia · a day ago
No matter how much you love someone, if they don't feel your love now, they will never feel it . So, let them go if they want to because there is no point forcing people to stay in your life, forcing them to stay is like holding sand in your hand, it just slips away. Let it "GO". You can't control people and circumstances, you can only control yourself. Stop trying hard on people who want to leave you. If you love them then set them free. If you are heartbroken then remember everything happens for a reason. Be proactive and not reactive. You learn and grow from your life experiences and this is the most important lesson, my life has taught me. Don't regret just learn and aim to become the best version of yourself. YOU CAN DO IT!
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mistressofwordz · a day ago
Disruptions stir me from my trance,
Caught in other worlds with the characters created,by the now ghosts, of amazing writers
I'm in the Cape Colony in the 1800's
Slave women with no voices used and abused
I think to myself how not much has changed
All the while, in the back of my mind, a deep and painful self realisation of the loss of youth and what it means to be a woman in this world.
Your body objectified, perfect in its youth, mass represented as an instrument of pleasure and torture
The loss of desire
Drooping breasts and stretch marks signal your demise
Yet I'm still alive,what now that I'm no longer the object of desire
What is left after sex and marriage?
Children and divorce?
I see a lonely road where I must continue while men have it easier.
The ones my age may now prey on the younger women
I was her
She will become me
We are one
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