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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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metapoet · 9 hours ago
Just don't
Don't pretend you want a better world, when all you want is the same world with you on top of it.
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metapoet · 11 hours ago
I once started dreaming And I dreamed more Until I dreamed too much All these dreams became a nightmare  A tragedy of too many dreams But that's ok Dreaming is how we exist in places where reality makes no sense.
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chuzey · 13 hours ago
so idk this is my first poem and I'm going to post it. aahhhhhhyessss:
And sometimes, the air refuses to vacate the hollows in my chest
A desperate gasp makes its way through my flaky lips
And sometimes, theres knives and daggers in my throat
I avow they induce my soul into the lethal deed again
Ohh, the melody of his sweet name- feels like home, again-
but only daring to voice it when there's glitter in the skies
It brings peace in my chaotic little cosmos
And sometimes love potions flow through the slits in my countenance
And sometimes when the silver sphere appears- i lapse and i sink in these liquids, relishing every ounce of it, yearning for more.
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mycollectioncloud · 15 hours ago
If you treat your items nice, well, and with love They will do the same back
I love my material things and what they provide Though I realize they are material things
But to treat them with respect I must start anew
Have outgrown this space Shoving things in drawers makes me feel blue
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helenasurvives · 16 hours ago
not like other girls
was a title i coveted
but never earned.
i wrote off makeup,
i stopped talking about fairies and mermaids
to research superheroes.
i quit ballet in favor of taekwondo
but even in a plain white dobok and a brown tti,
dripping sweat and exhaustion
i was not enough.
i was vengeful in my frustration
notorious for the blood on my gloves—
we weren’t supposed to aim for the nose
but i was smaller and younger
and a good actress.
deep down i think i knew
i would never be like the girls
who weren’t like other girls,
and that made me wonder
what about other girls was so bad,
and why there were no boys
who weren’t like other boys.
i expected other girls to be what i’d seen on tv
and read in books,
but instead i was met with compliments,
kind eyes and genuine voices,
proclaiming boys were to be seen and not heard.
i learned that i was pretty
and i looked cute in pink
and the school confiscates pocketknives
but keys fit between your fingers.
i fell in love with other girls
when they took his sneer as a declaration of war,
unleashed their tongues like rabid dogs
in defense of girls they’d never spoken to
and flashed sharp grins
when their words bit hard enough
to reward them with tears.
i watched in awe
as other girls filed their nails into claws,
drove needles through their ears and noses
and lined their eyes with intimidation.
the judgement of their fathers
weighed down their bare shoulders
and adorned their short skirts
but every time he voiced it
their scissors took another inch off the bottom.
they were feral, and territorial,
they were disobedient and wanted blood,
they dressed how they wanted
and if you looked and didn’t like it
that was your problem.
i failed at not like other girls
because i met other girls
and i remembered my breath was fire
and my teeth dripped venom,
my hair was a nest of snakes
and my gaze was stone;
they knew i was a gorgon
years before i did
and now i’ve finally
become one.
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wonderwander4511 · 19 hours ago
Dard ka darr ..
Mujhe nahi maloom
Aag kisne lagayi thi
Tael kisne daala tha
Maachis kisne dikhayi thi
Maine to bus aag dekhi
Sab kuchh bhadakte dekha
Aag ka taap
Apni nanhi palko par
Chubhte dekha
Khud ko darte dekha
Darke aag se chhupte dekha
Khud ko khud hi
Sambhaalte dekha
Aaj bhi aag
Kisne lagayi
Farak nahi padhta
Bus taap mehsoos hote hi
Dil darke kahin chhup jaata hai
Jaise patthar sa ho jaata hai
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metapoet · a day ago
The night is for those brave enough to rise without the protection of light.
It's scary, you feel exposed all around.
But it's in the dark that your flame is revealed to the world.
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rskeywatersign · a day ago
Tumblr media
Photo cred to Astro Geerligs
#8 of Autumn Wind collection
I woke up
To the smell of
It tasted like
There were worms
In the bottom of my cup
Are you trying
To poison me
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rskeywatersign · a day ago
Tumblr media
Photo cred to Joann Jarmon
#7 of Autumn Wind collection
I hate the feeling
Of rust
On my fingertips
But I tug
The lock
And every night
Just so I know
You’re really in there
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andrew-kelly · a day ago
Walking through ghost mode
head so heavy
lost mode
try hard hope so
where'd the ground go
walls see through
a static wave
going unnoticed
all I want is to converse for a moment
release my insides and show it
but I remain shunned
a dead flower under the sun
it's underground I've grown
living dead and unknown
By Andrew Kelly(AKE)2021
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mycollectioncloud · a day ago
Do you really love me? I sit and wonder
Gazing forward Eyes reveal I’m somewhere else
Put us out of this misery Of uncertainty
Well, maybe I’m certain But letting go...seems scary
Everything will change From what I know
But... Doesn’t life do that anyways?
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rskeywatersign · a day ago
Tumblr media
Photo by unknown
#6 of Autumn Wind collection
Crop dust swirled
Across the black top
Like snow drifts
That we would come to know
Too well
Insects of every kind
Would harbor in our windows
Seeking shelter from
The autumn wind
They would find no warmth here
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rskeywatersign · a day ago
Tumblr media
Photo by Kurt Orionmystery
#5 of Autumn Wind collection
That sound
The bone dry leaves
And stalks rattling
In the slightest breeze
It’s so
Like nails on a chalkboard
Music to your ears
Mine are bleeding
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metapoet · a day ago
Everybody is ugly on the outside. Or will one day be.
The great beauty of life is to tame this fire we have inside. The great beauty is to use that fire to make humankind worth being remembered.
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awkwardartsy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The eye is the lamp of your body; when your eye is clear, your whole body also is full of light; but when it is bad, your body also is full of darkness.
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persephoneshellhounds · 2 days ago
i am quiet as an iridescent, swan paperweight, sitting and melting on sadness — on sheets and sheets of it. maybe this entire time, i have been on the edge, lying like a sand angel and wading through dead buttercups. i write a premonition and call it a poem. if these walls could speak, they would call me a resident. an outsider. a hostage victim. a sorry sight. a paperweight sitting in the middle of misery. i am quiet as an iridescent, swan paperweight, sitting and melting on sadness — on sheets and sheets of it; oh, how i long to fall and break into a thousand pieces — one, just small enough to be invisible to slip away and have no trace of pervasive sadness — it glistens in casual, technicolored mockery. and i am quiet — oh, so quiet. oh, how i long to fall and break
— fray narte
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