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undiariocheparladime · 13 minutes ago
Oggi ho visto uno che ti assomigliava.
Ho cercato la tua macchina nel parcheggio retrostante.
Non c'era.
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mhily-b · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Gosto de amor,de saudade... muita saudade!gosto de nós dois.
I like love, I miss you ... I miss you so much!I like both of us.
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talltalestogo · 43 minutes ago
Haiku and photo: “The wall”
Haiku and photo: “The wall”
The wall Is it the wall or / The reflection of the wall / That holds you in? . . #haiku #poem #poetry #poet #writer #writing #davidebooker #saturday #april #2020 #wall #reflectionphotography #reflection #photo
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ananyasan · an hour ago
Hey, I originally wanted to call myself Evan here, but unfortunately that wasn’t possible. Evan to me, is the short for “Everything to Anything”. This is what my idea is, I’ll be writing and posting about absolutely anything or everything that comes to my mind. I’ll happily accept that I am an amateur and am open to any suggestion. 
I want to keep it real with the person reading my write-up. I want to do this, not for fame or popularity but for myself. Through these blogs I want to express my good-bad days, my vulnerability, my happiness and most importantly my imperfections. Through my blogs you would notice how fickle minded I can be, how easily I get influenced, how I react to certain situations and again, more importantly how everyday I can improve and be the better version of me. Even if a few of you reading these would relate to it, all of this would be worth it. I already know a part of you would understand what I mean and to be honest, that’s enough.
It would be my pleasure if you join this journey, and help me to improve. I am new to this, and I have no real qualities but I look forward to develop some, probably learn from you. 
This is all about me for now but I would be keen to know about you too!
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soundbookmark · 2 hours ago
Charlotte Lawrence - “You“
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sunyna-saun · 2 hours ago
Remember when you were nine, the mole you've now was still there. The cornea the light of the world went into, was still the same as it is today. It was the same nose tip that was there when you went through all those earlier blue school days in late autumn. The scar that you've always had since childhood was still there when you went through all highs and lows all these years. And now as you're standing, in this chilly autumn night, hug your body, these little things were the only constant that you had. And though these little loyalties, fade as much as they can from my little hazy brain, I'm here to remind myself over and over again.
— 7:27 pm, 27 August 2020
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long-furby6 · 2 hours ago
Wearing Your S/Os Clothes— Monoma
This specific scenario has been plaguing my mind for the last week and since I haven’t got shit done in my other drafts I’m dropping everything and writing this.
This account was originally my side blog. How dare it slowly become my main
Warning: second hand embarrassment. Two absolute idiots trying to sort out feelings. You’ve been warned. This shit gets awkward
Tumblr media
Summary: Monoma wouldn’t be caught dead wearing your clothes while you weren’t around. Or so he thought.
He had walked into your room like he always did, not even bothering to knock. Why would he? You never minded, even before you two had started dating.
Surprisingly, you weren’t there. He was so used to seeing you half asleep on the bed, it was kind of shocking.
He grinned, what blackmail could he find while you were gone? What could he see to tease you about later? Maybe he could hide in your closet and scare you! He shut the door behind him, giggling and running over to collapse onto your bed.
Your bed was always so comfortable to him. Not because it was particularly soft or anything, but because it was yours. He just wished you were there with him. If he were to be honest, he was a bit disappointed that you were out. Why didn’t you tell him? He would’ve come with you in a heartbeat.
He should just move in to your dorm room. Why not? Actually, that was probably against the rules. And honestly, he was more than likely breaking the rules right now. He should leave and wait for you to get back. What if you got mad at him? Broke up with him? He’s not sure he’ll be able to live with that.
This relationship of yours was going too slow, in his esteemed opinion. A month in, and you had barely cuddled let alone kissed.
The last thing he wanted to do was scare you away. He didn’t want the one person that believed in him to leave. He didn’t want to be alone.
But still, he couldn’t help fantasizing about his first kiss being yours. Would your lips be soft or calloused? Would you pull his hair or gently play with it? He wanted to know everything. When you talked, he would zone out, staring at the movement of your mouth.
He acted nonchalant when you snapped him out of it, yet the nervous scratching of his neck and his flushed cheeks said otherwise.
All the nights he’s spent creating scenario after scenario, wondering if you thought of him, too. He hoped you did, it would be humiliating if he was the only one who dreamt of being in your arms, resting his head against your chest and pulling you closer, maybe you would place the occasional soft kiss to his forehead, until you both eventually fell asleep. It was one of the more...innocent... of his fantasies, yet enticing nonetheless..
Back to the current moment, it suddenly hit him that he was alone, in the place you spent most of your time. His heart began to flutter a little, had you ever thought about him while you lied in this bed? What did you imagine?
When he turned his head, he realized he was laying on one of your oversized hoodies. No wonder the bed felt a little strange. He reached out, pulling it to his chest. It smelled a lot like...
Like you.
He quickly sat up, staring at the hoodie in his hands. He’s seen you wearing it a few times, but it was a lot softer than he expected.
Would you have minded if he borrowed it for a while?
You wouldn’t have left it out if you didn’t want someone to steal it. Plus, it was only going to be for a minute. He would never let you see him wearing it.
Slipping it over his head, he laid back down and wrapped his arms around himself. This felt way too much like a bad fanfiction or a romcom. After all, wearing your significant other’s clothes was a relationship milestone, right?
What would you do if you caught him like this? Maybe you’d be angry, kicking him out of your room. But what if you didn’t? What if you tilted his chin up, slowly closing the gap between you. Maybe he’d finally get the kiss he’d always wanted.
The thought made him shudder, imagining all the things that could happen to him if you walked into the room right now. Some were good, some were embarrassing or downright terrible. As his mind wandered, he didn’t realize...
“Neito? What are you doing in my room?”
That he had lost track of time.
Monoma sat up at lightning speed, defensively raising an arm on reflex. “Y/N! You’re— You’re back!”
You closed the door behind you, locking it. He gulped.
“Is hoodie? That you’re wearing?” He had averted your gaze, but he could almost hear the smirk in your voice. He wanted to strangle you right then and there for catching him in such a pathetic state, and you teasing him only made that urge stronger.
“And what about it? I can wear whatever I want!”
You chuckled, walking up to sit on the bed with him. He shuffled back.
“I was just thinking about how cute you’d look in my clothes”
“What?!” He said, a little too loudly. He cleared his throat, ignoring the frantic pounding of his heart. “You Were?
“Yeah, and I was right, too.”
Luckily, he had claimed down his initial embarrassment and gathered himself together, albeit still quite nervous.
“If you’re trying to call me cute to fluster me, it’s not going to work.” The way he said it did not sound convincing, and the red on the tips of his ears said otherwise. “You’ll have to try harder than that, get some originality!”
You laughed. “Originality, you say?”
“I do say. Unless, of course, you’re a coward? I wouldn’t hold it against you if you were, after all, it’s not your fault you’re so—H-Hey! What are you doing?!”
You looked at him with fake confusion, your faces dangerously close.
“Chill, I’m just holding your hand. If you can’t even handle that, then you shouldn’t be challenging me.”
He let out a small noise when you held it tighter and brought it up to your mouth, placing a soft kiss to the back of his hand, before pinning it behind him and slowly pushing him down. Your smile was intoxicating yet infuriating, as if you knew what you were doing to him.
It wasn’t easy to ignore the adrenaline rushing through his veins, or the intrusive thoughts telling him to just pull you down and get it over with, so he didn’t. It was the opportunity he’d been dreaming about for the past hour.
When he grabbed your collar and kissed you, it took everything in him not to giggle into it. You would never have let him live that down. But to his surprise, you almost recoiled. He pulled away.
“Is something wrong?” He couldn’t control the panic in his voice. Did he do something wrong? Why did you jump like that?
“Well-“ you gingerly touched the corner of your mouth, your breathing a bit rapid. “I wasn’t expecting— I wasn’t.. was just trying to tease you! I wasn’t going to—uh, kiss you, or anything, I-“
You clasped a hand over your mouth, while he just stared at you in shock.
“Oh.” He shook his head, suddenly filled with an overwhelming sense of terror. “You should feel honoured getting to kiss me! Well- uh, I technically made the first move, so, I win! Hah!”
“Calm down, I don’t mind. I was just...surprised.” You chuckled, automatically knowing his distress. He internally thanked you for that. It also let him relax, relief washing over him.
He sighed, scratching the back of his neck and looking everywhere but you. “So, uh...”
“That was first kiss.”
“Do you want to have your second?”
He grinned, resting his hand on the back of your neck.
“I’d like that.”
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wordsworldofme · 3 hours ago
It didn't killed me, but something inside me died that day
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csadart · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
#gorillax #monkey #bana #20year #free #music #bakelit #paint #colour #art #make #me #you #end #over #dead #lowlife #feeling #nevermind #cSadArt
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whosxlis · 4 hours ago
animals > humans
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toadallytickles · 4 hours ago
Just found out you can control, or completely turn off, who can message and follow you on Fetlife~
It’s under Settings > Privacy > scroll down to Inbox
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rotaihealth · 5 hours ago
Start your Ramadan health & Wellness journey with Rotai healthcare resolution  #ROTAI #ROTAIUAE #Wishes #You #Happy #Ramadan #Kareem #Stay #Healthy #Blessed #luxury #highend #comfort #present #surprise #exclusive #gift #love #happiness #dubai #mydubai #2k21 #healthcare #products #fitness #healthy #massagechair #relaxation #dubailife #dubailifestyle (at Nakheel Mall)
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kinglofi · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
That's why we both sit here, our backs to the thin wall. Screaming for each other, waiting for the other to call. Wait for me my dear heart, I'll be waiting for you. We'll be together again, I feel it, soon ....
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mhily-b · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Amo a intimidade,a aura de sensualidade,e o toque de paixão que esse gif evoca em meu cérebro.
I love the intimacy, the aura of sensuality, and the touch of passion that this gif evokes in my brain.
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prayercare · 7 hours ago
Cried Out.
“Lord, my cry is built on my trust in You. Heed my prayer in Jesus name. Amen.”
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landosous-blog-blog · 8 hours ago
TSUS | FEEL YOUR PRESENT PLACE | #inshot #feel #your #present #place #what #is #now #needed #the #advancing #man #look #out #for #the #temptation #to #seek #for #authority #you #must #never #lose #sight #of #your #vision #what #want
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