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honeyfortheheart · 2 hours ago
He said I was dangerous and called me a witch
I wonder how many innocent women
Have been burned alive because of men like him
ʜᴏɴᴇʏ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛ
Tumblr media
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the-word-player · 5 hours ago
في النهاية نحن جميعًا قصصًا ،في حاجة ماسة للقراءة من قبل شخص قادر بما يكفي على فهم الأخلاق.
In the end we're all stories, desperate to read by someone who Is capable enough to understand the moral.
-©SuadShaikh (we're all stories)
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poemsbyssb · 6 hours ago
I was so ready to let you go.
I was prepared for saying our last goodbye
and I felt that you were too.
And I remembered how my hands tremble,
how my heart sunk into my chest
as I saw you coming to me
ready for saying your last words.
And we knew.
our love was still there but not our courage.
we were never enough brave to lose ourselves in our love,
but I knew it was there.
you knew that too.
And you came to me that day.
my hand ached your touch,
my lips missed your breath,
but I knew that I was only hearing your words.
And I was so ready to let you go.
I was prepared to say goodbye.
But that day you decided that your last words would be
asking me about my dreams one last time.
and you knew them,
you always knew my dreams
but you asked me again about them
one last time.
And I told you all those dreams I pictured
and you were not in them,
but how much I wanted you in them.
And you looked me in the eyes one last time,
and you arched your lips one last time for me,
and you said your last words.
You hoped for my dreams to come true.
And at that moment I realized
that I was never ready to let you go.
Last words - PoemsbySsb
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svemir-u-glavi · 7 hours ago
ubedim sebe da mi ništa ne značiš
i onda se vratim u onaj tvoj meni zabranjeni grad
i sipam sebi so na ranu
po ko zna koji put
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wwpoetry · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
When I look
In the mirror
Who am I
Gay, straight, trans,
Pan, or bi
Why is this world
So critical of who
You wanna love
When it's up to
The man above
Our world is
Full of hate
Making us take
Detours of our fate
Why can't we just
Accept one another
Stop ridiculing us
On who we choose
As our lovers
We can't help
Our heart's desire
When we find someone
To put out the fire
Love should be accepted
In all pairs of eyes
Instead of being
Forced to always hide
I'm going to love
Whomever I feel like
No matter who my
Soul picks up hitchhiking
Love shouldn't be a crime
For in this life you
Aren't given much time
Find your ride or die
Nobody should try
To control your decisions
There should be
No restrictions
Follow your ambitions
I ask again
Who am I
Look in the mirror
You're free to decide
To be as free
Like a butterfly
By: NostalgicMermaid77
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lostinnep · 8 hours ago
I will leave with the stars, wherever the wind carries me, taking with me the dream of a love that will forever burn. He who has always been close, but I have never been able to touch. I had to stay away, because of a man without compassion. I am not afraid of hell, for I have already known paradise, in my vivid dreams with its black hair and soothing voice, which always keeps me in a state of ecstasy and made me want to live.
For my only dream
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caramelizedbook · 9 hours ago
"Your parents love you" "we all care about you" "your friends love you"
Its actions that speaks and proves
And honestly everyone around me acts and speaks like I'm a disgrace
....I know I'm
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schuylerpeck · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
16/30: After Lyd Havens’ poem Heirloom, write about something passed down to you, internally or externally.
instagram: hiitssky
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mycollectioncloud · 10 hours ago
Stuck in a crossroads Between a clean uncluttered physical space And using cleaning as an excuse to procrastinate
Beautiful and loved clothes/items Usually do use/wear most of them In between upgrades at the moment
The what was And what is Bumping elbows as they pass each other by
So much old energy cleansed and released Yet seemingly still so much to let go Does this ever end?
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cerisemelinoe · 11 hours ago
Mediterranean dream
Along pellucid waters of Capri, I seek a tree of timeless serenity. One that veils them far-flung stars abloom, Fills the air with bracing, sweet perfume. Ah, thy name’s magnolia – wild and free, Alluring beauty of the sirenian sea. You light the pallor night aglow, With dim vermillion of thy blossoms – Lo! To linger, perchance to stay… – nay! At first light this dream shall sigh – adieu! Leaving only a tinge of cerise hue. Yet, forevermore I may wear, Myriads of thy petals in my hair.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
To be bitter is to attribute intent and personality to the formless, infinite, unchanging and unchangeable void. We drift on a chartless, resistless sea. Let us sing when we can, and forget the rest.. ― H.P. Lovecraft
Tumblr media
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lyricsbylittle · 12 hours ago
I was close enough to touch but not close enough for you to read my mind I believed in you - perhaps I still do I was so close to reach the bottom line but not that close to see us part I believed in you - perhaps I still do
All the senses mean nothing at the moment We say goodbye ending a wonderful story
Is it just me?
I was close enough to see the stare but not close enough to see it longs for her I believed in you - what if I still do? I was so close to figure this out but not that closed, I let you break my heart I believed in you - what if I still do?
All the words you say Will not stop this ache
Is it just me?
Is it all in my head? Am I crazy for believing that you could change I believed in you but you didn't believe in me and the love I gave all you did was take, take, take... so take it just one more time make me believe you could’ve been mine.
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honeyfortheheart · 13 hours ago
For all the women
Who couldn't leave
I promise to remember you
For who you really are
Not who he has convinced you to be
And every morning I wake up in freedom
I will remember you still live in captivity
ʜᴏɴᴇʏ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛ
For my friend E and all the other women who have been abused into submission and have not found the fire to leave. I love you
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scriptedsilence · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
* whispered breaths *
I want to lightly
caress the edges
of your obscure soul
kiss the pieces of your being
that you keep secret
and hidden
from the
outside world
I want to touch you
with great intent
pour myself into your heart
sculpt into your crevices
to complete your soul
as you do mine
I want to feel your skin
upon my own
to know the way your
breath sounds
when my lips quicken it
I want to feel your heartbeat
when I whisper
all that you mean to me
in your ears
I want to curl myself
into you
for my body seeks
the comfort of your warmth
as you share your deepest thoughts
the remembrance of our love story
the beauty
upon your lips
of words
you place softly
against my skin
like lullabies
for it is,
your touch
your words
your embrace
that is like fingerprints
upon my soul
to be erased
© ScriptedSilence. All rights reserved.
Pic credit- Alina Louka
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