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iknowyoufeelittoo · 19 minutes ago
I don’t believe in relationships but once in a while I see this cute couple who truly loves each other and it kinda gives me a bit if hope.
With that said I mean this is the nicest way possible,
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macd1000 · 25 minutes ago
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#comedy #life #cartoons #couples #funny #human #strange #humor #smile #love
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chayenzovsevil · an hour ago
I used to have trouble watching K-Dramas if they had actors from previous drams I had already seen...which is a problem because, you know, they re-use the same people a lot and seeing those faces go through hell-and-back for one person and then next kiss someone else was hard.
It was the worst when I found a couple with great chemistry. Not just even the leads but the entire cast, the story, everything. I loved it. The story was my baby. Even though I know it is all fiction, I couldn’t help but feel betrayed by them when I learned about their next coming drama. When I heard about their new love interest, their new friendships and adventures and problems.
But there were times when the story sounded good. Where if the actors weren’t the actors I’ve seen but actors I haven’t seen, I probably would’ve watched it, and I went mad because I’m very picky with what I watch. Which is why it took me so friggin’ long to find Vincenzo (I mean, my god, I don’t even remember how I found it but thank the K-drama gods I did). 
But awhile ago I was struck with a revelation: (Ignoring that k-drama actors are ACTING and I’ve got problems to address), imagine that the k-drama stories are in a way connected. That all the actor’s characters are themselves from different dimensions. 
They’re the versions you have probably asked yourself: “If I was born in a different place at a different time, would I turn out differently? Would I have met different people? What kind of person would I have been?” could have been a soldier. Or a vampire. Mermaid. Alien. Homeless person. Super strong. Veeeeeeeeery ugly. Veeeeeeeeeery dumb. Total jerkwad. Good friend with a hot woe-is-me person who doesn’t listen to you. Mafia dude with family problems. Greedy lawyer with family problems. Idiotic fake chairman with family problems. 
Now, that may sound contradictory, as now the characters are even MORE connected than normal. But for me, now I don’t have this stupid (and I know self made up) mentality of getting so invested in my favorite characters romance only to have them betray their love interest. Now it’s more like: “Hey, (s)he met this person instead of that person in this dimension, and I just happen to think this lover is (hella) better than that lover.
And with that mentality, I can now watch more k-dramas in peace. 
Though I’m gonna be honest: I might be skipping the kissing scenes.
After Vincenzo, I don’t think I’ll be wanting to see Vincenzo kissing anyone other than Chayoung, no matter what other dimension he’s in.
Nope. You’re gonna miss me with that.
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thevisualvamp · an hour ago
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kristinaakheeva · an hour ago
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drunkentimes · 2 hours ago
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Being A Supportive Boyfriend 🤦‍♂️
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carpethedamndiem · 3 hours ago
“To love someone else enough to forget about yourself even for one moment is to be free. The mystics and the churchmen talk about throwing off this body and its desires, being no longer a slave to the flesh. They don’t say that through the flesh we are set free. That our desire for another will lift us out of ourselves more cleanly than anything divine.”
- Jeanette Winterson, The Passion
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onwardthroughthefog · 4 hours ago
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read-for-knowledge · 4 hours ago
10 Tips to Help You Look for a Good Partner
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In the event that you are searching for your ideal accomplice, you are on the correct page. In this article, we will impart to you a couple of tips that may assist you with picking the best accomplice for yourself. Peruse on to discover more.
1. As a matter of first importance, your accomplice will disclose to you what their identity is given you will tune in. In this way, on the off chance that they say that they are in horrible mind-set, hear them out. It is anything but a smart thought to expect that you can help them change.
2. You should go with them on a 8-hour drive. During this lengthy drive, you will actually want to know a great deal about them.
3. It's better that you go with a sort and cherishing individual. Great guardians bring up their children such that they realize how to carry on well. It's acceptable to have parents in law who will treat you actually like they treat their relatives. In addition, it will make your life significantly simpler.
4. It's better that your ideal accomplice doesn't smoke. On the off chance that they don't smoke, they might have the option to assist you with disposing of your smoking propensity. All things considered, you should lean toward a glad life over death.
5. You might need to search for someone who you can converse with. With the progression of time, looks, position, and cash will lose their significance. In this way, when you are beyond 60 years old, the lone individual who will be there to help is your accomplice. You will have their source of genuine sympathy.
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6. It's better that you share a few things for all intents and purpose. These things are very significant. For example, in the event that you need kids however your accomplice doesn't, it tends to be a dealbreaker. Aside from this, you may think that its hard to manage political and otherworldly contrasts. As you get more established, you will have heightened emotions here.
7. It's alright to have some minor contrasts, yet in the event that you an excessive number of contrasts with your accomplice, you can't proceed. Then again, in the event that they are actually similar to you, you may get exhausted as time passes by. Throughout everyday life, contrasts have their own magnificence.
8. Taking everything into account, realize that it is identified with contact, not sex. In this manner, in the event that you are a sort of strategic individual, ensure you search for somebody who resembles you. With time, the force of sexual longings will in general change. Then again, the requirement for contact doesn't change.
9. A few group simply need to move wedded immediately. You ought to know about these individuals. Commitment are there for various reasons. Prior to getting ready for marriage, it's better that you invest energy with your forthcoming accomplice for a couple of months. This will help you know whether they are the correct kind of individual for you.
10. It's better that you search for somebody who can satisfy you. Throughout everyday life, you can manage a ton of obstacles on the off chance that you have a fair of humor. So, we recommend that you follow these tips in the event that you are searching for your ideal accomplice. In short, we suggest that you follow these tips if you are looking for your desired partner.
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