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#original poetry
memer-the-miner · an hour ago
An Agreement by Memer-the-miner
Climb up snowy hills/
Stay quiet/ Stay low/
Don’t be heard/ Don’t be seen/ Do you see/
Villages that are warm with the fire of brotherhood/ The same villages that will be burned by their covenant with our flame/
Don’t stay/ Don’t stare/
Don’t look at happy faces/ Remember despair/
Remember tiny soldiers/
Be quiet/
Be still/
Attack from the top of the hills/-
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uglybirdpoetry · 2 hours ago
- fizzy soda being poured into a tall glass
- the click, click, click of a gas stove
- the sigh following a hug
- vague radio chatter
- distant, ominous thunder rolls
- the cacophony of the wind chimes during a gusty storm
- abrupt thunder claps and the crashing aftermath
- a dying fire’s last whispers of a roar
- silence
originally written 4/14/21
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creativefiend19 · 2 hours ago
Day 9: A Persona Poem
No one knows you like I do
No one touches you but me
I give you what you need
And you give me what I crave
The blessed escape
Of adrenaline and speed
I wash and clean you
Until the soft shine
Of your curved skin
Slides smooth under me
I've been inside you
Fingers slick with grease
I've taken you apart
And put you back together
Hand wrapped around your length
Foot on your throat
I've driven you
To madness and back
You give me your everything
As I coax you to emptiness
Faster faster harder harder
Yes yes just like that
You're so good for me baby
Your sweet spots no secret
The wind in our hair
And lightning in our veins
Screaming down the road
Of this slow life
Our dust in the mouths
Of those we leave behind
We live and die as one
"Ode to my steed"
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redheadthed · 3 hours ago
(TW: not about sexual assault but evokes similar themes)
A look-- and my mind surges in the dark,
Where your kind kisses meet my anxious lips.
Locked in your gentle grip I feel no spark,
Just spiraling panic grows as we unzip.
I mask my clawing need to breathe beneath
The ruse of love; intoxicated by
My (lying) lust, forgive my sick deceit,
A lover’s gasp faked by a choking mind.
My senses numb would be a soaring gift
For me, but pills and poison will not ease
The sharp reality I feel that lifts
The frenzy ‘til I break.
I said yes, and again I will for you.
I bare my mind, so you can know the truth.
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amareaeternumx · 8 hours ago
Curious it seems
To fall in love with a distant dream
On the corner of commonality
Rare gems bursting at the seams.
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vernociti · 11 hours ago
i just want to start over. move to a new city where no one knows me, writing anonymous letters and leaving them in the sleeves of books in bookstores. sipping my coffee mysteriously and nibbling on a croissant as i take notes on the atmosphere and spend my time writing and critiquing my work. taking a long drag of my cigarette as i stroll down the long cobblestone sidewalks, smiling at boys i would never see again and making sure girls knew i was in love with them because of the way they held their books and did their hair.
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symbolic-myths · 12 hours ago
It has apparently been awhile since I last posted some poetry, I shall try to remedy this and post more often so hopefully the IG gods won't forget about me! Hope you all are having a lovely week✨💜🥀
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sprightlyness · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
on hating someone who made the right and the wrong choices
i’ll give you the sun, jandy nelson // my favorite color is blue, maybe it always was, elliott aleksandr moore (me) // personal photo // i’m not sure // she had the world, panic! at the disco // photo taken by my friend harleen // tumblr user @inkskinned // l’énigme, gustave doré // nadezhda mandelstam
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wordswrittenforyou · 13 hours ago
I need me some Jesus in my life
Sundays are our days of worship.
I have you on your knees pleasing me
with your name escaping from my lips
while your hands run down from my hips.
And when you are inside me,
you have me calling out for a God.
But then you always leave for weeks
making me miss our Sundays of worship
where I open up for you like a tulip.
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cantcarrythis · 13 hours ago
i’m lying on the grass
you’re next to me
and suddenly
all is well
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porkiboidoesthings · 15 hours ago
I don't remember much but,
When I look back on my memories of youth,
They are either gone, or they are sad.
With every giggle,
there was always pain,
And with every smile came a growl, and the familiar taste of metallic blood.
Each memory was filled with a misunderstood reason of discipline and all I had wanted was to feel like I was something.
Like I had been brought to this earth to see more than a broken family, and a bruised heart.
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rosliwtor · 16 hours ago
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narcissisticbooklover · 16 hours ago
i don’t know what to say but sometimes not saying a n y t h i n g a t a l l is worse.
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write-my-stars · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
«day 11: eureka»
back on track! wuuu! (not yet) I am going on writer’s block regarding one of my biggest wips and my thesis (!!) but I working slowly on it. not going to lie, it sucks. oh, muse.
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