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gonkdroidenjoyer · 18 minutes ago
Really random but like.... I am so so glad I got over that weird idea that producing fan content and making fanart or ocs/AUs/rewrites/etc for pre-existing media was thought of as “lesser than” in comparison to creating fully original content. Dont get me wrong, I love making original stories with all my heart, but taking something you love that already exists and adding your own little twist to it?? So so refreshing and fun in its own way. Some benefits can even overlap!!
Just... please draw/write/create whatever you want. Do what makes you happy and consider your needs as an artist first. It will make your craft so much easier and fun <3
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ebookporn · 46 minutes ago
Vella is interesting but ultimately is it a Wattpad killer?
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promptlyprompting · 57 minutes ago
An attention-seeking, alcoholic priest with an enemy in their power;
feat. a public park, a secret meeting, a whistle
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bryfisherr · 59 minutes ago
i told him that i lived mostly in my head and he asked me what it looked like 
so i told him that everything is pink and its always night because i love to see the stars but there are beautiful lights everywhere you turn and the people write poetry and romanticize the empty streets and we all gaze at each other longingly and we say what we want to say we fall in love with anything and everything because how boring it can be to only fall in love once; its dark because i am dark but it is captivating because darkness can be that way. its calm and its quiet and i wish i could stay there forever
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purplejeanny · an hour ago
Reason's Why
Chapter One
Monday was the worst day for Marinette. She woke up late again waiting for Adrien's advertisement to be shown on the internet. It just gave her a nostalgic feeling seeing the remake of Adrien's ad from five years ago. It went from the cute ad of a fifteen-year-old boy to a mature twenty-year-old Adrien.
"Bye, mom! Bye, dad! See you two later!"
Marinette grabs a croissant before heading out, ignoring the call of her parents to have her at least eat a decent breakfast. She's running late and she has no time for that.
"Radiant, carefree, dreamy. Adrien—"
"—the fragrance." Marinette sighed dreamingly seeing the billboard ad playing on top of the building across her current street. "Oh, Adrien."
"Wake up Marinette!" She shook her head as she felt like she just heard Adrien's voice. Thinking she was daydreaming again, she absent-mindedly crossed the busy street forgetting it's still on the red light.
A warm hand grabs her arm back to the sidewalk. She ended up leaning on the chest of the man who saved her from her stupidity.
Why is she even so into Adrien that she often finds herself in danger because she was obsessed with him?
"A-Adrien?" Noticing she's still in his arms she immediately halted. That was so wrong of her to jump in someone's arms. Especially to the super talented and supermodel of Paris, Adrien Agreste. "Why are you here?"
"I'm grabbing some macaroons from your bakery." Adrien lifted the box he's holding. "I heard you're running late. Your parents are worried. Wanna ride? Your university's on my way anyway. I don't want my good old friend being crushed by a vehicle just because she's running late."
She smiled and silently followed Adrien into his car he's driving. That's a slap of being friend-zoned again by Adrien. She should have known that phrase is coming.
Her day went normal as usual. She's seeing Alya after class. They're no longer classmates for Alya pursued journalism while she pursued fashion. The only people in her former school that are in her university were Chloe, Sabrina, Juleka, Rose and—.
"Lila, thank you for the book you lent me this weekend." Marinette rolled her eyes seeing the book that their classmate was holding. She's still fixing her things when she heard their conversation.
"Oh, it's nothing. I'm glad I could help. My grandpa has a huge library in his basement he got so many books, even the rare ones. I can borrow some more books if you want."
She could see the joy in their classmate's face hearing those words from Lila. For a split second, she saw the disgust on Lila's face. She's not that dumb to not know Lila's tactics.
She saw Lila borrowing those books from the public library of course the story about her grandpa having a library is a joke, like Lila herself.
"Make way for the queen, Dupain-Cheng."
She was just standing outside the university premises when somebody hits her shoulder causing her phone to fall over the floor. Chloe again. Good thing it didn't break. She still needs to call Alya so the two of them could meet.
"Grow up Chloe. You ain't in middle school anymore."
She dialed Alya's number and waited for her to answer. However, Chloe has other plans.
"Grab her phone, Sabrina." Sabrina grabs her phone and turns it off. Marinette stared at Chloe's smirking face. "Same goes to you Dupain-Cheng." She lightly taps the side of her cheek to turn her gaze in another direction. "Your hatred to Lila's the only one growing here Maria—"
"It's Marinette, Chloe." Sabrina interfered, correcting Chloe as she handed her Marinette's phone.
Chloe rolled her eyes and handed the phone to Marinette whose still in awe looking somewhere. "I'm saying this back to you Dupain-Cheng, grow up."
Chloe leaves her just in time Alya arrived glancing in the same direction she was staring.
"That was Lila, right? What is she doing with Adrien? Oh? And Adrien opened the door for her." Alya turned her head to Marinette and seeing her face, she started to panic. "Girl! Oh my God. I'm sorry!"
Marinette seems to come back to her senses and looked at Alya. "Why are you sorry Alya?"
"Marinette, you're crying." Alya immediately hugged her as soon as the car where Lila and Adrien were, faded from their sight. "Argh, that blond's so blind."
"Dudes!" Nino arrived looking confused on the two girls hugging each other. She peeks at Marinette whose face was buried on Alya's shoulder. He knew she was crying and was trying not to make a noise. "Wait. Did something happened?"
"There is, Nino," Alya said firmly with brows meeting each other. She looked up at Nino. "Why is your best friend so dumb?"
Nino was about to say something but realizes he didn't even know why Adrien's so dumb either.
Marinette silently cried her heart out on Alya's shoulder. She didn't know why she broke down. As if it's the first time Adrien dated someone. He already dated Kagami years ago and now Lila?
Adrien could date anyone close to him but why can't it just be her?
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zoya-nazyalantsov · an hour ago
me, a struggling writer, trying to describe what i want my next story to have in it:
the specific steampunk aesthetic created when you listen to pnic at the discos third studio album vices and virtues in its entirety including all bonus tracks and the song “mercenary” recorded for the batman: arkham city video game album
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deepspacetransmissions · an hour ago
Take me
Back to the sea
Before I was worried
About everything
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nightfoxproductions726 · an hour ago
Introduction to my fantasy world
Each fantasy book is set on the fictional planet called Kaeyama. Each story is set in different countries with different MCs. 
The Countries are:
Bolyra - Bolyra is the first country and the starting place within the first book of The Legend of Bolyra. This country is rich in history and holds dark secrets that the rest of the Kaeyama inhabitants have long forgotten about. This is a medieval fantasy country with some modern tech, which will be covered in another post.
Huisong - Huisong is a fantasy Asian country that is steeped in tradition, lore, and is the third country to have humanoid animal races. 
Iecruinia - Iecruinia is a powerful dragon country filled with floating islands, lush forests, and mighty mountainsides. The inhabitants are dragons, dragon shifters, and dragonborns.  
Uthal and Nefrea - Uthal is a desert-like country that neighbors, Nefrea, which is a lush jungle-like country. These two countries are always at war with one another over resources.
Helina - A dictatorship country that is shrouded in mystery and is known for the biggest slave trade on the Kaeyama.
Namaru - A felinoid race, who are called Odine, inhabits this desert-like country that is based off Ancient Egypt.  
Moonfield and Cristalhold - These two countries are known for their fridgid temperatures and being the home to largest groups of Gninneagale, a grey-furred bipedal wolf race and Gauroku, a black-furred bipedal wolf race.
Pethaice - This tropical country is known for its fish, sea crystals, and various tropical fruits.
Kisaris - Is an island near Namaru. Not much is known about this place as many have assumed to be abandoned due to disease, war, or environmental problems.
Shiura - A freshwater aquatic country.
Tumblr media
Map by Azgaar Fantasy Map Generator
Link to the website:
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edwardeidolon · 2 hours ago
The Office Job: Chapter 22: She's on Fire
pull a trigger push a button say ADIOS today
– Scotty D
Lindsey watched the seconds tick by on the clock, counted the muffled thumps of gunfire from the ground floor, ran her thumb over the selector switch on the Galil. Anything to distract her from the nagging feeling that she shouldn’t be here. A buried voice cried out. You’re going to get killed, or arrested, or maimed for life. Why are you doing this? Run!
She had set up the bomb in the stairwell and had the camera feed pulled up on her phone. EP had called it a stairwell bomb, apparently something Michael had the twins cook up; A specially crafted thermobaric charge tweaked to send an incendiary blast wave snaking up the stairs, killing anything within five stories, but leaving the rest of the building intact. It seemed too good to be true.
A guard came down the stairs from the elevator lobby and walked right up to the luggage.
“They found it! I’m gonna have to blow it!” She flexed her thumb over the button.
“Shit. Just wait, trying to move the target.” Said EP.
“What? Where is he?!” He should have been in range by now. How long does it take to get down five flights of stairs?!
“Just wait!” EP clicked and slapped keys in the background and Lindsey got a sinking feeling in her chest.
“He’s not in the stairwell?! Why did they move him out?!”
“Bryan was moving down!”
“He’s been dead for ten minutes!” It didn’t make any sense. Unless they had seen the bomb. Lindsey grimaced as the man on the screen rummaged through the suitcase. All this for nothing! If those two idiots had been on site instead of dying on an overpass, they could have gunned him down by now. Now all she could do was pray.
“I’m setting it off!” she whispered.
“Just wait! Why aren’t they moving him?!” EP screamed, and Lindsey, despite herself, felt for her. On the feed, the man tore the back fabric off, exposing case.
“Clear the stairs, Malachi!” Lindsey said. She dialed the number and hoped for a miracle.
The explosive force misted the guard, ripped through the stairwell and snaked up like burning water. It blew off the doors to the tunnels and basement and tripped the fire sprinkler at the top of the stairwell. Lindsey felt the shock rip through the walls. Beams groaned and dust flaked off the ceiling.
“Kill confirmed?” She said, hopelessly.
“No. They’re opening the elevator shaft. You need to hurry.”
Lindsey got her Galil up and moved to the door. Finally. Adrenaline washed over her like a wave. She was ready for it.
H0tKoff3 [GM6 Lynx] GrdNmbr4
Paul was crouched down in front of the elevators when the glass conference room next to him exploded and the guard standing over him went down a bloody crash. The man’s head and shoulders wobbled strangely as he dropped and his vest caved outward with a burst of gore. Something flew off at an angle and clanged on an elevator door. Paul watched it in flight and stared at it for a few seconds after it landed before realizing it was the guy’s arm. He sat there stunned, covered in blood and gore while the guards scrambled around him.
“Get him down!” they forced him down on the floor and up against the wall between the elevators as they crouched around him with their guns up. Andler screamed at the space where the window used to be.
“You mother fucker! Must’ve been bought off! Overlord this is House! We’re taking sniper fire through the windows! Moving to the stairwell, over!”
“No! Get him away from the windows and return fire!” Anthony’s anger was a rolling boil, but a fifty cal. is a fifty cal. The guards looked at each other and Paul could almost see the words “fuck that” form in the air between them.
Paul waited for one of the other guards to get ripped in half, but they just sat there staring and breathing and grimacing for a few seconds that dragged on like hours. There was a boom from the floor and the walls then a roar in the stairwell and the door rattled like a tornado had been summoned on the other side.
“Overlord, what happened, over?” Andler screamed.
“The stairs are gone. Drop the blinds, then get that elevator open and get him down the shaft. Gear is in the manager’s office. Over.”
He sounded like he was explaining how to boil water. All the guards looked at Andler.
“You get paid more.” someone said.
Andler stood up and marched swiftly through the shattered glass wall, past the large conference table, up to the window and let down the floor to ceiling blinds. Paul and the guards exhaled at once.
“Ok, get that fucking elevator opened!”
Anthony and his two remaining men moved through the deli with weapons raised and flashlights shining through the smoke. Inside the lobby, all the elevators waited with doors open like ghosts had called them for a trip to hell. They got in position and froze like corpses as the fire alarm blared.
“How many?” Lindsey asked EP.
“Three. They’re taking cover in the elevator doorways. One on the far right and two in the last two on the left.”
“Moving.” She opened the door and went down the hall in a low crouch. At the corner, she stopped and visualized them, picturing how they would die, how she would gun them down, one by one. She went over it all again in under a second, then took a breath and raised her weapon, backed away from the wall, and leaned out the doorway.
The guard in the center left elevator fired just as she did. Her Galil snapped soundlessly and his face was no longer a face. She took another step out and brought the guard in the far-left elevator into view. He was already firing, and bullets ripped through the drywall next to her and something punched in her thigh. Stumbling, she put three rounds in his chest as she cleared the doorway. Another punch in her right side, as she shot him below the jaw. She stepped again to take aim at the guard in the right-side elevator and put five rounds into the doorway before she realized he had backed out of sight. Still firing, she stepped into the hallway and got punched in the gut.
The guard she had shot below the jaw had gotten up on one knee and his muzzle flashed again. She put three rounds in his face before she knew he had missed her and he smeared brains on the elevator wall as he slumped down.
She turned back towards the right elevator and rounds crashed out of the marble and metal around the call button. Most missed her or struck her chest plate, but she felt another punch in her hip and fell to the right. She rolled with it and emptied the rest of her magazine into the inside left wall of the adjacent elevator. With the empty mag still bouncing on the floor, she threw herself back into the hallway.
“I’m hit.” Blood pooled on the carpet and her fingers moved from the mag release to her mag pouch sluggishly. She tried to drag her mind out of the cloud of pain and visualize all her limbs working correctly. Somewhere deep and distant, a voice cried out, begging to be spared.
Thanks for Reading!
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writingdotcoffee · 2 hours ago
#191: The Best Writing Quotes From the Past Year
Tumblr media
I post a lot of writing quotes and advice on this blog. Every once in a while, I like to trawl through the archive to see which quotes were the most popular. Today, we're looking at the top 10 quotes from the past year.
#10: Louis L’Amour (810 notes)
“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” — Louis L’Amour
This quote is a staple of any collection of quotes on writing.
#9: John Green (888 notes)
 “Writing is something you do alone. It's a profession for introverts who want to tell you a story but don’t want to make eye contact while doing it.” — John Green
Relatable for sure...
#8: Anne Tyler (998 notes)
“I would advise any beginning writer to write the first drafts as if no one else will ever read them — without a thought about publication — and only in the last draft to consider how the work will look from the outside.” — Anne Tyler
So much good advice in a single sentence!
#7: Octavia E. Butler (958 notes)
“You don’t start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap and thinking it’s good stuff, and then gradually you get better at it. That’s why I say one of the most valuable traits is persistence.” — Octavia E. Butler
#6: Maya Angelou (1,002 notes)
“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” — Maya Angelou
Another classic writing quote, this time from Maya Angelou.
#5: Shannon Hale (1,046 notes)
“I’m writing a first draft and reminding myself that I’m simply shovelling sand into a box so that later I can build castles.” — Shannon Hale
This one blew my mind when I first read it. When you're not feeling like writing, just shovel sand into a box.
#4: Maya Angelou (1,079 notes)
“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.” — Maya Angelou
This is so true. You'll always have more new ideas.
#3: E.L Doctorow (1,836 notes)
“Writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.” — E. L. Doctorow
Another very well-known quote and an important piece of advice.
#2: W.H. Auden (4,216 notes)
“Some writers confuse authenticity, which they ought always to aim at, with originality, which they should never bother about.” — W.H. Auden
I found this one only recently. And I guess I'm not the only one who liked it.
#1: Stephen King (8,766 notes)
“A story should entertain the writer, too.” — Stephen King
At the very top of the list with a comfortable lead — Stephen King himself.
What is your favourite writing quote?
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depressionisms · 2 hours ago
I am learning the things
that can only be taught by the mountains
and the oceans
at their varying heights of authority.
lessons from cracked brick walkways
and what the northerners do not know
about sweet tea.
the tropics burn cool
and the pine straw falls into a bed
and come close,
and sit with me,
and let us write our own history.
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