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pillar-of-pepper · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Did another one!
This one image summarizes my entire plot, actually.
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pensamentossortidos · 7 minutes ago
Aragorn está vivo em meus pensamentos, sentimentos e coração.
Aragorn is alive in my thoughts, feelings and heart.
Tudo o que eu realmente quero é estar nos braços dele e partir para a terra-média,e beijá-lo.
All I really want is to be in his arms and go to Middle-earth, and kiss him.
As vezes é tão difícil sobreviver neste mundo horrível cercado de demônios,na verdade eu não pertenço a este mundo deplorável e o odeio.
Sometimes it is so hard to survive in this horrible world surrounded by demons, in fact I do not belong to this deplorable world and hate it.
Eu criei um mundo onde ele é real,eu converso com ele todos os dias e tenho o seu amor. Ele me ajuda a suportar esse mundo miserável,eu não suporto a maioria das pessoas.
I created a world where he is real, I talk to him every day and I have his love. It helps me to endure this miserable world, I can't stand most people.
Eu jurei a mim mesmo,que nunca mais desperdiçarei o meu coração com seres humanos.
I swore to myself that I will never again waste my heart on human beings.
Só há um homem que amo e já amei com toda minha alma,e ele se chama Aragorn,ele terá meu coração por toda eternidade.
There is only one man I love and have loved with all my soul,and he is called Aragorn, he will have my heart for all eternity.
Eu realmente quero partir para outro mundo,não há nada interessante neste planeta além de pessoas estúpidas.
I really want to go to another world, there is nothing interesting on this planet besides stupid people.
Há algumas excessões,entretanto,não o suficiente para que eu queira permanecer aqui.
There are some exceptions, however, not enough that I want to stay here.
Eu não gosto mais de interagir com a maioria,na verdade eu só quero distância de todos.
I don't like to interact with most anymore, in fact I just want everyone away.
Não tenho expectativas nesta existência insignificante.
I have no expectations for this insignificant existence.
Meu amor por Aragorn é algo mágico e extremamente profundo,eu faço cartas para ele todos os dias,e tenho várias fotos dele.
My love for Aragorn is something magical and extremely profound, I write letters to him every day, and I have several pictures of him.
Eu sou a rainha dele,e nosso reino é algo tão lindo quanto o paraíso dos Deuses.
I am his queen, and our kingdom is as beautiful as the gods' paradise.
Em meu mundo ele me trata como uma rainha e me ama profundamente,ele é nobre e virtuoso.
In my world he treats me like a queen and loves me deeply, he is noble and virtuous.
Eu quero fechar os meus olhos e acordar em seus braços,e permanecer ao seu lado pela eternidade.
I want to close my eyes and wake up in your arms, and stay with you for eternity.
Eu odeio viver neste mundo e seguir uma série de protocolos para parecer normal aos olhos dessas criaturas idiotas.
I hate to live in this world and follow a series of protocols to appear normal in the eyes of these idiotic creatures.
A maioria não tem tem nada de interessante, é sempre a mesma porcaria de sempre.
Most don't have anything interesting, it's always the same crap as always.
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wishingwellfairytales · 19 minutes ago
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I had daydreams and fantasies when I was growing up. I always wanted to live in a log cabin at the foot of a mountain. I would ride my horse to town and pick up provisions. Then return to the cabin, with a big open fire, a record player and peace - Linda McCartney
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artstudioandselfinsert · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Do I mentioned I adore drawing mermaids?? 😍💕
lol did this quick sketch while battling my art block and decide to show you sketch of her :). Not sure if I want to color this up, she looks good in sketch lol
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sissyfantasygirls · 24 minutes ago
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cherokeegal1975 · 34 minutes ago
Work in Progress
Tumblr media
Almost done. This is really an extra fancy creature design drawing. I could have just focused on just the dragon and no environment, but I chose to do a full backdrop too. Added bonus, I can reuse this backdrop for other creatures.
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down-the-rabbit-hole39 · 34 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Reader’s Response: (A) While reading Crown of Feathers I couldn't help but to be reminded of a toxic person from my life. Val's treatment of Veronyka made my stomach turn. Dealing with manipulative people really takes its toll.  (C Through the eyes of some of the characters I saw that it takes courage to stand up for what is right. These characters had to overcome their own barriers to do what was right, I always like to think I'd do the right thing but I've never thought of my own barriers.  (G) I loved how some chapter contained letters, a story, or a piece of lore about the world the characters lived in, I felt like this made it easier for me to slip into the characters world. Each chapter even started with a qoute that added more to the lore of the world. These little details enhanced the world building. Many of the characters were so loveable, I'm thankful for the shifts in POV since it let me get to know these characters better. This story was a very enjoyable read and I cannot wait to devour the other books in the series. 
Justification: This book is a fun read and I feel that youth would enjoy it. The world building is done well, all the little stories of the past interwoven with the main story helped to give a better sense of the world. The concept is interesting, and the characters are likeable. The story has a web comic on Webtoon which I feel would help get readers interested in reading the full text. This book was a nominee for the "Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award for Northern Lights" in 2021.
Conclusion: This book is an enjoyable read. The world building is done well, and the characters are easy to like. I really like the idea behind the plot, as an animal lover I would love to live in a world where I could communicate through my pets mind. I definitely recommend this book, and am excited to read the rest of the series.
Reference: Preto, N.P. (2019). Crown of feathers. Simon Pulse. 
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starstruck-cat-94 · 35 minutes ago
Gosh I need to stop disappearing for weeks at a time haha. Stuffs been going down in my personal life, and I haven’t had much time to do art.
Not AU work, but here’s a piece I did for Cecilthefaun on TikTok/Instagram. They’re so cool, and they Lowkey got me back into fantasy artwork.
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skyee-alexiss · 37 minutes ago
A character from the Wattpad book I'm making! His name is Eldridge ("Elle" for short), and he's an elf.
Elle is one of the first characters I ever made so I'm sharing his drawing first.
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eccentric-culture-vulture · 46 minutes ago
a sea queen
a sea queen #art #legend #stories #seaqueen #ocean #fantasy #shells #waves #bluegreen #wallart #accessories
A Sea Queen emerged from the Deep Sea Kingdom.Suzy Valtsioti
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mjhartwork · 49 minutes ago
Tumblr media
The first kiss (without maple leaves)
The peryton character, Slyva, isn’t mine and belongs to my friend @madame-raeva!
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e11evenkeys · 55 minutes ago
Pitch: The Adventures of Danger Rabbit- Chapter 1 Intro Rabbit Origins
When I was younger, my dad always said, "magic can't solve everything, but a man with a brain can do enough." He wasn't the strongest man or the richest, but my dad was the wisest. Growing up, magic was ordinary, and anyone could use it. Spell books were sold like cookbooks. That being said, spells that did anything impressive or important cost more. A lot more.
There was a time when people shared spells openly and freely. Unfortunately, new laws made it illegal to share spell books of dangerous magic with anyone outside of their family. Everyone knew simple spells for things like tying shoes, but anything, like controlling the weather or talking to animals, was kept private. That's how family grimoires started.
My family didn't have a grimoire. We had a few pages of simple magic here and there, but nothing significant. Like I said, serious magic cost serious money, money that my family never had. That's why dad and I did things the old fashioned way. We couldn't afford spells to teleport or fly, so we had a car. We couldn't afford spells to grow food, so my dad had a job, two jobs actually. We couldn't afford a spell to cure addictions, so we had to put mom in rehab. That didn't work. Magic made life simple and easy for those who could afford the right spell. We couldn't afford it, so dad tried to teach me we didn't need magic to live a good life.
His message didn't sink in until after I turned 11.
It was a few days after my birthday, and I was playing with my new pet rabbit, Mr.Nickles. He was my first pet ever. Up until then, dad and I couldn't afford to feed more than two mouths. Mr.Nickles was a magic rabbit with lucky feet; my dad spent a month's worth of paychecks to get me. Dad told me not to let him out of his cage by myself, but I loved petting his silk white fur.
Dad still wasn't home from work, and I thought as long as I kept all the doors and windows shut, Mr.Nickles couldn't run away. I didn't realize lucky feet weren't his only magic. By the time my father made it home, I had lost my rabbit. I knew he had to be somewhere inside the house, but I couldn't find him anywhere. Dad tried to help me find him, but we both came up short.
After days of turning the house upside down, I finally asked if we could use a spell to find Mr.Nickles. Dad didn't know any spells to find lost pets. He said, " if we look hard enough, I'm sure we'll find him," but we never did. I knew Mr.Nickles was still in the house. I used carrots to set up traps in my bedroom, the living room, and kitchen, and every day I'd check them and find the carrots were gone. I was tired of coming up short. I didn't have enough money to buy a spell, and dad didn't know one, so I figured I'd try to make my own.
I looked online to find magic words and I used spells that I already knew to fill in the gaps. It took a few hours before I had anything I thought could work, but I had something. I waited until dad went to bed so I wouldn't be interrupted, and then in the middle of the night, I performed my first self crafted spell. All I wanted to do was find Mr.Nickles. That night I found out why ordinary people never wrote their own spells. New magic was dangerous and unpredictable. Spells were like complex formulas. Sure, spell books dumbed things down enough for kids to use, but coming up with something original wasn't safe for an 11-year-old boy to do on a school night. I said the words, and the next thing I knew, I was waking up with dad standing over me.
I felt weird. I wasn't hurt, but something was off. Dad helped me off the floor and to my feet, and that's when it all became clear. I was covered in white fur. I had rabbit feet and long ears. I still had my thumbs, but somehow I only had four fingers on each hand. I turned myself into a sort of hybrid rabbit creature. I was mortified, and dad should have been pissed, but he was distraught.
I forgot about Mr.Nickles; I wanted to go back to normal. Unfortunately, because I came up with the spell that changed me, there was no reversal spell. Even if we had the money to pay a professional magician to undo my transformation, it would have been near impossible. I was stuck as a hybrid for the rest of my life or until I came up with a reversal for myself.
Dad wouldn't let me out of the house for almost a month while we tried to undo my mistake. Honestly, I didn't want to be seen, but eventually, we started getting phone calls from my school. If I missed any more days, my dad would have been fined for every day until my return. There was nothing we could do in the time that we had, so when the school bus came the next morning, I reluctantly got on it.
As I expected, I was the center of attention from the moment I stepped foot on the bus. Magical creatures, or Fae, weren't anything new, but my school had very few. On top of that, I wasn't a satyr, an elf, or anything reasonable. I'm pretty sure I was the first half rabbit the town, and quite possibly the world, had ever seen. Kids could be meanly spirited at times, but I think during that bus ride, everyone was too taken by surprise to be dickish.
The other kids and their opinions, while they mattered to me, were not the primary concern. When we made it to school, the principal was waiting for me. Ms. Harper wanted to discuss how my grades fell during my long absence, but when she saw me, my fur, my tail, and long ears, I'm sure my classes must have become a minor talking point. She walked me from the bus to her office, and along the way, everyone inside the building got to witness the spectacle. On the bright side, no one recognized me unless I spoke or outright told them who I was, but that didn't stop them from talking. With my oversized ears, I heard every word spoken about me as I walked by.
At the time, I was only concerned with my reputation and how everyone saw me. I was oblivious to the main issue. Ms. Harper and I spoke at length about my transformation, and throughout the conversation, I was honest at every turn. I was too young, or maybe too naive to realize my dad could have gotten in serious trouble. Magic was easy enough for kids to use, but children weren't allowed to use advanced spells on they're own. There was too much potential danger to chance the possibility of kids being careless. Anyone can use a knife or a lighter, but you wouldn't let children go around starting fires or cutting things down on their own. Advanced magic was the same way. With that in mind, my transformation was less than ok. I told Ms. Harper, I did it to myself, but that didn't stop her from believing my dad was negligent in allowing me to conduct a self-crafted spell.
It wasn't until Ms. Harper called my dad to come to my school that I began to understand. We were both in trouble. I started to backtrack, attempting to cover our asses, but it was too late. Ms. Harper wouldn't listen to another word until my dad arrived.
My dad had to speak with Ms. Harper and a couple of police officers. During their discussion, I was put out of the room to wait in the hallway. I could hear through the wood door, and nothing said was comforting. I should have been in my English class. I would have killed to be sitting at my desk reading some dead poet's early work, but I couldn't leave.
It might have been my fur, but I was sweating like crazy from some kind of overwhelming heat. I couldn't steer my attention away from my dad's attempts at salvaging the situation.
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dailyjcink · an hour ago
Tumblr media
an eleven month old dark fantasy animanga rp
[ come join our open and friendly community, immerse yourself in a world with light lore and loose magic rules & thousands of possibilities ]
and then the land reminded her disrespectful children of the power of her magic; a punishment with an endless appetite and scorn for the selfishness of those who thought they could spill blood on holy ground without consequence ✨
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creationvibes · an hour ago
So glad someone clipped this from today’s Skyrim stream 😂
I had been awake for 26hrs and the stream was 6 of those hours 😭
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biandlesbianliterature · an hour ago
Danika reviews Malice by Heather Walter
Danika reviews Malice by Heather Walter
Amazon Affiliate Link | Affiliate Link Malice is an F/F retelling of “Sleeping Beauty” with a Malificent/Aurora romance, and Malificent (“Alyce,” in this case) as the main character. This is a premise that I know a lot of Lesbrary readers will be excited about! It’s a duology, and this volume is mostly setting about Alyce’s journey to becoming the character we’re used to from the…
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kissthe-gogoat · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I've got a little story going on in my head, might actually write it out, who knows. Can't imagine anyone would actually read it...
Well, this is how Teresa and Elishee meet Sentinal, they find him wounded and bleeding profusely in the back of some dingy cave.
Of course, Teresa offers to heal him, the best she can, so he can walk to a safer location to properly heal.
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