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kg-willie · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
How to Kill a God : a wip introduction
Mythopoeia | Upper Young Adult/New Adult | Literary Fiction
Writing first draft
Point of View:
First person, present tense
Themes Explored:
Moving forward from the past, being lost in life, unconditional love being tested, embracing your own power, following your dreams, taking chances, and appreciating the beauty of nature.
A childhood friends to lovers slow burn romance, a bit of found family, a heist or two, brotherly love, wrestling with religious beliefs, betrayals, one familial war, secrets and lies, and much more!
Death, smoking, strong langauge, notes of classicism, and grief.
The goddess Fate has a plan for us all. She is one of Universe’s daughters; her will is absolute. No single man is able to defy her. No matter what hell or high water she decides to force you through, the only thing you can do is sit back and let her have her way with you. Even if it’s in her divine, absolute will to make your life a living hell.
Hence is the case with Allister Haze. At what point through a series of heartaches will he discover within himself, the ability to defy her? To take his life into his own hands, and seek to build back up the foundations that she has destroyed... Surely it will be before it’s too late. Surely it will be before she strips young Allister away not only from his friends, but of the only family he has left, his very own twin brother. Surely... Won’t it?
Tumblr media
How to Kill a God is a character driven novel in progress, estimated to be around 100k+ words when I’m finished writing it. Sooo if this sort of thing interests you, stick around for updates!
I don’t want to give away too much info about this babe because I’m aiming for it to be published one day. Plus I want a lot of the story events to be a surprise. Buuut I suppose I’m allowed to do a quick little character introduction as well. That’s below the cut if you’re interested!
Meet the Cast!
Allister Haze: the explorer
The story’s protagonist. At the ripe young age of 18, Allister is the very definition of a dreamer. He strives to achieve his dreams of becoming an explorer, but lacks a plan on how to get there. This doesn’t stop him from dreaming and encouraging others to do the same.
Allister is the adventurous type. He loves to try new things, go to new places, and wants to travel the world one day. He is also deathly curious. So much so that it can get him in trouble sometimes.
Preston Haze: the intellect
Allister’s twin brother, the more introverted one. He doesn’t have as many friends, let alone friends his own age. He’s very intelligent, but has a bad tendency to hide his feelings from everyone - including himself - until they explode. This means a lot of little white lies and secrets pile up over time.
Similarly, he can be pretty sarcastic. There’s nothing he loves more than teasing Allister. At the end of the day, however, Preston still cares a lot for those close to him.
William and Godfrey: the butlers
William and Godfrey are the two head butlers that work in the Haze estate. They’ve had their jobs for the twins’ entire lives. They’re the ones who helped raise the boys from birth. As such, they’re all very close. Their relationship resembles that of a close family member’s, as opposed to the typical master and servant. Raising a couple of rich twin boys isn’t easy, but William and Godfrey try their hardest!
Madison ‘Maddie’ Schyler: the fashion designer
Maddie and Mak are childhood friends of Allister and Preston. Just like them, Maddie is also aged 18. She is a very caring soul, and also hard working. She’s very dedicated both to the people on her life, and to her workplace. Maddie a woman of the fashion world, you see. She’s a designer and has her own online boutique. She is in love with Allister and tries hard to make him notice her in that light, but his obliviousness always wins instead.
Makenzie ‘Mak’ Schyler: the artist
Maddie’s little sister. She’s 16, so she still in high school. Mak is a fun-loving free-spirit, opting to let next to nothing get her down. She is Preston’s closest friend outside of his immediate family, and also his love interest.
Mikko and Fingal Moroni: the scalawags
Mikko and Fingal are a pair of brothers that Allister is friends with. Mikko is the younger one, 18. Fingal is a bit older, at age 20.
These two aren’t rich by any means. No, they’re a part of the common people, the ones who need to work a job in order to earn a living. Fingal does just this, and tries to get Mikko to get one also. Heaven knows they need the extra income. But nope! Mikko refuses to get a job, opting instead to gain money by... other means.
The Moroni brothers are the very definition of trouble in the minds of the common city folk. Mikko is a drunkard who loves to flirt, tease, bet, gamble, and enjoy the occasional cigarette. Fingal is his stoic yet responsible older brother who is dead inside and constantly smoking.
Percival ‘Perci’ James: the photographer
Allister’s other friend. Percival James is, by all means, a little ball of anxiety. He cannot handle stress at all, which doesn’t bode well considering how easily he gets worried about literally anything. He’s just 17, so he’s still in high school. It’s his last year though, so he’s almost out. As such, he needs to start thinking about his future.
His passion lies with photography, yet he feels like he can’t make a career out of it. Perci feels like he should go to college for a career that guarantees success, like that of a doctor. The main issue with that, however, is how college isn’t free and Perci’s family isn’t part of the rich elite like Maddie, Mak, and the Haze twins. Perci is a very bright young lad though, so no matter what he chooses to do, his mind and strong spirit will carry him through.
If you want to be notified about any future updates regarding this wip, let me know somehow and I can add you to the taglist below :)
@kazenokaori @vampire-with-a-pen @dahladahlabills
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littlemuddledhead · a day ago
(Part 2)
It's been almost a week since that day, since the day Susan chose me for that dare.
And not a day in this past week passed without that moment playing in my head.
I practically can't stop thinking about her..
I assumed Susan would want to talk to me after that day, but she didn't even wave at me.!
She just looked at me and  thats all about it.
I feel so pissed. Like what was the need to ruin the friendship?
I am sure she must have forgotten everything about that day. Or maybe not..
God this kills! Why am i feeling this way?
That is the sole reason why I hate this entire idea of feelings or whatever this is.
She is just a girl. I kept telling myslef. But then this girl is Susan!
My mind and my heart were quarreling with one another, over something which was too damn difficult for me to comprehend.
I was muddled in my own thoughts when I felt a strong pull on my arm, I stumbled, and fell down, hitting my head against the concrete.
"What is the matter with you? Why have you been acting so dumb lately? This is the third time in the week I have saved you. What is the matter? Why were you trodding so absent- mindedly?" Susan began shooting me with never ending questions.
Tumblr media
But that is what is the problem. I dont know what has happened to me! She was asking me the questions the answers to which I myself didnt know...
" You got to be more careful Stevie. I dont know what is it with you? You never have been this way!" shouted Susan.
" How do you care? Don't shout at me that way! When you choose not to talk to me for an entire week owing to some stupid dare, you have no right to shout at me the way you just did!" I shouted back at her.
"I...? I didn't talk to you because I did not know how to face you after that dare. It might have been a dare for you, but for me, it was the truth. And no one is unaware of how low you think about relationships. That's why I was scared! I was scared you hated me!"
She shouted back at me and stormed off.
I ran towards her and pulled her arm to stop her. I made her face me, and when I saw her, and her eyes were drenched with tears. Her pearl like beautiful eyes that reflected nothing but happiness were all wet now. She didn't look in my eyes directly. I nudged her and made her eyes come in contact with mine, I peered deep into her beautiful eyes for about a minute and then the words, "I love you Susan" left my mouth.
She stared at me for almost a minute that felt like a decade and finally said, "I love you too Stevie" and hugged me tight!
And that's when i finally realized that I too could have a love story!
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soulless-sultry · a day ago
A mother's Joy
Your smile
Shows uttermost joy
When you first held her
Her first cry and smile
Brings you in tears
Her first word
Calling out your name
Makes your heart
Jumps out for joy
She become your strength
On tiring days
Your hope on stormy days
Her hugs
Perish your tiredness
Her kiss on your cheeks
Washes your sadness
When she get hurt
It doubles your pain
You hate it
When someone make her cry
It squeezes your heart
When she get hurt
Your nonpareil love
Is one of a kind
That's something a mother
Could offer to her child
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pjg2950 · a day ago
Do we lose our voice with age?
Does the ticking of the years,
silence our voices?
Our ideas, our thoughts no longer matter?
When asked what age, are we no longer in the right demographics?
When did we lose the right even to speak with youth?
To compare notes and dreams along the highway?
Once the question is asked, people fade away.
I might have been a friend you needed at that moment.
one I may have cherished.
We shall never know.
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pjg2950 · a day ago
I hold myself taught as I pull myself up.
Steps have turned into ladder rungs.
I hold onto the sides and breath deep
as I shakily climb up.
Below stones and sidewalks eye me
as a fish eyes the worm.
The bait will fall into the green waves below.
To crash upon the sidewalk shores.
I still try, 
                   yet I
                              will fall, again!
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gmlcomeda · a day ago
Love is when two people understand each other regarding of their flaws.
Own quote
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rocho-suave99 · a day ago
The Road Trip We May Never Take, But I Desperately Long For (5/7/21)
I've seen many landscapes,
Been entranced by the yellow and white lines
On endless miles of highway.
Passed through city streets,
And been in awe as armies of trees
Lumbered before me,
Dwarfing me in comparison.
But all the stars in sky
That have tickled my weary soul,
The oceans so gentle and fierce,
Lulling me with their melodies,
And the rolling hills
That ease my mind and bring me peace
Could never be as sweet,
As breathtaking,
As they would be with you by my side.
I am doomed to forever
Long for our road trip.
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potters-world · a day ago
Are you really a writer if you don’t plot everything in your mind before bed? 
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Long walks
Interlocked hands
Small talks
Take me back
To where everything is real
Wake me up from this blurred dream
Take me back
To where everything is simple
Let me sleep next to the field of daisies
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manunulatsworld · a day ago
"You were staring at the blankness of the dark sky. And he was staring at you...coz you were his universe..."
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fairy-from-venus · a day ago
Maybe I Should Leave This Place
Maybe I should leave this place.  Go to a land, far, far away.  A place where pain does not exist.  Nor loneliness, nor fear.  No tears for me to cry, when my love's not near.   No chilling heart and longing for love, when we’re apart.
Maybe I should leave this place,  And find my new home.  Find love and joy, Find belonging and rest.  But it is a demanding journey,  It is a difficult quest.  Maybe, on earth I’m an unwanted guest.
Maybe I should leave this place.
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youthink-toomuch · 2 days ago
There were so many lives I wanted to live when I was young.
Now here I am, several years later, finding myself incapable of starting to live even one.
— youthink-toomuch
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kmariewritesss · 3 days ago
If happiness is what you seek, why do you stay? Sometimes we say that we deserve better than how the one we love the most treats us - but we don't get up and leave. You'll walk back and forth like a tug and pull relationship; wondering if you should walk away from something that doesn't bring happiness but sadness. If the other person doesn't bring you joy and continuously puts you down; or doesn't put in the effort to keep you close, you already know that they aren't going to change. They aren't stopping you from being happy - you are.
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wwpoetry · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Hiding in the shadows
Lurking in the darkness
Disguising as harmless
Watching you from afar
My mouth is so parched
Begging to drink you
Sample you like a fine wine
I've caught your scent
Like a rabid canine
The dilation in my eyes begin
I want to feel what's
Under your skin
No need to invite me in
Cleverly hidden under your bed
As you fall asleep
I levitate over your head
Eyes wide open as
You feel my touch
Realizing you've never
Wanted someone so much
I am the hunger developing
In your belly
Growling like a hungry grizzly
Take me unwavering
Slam me down
Break my chains
Fuck me now
By: NostalgicMermaid77
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manunulatsworld · 3 days ago
"My heart yearns that even in a split seconds we could be like a tangent to a curve,where we could meet at some point...but we are like parallel lines who were never meant to meet."
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pjg2950 · 4 days ago
I had never realized before,
I had become a techno witch!
Even to the point of having a coven.
Phones charged so can not miss an important
picture of a kitten or how to lose 10 pounds in 15 minutes.
There is the laptop, 
nesting for the next round of games.
Spells come forth that no mouth may utter.
Tap upon the board to have others hear us.
I encourage my fellows,
be you young or old,
enter into the circle.
Chant with your fingers.
What  desires do you wish for?
To touch another,
is that your dream?
To scream and have someone hear you,
is that what you cast for?
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