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#writing meme
blacklabcoat · 15 minutes ago
I miss podfics.
When I was studying for The Exam that would dictate most of my future, every morning on the bus ride I would listen to Arthur/Eames podfics on Livejournal and it was the best part of my day.
(I found a bookmark on my Chrome account from those times and nearly cried when it turned out to be dead.)
I miss that bus ride where life was put on pause while I listened, while I was surrounded by the soft, excited, angry, solemn, passionate, wounded, peaceful voices of strangers borrowed by my favourite characters.
My life stopped being real for a while, only the sound and a vaguely defined highway was real. There was no Exam, no time, no anxiety, no dread. I had nothing to do but listen (and not miss my stop).
I guess… I miss that place. I managed to escape space and time listening to podfics of my OTP.
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dekirukoto · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
   Anyway now it’s time to talk about pointless stuff that doesn’t really matter one bit but I like talking about it because I want to. One small things that gets to me about Makoto’s DR art is that it sometimes looks like his blazer is stuck to his body, specifically the top button, which even in the art where the blazer is moved around seem completely fixed to Makoto’s hoodie like they’re seared onto it. The best example I can think of as to how it would look in motion is Kami.jou’s getup during NT, since he and Makoto literally wear the same things. The blazer’s not affixed to anything, just moving with things like the wind and the guy’s own movement. 
   Anyway, as for the reasons as to why Makoto wears what he does; Dusk High School, the place he attended before Hope’s Peak, had a rather lax dress code so it wasn’t out of the question for him to wear a hoodie underneath his uniform. Makoto also tends to get sick easier than most people, hence why he wears the multiple layers to protect from any cold and doesn’t feel uncomfortable wearing three layers (t-shirt, hoodie, blazer/sport coat). He just prefers to be warmer, and the hoodie/blazer combo is a look that’s in style now... Right? It’s also just plain-old comfy.
   On the downside, the fact he wears a hoodie underneath his school blazer like that has made it extremely easy to see Makoto as some kind of delinquent, especially/specifically when the fact he attracts trouble and dangerous situations as a result of his bad luck is brought into account. Poor guy just can’t catch a break even with how people perceive him, as his brother in vibes would also say; fukou da indeed!
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lapushkamaleni · an hour ago
t- minus 3 days until the trial period i gave this blog ends and i make myself make a fuckin decision about it.
i don’t like making decisions . i’m sorry if you’re new and this is the first you’re seeing of this. just don’t look in the tags and pretend this isn’t happening. 
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16woodsequ · an hour ago
Me, typing: "At least, it was in Joe's eyes, at least."
Me: okay, time to find another clutch word
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sins-of-the-sea · an hour ago
[ 🤪 ] what is your muse’s sense of humour like? are they known for being joking, or serious? [for Giovanni and Guy]
headcanon memes inspired by things I like, part 2.
Tumblr media
Guy's sense of humor is very dry, sometimes even sadistic or dark. He probably has the widest taste in humor of all the Crew, really, capable of laughing at offensive jokes as well as abstract Tiktok nonsense. He's also very much the least serious of the Seven, one to try to crack jokes even in the most dire situations. It's hardly appreciated, however, especially by Phoebus and the Captain. And it frustrates him. He can't stand seriousness for too long, it depresses him and drives him mad. This is muchly the biggest reason he gets in trouble with Frascona the most, in addition to being inappropriately flirty, impulsive, and crass.
Tumblr media
Giovanni, sadly, has a stunted sense of humor. Something I want to see if folks notice--while Giovanni does smile often, he doesn't laugh. Mostly because he doesn't know how. If he does laugh, it's often at inappropriate times and intensity. As for making jokes, while Guy is the one who cracks them the most, Gio would definitely know his comedic timing and how to do it better. This is because, whereas Guy would crack jokes to lessen stress, Gio does it to actively make people feel better. However, like Guy, not everyone appreciates Giovanni's attempt at trying to make light of dire situations. So he stopped trying. Instead, he waits for situations to die down then just offer food, hugs, and comfort.
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mommydragon-of-all · 2 hours ago
5,7,10,13,14,15 for your boy! :3
Aww thank you for asking, lets see da boi then!
Tumblr media
5. Did your muse have any sweet childhood romances?
No. His childhood got upended quite early and he found himself in a constant chaos so to speak, newer even staying long at one place or in one group of people. Too much instability for such things to take root, too focused on survival and training to get strong enough to live well and fear nothing. ...until he was around 15 and thought himself oh so grown and ready for anything, only to be ruthlessly taken advantage of by his first crush who was... 23 at the time. (Yeah u could have friggin EXPECTED it u fool, the moment he took interest in your interest, no matter how skilled con man he was all around, geez.)
7. Did your muse have a favorite childhood story or fable?
When he was still very smol, living with his parents in his clan, he was fascinated by heroic tales of adventurers and such, even some of the elven legends and beliefs. But he only remembers pieces like the atmosphere around the campfire, the warmth of the flames and his fathers hold, the taste of snacks. Such bits. The elven lore stays in that category for him, fairytales that possibly originated from some real life events and people, highly distorted.
10. Does your muse like to cook? Would they cook with another?
He absolutely sucks at cooking. On a dangerous level. He newer had the care or patience or time or even need to learn it. He prefers meat raw for f*cks sake XD (likely bc of all the blood magic induced changes, but thats also the reason why he can have it raw, and why he craves fresh blood regularly) Nobody in their right mind would prefer him to cook.
Whatever he "fixes" for himself is either raw, or undercooked, just for the warmth and dash of flavors. And he doesnt feel the need to change that. He does like tasty prepared food tho, loves the warmth and loooooves spices, and those can taste different cooked. Also, pastries and such, yumm. But whenever theres no access to buy some good food hes perfectly fine with the fresh meat he hunts, some fruits on the side or sometimes even some kinds of veggies.
Keeps dry rations all the time with him too, because he needs an insane amount of calories a day (also thanks blood magic enhancements demanding more fuel) and cant risk getting stranded or something without food for much time and get weakened fast.
He would gladly help someone cook tho if they asked, and would enjoy watching them prepare it, the whole peaceful comfort of it, but for goodness sake only let him cut and clean things.
13. Are there any physical items that make your muse happy?
Hmm... He usually doesnt have any item thats not for use and that he wouldnt ditch for a better one without a blink. Even when he has a place to hoard things to, they dont actually matter much, even if he enjoys soft pillows and nice things.
However he is so very happy to receive any gift, no matter if its just a useless sad little flower or a bite of food (yes food pls, can win his favor like a puppys XD). Even if its absolutely not about the item but the show of care, i suppose that qualifies to mention here?
He also does steal clothing items from his beloved for their scent, and is very happy to have them XD. Until the scent fades and he sneaks it back.
14. Is there a particular place that makes your muse feel at home?
In his lovers arms. One and only place that feels home for him, and gosh he enjoys it.
The presence of his twin sister has a unique familiarity to it too, carried from childhood and honed through many hardships faced together, only trusting each other fully, but thats not exactly a... comfort zone XD They love each other with a silent ferocity only animals can match, but only ever make each others life more difficult and less peaceful.
15. Is there a type of music relaxes your muse?
Soren enjoys all sorts of music, and its another "people thing" hes fascinated by, but perhaps surprisingly, the music that relaxes him is usually the loud, merry, festive kind. The kind that blows the dark away, warms people up, coaxing them to let go, making it feel that all is right and tomorrow is far away with its problems. Creates that atmosphere of ease. Soren thrives in that. The worst to look out for in such bunch would be a "tavern brawl", which he also greatly enjoys to partake in XD
That aside, he also learns that if his lover sings softly to him, like a lullaby, that really relaxes and soothes him too, in a different, affectionate, peaceful way.
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colorful-horses · 2 hours ago
Why do you think fluttercord is popular? And do you prefer starlight x twilight as an otp, brotp, or notp? :3
Fluttercord is just such a high quality ship, in my opinion (its my third favorite :>)-- I don't want to speak on behalf of Everyone who likes it, but I personally think it's just so ...... balanced??
Like, it's one of those "kind character redeems villain character through the power of Niceness" ships, but its just done so well! a lot of the time, ships like those end up being a really big gamble, because it can come off as 'the villain is ONLY on the heroes side BECAUSE of this one character, and if anything happened to this character, they'd turn evil again in a heartbeat'. often times, those sorts of dynamics end up putting so much pressure on the nice character to basically babysit the villain to make sure they don't fuck up again, which...... isnt very romantic to me?
Fluttercord is slightly different tho, because Fluttershy ISN'T used like a doormat. In the episode where Discord is redeemed, he doesn't just magically decide to become good just because she was nice to him; he only decides to change when she actively gets upset at him and puts her foot down. it finally clicks to him what it was Fluttershy was offering him the whole episode-- a sense of love, belonging, and friendship-- and then he realizes how upset he is to lose that.
Tumblr media
Shes given agency! Its not just "oohh, if fluttershy fucks up, discord will be evil again", its a real mutual relationship based on trust and friendship. Its such a good change of pace!!! The relationship doesn't feel suffocating because they both have something to offer. Fluttershy helps guide Discord onto the right track, and Discord helps Fluttershy come out of her shell. its so wholesome and nice!! Plus, while Fluttershy is 100% clearly his favorite, he still shows interest in being friends with characters other than her (Spike and Big Mac), so hes not totally dependent on her. shes got breathing room! (also, theyve just got good chemistry lol. little shy cute pony and a chaos god? incredible)
tl;dr i cant really speak for other people, but i like fluttercord because its such an interesting villain redemption dynamic instead of just being "oh well hes good now and now fluttershy has to take care of him"
as for Twilight and Starlight, i don't mind shipping them, but I think I prefer them as a brotp personally! (maybe thats just because I ship Starlight with Trixie and Sunburst, tho ;w;)
Tumblr media
send me shipping asks
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telesthisia · 2 hours ago
How adorable are you?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Goodness, rather agreeable results...! Though far too generous all the same...! I’ve no confidence in my... snugging skills. Yes, that is the right way to put it...”
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For the "what your work tells about you":
- You're a very curious soul, almost in that childlike way where you're excited about every little fact you encounter and then treasure it
- You go with the flow and don't dwell to long on things or at least you don't try to. Maybe you used to be carefree but unlearned and now you're relearning it. Maybe you're learning it for the first time. Either way, one sees how much fun you have.
- You want to make people happy, first & foremost and want to be part of something, you want to have people to share something with.
- You're actually thoughtful underneath it all and have genuine interest in growing the fact seeds you've been collecting (even if only some of the many you keep finding)
Awh 😭😭 yeah you've got me. Oh gosh i think you're right with childlike curiosity and excited enthusiasm!!!! i wanna learn everythingggg and explore everything!! it does burn out quick pace sometimes tho (i can get bored fast and need to jump around and do new stuff), and I can't do things I'm not invested in, but if my curiosity is piqued damn I can do it/make the art/learn about something/hobbies 😂😂 and yeah~ I'm more have fun with things~ try to enjoy it~ thanks for saying that u can see me having fun! :') more humour and try not to take the art too seriously (make messy art, publish it with mistakes) and hey about wanting to share things and make people happy & be part of smt 😭 feelin' seen there lol
Awwhhhh this is sweet 💕 thank you for taking the time to write this~ (for future me, it's this
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rachiebird · 4 hours ago
top 3 bnha ships and why with class b
Oh man, thank you for the ask! Let's see. Aside from Mangaru, It's hard for me to pick two other specific favorites - so I'll just pick two that I don't feel like I've given enough attention.
#1: Mangaru obviously!
The classic opposites attract scenario. Manga's outgoing, cheerful, optimistic - Togaru reserved, irritable, cynical.
But I think they also have more in common than they realize. I like the idea that Manga feels a certain pressure to be upbeat all the time, while Togaru is afraid to open up and get excited about silly stuff. But when they're around each other, they can let their guard down a little more.
#2 - Let's go for.... JuzoSen
Even if it isn't requited, I think the idea of Sen having a crush on Juzo is really fun. Juzo's so friendly and approachable, while Sen is aloof and a little cold. But even though he's so deadpan, he never misses a chance to hype up Juzo! I think it could be a fun dynamic.
And #3 - It's sort of a toss-up, but let's end with the wildly underappreciated ShishiRin!
I thought they'd have potential ever since they paired up during the sports festival! Two very very studious dudes, just hanging out and being well-read together. Every time you walk into the common room, and they're just casually having some new debate over literary theory or philosophy or something.
Plus with all that hair, I bet Shishida is super warm - especially in the winter when the cold starts getting to Rin.
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arte-misa · 5 hours ago
Not to be thirsty for boxer maki but,,,,she would be into hair pulling😳😳😳
Cw: spit, a really soft slap.
Maki loves playing with your hair, when she is kissing you she lets her fingers play with the hair on the back of your nape and as the heat of the moment increases, her digits exert more pressure on your strands to force you to stand firm while her tongue dances against yours.
Boxer!Maki also loves to pull your hair when she is practically riding your face. On your own knees you look at her without being able to take your eyes off the faces of pleasure she makes, not wanting to miss a single gasp or curse that she lets out, your tongue almost touching your chin while you let your girlfriend make a mess of your face. his hands pulling hard at your hair to keep you exactly where she wants. "Just right there, pretty, lemme use that fucking tounge."
Lastly, she likes to pull your hair so that you look into her eyes when she orders you to open your mouth and drops a trickle of drool that easily slides down your tongue. "Swallow." She commands you and she doesn't have to repeat it twice. "That's my good baby." She murmurs, gently slapping your cheeks.
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safaiagem · 5 hours ago
C, L, and X 😁
C: What character do you identify with most?
Oh, this is a really hard one. I like to think I identify with certain aspects of all the characters I write just because you kind of need to to write empathetic characters well. And I like to think I write characters well. There isn’t any one character where I’m like “it me” that I’ve written before. 
L: What’s the weirdest AU you’ve ever come up with?
Probably something I came up with during my early fandom days which was just a lot of Mary Sue type characters in anything I could think of because I was into traditionally male fandoms that lacked female characters I felt like I could relate to. Which is pretty common for young women in early fandom. It’s why I think we shouldn’t be ashamed of their early fandom writing we do because we’ve all done it. 
X: A character you enjoy making suffer.
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littendeservesbetter · 5 hours ago
from the babysitting lei fic
'“Shhh, Lei, stop crying. Um, sleep. Come on,” Ash mumbles over and over, holding the weeping baby in his arms. Gladion picks up one of Lei’s toys and waves it in front of him, but to no avail. If anything, Lei just starts crying louder.'
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sdktrs12 · 6 hours ago
Last Line Tag
I was tagged by @riosnecktattoo and @daydreamstew (thanks loves 💕) to share the last line I wrote.
Metal bites into her wrists with each frantic movement.
Tagging - @bourbon-ontherocks @dancingsynapses @elise-jupiterstyle @misshazelevers20 @wakeupflawless @medievalraven and anyone else, if you haven't already and you have something you'd like to share!
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dragonpro809 · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
A very scary crime indeed 
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