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wiildhcartsrun · 18 minutes ago
hey to those who sent in the lukanette and adriagmi prompts, i do see them. i’ve just been busy irl which has left me exhausted but i do promise they will come sometime.
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searidings · 51 minutes ago
I genuinely didn't know this im sorry but now that do know this im gonna re-read every single thing you published and im gonna give you so many Holy-FREAKING-HELL-YOUR WRITING IS SO PHENOMENAL-HOW DO YOU HAVE THIS MUCH TALENT-quote-back comments!This is so cool!We get to do this!AMAZING!This makes me so exited I can leave so many in depths comments!Thank you!
oh my buddy my babe if you do this on writing you love you are gonna be a LOT of people's favourite person, mine included
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bmebookmyessay · 2 hours ago
How Does Reward Management Affect Employee Motivation?
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Workers are always denoted as folks who play a dynamic role in every administration. The relationship between employee and employer often changes throughout the years. Several ideas of workers are also fluctuating time by time. A manager should take our Reward Management Assignment Help to understand the concept of reward management for the company's success.
A day's workers have negotiating power, and they are more troubled about their requirements and the well-being of their working atmosphere. This dissertation examines numerous factors that inspire an employee to work within an administration.
Reward Management
Reward management is today considered an essential topic to attaining the goals of a firm. Workers are considered the chief factor, which plays a significant role in the organization. The achievement of every organization is its devoted employee. The current world is filled with changes and opposition. To live in the current situation, businesses should be having workers who are faithful and experts in their field. Our Reward Management assignment helps aid the user to achieve the goals of its company effectively and efficiently.
This Report analyzed tendencies of reward managing and its influence in international companies in the UK. It analyzed numerous methods that the business has taken to reward employees, mainly through literature appraisals and through the survey analysis with Marriott's workers in the UK. This thesis also produced references for the effective management of reward procedures for a better business case. The students should take the Reward Management assignment help from the team of BookMyEssay to score better in assessments.
Literature Review
The simple mantra for the achievement of any business association is the suitable allocation and usage of resources. The most significant resources include four M's – man, material, money, and machine. The thesis under thought deals with the first' that is the workforce or the organization's workers. They are the mainstay as they put every strategy into action, which is unavoidable for a business's success. So their significance in business cannot be ruled out, and they form the support of every association because they determine the success and let-down rates. Our company takes a lower price to provide the Instant Assignment Writing Help.
A worker can be described as a single employee employed by an employer to do a particular job. He has to do a thorough job competently within a functional area or department to accomplish the firm's objectives. In most administrations, a performance development planning procedure is experienced, which will describe the worker's specific task and their projected performance. Employees trade their information, skill, and experience in exchange for compensation from the firm. If they are not gratified with the compensation, the tendency to switch the firm will be high, resulting in increased income. So it's high time to give significance to the prizes. The Assignment Writing Help in Leeds is a point from where we allocate every assignment to every student.
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assignmenthelperuk · 2 hours ago
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aimicoos · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🍒 tartaglia (childe) x fem! reader prompt
🍒 warning : nsfw, oral (m), cum play, degradation, dacryphilia, name calling (master childe 😳), you are a bit masochistic and highkey horny for him because i am 😍 this is a self-indulgent fic, i know 💔
🍒 upcoming fic : a short nsfw series for diluc since his birthday is coming soon! send me an ask if you want to be tagged 👉👈
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"woah, there. aren't you so pleased to see me."
childe just got back from a short "meeting" with some milleliths who have nothing better to do than to cause him trouble. he was mildly irritated at the fact that he had to spend his precious time for some trivial matters in exchange of his personal time with you.
he was pissed, alright and the normal playful expression plastered on his face was replaced by a scowl that was sure to scare those who he crossed paths with on his way home.
you were oddly feeling a little clingy these days as well and he finds himself intrigued at your doting attitude. often would you cook him dinner and even prepare a bath that you two would share on nights where he can't help but bask in the warmth of your body.
and that small reverie of your ever loving nature had him excited to see through what you planned for him this day but problems can't be stopped and would show itself on days he least expect it to. well, not for long.
"i can't help it, i miss you so badly."
childe can see how clouded your eyes were, the breath you puffed out near his flushing cheeks gave in a hint of wine. were you drunk? he asked himself but your actions begged to differ when you knew what you were doing.
as you littered his face with kisses, bites on his neck, licking on the parts of his skin that can rip our a groan from his hushed lips, you distract the male with the hidden desire that you wanted to do on him. a hand massages his clothed chest as the other quickly rubs on the hard tent inside his pants.
childe playfully chuckles at your enthusiasm, letting you do what you want to do. he was quickly pulled to a nearby seat and gracefully settled yourself in between his legs. his cheeks flushed pink when he looks down at how eager you are, so motivated to please him when you lovingly rub his hardening cock.
"you've been so busy these days and i can't help but feel lonely when you're out." as you stared at his sparkling blue orbs, you press your cheeks on his thighs and trudge towards his cock, a finger tracing the outline of his large and fat dick.
"and i miss this so much so may i indulge on you master childe?" that caught him off guard, feeling him twitch inside his pants. you dreamily sigh at the heat seeping through, looking back at him.
"fuck, call me that one more time and i will let you do what you want."
with a smile as you pull down the zipper of his pants, maintaining eye contact, you answered. "master childe, can i suck your cock, please?"
right on time, childe's cock had slapped against his abdomen. the long girth stood proud and the male groans when you started to lick up from the base up to the tip leaking with pre-cum. you slowly swirl your tongue on the tip, occasionally sucking and then lapping at the sides, a hand pulling you back on your hair and then you saw the dangerous glint in his eyes.
"i thought you're gonna suck me, slut?" the low tone of his voice had snapped you out of the drunk feeling of enjoying his cock in your mouth, answering with a nod.
with a smirk, the male maneuvered your face where your lips were messily smeared with his slick, coating your cheeks as well. "don't you look so beautiful with my cum. you want this right?" and you nod once more.
childe's smirk shifts into a smile and pushes your mouth to swallow him whole in one go. you gagged at the sudden assault on your throat, tears swelling in your eyes and he just smiles more at the sight.
"my personal cumslut, looking so divine with my cock in their mouth. you're going to take everything and you're not going to waste a single drop. got that?"
he pulls you away from his dick, the tight hold on your hair pricks at your scalp with such intense pain but you smiled and said, "yes, master childe. i am your personal cumslut."
"so good for me, huh. now, suck it like you mean it." and you did, starting to suck on his head as you whirl your tongue and soon went down to take him whole. childe feels how the tip hits the back of your throat, eyeing at how amazing you are even with the tears now falling on your skin.
when childe peaks down, he can see the outline of his cock on your throat, growling at how hot it was to see you continuously bob your head up and down after letting him hit so deep your oral cavity.
it wasn't long when you feel him jerk up to meet the ragged thrusts of your mouth. a hand had locked you in place, childe's hips moves to mouth fuck you. the lack of oxygen, eyes closed, body threatening to collapse due to the numbing pain felt on your head had you tightening around him, letting him abuse your throat.
"you want my cum?" you opened your eyes, the ruined expression you have was enough for him to pump strings of his load down your throat and pulled out to continue coming on your face. he covered your skin with so much cum as you struggled taking in large intakes of oxygen.
"what a masterpiece but let's get you cleaned up." childe mutters after he catches his breath, chest ceasingly heaving up and down until he finally relaxes.
as his hands went to reach out to you, he watches you scoop all the cum and sucked on your fingers as you go, your vision focused on him. that immediately got him hard once more, groaning at how much he wants to fuck you until you're left a sobbing and babbling mess.
and he will, lifting you up the ground and threw you down your shared bed.
"since you're been so good for me, i'll fuckinf fill your slutty cunt with my cum," he whispers in your ears as he hovered over you, fast in gliding down his fingers to feel your juices seeping out of your underwear. he separates your pussy lips and rubs on your clit, your toes curled at the sensual onslaught of his fingers and you can't help but endlessly moan out his name accompanied with a desperate plea.
"ah-ah, what will you say?"
"yes, master childe. please fill me up with your cum."
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aimicoos © 2021 ㅡ all rights reserved ; do not plagiarize, republish, or copy my work.
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itsjustrhi · 3 hours ago
So.. hey. 🖐🏼 I’m Rhiannon, but you can call me Rhi. And long story short, I want to make this my diary. Somewhere no one knows me and I can be myself. A “safe place”... A “safe place” page you can come to if you ever need a reminder that you are not alone. And I may write about some sad shit, but I always remember to include the part where I let you know that you are loved. And you are important. We have to stop being so hard on ourselves. I’m trying to heal. Let’s heal together. 💛
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keigotakamihawks · 5 hours ago
“Being young isn’t an excuse for writing/creating/saying problematic things”
Ok but it literally is. You don’t pop out the womb knowing everything. When you’re a kid/teenager you’re a sponge for information and you take the word of those around you (you’re parents, teachers, friends, etc) as law because you know nothing else. And you don’t choose the environment you’re raised in either.
You may be 100% educated at age 15 (you’re not btw cause no one is), but your experience is not universal. Punishing people for ignorance when they’re young and still learning to be people doesn’t help anyone. Publicly humiliating people only leads to more harm being done.
You have to be fucking careful and responsible with how you present shit to your audience if you’re a content creator because you could potentially be exposing a child to thousands of people sending them death threats and harassment. You could be damaging so many young people who now feel discouraged because the people they look up to never say a word of praise about the thing they’re passionate about.
And it doesn’t matter if they say not to harass the author, 200k people aren’t gonna all be respectful of that. Even if only 1% of that audience disregarded that, that’s still two thousand people dogpiling this person who didn’t even consent to having their work read.
And before people say “well I mean it’s a fic made about them, they should be allowed to do what they want with it” I want you to imagine if this same situation had happened with fan art. If you still think this is ok then block me cause this clearly isn’t the place for you. I don’t want people with no respect for artists’ boundaries on my blog. And I don’t want you interacting with my art.
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lonelyvomit · 5 hours ago
I was put back on my meds but we didn't schedule another doc appointment since it's the same meds I've been on before and the plan was that I was gonna be seeing my therapist every couple of weeks anyway so if I had too bad side effects or anything I could tell her & she'd tell the doc but then my therapist got sick or something and she's been out of work for couple weeks now and will be gone for at least another week (lol update she's gone at least until may 16th) and I was offered a sesdion with a student instead but like lmao with these trust issues ye not happening and like she wouldn't know what I'm normally like and be able to tell what the meds are doing to me tldr I've basically been left to go brrrrrrrrr on my own :dddddddd
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spencersweetie · 5 hours ago
It’s horny time‼️‼️thoughts about spencer fingering you🤤
- at first it’s just him lightly grinding on you while he’s on top with his underwear still on
- when your panties come off he eats you out but when he starts to finger you he wants to look at you
- he comes back up to look at you and kisses you
- his other hand gently rubs your clit bc he knows what the fuck to do‼️
- his pace is slower but it’s literally so romantic and perfect
- your moaning turns him on so much you’re literally both groaning on each other’s mouths
- and when you moan at your climax you accidentally break the kiss and he literally goes feral watching you struggle to keep his lips on yours he’s just lovingly smiling at you and watching you cum below him
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nyctolovian · 5 hours ago
Me: I want to write something to be submitted to a school competition! :D I'll brainstorm some story ideas and maybe I'll also look through what I've written in recent years too! :D
Me, several hours later: I have come to the devastating realisation that I only know how to write queer stories now.
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mysteriesandmistakes · 5 hours ago
I have no followers so idk who will see this but
hey writeblr how do you decide what to share of your writing? Are you allowed to post things you might publish someday or is that like a legal issue? Or do you just share small snippets at a time?
that’s part of why I’m hesitant to share anything. It probably won’t ever be published but the what if worries me :S
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kookiegifs · 6 hours ago
hi sweetie!! coudl you help me with an fc with resources that could play siblings of nailea devora???? dont mind if its half-sibling THANKS
from what i could find on her, nailea is MEXICAN & CAUCASIAN, i have listed below faces that could work as her full siblings or as half-siblings. they are listed in alphabetical order and can be older or younger. those in bold are my personal recommendations. please LIKE/REBLOG if you find this useful.
aarón díaz (1982)
hayley orrantia (1994)
james lafferty (1985)
peter gadiot (1985)
tyler posey (1991)
victoria moroles (1996)
becky g (1997, mexican, spanish & indigenous etc.)
bethany mota (1995, portuguese, mexican & english)
cierra ramirez (1995, mexican & columbian)
eiza gonzález (1990, mexican, spanish & indigenous etc.)
julia goldani telles (1995, mexican & brazilian)
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burningdaisiesbitch · 8 hours ago
Tw: Suicidd
It’s so crazy how used to suicidal thoughts you can get. Like it’s wild to imagine people wake up everyday not thinking or feeling that way on a regular basis. Like it’s just a part of life to me now. Like how it smells after you take a shit; it sucks but also what do you expect. That’s life. My friend just told me I should check into a clinic but I have an interview next week and an ultrasound to find out why my eggs haven’t budged in half a year. Last week I said I hoped they’d find something that would kill me and that salt is still left on my tongue.
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alexisrmna350 · 8 hours ago
Are Your Free Reports Too Sales Pitchy?
That's NOT the Way to Promote Your Associate Products
The terrific sales pitch can be a little bit overrated, seeing that majority of the most experienced affiliate advertising and marketing clients as well as prospective participants often tend to be cynical and also seasoned. When offering complimentary reports to promote your associate products, interest can create you to create a sales pitchy report, something that could be taken the wrong way by your leads. If you want to make a great impact, writing a totally free report that resembles way too much sales pitch is simply NOT the means to get individuals to purchase your affiliate products.
Why sales pitchy complimentary reports are ineffective
Tumblr media
There are several reasons that sales pitchy free reports are not recommended for promoting your associate products. For one, they seem instead suspicious, are generally also colorful to be believable as well as, if they are particularly severely composed, are peppered by punctuation marks as well as vibrant letters that should not be where they are.
They also seem also hopeless to be reputable, seeming as if they were created with the sole function of making a quick sale. Additionally, they usually do not present the whole picture to the viewers, focusing instead on promoting a product profusely without taking into consideration just how it can be helpful or pertinent to potential consumers. Sales pitchy cost-free reports normally do not have the statement that specifies its real worth to its visitors.
If you've reviewed sales pitchy complimentary reports before, you most likely recognize exactly why you treated them with disbelief. If you have actually thrown away or erased a sales pitchy totally free report you really did not even bother to finish reading, you will understand why that's NOT the method to advertise your associate items.
Writing the ideal complimentary reports without being sales pitchy
When you write cost-free reports, consider them as part of your sales project. This means that they are basically marketing and because of this, must have the ability to delicately press potential consumers into carrying out certain preferred actions. Here are some very crucial things you need to remember when utilizing totally free reports to promote your associate products:
Free reports must make a good first impression
A well-written title is a superb strategy to guarantee that you get a hold of your readers' interest and also encourage them to read better. If the title is bland, your readers will certainly either glance the report as well as miss the assets or quit entirely.
Free reports must stay clear of the 'general public'
A common error amongst marketing experts who write totally free reports to advertise their associate items is that they often tend to write for almost every person. Keep in mind that your affiliate items have specific market demographics. Find out what these are and also write directly to them.
Free reports need to include information
Words such as 'excellent', 'great', 'remarkable' and also 'unbelievable' constantly locate their method into complimentary reports. While there is nothing incorrect regarding utilizing them, they have a tendency to be too generic as well as ultimately, sales pitchy.
Rather than using these words or their synonyms repeatedly, attempt to make use of details as well as specifics rather. Review that totally free report you have written and also check out generic words. Rather than stating that the affiliate product is 'an outstanding deal', claim 'you obtain 25% off your acquisition'. Instead of simply saying that the acquisition is 'safe', claim rather that you supply a '100% money-back warranty'.
There needs to be a feeling of seriousness
An excellent, non-sales pitchy cost-free report must include a declaration concerning the effectivity date of the promo. When promoting your affiliate products, state in clear terms when the product will certainly be cost the unique rate and for how long. By limiting the product's accessibility, you will certainly be able to delicately encourage your viewers and also turn them right into real paying customers.
So are you still writing those embarrassing sales pitchy free reports?
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randomreasonstolive · 10 hours ago
Reason to Live #5478
  To write a new thing which might be the best thing I ever wrote! – Guest Submission
(Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)
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blue-kyber · 10 hours ago
I need a cool name for a game of 3D Tetris played inside a square holographic field where you physically move colored holographic blocks to form lines of the same color so they disappear. 4 people can play, or one depending on the setting for single or multiplayer.
Help, please.
(Yes, this game makes an appearance in my story, but it's not called Tetris. That's an Earth name. It's called something else.)
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