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alleyholls · 14 minutes ago
Totally Random Things That Help Me With Writers Block
1. Making a tumblr post about things that help me with writers block.
2. Just kidding #1 is me procrastinating, it makes things worse.
3. Taking me time. This week I sat outside and read a book and enjoyed the overly hot spring weather we have been getting.
4. Watching Struck By Lightning. That movie gets me inspired because of Carson's ambitions to be a writer and a journalist despite all of the complications he has to push through.
5. Writing that what they're called? I set a timer for like 15 minutes and force myself to just write whatever and as much as I can before the timer goes off. Kind of kick starts my brain to start writing again.
6. Taking care of myself. That sounds weird but when I eat good and wash my face consistently and floss and get some exercise, I feel better about my ability to write. I don't know how they go hand in hand, but they do for me.
7. Reading my story from the beginning. I'll usually end up really liking it and wanting to read the rest then remember that I have to write the rest in order to read it.
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tumbleweebsworld · 27 minutes ago
Writing advise is not helpful.
I love writing; I write almost everyday, but I absolutely hate the advise and tips some people post. There are so many posts of people saying how to and not to write. The way I see it, you should just write however you want. Your writing is part of you, if you wouldn't listen to people who tell you to change who you are then why should you let them tell you to change how you write.
There is definitely good advise out there, but its mainly about grammar rules and how to ensure you actually finish your piece. "Appealing writing styles" or "scenario do's and don't's" isn't advise; its opinion. Every style is appealing to a certain audience and it's a direct connection to you as a person. And besides some of the greatest books start with or include some of the most cheesy, stereotypical, cliché situations you could find.
Write however you want to; get your entire story down before you try to fix it. Writing is an extension of you as a person. If you wouldn't let someone tell you to change yourself then don't let them tell you to change your writing.
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As my previous post stated I would share the title ideas of the articles that i will be writing about over the next few weeks. Which one should I write about first? Which one would you like to be a part of?  
Can we be friends with a narcissit?     
Narcissistic abuse: how to spot it and how to escape
Is Narcissistic personality disorder , really a mental health issue and should we address it?
Post traumatic stress after a Narcissistic relationship
Do narcissit pick their victims?
Tumblr media
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thirstybtsthoughts · 57 minutes ago
Not bts related but i need advice. I don’t have a bf but i occasionally get "touchy feely" or laid with a friend/acquaintance or whatever. Thing is, i want him to be a bit rough, like spanks and bites n all or even more. I know he can do it or go further than that but I'm worried he'd see me as a weak person afterwards. Don’t wanna be judged as a person just cuz i like someone bossing me around during sex. I'm a lawyer irl and I'm kinda afraid he'd mock me. The more i want to get freakier, the less I'm losing interest in the usual shit we do. But i can't tell him what i want cuz he ain't one i can trust with my vulnerability. Should i stop getting laid with him? 👉👈
Hi. I think if it’s something you enjoy, don’t stop doing it with him. However if it’s something you can live without, then stop. Sorry that’s very obvious advice haha, but really, if it’s beneficial to you to continue getting laid then there’s no harm in continuing and talking to him about trying some of the rougher things that you want. Yes, it’s risky in terms of you not being able to trust that he’d be mature about it and may start treating you differently, but also usually what happens in the bedroom stays there and you are still the same person you always have been outside that situation. He should respect that and not mock it. Ideally, if he’s gonna be an idiot and mock you or make fun, he’s not a great/respectful person and is not worth having around. However, as your relationship seems to be a friends with benefits thing, if the dicking down is good, you may as well stick around and get all the pleasure you can 😁. I hope this makes some sense, I tend to ramble too much 😬💜.
Main point is, you won’t know until you try. He may love it and not end up making fun of it later. If you try and it doesn’t work out, then you can let him go and find someone more respectful of you as the powerful woman you are 😁
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iamaqualady · 57 minutes ago
freethinking lgbts of the internet i need your help: (no one is allowed to bully me i’m being very vulnerable) if one were wanting to get into “witchy” or “occult” practices, how would one go about starting? i am overwhelmed by the sheer volume of resources that exist online. i have a couple of books related to what i’m interested in, but are books a truly good place to begin? how do others get started?
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petitegoose · an hour ago
Tumblr media
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pepperonyfic · 2 hours ago
Tony, you can't-
Author:  EmmytheEwok Rating: teen Word Count: <2k Genre(s): fluff Film-specific: no Tropes: phil coulson, gifts, advice
Summary: "Hey, Phil-Phil!" Tony whisper yelled at the very weary man, grabbing his arm as the others all filed out of the room. "We need talk."
"About what?"
"Pepper... last time it was our anniversary, I kinda got her a massive teddy bear."
"Oh Jesus."
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ccrryyppttiiccaa · 3 hours ago
For the, like, 8 people who follow me, I need advice because I got a boyfriend on Friday and now that the whole excitement of actually finding somebody is over, I’m starting to realize that this boy, how isn’t bad, and me were definitely not meant for each other because he’s ready to all these things and go like 100 mph and I’m completely blindsided and I’m starting to realize that dating may not even be for me. The whole trying to be like a movie couple thing he has going on is way too fast for me and he’s already admitted his crush on me was on AND OFF. I plan on talking to him on Monday but I’m scared that when I break things off, since we share a friend group, I may end up with only my long distance/online friends and be kinda alone for the remainder of this year. I really don’t want to lose my friends, especially since it’s been really hard for me to talk to people clearly now a days but I really don’t want to stay in a relationship I’m not ready for. Please offer me some advice y’all.
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something that occurred to me a few minutes ago while reading a romance novel: it’s okay to have reservations from a previous relationship but it’s NOT okay to use that as an excuse to take out your blame on someone in your new relationship
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It’s about choosing the pet peeve that you would best be able to tolerate rather than choosing the prof with the best CV. It’s the pet peeves that students burn out on regardless of how amazing a mentor is otherwise. / #GradSchool
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crownless-weightloss · 4 hours ago
Just stumbled across this vid. I never thought of habits like this (I only saw it as a craving-reward cycle). I'm awful at breaking habits, any habits, and even worse at forming new habits. Putting more awareness on the cue is a good advice, and just schedules in general is already what I should be doing (but aren't) for my ADD.
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jasasvimmojimmanama · 4 hours ago
A cry for help...I need some advice, please
Hi. So, I am really in a difficult situation, that is I don’t know what is going on with my boyfriend and I’m afraid we’re going to break up. I know it may seem silly, it something that happens all the time, but I feel so exhausted and I need to tell somebody my story, and maybe to have a second opinion. 
I’ve had a difficult life, full of illnesses and losses. I have depression and some anxiety attacks, but I stopped seeing the therapist years ago because my family thought it was stupid. Now I am afraid to start again (plus I felt awkward) and I could not afford it. Anyway, I tried to manage it. I had ups and downs, but in the last two years I kind of started seeing some results. That is mainly because of my boyfriend. 
On the one hand, I felt as if it was finally my time to be happy. I felt as if it was time for me to have a family, because my real not a family. I have no contact with my family except for my dad and granny but I do not have a good relationship with them, especially not with my dad who is the main source of my mental illness. My bf gave me hope: he seemed to be in love with me, he talked about family, having kids, even kind of proposed, living together....and his family loved me. 
On the other hand, he is quite focused on his life and his life only. He loves his family very much and he never seemed to include me fully in his life, not like he does with his family. He put me (it seems to be) in the last place. family, fake friends and work were more important. he preferred being with his friend the day of our anniversay than with me, he wanted to stay with his fam and not me on Chirstmas and his bday, when we started living together he went back home every weekend. he decided everything on his own or with his family.... 
I gave up my dreams and twisted my life for him because he didn’t want to move away from his city and he wasn’t ready to change his plans to see me. I did it because I believed in us, in his words and promises.
I kind of suffered a lot for his behavoir but never truly spoke to him. Well, I told him something, maybe how i felt but not everytime and not everything, but the things that made me upset were always the same and i was worried that if i would insist and repeat myself, he would leave me and i would be once again alone. 
i always hoped that after he would move in with me, things would change and get real. they didn’t. i spoke to him, openly and honestly, not to reproach him, but to make him understand that i was suffering and that i couldn’t carry the whole relationship on my own and that i felt as if all the promises were just words. he sais he finally understood, he thanked me and said he couldn’t live without me. 
then, he started to act weirdly. he didn’t talk to me much, he stopped asking me how my day was or to tell me his day, he texted me differently, he didn’t want to make love with me. then he told me a girl tagged him on FB. i overreacted, but because i connected his strange behavior to that girl + it wasn’t a friend of his and he sweared thet have NEVER spoken etc.  so i didn’t understand how come she tagged him. then months later (It may seem weird, but sometimes i have like premonitory dreams) i dreamt of him texting this girl. in the morning i looked through his phone and found a conversation with her, nothing special but still, he lied to me and hid the convo. I am ashamed of what i did, i thought i would never do something like that, but i wasn’t thinking. when he came from work he packed his stuff. eventually he stayed and the morning after he said he agreed to be still together. he said he did it to protect me, but he never apologised nor said he was sorry hor hiding the chat, he said he didn’t know whether he would ever again be honest and that he was kind of relieved i discovered him. 
he went back home because of a job. 3 weeks he said. in 2 and a half weeks he didn’t do anything. i was upset and said it wasn’t right. he said he doesn’t know how he feels about us, that he feels as if i don’t support him (i can give u 1000 examples it’s not true). He said to cancel the papers. 2 weeks before that i told him that maybe i was pregnant. during that call he said (in response to what i told him) that yes, he won’t come home to see me, but he would if i’d have an abortion. then i didn’t hear from him even though he said we would. he texted me for easter and after a week i decided to call him. he hasn’t asked me about the pregnancy, nor how i feel. he didn’t answer me (if we are on a break or if it’s a break up) but he said he was confused, that he doesn’t know what his feelings are etc and that he thinks that i’ll suffer with him and he won’t change and that he won’t be able to keep the promises but that he believed in them when he promised me those things. i told him to forget those promises but he said it wasn’t possible because if we do it, the first time he won’t do something i, i would think also about the past promises etc. 
i still do not know wheter we’re together or not. i am crying all day and night. i cannot sleep properly, if i fall asleep i dream about him and i wake up, i cannot focus on work. i feel destroyed. i do not know what to think. i don’t know how to deal with it. how can it be that he went from “i can’t live without you” to a “idk how i feel, i don’t see a future” in less than 2 months? 
i haven’t said a lot of things, it would take too much time. but i though of suicide, he knows it, he saw that i was looking something about it on the net. he knows i am not fine, that i am willing to continue our story, that i love him a lot. why does he not love me back? has he ever loved me? how can i deal with it? how can i start a life after him? for the first time i thought  i could be happy and now i feel as if i’ll never be happy because i don’t deserve it. sorry for the mistakes  but english is not my first language and i am really too tired.
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iveysea · 4 hours ago
Any advice on buying your own home?
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yusraaayuh · 4 hours ago
What you tell yourself is what your mindset will be. Change your voice so your mind can be better.
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thirstybtsthoughts · 5 hours ago
I completely agree with 🍁 anon. And don’t worry virgin anon or 🍁 anon do what you feel like. I completely understand where you come from. I come from a conservative family heck a conservative country. And although things are modernising here, casual sex is still a taboo.
I got married recently at 28 and I was virgin until then. Sorry for the TMI. But don’t feel pressurised to do anything because you are a certain age and it goes the other way around too. Don’t not do something you want to do.
So basically do what you want to do but be safe.
Thanks 🐰 for sharing and helping and advising and seeking advice on this platform. I love you so much and appreciate your help!
Thank you so much for sharing your experience 🥰, I’m from a religious family and am religious myself, I can fully understand the restrictions and taboo when it comes to sex. It must be even trickier to be in a country where it’s quite a taboo subject.
Yes, as long as you’re safe, do what you want to do with your body 😁
Thank you for the kind words 🥰💜
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