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#writers block
treenahasthaal · 6 minutes ago
Dark Times: The Story So Far
Dark Times
A Summary
Before I post any new content, I thought a brief summary may be called for.
Chapter 1: NetworkTwo years after the battle of Yavin, Luke is part of an X-Wing squad on a mission to destroy an Imperial Munitions factory on the planet Escaal. He is shot down, hides his lightsaber, and is rescued by the local resistance lead by a man named Dade, who Luke does not meet (or so it seems). Luke is hidden in safe house and his injuries treated. Unfortunately, his hiding place is discovered and after a chase he his shot, injured and captured and brought to the local Imperial prison where Interrogation Specialist Erwin Rhovan questions him using enhanced interrogation techniques and torture.
Rhovan finds Luke’s lightsaber at his crash site.
Vader finds out that Luke is captured and heads to Escaal to claim his son. However, just as he arrives and when Luke is near breaking point Rhovan reveals himself to be the leader of the resistance, Dade. Vader only has a few moments with Luke as during the transfer between the detention centre, Artoo causes the turbolifts to malfunction and Rhovan takes the opportunity to rescue Luke.
Chapter Two: Pale ShelterRhovan takes Luke to the Rebel base on Ra’imar where he is reunited with Wedge Antilles and the rest of Rogue Squadron. He is severely injured (do I sense a theme?) and receives treatment. We find out that Han Solo had tried to get to Escaal, but with the planet on lockdown (we know how that feels) it had been impossible. He and Leia board the Falcon to go to Ra’imar.
It turns out that General Rieekan knows Rhovan and that it seems that they had been friends. Luke and Rhovan are debriefed on the events on Escaal and it starts to become obvious that Luke is struggling with PTSD.
Luke senses that Vader and the Empire are on their way and tries to warn High Command. He lies and says that he broke during Interrogation and told Vader of the base hoping to give the Alliance time to evacuate, but it’s too late. The Empire arrives and lands forces with Vader leading.
Luke is placed in the custody of two rebel troopers, Haslam and Thecla. Before they can get to the evacuation ship it leaves without them. Against orders Luke persuades the soldiers to get to the hangers and an x-wing. However, by the time they get there it is ablaze from an Imperial bombing run.
Han and Leia arrive and join the battle, shooting down TIE Bombers and Fighters. Rhovan is evacuated.
Luke and the two soldiers are trapped on the planet with no way off. Luke realises that it is he who Vader wants and prepares to give himself up. Just before Vader takes him, however Artoo (Yay again!) lands in between father and son and with Thecla and Haslam’s help Luke gets into the fighter. Han brings the Falcon down and Thecla, injured by a flying lightsaber, is taken onboard with Haslam.
Again, Vader is left empty handed.
Chapter Three: RhovanThe surviving Alliance Forces head to Ardalii VI, a new base set up on the side of a volcano. On the landing pad Rhovan, now intrigued by Luke, watches as he lands and is arrested for disobeying orders; much to Han and Leia’s, and Rogue Squadron’s anger.
Rhovan is introduced to Mon Mothma. It’s revealed that Rhovan is from Chandrila. During their meeting she seems interested on what may have passed between Luke and Vader on Escaal and she explains to him that after Bail Organa died, Artoo Detoo came to her with a holographic message from the late Viceroy. Bail told her about Anakin Skywalker and Senator Amidala’s relationship and the birth of their children. She explains that Luke and Leia do not know of their relationship and no knowledge of the truth of their parentage. She is fearful that should Luke discover his true identity that he will join his father against them. She tasks him with watching them both, but particularly Luke, and if it looks like Luke may betray them, Rhovan is to kill Luke.
Luke is fully debriefed by a panel led by Major Ehlen Anders, on Escaal and the events on Ra’mar. It is decided that instead of a full court martial, Luke would be reprimanded for disobeying orders. During a brief, tense meeting, Rhovan returns Luke’s lightsaber to him.
Chapter Four: ConflictThe Empire is clearing up on Ra’imar and Vader ruminates on his past and on his illusive son. Palpatine makes contact and is unhappy, but gives Vader the task of moving refugees from the planet Cusrean to an old orbiting research facility. Vader is perplexed by the order, but it turns out that it is a trap for the Alliance. Fake intelligence will be passed to the Alliance that the facility is researching weaponizing a deadly disease. This will allow him to root out spies within the Empire, and set up the Alliance who will destroy the station and kill refugees, thus the Rebellion will lose support.
It ends with Palpatine savouring the conflict in the galaxy, and the potential conflict between Vader and Luke. It is revealed that Palpatine has a spy in the Rebel ranks who Palpatine tasks with reporting on Luke.
Chapter Five: A Legitimate Target Luke is not yet passed for active flight duty and is still grounded. Han does try to lift his spirits and suggests joining him on supply runs, but Luke declines. Instead he decides to train himself and finds a natural hollow (an old lava flow) surrounded by forest in which to practise with his lightsaber. He is watched.
The Alliance find out about the orbiting research station and the disease the Empire is “planning,” on releasing. They plan to attack, however they are short on pilots and Leia suggests allowing Luke back in the air despite concerns for his mental health. Rhovan backs her up and Luke is welcomed back to the squad.
The Alliance attack the space station, Vader’s forces defend it with the Darth Lord himself in the battle. The fighting is furious. Luke is given the task (the order) of firing the shot that will take out the space station; but all he feels in the Force is innocence. He hesitates, initially disobeying, but his squad are dying around him. He takes the shot and the research facility is destroyed.
The Alliance fighters turn tail and bug out, but Luke’s X-Wing is tagged and Vader tries to capture him, but Luke eludes him again and jumps out of the system. He returns to Adralii VI to find the place subdued and during a debrief of the mission he is told he killed over 20000 innocent civilians due to bad intel. Luke is devasted and is haunted because he enjoyed destroying the space station.
The volcano begins to spew ash and the base in locked down. Luke gets drunk with Han on the Falcon, but later he can’t sleep and leaves the ship. Thecla finds Luke wandering in the ash fall and takes him to the hanger and the rest of the squad. He dreams of watching bodies floating in space; one in particular upsets him. It’s a little girl tumbling in space.
Mothma and Rhovan discuss Luke and the possible danger he presents to the Alliance.
Vader senses Luke’s turmoil through the Force. He decides if he cannot get Luke through battle or capture then another path may be possible.
Palpatine converses with his spy.
Later Luke is helping with the ash clear up, when Han is given the task of taking Leia on a diplomatic mission to try and repair some of the damage done to the Alliance. Luke finds himself in the mess hall with the rest of the squad and the holonet is playing footage (from Vader’s ship) when the image of a dead little girl appears – the one from Luke’s dream. It is then that one of the squads mentions that the faulty intel came from Rhovan.
Luke, in a fugue like state, attacks Rhovan; drawing his saber on him before Wedge tackles him to the ground. Han helps remove Luke to the Falcon before returning to punch out Rhovan himself. Luke gets away from the rest of the squad and goes to his training places and loses himself in the Force as he trains. He has vision of a man standing by his grandmother’s grave
A search party is sent out to find him and secure him (and the squad for helping him get away). Thecla find him and they talk for a while before Luke agrees to go in with her. He finds Han, Wedge and the rest of the squad in lock up, too.
Rhovan meanwhile is perplexed as to where the Executor is going after Cusrean.
Chapter Six, Absolute: It turns out that Leia and Han’s proposed mission is to the planet Horaarn, who is one of the Alliances suppliers. They want to know what happened at Cusrean, and they want Luke to tell them. Luke agrees to go. However, on landing and after tense standoff Luke agrees to give himself into Horaarn custody.
Rhovan is sent by Mon Mothma to Horaarn. But is arrested. He is transferred to Vader’s ship.
Leia is given diplomatic rooms along with Threepio and Artoo. Han, Thecla and Haslam have to remain on the landing platform. However, they manage to get Thecla off the platform and into the city.
There is to be a public hearing at which Luke has to account for his actions. During this hearing Vader arrives and accuses Luke of murder and requests his extradition to Imperial custody.
Luke is taken back into custody (this time criminal proceedings), Leia loses diplomatic status and is return to the Falcon. On Horaarn it is guilty before proved innocent and Leia cannot find any Legal Representative who will take on Luke’s case. She has to do it herself, via hologram from the Falcon.
Luke has a “face to face,” with Vader where he confesses that he felt pleasure when he destroyed the space station. He tells Vader that he won’t win.
Meanwhile, the events on Horaarn are broadcast to the Galaxy on the holonet and the Alliance sends in the X-Wings to help rescue their people.
Stuck in the city, Thecla uses her comlink to contact her handler, revealing herself as Palpatine’s spy.
During a tense trial Luke loses and is given to Vader.
It is revealed that Rhovan has been reinstated into the Empire due his special status and codes. There is more to this man than meets the eye.
The Falcon and it’s occupants are ordered off planet and it’s a tense battle to get past the Imperial blockade, but Wedge et al, join the fray and the Falcon jumps to lightspeed.
Luke learns that his friends are safe and feels that he can face whatever Vader has in store for him as long as Han and Leia are safe. He is walked to Vader’s shuttle and as he steps on board he is faced with Thecla who is pointing a blaster at him. He tells her to “do it,” and Thecla shoots him in the chest.
Cradled in Vader’s arms and dying, Luke understands the visions he’s had, he hears Vader called him “my son,” and he dies after telling Vader, “I win, father.”
Dark Times: Interludes.A series of “quick” one-shots that takes us through the events of “Hoth,” during which Haslam dies and Rieekan is missing.
Leia grieves for Luke, has started a relationship with Han and in her dreams she hears a voice stating, “I am your master.”
Rhovan ponders is fate while thinking of Thecla now in his cells. Thecla, likewise, ruminates on events and on who she had really killed. Vader arrives and takes Thecla from her cell as the Emperor has a special task for her.
Leia remembers something that Threepio had translated from Artoo during her attempts to save Luke on Horaarn. While plugged into the Horaarn computer systems Artoo had been “forced,” to give information to a third party when a code from a previous owner was used. Leia askes the little droid about it, and after much protestations Artoo informs her that the code was Anakin Skywalker’s. He confirms that Anakin is alive and that it was he who used the code on Artoo. He confirms that Anakin was on Horaarn. Leia asks Artoo where Anakin was during Luke’s trial and is informed that he was in the court room with Luke and Leia realises that Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader as one and the same person.
And that Luke is alive.
Luke is indeed “alive.” He suffered a catastrophic brain injury through lack of oxygen, but his body was saved. Through manipulation of the midiclorians Palpatine was able to regrow brain tissue. However, Luke is comatose and vulnerable to Palpatine’s machinations.
Chapter 7, For Darkness Restores: Please go back to the start of this chapter as I have reworked and edited much of it. Sadly my writing is not what it once was… ☹
Did I miss anything?
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theblondeoneswife · 38 minutes ago
I wanna write an angsty oneshot of Bela and a maiden to the song landfill by daughters but I literally have zero creativity right now :(
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hmpink · 41 minutes ago
What does one do? When his heart is in pain. What does one do? When nothing goes his way. What does one do? When all seems lost. What does one do? When the boulders won't let the river flow. One picks up a stick and gives all his strength in order to help the stream flow again. But in the end, he looks up at the sky and thanks the Lord. For one can never do anything unless it was God's will.
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youravasworld · 53 minutes ago
Mammon x reader g/n!
Story is below the cut
Mammon has always had a crush on m/c. Everyone knew it even emotionally blind m/c. Luckily with enough prompt from m/c mammon confessed and you guys have been a couple ever since. now here was the problem, the other brothers still wanted your attention ergo jealous mammon time.
“Mcccccccccc” mammon called extending the last part of your name. “Mammonnnnnnnnn” you called back. “What cha hanging out with asmo for when ya could’ve been hanging out with me the GREAT mammon!” He stated. You rolled your eyes “Because he’s my friend but I suppose I could hang out with you now” you decided to humor him. “Ofc ya would wanna hang out with me!” He happily stated. You smirked “yepppp”. It started off like this but more and more till he started just picking you up and running away thus bring up you the the present.
”mammon you can’t keep going like this I need to talk to other people!” You exclaimed. “It’s to dangerous tah talk to other demons they will hurt ya!” You rolled your eyes. “Simone is going to hurt me? And every single one of your brothers ? Oh and Luke.” Yiu said your voice laced with sarcasm. Mammon stayed quite his cool bad boy facade broken dow. “Mammmonnnnn” you cooed. “What“ he mumbled. “ are you jealous? Over lil ole me?” You sang out. “Wha- NO of course not why would the GREAT mammon be jealous?!” You giggled and pressed little kisses all over his face “ sure you aren’t”. Mammon blushed and mumbled “ you’re mine dont forget it...” greed kicking in as he moved so you could press more kisses on him. You giggled and said “I wouldn’t want anyone but you mammy”.
the end. Sorry it’s so short I’m having severe writers block but I wanna keep posting so pls take this
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writingpromptsandjunk · an hour ago
“What makes you think you're worthy enough to stand before us?"
*Draws their weapon* “Regardless of wealth, privilege or fame. All men are equal in death."
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annelizabeth4105 · 2 hours ago
Hello and Welcome to my Tumblr! I am a writer on Wattpad and AO3, I am now started to do writing tips on Wattpad and Tumblr!
As I am writing my fanfic, I will also create masterlist/notes that helped me through those topics and if you guys would like to see certain things from my page please ask me! As I will add more to my page I will link those posts to this one or make a page for certain topics! Plus I will use the hashtag #Ann Elizabeth's Writing Tips for all my tips.
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idontonlytalkaboutdcmk · 2 hours ago
Happy Mothers Day
It is a quiet day.
Yukiko blinks rapidly at the neatly wrapped box placed on the table of their kitchen. On it, was a tag that had a neat writing placed on it.
"Shuu-chan?" she muses out loud to herself upon reading the name of the sender.
A smile quirks up on her face as she reads the content of the notes silently, right before she delicately opens the lid.
"Oh my..." she gasps, her smile only spreading wider.
A baby blue bandana, one that is usually worn around the neck.
She loves it instantly.
Another box is found as she cleans up their library.
This time the name she found on it truly did surprise her.
"Rei-chan," she whispered, feeling several emotions rising in her.
Oh, she was going to cry wasn't she?
She took a deep breath, opened the box.
Seeing the gift inside made a few tears slip down her face.
A pair of modest, small metal earrings, in the shape of hearts with a rose placed in the middle of them.
She cried.
A third gift appears in the form of not a box, but a vase that has carnations arranged within it.
Just like the rest, it had a tag placed on it.
"Oh Shi-chan..."
She softly touches the petals of the pink carnations meant for her, and for the white carnations she sends a prayer, hoping the one they're meant for receives them.
Her final gift of the day comes to her in the form of a small party that apparently her son had prepared, with the collaborative effort of the others.
Naturally she bursts out into tears and hugs Shinichi with a loud "Shin-chan!"
He's 18 now, and nearly taller than her.
Before Shiho, Rei or Shuuichi could run, she drags them into the group hug as well, her husband chuckling fondly as he places a bouquet of roses on the table.
Yusaku feeds her the first piece of cake, holding the fork in his hand and smiling in such a way that it makes Yukiko feel sappy.
Not even the way the others in their group roll their eyes could break their sappy moment.
"How is Mary-chan?" she asks Shuuichi.
"Fine," he pauses "I gave her flowers this morning."
And that was nice to hear.
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san-writes · 3 hours ago
Do not feel guilty for showing up for yourself first. Self love is not selfish, it's necessary. Do whatever it takes, and learn to say no. Because you were born for a reason. And you deserve to be happy. Prioritize yourself, it's the need of the hour.
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doctorbunnie · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
!  ᥫ᭡ MORE HEADERS ⊹ ۫ ּ  ˖ 
❏ like/reblog if you save or use  ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ 𖥔 ࣪ ˖(`∇´ゞ  on a hiatus rn so please enjoy these headers for now ! ! !
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elsonambulo · 5 hours ago
Would like to request that people reply to this (or send asks or reblog, doesn't matter) with a number from 1-16 and a word I should use in this fic I'm writing
Please and thank you
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courtneyann · 5 hours ago
Sometimes I wish my plot and novel thoughts could just be telepathically transcribed for me. I know what I want to create, but writers block just stops me moving on 😤
Tumblr media
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spiced-wine-fic · 5 hours ago
Writer’s Block. This is an exercise I’ve not seen before, and found it extremely eye-opening and useful. (Just finished his Red Rising series, in fact).
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iespeciallyme · 7 hours ago
All the dances in the ballroom, Swaying back and forth. What were those days all for? Endearing eyes locked, In love and requited aesthetic. Can you blame me, For wanting more?
Is it possible, For the angels to bless us, Without, Having to pay a steeping, staking, price?
You told me we don't stand a chance, And left me lying in the dirt, Where I rose from the ashes like a phoenix, Giving myself a new life, Leaving us behind.
And behind we went, an endless circle, Where we crashed and burned, Cracked and broke, Like every time before.
The wheel will never come full circle, Yet again, Where we left each other.
Oh, how our destinies were unaligned. The stars that were ours have already died. Our love is six feet under, The wheel never to come full circle.
The gods wanted us to stay away, Plethoras of shadows in between, Standing on a sheet of perforating ice.
Our destinies weren't entwined. Our love was born to die.
We lived. Then we died. Was this all a big lie?
If you knew all these truths, Were your loving glances all rehearsed? If you told me you loved me, Was it just, A Curse?
Taglist: @poeticattractions​ @princess-maram​ @cheeseburstthoughts​ @keya-123​ @the-writing-avocado​ @johermione​ @november-rage​ @wordsaremydiary​ @justyouraveragewriter​ @livvyheronstairs​ @its-always-ni​ @sizzlingdazebear​ @aakhyasharma​ @floralbeast​ @lovebird-in-the-dark​ @the-girl-who-cried-wolf @all​ my followers
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blue-writes-things · 11 hours ago
Writer Woes Part “I need to see what part I’m up to”
I’ve been writing a fic...........
I called it “You Broke Me First”
only to now learn
And the song and the fic aren’t the same but are very similar and now I wanna cry
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tiredfandomwriter · 12 hours ago
I have multiple wips and don't know what one to focus on
1. Vampire Family series
2. Found family fantasy lgbtq+ series
3. Demigod in a university
4. Rwby young Ozpin fic
5. Villain story
6. Wonderland superhero story
7. Dragon series
I could use help on what one I should focus on. I'm happy to give more details. Just help is needed.
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slapshothughes · 14 hours ago
we are starting the second chapter everyone
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artsy-basilisk · 16 hours ago
Sorry I've been inactive on here. Stuff happened and I'm having trouble thinking of stuff to write/draw in general, let alone work on a story
Just know that I don't plan on abandoning this blog! Stay safe, and take care of yourselves.
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renegade-s · 19 hours ago
How did you start writing? When did you start? Do you outline or wing it? Do you journal? Do you prefer to write fanfic as a form of workshopping or do you just dive in to a story? What DO you write?? Fics? Poetry? I wanna know
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