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#my ocs
staticdrawer · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
HALL & WEBB | Super Size Interview With Josiah Poverly & Elijah Adler
- Co-Writer and Director Elijah Adler and Gustavus Cup Winner Josiah Poverly talks to Coco about the success of "HALL & WEBB", Elijah's influences, what Josiah has for the 2020s, and future projects.
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collabwithmyself · 13 minutes ago
thinks about Pi and Clover being good parental figures to Seth and Verity and Friday
starts to cry
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dungeons-and-dragon-age · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Krem was actually the first person June warmed up to back at Haven. They hit it off pretty much immediately and still hang a lot during down time at Skyhold.
Dunno what they're talking about here but Krem's probably retelling some crazy job or another
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holocrypticocs · 44 minutes ago
Tumblr media
wyd when the guy sent to kill you is actually kinda cute tho??
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quirkyseastone · 51 minutes ago
Me writing when I am working on requests:
Tumblr media
Me when I take a day off of writing requests to work on personal stuff:
Tumblr media
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wxlfbyte · 52 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
little pixel guys i scaled up :3
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pocket-gems · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Finally got to finish Iron Maiden design
Power lady.... metal mom... ppff
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one-starry-knight · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
new oc named Asthenia, he’s a Con medic who used to be something along the lines of a plastic surgeon, he’s got 4 arms and transforms into a surgery table but fucked up
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somethingscarlet13 · an hour ago
Skyrim OCs
I saw this post and instantly went “oh fuck yeah I’m so gonna do that” so here is my Skyrim OC!!
Name: Fate
Any Nicknames?: None
Age: ????
Gender: Female
Race: Wood elf
Place of Birth: Valenwood
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Current relationship status: Married to Scouts-Many-Marshes
Criminal Record: Steals whatever gold she can get her hands on, broke out of prision multiple times in multiple cities, started a prision break in Markarth, is leader of the Dark Brotherhood so she has killed many people, and is leader of the Thieves Guild so she’s stolen a lot of things. 
Political Views: Sided with the Imperials, loves killing all racists. 
Places of Residence: She has a home in each major city, but she and her family live in Solitude. 
Occupation: Assassin, thief, sword for hire, Thane
Titles: Thane of all major cities
Hobbies: Spending time with family, thievery, hunting, exploring
Interested in Magic? Which schools?: Not very interested in magic, no. 
Interested in weapon or hand to hand combat?: Weapon for sure. Her favorite weapon is her Blade of Woe, she never fights without it. 
Interested in robbing Tamriel blind?: Fuck yes
Earliest Memory: Her father singing her to sleep. 
Most positive memories in their life?: Becoming leader of the thieves guild, getting married, adopting her daughters, winning (and ending) the civil war, becoming Thane, buying her first house, the fact that despite her scars and scary armor her daughters and husband see her as nothing but trustworthy and loving 
Most negative memories in their life?: Fighting in the civil war because her town was under attack and she couldn’t protect her family, almost becoming a vampire, when Mercer Frey betrayed and almost killed her, when her first horse died, being thrown into Markarth prision 
Do they idolize anyone?: No she does not. 
Go ahead and ramble off about anything in particular about them you want to share!: Despite there being many gods in skyrim, she is an atheist. 
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excaive · an hour ago
How do you feel about fanart?
love to see it
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thecipherlegacy · an hour ago
F. and I. for the vices and virtues ask, for Mavasha? :D
F. Forgive: How good is your OC at apologizing? Do they own up to it when they’ve made a mistake? How easily does your OC forgive other people?
Tumblr media
Mavasha is terrible with apologies, especially early in her travels. She gets a little better about admitting her faults after she has her family, but it's still rare. She hates being wrong.
As for forgiveness, that really depends on circumstances. Due to her past with betrayal, she doesn't take kindly to it (I don't think anyone would). Malavai got lucky that she loved him so much, but he was kept far away from her for a long time before she finally was able to forgive him.
I. Individuality: Is your OC’s morality more influenced by the society they live in, or their own critical thinking?
She bases all of her decisions on whats best for her family, herself, and the Empire, in that order. The Empire is important to her to a point since it's her home, but her family will always come first.
A-Z Vices and Virtues ask meme
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deuchess · an hour ago
unfortunately it would seem like emora inherited her mums bicycle seat face
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