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#spilled ink
perfectquote · 3 minutes ago
Things will happen in your life that you can’t stop. But that’s no reason to shut out the world.
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onasunnysnow · 20 minutes ago
there are movies you watch throughout your lifetime and your opinion on that movie, on the characters, never change.
and then, there’s 500 Days of Summer.
I swear every time I watch this movie, my feelings change and I gain a new insight on the movie, on the characters, it always changes.
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quotefeeling · 29 minutes ago
I think we cry to release the animal parts of us without losing our humanity.
Veronica Roth, Insurgent
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laughterequalsmadness · 36 minutes ago
I think,
I think it was nice knowing you
Sometimes I think it maybe was a little bit too nice knowing you. It was very beautiful. You were, very beautiful
Fuck you and all your beautiful little things
Fuck, loving you was the easiest thing to continue to do
Fuck. You see, you are in all of my happy memories and all of my future plans
Fuckfuckfuck, ending this would mean ripping apart so many of my favourite times. It involves doing things I don't want to do.
Like dragging the way I know how you brush your hair, and which place on my lap you always put your head, out of my mind, or
forgetting how your parfume smells like until I smell it in the mall in 20 years and get reminded of how your hugs felt. Forgetting how far your arms reached around me when you gave me a hug. I know exactly where on my back you used to placed your hands, or
ignoring how I always take a glass of water after painting because you always gave me one. I can't stop now because I realize it's something I need. Ignoring how I still sleep with a hand out in case someone would like to grab it like I used to grab yours and ignoring how I like chocolate ice cream now because we always shared and it was your favourite.
Fuck. I still do things, like things, hate things because of you. When I say you will always be a part of me I mean I can't get rid of those parts. And I don't always think I want to. Fuck. You gave me gave me so many beautiful things.
Fuck how I loved being with you, I loved holding your hand and crying on your shoulder. I loved not having think about how I portray myself because you had seen the best parts of me and worst parts of me and you choose both.
It was very nice knowing you, it was very nice having you by my side
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tinysupergiant · 41 minutes ago
Manskin Wolves
Maybe I should just lie here for a while and dream
a mountain ledge to rest upon, beneath
a ceiling patched with green fields, where
like a dog, I’ll play
dead and
the wolves can strut around beneath me in
their manskins;
or a land that rolls down the walls
in blended earth tones
to the edge of the flat white tundra before
dropping off
sharply into
the abyss.
Maybe I should just lie here and dream about
Or let me just pretend it is the middle of day
and all the suns are shining
and the dog is just
and the only abyss I see
is the fathomless depth that
I’m drawn down into, at the centre of
your eye.
And on this day, our hands are full
of each other, and the horns of the watchtowers at
the city’s edge
blast one chilling blast, to tell all
that the wolves are coming
the sleepless have fallen
in love.
(Yes, maybe I should just lie here for a while and
dream that
I’m enough)
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My consolation when we aren't together is that we live under the same stars. I wonder if sometimes you stop what you're doing, go to your balcony and just look at the stars thinking about me... I do that almost every night wishing i was there with you enjoying this moment in your arms.
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thoughtkick · 53 minutes ago
Spend your free time the way you like, not the way you think you’re supposed to.
Susan Cain
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juan-francisco-palencia · 56 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Each person lives his own illusion; It is part of their love, and although it may be an emotion that can drive someone away, but generally it brings someone who will be important in their life. It is an emotion that the soul chose, and so intense that it can infect everything even to people who come into our lives unexpectedly.
- Juan Francisco Palencia.
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itakenoshit · an hour ago
I looked at the mirror
And instantly leapt back at horror
My hands instinctively moved to my face
                      My face, which reflected in the mirror
Looked completely unlike mine
          Covered in scars and bruises,
cuts and holes
                   It looked kinda divine.
My hands felt around my face
                  Brushing against its smooth surface
I stared back at myself in the mirror
                 And looked at apparent daze.
Looking down,
  I discovered a large hole at the left side of my chest
Wasn’t it the place where my heart’s supposed to rest?
             Finally I understood
And smiled ruefully at the mirror
It showed the real me, the inner me
     Exactly how it should.
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gemini-verses · an hour ago
Origins of Chaos
With a love like ours it was plain to see
There truly wasn't any mystery
With what's already come, and yet to be
It's clear why storms are named after people
My heart's like the wind, it longs to be free
No longer dreaming of a bended knee
Declarations made, exchanging of rings
To marriage a no, commitment I'll bring
It's clear why storms are named after people
My future now seems a little blurry
I hate when love comes with so many strings
Need them? Hell no! Want them? Every day!
If I desire you in my life, I'll stay
Push my line and you'll feel my fury
It's clear why storms are named after people
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chuckakot · an hour ago
I always listen to the waves, I listen to its piercing elegy,
— Chuck Akot, this is my heart to the star
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quotefeeling · an hour ago
They were different people together in daylight than they were alone in the dark.
Joseph Heller, Catch-22
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annewrights · an hour ago
Day 20
Draw comfort from the effort you put in, not the results you take home. The universe is not impervious to spent energy. Your reward is within this world's realm.
Daily log accomplished whilst drinking coffee to keep me sane through this pandemic. No staying in my drafts for long, no extended minutes mulling over what to say next, and almost no edits. Just clicking send! No changing my mind! Keeping it raw cause who the hell cares when we’ll all die anyway.
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thoughtkick · an hour ago
I’m happy when I feel your presence in my life… I can never write often or much, but I want you to trust me, and I want to press you against me.
Albert Camus, Yvonne Ducailar
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