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Fun Fact
In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
insideoutofficial · 2 minutes ago
It's ok to not give your best everytime when you are not okay mentally and not being able to be happy every damn time..
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kairoslifeisshit · 3 minutes ago
i just got my period.... i was so sure i lost it... and now it just comes back out of nowhere? why the hell
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itakenoshit · 4 minutes ago
I looked at the mirror
And instantly leapt back at horror
My hands instinctively moved to my face
                      My face, which reflected in the mirror
Looked completely unlike mine
          Covered in scars and bruises,
cuts and holes
                   It looked kinda divine.
My hands felt around my face
                  Brushing against its smooth surface
I stared back at myself in the mirror
                 And looked at apparent daze.
Looking down,
  I discovered a large hole at the left side of my chest
Wasn’t it the place where my heart’s supposed to rest?
             Finally I understood
And smiled ruefully at the mirror
It showed the real me, the inner me
     Exactly how it should.
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toddspoet · 5 minutes ago
i want one of those vintage coffee spilled looking leather journals but guess who’s poor ❤️❤️❤️
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cjacollins · 7 minutes ago
I'd like to learn some form of gymnastics, but I'm pretty sure my bones would crumble 🤸‍♂️
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gemini-verses · 10 minutes ago
Origins of Chaos
With a love like ours it was plain to see
There truly wasn't any mystery
With what's already come, and yet to be
It's clear why storms are named after people
My heart's like the wind, it longs to be free
No longer dreaming of a bended knee
Declarations made, exchanging of rings
To marriage a no, commitment I'll bring
It's clear why storms are named after people
My future now seems a little blurry
I hate when love comes with so many strings
Need them? Hell no! Want them? Every day!
If I desire you in my life, I'll stay
Push my line and you'll feel my fury
It's clear why storms are named after people
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resonating-kitty · 11 minutes ago
Wither!Blade has the ability to shoot bits of dark energy from his hand - aka Wither Bolts. The Wither Bolts, when they hit a target, causes the target to become withered. Which, is a very painful effect that renders nearly all those who get afflicted unable to fight. They legit end up writhing on the ground in pain, gasping for breath because the wither effect is that powerful.
And, the closer they are to the Wither, the more potent it is but if they manage to get distant from him then the effect lessens.
It's basically not only a ranged attack but also has a range of effectiveness. (For Balance!)
Techno also has the ability to negate/stop the Withered status on an opponent/ally he accidentally may hit.
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trytolivewithabrokenheart · 11 minutes ago
me now
Ich habe heute Nacht wieder viel nachgedacht. Ich hasse das. Dadurch, dass ich nicht schlafen kann, habe ich permanent die Möglichkeit über mein komisches Leben nachzudenken. Ich habe natürlich wieder über das Glück aller nachgedacht. Ich habe langsam das Gefühl, dass ich mein eigenes Leben über das nachdenken total vergesse. Ich hasse es aktuell und sehe einfach keine Zukunft. Jeden Tag komme ich auf das selbe Ergebnis und bin traurig. Ach scheiße ... was soll nur aus mir werden.
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toddspoet · 12 minutes ago
god that took so long 🙃
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baronzemosupremist · 12 minutes ago
Every day I wake up and I decide to make it everyone else's problem
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lynxmuses · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
     me, knowing i’m probably not gonna get to write Jericho on this blog even tho he’s been on here for ages: boy oh boy I should make Deathstroke Knights and Dragons icons of Jericho when he was there
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miles0201 · 13 minutes ago
Aries Moon🌘
DISCLAIMER: These are all based off of my experiences with those who have this placement.
💥 Always active in some way (dosen’t mean that they’re constantly excercising). They feel like they need to be doing something, not one to sit around and complain about being bored
💥LOVES a good rant session
💥Contrary to popular belief those with an Aries moon are pretty CHILL people. I feel like the stereotype of being very agressive comes out only when you’ve pissed them off or made them angry
💥Has a very distinct and eye catching style, i’ve known some to be very trendy and others to have a more quirky and original look, either way they received attention for it
💥 They are not ones to open up right away. It will take time to get to know them well enough for them to be emotionally vulnerable with you
💥Craves freedom and values their INDEPENDENCE (good luck trying to tell them what to do)
💥Optimistic. Maybe it’s their drive or something else completely but no matter the situation these guys believe they’ll make it through and it’ll all be okay
💥VERY very driven (I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it). I’ve found that with an Aries moon the person is quick to initiate things and puts their plans into ACTION, really going after what they want
💥Actually pretty sensitive. As an Aries moon I’m just gonna say that emotions be hitting me hard. It’s intense
💥Prominent relationship with the mother. I’ve known this to go both ways from those I’ve met. A friend of mine with an Aries moon is very close with her mom, that’s her favorite person and she tells her everything whilst the other constantly clashes with hers
💥As someone with an Aries moon, give me a chance to debate, or maybe argue a little and I will take it🤷🏽‍♀️
💥 Some of the most LOYAL of friends. Once you are part of their close circle of friends, best believe they would do anything for you
💥 May not anger easily but when they do all hell breaks loose. However they tend to recover from this pretty quickly and are over it before you know it
💥Very protective. It’s not a good idea at all to hurt those close to them
💥Blunt and very straightforward. I know I can count on these guys for an honest opinion on something or someone
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eatingpaperandcrying · 14 minutes ago
I know everything I ate was healthy (chicken, coffee, mango, a quesadilla), and I know I ate controlled
But dear lord I feel like I binged hard
And my mom didn't let me do exercise because I puked yesterday :(
Tumblr media
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In the not-so-distant future, there will be many tombstones marked with things like: “Friend. Sister. Influencer”
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ramyeonjpg-medium-quotes · 19 minutes ago
It also meant that to survive, it took me a long time to develop my own set of values. In fact, arguably I’m still doing that - I’m only beginning to do this. I probably didn’t truly realize that we should be deriving our values instead of absorbing the ones from those around us. Not until I was in my mid-twenties. It’s wild, I know. / #writing
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sleepyrintaro · 19 minutes ago
have i gushed about how much i love dabi today? cause i want to so bad
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