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#beautiful words
tayyabawrites · 2 hours ago
When someone says to me, "I'm praying for you" — and I know they are sincerely saying that, I don't take that lightly. You know why? Because it means they're carving a moment out of time to say my name in the most personal of settings. It means they're making room for me in their thoughts, they're pleading on my behalf, vouching for me. It means they're speaking to the DIVINE about me, it means they care so much about my situation that I'm a part of their most intimate moment with the universe. I'm in their wishes, in their dua. What better gift? What deeper love?
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poetry-byyourstruly · 3 hours ago
I tell myself it doesn’t matter.
I know it won’t matter in five years,
but it matters now.
It hurts right now,
and I don’t want to keep
feeling this way.
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poetry-byyourstruly · 3 hours ago
The more I write,
the more it seems that these thoughts I keep
so private to myself
are shared by so many more people
than I ever imagined.
Perhaps we can all find comfort
in that little thing.
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thebeautifulwordlist · 6 hours ago
[ suh-ree-bruhl ]
1. Anatomy, Zoology. of or relating to the cerebrum or the brain.
2. betraying or characterized by the use of the intellect rather than intuition or instinct:    His is a cerebral music that leaves many people cold.
3. Phonetics. retroflex (def. 2).
4. Phonetics. a cerebral sound.
Origin: From the New Latin word cerebrālis, dating back to 1795–1805. See cerebrum, -al1
“Baseball is a slow, boring, complex, cerebral game that doesn't lend itself to histrionics. You 'take in' a baseball game, something odd to say about a football or basketball game, with the clock running and the bodies flying.” - Charles Krauthammer
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heaart-talk · 10 hours ago
"You make this hard for both of us. It would have been so much easier to walk away if you hated me, then I would have had something to hold against you, some anger to push down the love I have for you but no, you are too good for me or for anyone, and that makes me feel like a shitty person for walking away from you, but I have to do this for me and that's what I'll keep reminding myself along the way. Sometimes you have to take heavy steps for your own sanity."
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poetry-byyourstruly · a day ago
I am a living paradox.
I refuse to show my real emotions,
and yet they fill me up and cloud my vision.
I often feel a certain sadness in my veins,
and yet I laugh more than any of my friends.
I stopped believing in love a long time ago,
and yet it’s the one thing I want in the world,
the one thing that I never want to be without.
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beautifullyexisting · a day ago
“What is human existence? It turns out it's pretty simple: We are dead stars, looking back up at the sky.”
― Michelle Thaller, An Astronomer Explains Why This Is the Best Moment in Cosmic History to Be Alive
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Plural Noun
[ mahr-juh-ney-lee-uh, -neyl-yuh ]
1. marginal notes or embellishments (as in a book)
2. nonessential items:    the meat and marginalia of American politics— Saturday Rev.
Origin: 1825–35; <New Latin, noun use of neuter plural of Medieval Latin marginālis marginal
“For the great owners of the past, certainly, we regret that they were so sparing in marginalia.” - William Roberts, The Book-Hunter In London
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poetry-byyourstruly · a day ago
I never thought the day would come
when I forget the color of your eyes,
but stranger things have happened.
The day has finally come,
and I can find comfort in knowing
my heart has finally moved on.
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thebeautifulwordlist · 2 days ago
[ loo-si-duh ]
1. the brightest star in a constellation.
Origin: Lucida is the feminine singular of the Latin adjective lūcidus meaning “bright, shining”; the Latin phrase lūcida stella simply means “bright star”; the modern sense “the brightest star in a constellation” is a New Latin usage dating from the first half of the 18th century. Lūcidus is a derivative of the verb lūcēre “to emit light, shine,” which in turn is a derivative of the noun lux, inflectional stem lūc– “light, a light.” Stella comes from an unrecorded Latin sterla, literally “little star,” from the Proto-Indo-European root ster– “star,” which appears in Proto-Germanic as sterzōn-, and in the recorded Germanic languages as staírnō in Gothic, sterno in Old High German, stjarna in Old Norse, steorra in Old English, sterre in Middle English, and star in Modern English. Greek astḗr shares an initial a with Armenian astł, both meaning “star.”
“Interestingly, the old astronomy books and sky charts, which depicted the constellations as allegorical drawings, placed the lucida (brightest star) of Lynx in the tuft of its tail. From these drawings it would seem that nearby Leo Minor, the Smaller Lion, is about to provoke a cat fight by biting Lynx’s tail.” - JOE RAO, "FIND THE FELINES: CATS IN THE NIGHT SKY," SPACE.COM, APRIL 15, 2005
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sarahthepoet · 2 days ago
In life there are two ways that you can live, you can follow others like a sheep. Or you can be unique and follow your own path, I’d rather follow my own path than follow a herd of sad sheep.
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theartistryofreading · 2 days ago
May the invisible order become visible. May our dreams become our plans.
Glennon Doyle, Untamed
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moonlightloverrr · 2 days ago
“You remind me of home,
of all the simple things in life,
of light and love and the reasons I am not alone.
You remind me of hope, of the sea and the sky,
every hug and every kiss from your lips to your thighs.
I have flown around the world and met no one like you because you are all things I keep coming back to.”
— Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell
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sonderhyggeukiyo · 2 days ago
I wonder if you have a song that reminds you of me.
I wonder if I'm one of the first thing you think of when you just woke up.
I wonder if you ever wish I was by your side even for some moments.
I wonder...
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