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ryebreadeater · 9 minutes ago
I had a dream where i watched the first episode raven boys tv show, here are some highlights
Niall was alive and living in cabeswater, hunting Ronan and Declan for sport
Instead of searching for glendower, they were searching for a the home of the cute cgi sea monster they somehow had?
Blue wasnt named blue. Her first name might have been Margot. Its fuzzy.
It was a musical. Except they only preformed one song that was from another musical. It wasn't even the opening song in the original musical.
Everybody talked like high schoolers reciting Shakespeare
It was very clearly taking place in scandinavia. Im from scandinavia, that might be why.
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alannalp · 12 minutes ago
Sneak Peek of the Cover of Magdalena Tarot Magazine Issue 1: The Magician
It’s sneak peek time! Here’s a sneak peek of the cover of Magdalena Tarot Magazine Issue 1: TheMagician due out when the Sun enters Gemini 2021! Bellawillow’s beautiful photography, her interpretation of The Magician card, is featured on the front cover. The issue will feature an in depth lesson on The Magician card and a feature interview with Athena Sylvers about the sacredness in drag. We’ll…
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daily-deamprompts · 15 minutes ago
Dre about painting a rock and making a garden bed with them
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rielisms · 17 minutes ago
I have a strange sense of belonging. 
For as long as I remember, there’s nothing in this city that reminded me of home, or felt like home. The tarot cards gripped in my hands felt out of place, and the crystals that adorned my body seemed to be the only thing that made me feel calm in the midst of chaos. 
Every time I closed my eyes;
I saw the sunsets and sunrise,
Smelled the morning dew of dusk,
Felt the grass upon my naked feet,
Heard the wind singing against my cheek,
and kissed the flowers in my hands.
I don't know how I should belong in a world where my soul felt so detached from. Some people called it idealistic, unrealistic or a mere childish fantasy. 
But they do not understand what I see and feel. 
If so, where is home?
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belladahl · 38 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Dream love
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official-flower-consultant · 43 minutes ago
guess you’ll just have to keep playing my games bestie/wife 😋
oooo also very pretty color and amazing dream story ♥️ also that was w i l d i bet you had a fun time analyzing that one
i’m like about to pass out so more challenge tomorrow after school so here’s tonight’s finial question in light of your story whats the w e i r d e s t or most memorable dream you’ve had??? (or if they’re different why not share both😋)
also amazing new tag and i think you’ve just earned yourself a few more funky new tags for when you next decide to manifest in my ask box
GOOD NIGHT IHSAP!!!! and may our little game continue tomorrow ♥️
Talking about my estranged dreams I’ve written down my beloved.... sO here’s a weird one:
I was in English class and the seating was confusing for some reason but that wasn’t the important part. The important part was that everyone kept insulting me and eventually I was sent up to this weird mountain we all apparently lived on (???). But uh oh there was some sort of mountain god of death thingy that decided to trap me in a cage.
The mountain god was like “All my followers hate you” and I thought that was very rude. I explained that I didn’t do anything to them. Luckily the mountain god was understanding and decided to let me go on the condition that I beat it in a fistfight.
Anyway I lost but it let me go anyway.
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darkanachronism · 47 minutes ago
Tumblr media
The one time I’ve ever tried to draw Nyarly and Kez, and this is what I did.  I think it was for one of those outfit memes, but like, I can’t say The Crawling Chaos wouldn’t wear a crop top. 
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kannra21 · 52 minutes ago
I've dreamt of carbon emissions except it became too much and the underside of clouds could be caught on fire. Burning clouds looked pretty as a phenomenon except the fire could end up on the ground and burn everything. 😬
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diamondbodiedblack · 55 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Somnus, a.k.a. Carl Valentino
Marvel's New LGBTQ+ Hero Is A Powerful Mutant With X-Men Ties
His mutant powers give him the ability to control other people's dreams
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kiradrinkalot · an hour ago
I had a fucking weird dream... It was likeba stori with more parts? And it was about people who couldn't escape their fate? Think lime Final Destination but less gory
But through the whole dream played that one song from Billie Eilish Therefore I am with the refrain changed to
The things
The thingst that keep you safe
The things you can't escape
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alert-arlert · an hour ago
i kept dreaming of this kpop boy for some reason and idk why? i never had a crush on him or anything, but i still kept having y/n dreams with him 😭 so i just started stanning him LMAO. i think he was trying to get me to stan him and it worked -🐇
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hellerzemo · an hour ago
A year or two ago I had a dream about an asteroid hitting earth. It was super realistic and terrifyingly beautiful. But I wasn't that disturbed by it. I have a sense of eternal security because of Jesus.
Last night I had another asteroid hitting earth dream, but in this one some aliens helped survivors escape and humanity continued to live on Atlantis (like Stargate Atlantis).
For some reason there was also a Poland reference, with golden fields in sunlight. I have Polish ancestors, but it's not like I feel super connected to Poland through that. Not sure what that was about.
Anyway, I find the Earth and all its diverse cultures and species very interesting. I'm a big fan of us not being hit by asteroids.
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