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#relationship quotes
bapi001 · 11 minutes ago
Signs He Wants To Kiss You But Is Scared
If you want to know the Signs, He Wants To Kiss You But Is Scared, then keep reading. When a guy is nervous, he is unsure of himself, which is very serious because it means that he is scared of rejection. There are some signs that he wants to kiss you but is afraid of everything, including himself, so here they are.
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caja-de-verdades16 · 55 minutes ago
Una de mis cosas favoritas es disfrutar de esas compañías que nos hacen olvidar por completo las dificultades.
David Muñoz / 2021.
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saturnlublogg · an hour ago
Kaygılarım yeniden uyanıyor, bu duygular beni ürkütüyor.. '
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bluelogy · 5 hours ago
and if you only knew
how my bones ache for you
I wonder if you'd tell me
your body is fragile, too
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timetraveller1111 · 7 hours ago
Girls are beautiful spieces , boys are beautiful spieces , everyone is beautiful , there is no need to spread violence , no need to be negative , no need to spread hate and no need to be a villain in general... Go outside... Spread love and happiness... This is what the world needs the most ...
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