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#life quotes
arrowdigitalmarketing · 9 minutes ago
Your life is an achievement
The odds of you actually existing as you are today are astronomical, especially when you take into consideration the chances of you being born at all is something like four hundred trillion to one. And that’s before your first breath. From that first breath every minute of every day has had an effect on your life. Some minutes will have more of an effect than others, however, you need to…
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interloquireloquente · 10 minutes ago
Dai un'occhiata a questo post… "Ti voglio bene anche se ".
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likelytowritesomestuff · 26 minutes ago
On their flight to I-Island
Deku: All Might, why are you listening ABBA's Mamma Mia! in loop?
All might who is both scared and excited to see after years his ex boyfriend and uses music to prepare himself mentally: oh, young Midoriya, I just think it's neat...
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thoughtkick · 31 minutes ago
If you can’t do anything about it, then let it go. Don’t be a prisoner to things you can’t change.
Tony Gaskins
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thepersonalwords · 34 minutes ago
“If flowers can teach themselves how to bloom after winter passes, so can you.” - Noor Shirazie
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