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wolfstarrysky · 2 minutes ago
The Guilt Of Silence
So um I wrote something after a long long time (incredibly personal poetry you can stop reading if you're not into that stuff I don't blame you)
There’s something I want to say,
a price I have to pay.
The spiral in my skull,
the days running dull,
The fear furrowing my brows
the guilt of silence, the daily rows.
There’s nowhere to go, my blood’s run cold
Strewing the sins of my old man
Burying the alibi’s of my mam
I want to yell to run to kill
there’s so much more I wanted to be,
Smiles I wanted to see
Mountains I thought I’d conquer
the pride with which I’d prosper.
But here I am, lost, confused and masked
I can’t be anything but a pawn,
Laughing at the tornado
the upturned domino
yelling profanities in vain
Holding my neck, the all-encompassing  strain
Where do I go from here?
There’s a fall no matter in which direction I steer
Running from constant questions choices I shouldn’t have to make
That’s what they’ve done, put my sanity up at stake.
I am nothing more but the echoes of a scream.
I am trying, I really am, but there’s no fighting this ungodly stream.
It’s a swing I am tied to
No matter how hard I push, no matter what I do.
I’ll stay tied to the ground never to fly, never to soar.
The ocean’s bounty, an illusion of a shore.
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blitzindite · 2 minutes ago
the one thing that sucks about making mosaics with trophies?
the fact that we're limited to only ten of each, and there's some I LOVE for the mosaics so I have to choose carefully where to put them ;~;
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wonderingdreamingwriting · 7 minutes ago
Of the moment of meeting
Push away your attitude
Never interact with you
As the memory of you
Take me how I am now
Yes you know things but
Never my inner weather
Tumblr media
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atiny-piratequeen · 8 minutes ago
Disclaimer: I'm Liza. I'm here to spread positive vibes on Tumblr. Have a great day! I just want you to know that you are sweet, kind, generous and perfect just the way you are. If I offended you with this unsolicited message or made you uncomfortable. I apologise in advance. I'm certainly not a bot. I don't mean to infringe on your privacy or harass you. Your blog is your safe space and I don't want to ruin it for you. I'm only here to counter the hate on Tumblr. If you know if anyone who wants to receive positive vibes please let me know.
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Thank,,,you ._.
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amoonshapedpool · 9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Jo Shapcott, Of Mutability
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wonderingdreamingwriting · 11 minutes ago
Stuck in between
On loop
Memory hunt
Never forget
With no new
I cannot move
No way forward
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souplover2000 · 11 minutes ago
wow i need 2 actually remind myself sometimes that like. i have in fact been living w depression and anxiety for a good chunk of my life and while i shouldn’t use that as an excuse to like.. put in 0 effort into Living Life And Doing Things it’s still like a very real barrier and i can give myself some credit for persisting
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pinkxxrabbits · 13 minutes ago
and you have no idea how many times i cried hoping you'd do something right.. but i got tired. My eyes, mind and heart are exhausted. When will you ever feel my pain? Maybe you just don't care, maybe you never did.
so what’s the point of staying? right?  l.j. april
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elrena · 19 minutes ago
i haven’t gotten this zooted since like, forever ago
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thoughtkick · 21 minutes ago
Spend your free time the way you like, not the way you think you’re supposed to.
Susan Cain
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heroinethoughts · 22 minutes ago
A Queen of Her Empire
A trace of sadness on that happy face. That smiling eyes with trace of tears from a hard cry the night before.
"I can manage" she breathes when she had no one to depend on but herself.
"I will do it" confidently she says at the time that she needs a helping hand.
"I can do this" she concluded when no one stood by her during dark times.
She always had her spirits up when she is at the edge of breakdown. She manages to keep up with life's ups and downs. She is strong willed, independent, and driven. But most of all, she is totally unbreakable. She refuses to step back despite the setbacks.
To you, strong beautiful heroine, you are a true queen and an embodiment of your own empire.
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