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theidealleo · 18 minutes ago
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Come see more of me here ❤️
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teenytinygemini · an hour ago
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are we thinking straight or curly better?
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It’s been 20 years since Sum41 released “Fat Lip”. This album was given to my brother and me by our older cousin who died in 2004 at the age of 30 to colon cancer.
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Sum 41 was THE BAND that got me into the music scene that was different from all the kids that I knew were listening to. They were the band that opened new doors for me as far as style, music, and emotions went.
Sum 41 was the band that helped me through a lot of emotional stuff growing up.
Seeing them in 2019 made so many dreams come true for me. It was something I never thought I was going to get the opportunity for since they rarely toured the southern US. Then there they were. My best friend & I did the QA with Cone and Dave. It was so surreal and such a dream for me. I’ll never forget anything about this night.
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alwayshinee · 3 hours ago
“are you japanese?”
“but you look japanese”
yes, i know. i have gotten that many, many times.
“are you sure?”
i think i would know if i was japanese or not.
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harborchild · 4 hours ago
i feel like the Pale City has 2 seasons
Rainy + Cold and Slightly less Rainy + Slightly less cold
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jualpaletkayu · 4 hours ago
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