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earthpictureshere · 2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Sunset in the plains of Lorestan, Iran {photo Golriz Khanalizadeh} [OS] [1000x667]
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hostbusters · 2 minutes ago
lots of shit about tramp stamps being a plant but who cares their music is fun ? like is there a genuine problem or is it just “lol look at these cringe ppl pretending to be punk” idk like if their music has been designed to cater to people we are allowed to enjoy it ???
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healinghitsthefan · 3 minutes ago
Untitled for now
I know I'm no Jazmine Sullivan but I’m okay admitting that I lost one A good one, You were my flower and I realize that this here tower was meant crash We werent meant to last, two hearts interwined with no direct line to source is a dangerous position Like how could that go missing? Did I really follow my intuition or did I act out of ego I said I had friends on the other side and you took it deliberately as a caution sign When all I wanted to do was to reveal to you my lifeline, a higher power that could keep us safe until I realized how deep your love was cause we’re living in a world of fools who are breaking us down And maybe I shouldn’t have left town. I was on a mission, Something just wasn’t clicking in my mental its just not that simple It’s just one of those days don’t take it personal Monica on the aux Well I only wanna make things right before you walk out my life I hope I’m forgiven but not to mention I’m crazy about you And maybe I’m a little weird for how this message is coming through But as my greatest teacher you deserve rounds for the shit I put you through I’m sorry, maybe after these 32 sessions I would’ve learned to keep notes like this to myself But there was something about this Summer that made me want to become a scientist to realize That I’m not as s-e-l-f d-e-s-t-r-u-c-t-i-v-e as I lead you to believe. I’m the magician, I got tricks up my sleeve My defense mechanism was to get up and leave cause I couldn’t tell where you were leading me Silly of me, to not be able to see you were everything I was hoping for and even a little more I’ll be on my healing journey, but I’ll always leave the door open for you
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deadwriterrs · 4 minutes ago
is a declaration of love.
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hydrouz · 4 minutes ago
So i was chillin in the car, listening to "mIrAcLeS" by Toby Fox and i realised something
One specific, seemingly minor character in the comic who has almost NO content centered around him turns out to be one of the most important characters in Homestuck.
Who is this character? he's none other than...
At first this may sound really strange, but here's some things to keep in mind:
• Lord English is the main antagonist of Homestuck
• His components include: Caliborn, Lil Hal, Equius and HALF OF GAMZEE.
• The purplebloods, along with Gamzee, worship Lord English.
• Had Gamzee not gone sober, half of his cadaver probably wouldn't have been sucked into LE [as he probably wouldn't have been chainsawed in half by Kanaya]
• Had Gamzee not killed Equius, ARquiusprite probably wouldn't have existed, further preventing the creation of Lord English, as Caliborn no longer has his components helping him out.
Now, you may not see where exactly i'm going with this; what does Gamzee's lusus have to do with him becoming sober?
Well, here's the thing.
Most trolls were raised by their lusus, who is obligated to raise them the way a human parent would. However, Gamzee's lusus was out at sea most of the time, and this was during the period where Gamzee was still extremely young.
Due to his lusus's absence, Gamzee was oblivious to the fact that SOPOR SLIME WAS NOT MEANT TO BE EATEN.
We all know that the brain develops ALOT during childhood. [at least for humans, but hey we can assume the same for trolls since their intellect is similar to that of a human's] Gamzee's addiction was very likely to have started at a young age, which messed with his brain plenty.
Tumblr media
So, what makes Gamzee's lusus's absence so significant? It's the fact that his very absence led Gamzee to develop a terrible addiction to sopor slime. This, in turn, not only made sopor slime a PRIVILEGE for Gamzee, but a NECESSITY. Having lived most of his life on the slime, going cold turkey for him would be considered unnatural by his body, as it was already accustomed to consumption of the substance. The body would go into withdrawal...blah blah blah...
But what's important here isn't whether Gamzee went sober or not. What's important was the fact that he EVEN STARTED EATING SOPOR SLIME IN THE FIRST PLACE. Some people claim that Sober Gamzee is the "real" Gamzee, while others say that Stoned Gamzee is. My take is that any possibility of there being a "real" Gamzee: a Gamzee COMPLETELY unaffected by sopor, is impossible in this particular timeline. The damage done to his brain by the sopor slime is IRREVERSIBLE. Sober Gamzee isn't really sober, as his brain was already damaged by the slime sweeps ago. A true "Sober" Gamzee would be one who had a caring lusus who was actually there for him, and who would actually teach him that trolls shouldn't be eating slime in the first place. Let's call this Gamzee Alt Gamzee.
I'd like to imagine this guy as someone who's personality shares SOME traits with that of Sober and Stoned Gamzee, but overall has a very different nature compared to the both of them.
Moving away from Alt Gamzee for awhile: let's focus on what caused Gamzee to go mad in the first place.
1: Going off sopor slime
2: Dave insulting his religion
3: Staring into the eyes of Lil Cal, who told him to kill all his friends
Now, in this alternate timeline where Alt Gamzee never gets stoned, case 1 would never have taken place. I think most of us can also agree that case 1 influenced cases 2 and 3 to an extent. Stoned Gamzee probably wouldn't have reacted in the way Sober Gamzee did-and Alt Gamzee probably wouldn't be as affected by that as Sober Gamzee. This would ultimately prevent Gamzee from going crazy, which in turn, would prevent him from going on his killing spree, [which would prevent Equius's death and also prevent LE's creation] WHICH IN TURN would prevent him from getting chainsawed in half by Kanaya, WHICH IN TURN would prevent the creation of Lord English; PARADOXICALLY THIS WOULD MEAN THAT ALT GAMZEE WOULDN'T HAVE A RELIGION-Oh wait! This also prevents the creation of Lil Cal, since Gamzee and Equius are both parts of him.
As we can see, Gamzee's lusus being present and preventing him from starting sopor slime both paradoxically and unparadoxically prevents the creation of Lord English!
Tumblr media
After typing all of this out I've started to wonder even more about this little clown and his dad. What interesting characters...
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marviesss · 4 minutes ago
hello marchie!
i am here to say that i already love your rock band au SM! i really want to be in a band but pandemic said no 😃✋🏻 LMFAO
y-you are making my dream come true, marchie 😳 OMG I AM SO EXCITED! and can you add me to your taglist of your au if there’s any? hehe
I'm not gonna have a taglist, I don't think so? since it's different characters and different scenarios that are sfw or nsfw so I'm not sure 👉🏻👈🏻 but I hope you enjoy reading it hehe 💖
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cyraen-ae · 4 minutes ago
My other Dragonfable heroes
I mentioned before that I have a full account of characters on Dragonfable. I want to share them too, but since they’re all not as developed as the Varsen siblings, being much more secondary, and I don’t want to spam the tag with each of them individually, I’m gonna put them all in one big post, under the Read More.
Leonas Shieldmane
Tumblr media
The tallest and buffest of all of my characters. Despite his intimidating look and heavy armor, Leonas is actually the softest bean. A gentle giant who’s not always the smartest in the room, but is still a genuine and friendly person (so yes, a himbo). He’s always willing to give you the softest hugs if you ask, which is quite a feat to manage for someone in heavy armor.
Despite being in the Rose, he only wishes to help people and hopes to protect the innocent from harmful magic. He always puts focus on his large Rose-emblazoned shield, hoping to use it to defend civilians. He’s also very good with kids (I have this vivid mental image of him just piggybacking a bunch of kids on his back from a village the Rose just defended while the rest of the Rose is conducting business with the adults of the village.) 
He absolutely refuses to ever take his helmet off. Most people assume he’s hiding scars or disfigurement behind it.
Aelirria Deepglaive
Tumblr media
A no-nonsense, task focused Water Elf Battle-Priestess. Aelirria was once one of the guardians of the water orb’s tower, before falling prey to Kathool’s corruption. She was freed of this corruption by the end of the water orb saga, but still suffers from PTSD and nightmares about it, the latter of which always causes panic attacks worrying Kathool is returning. Following those, she will often swim up to the surface, spending the night on a small island she discovered, hoping dry land will keep her safe from Kathool. This fear of Kathool’s corruption is one of the only thing she will visibly show fear at.
She’s a skilled tactician and warrior, able to combine melee fighting skills with water magic in combat. (the riftwalker armor is mostly there because it felt like it could be used as an elven armor too)
In book 3, she now mostly spends her time underwater, helping her people rebuild and keeping them safe from the Rose’s incursions. She only ever goes up to the surface to help if the threat becomes a risk for them too (like during the Calamity Saga, where she helped Thallen during the finale)
Lysander Chrisanti
Tumblr media
A vampire blood-mage and a proud member of Safiria’s court. Lysander’s outward relaxed and uncaring attitude hides a vicious and aggressive combatant when provoked.
So far, Lysander is one of my least developed character, although I wish to work on him a bit more. This post might be updated once I have more on him
Sanya Borowska
Tumblr media
A Chaosweaver from Azaveyr, Sanya started off as an orphaned student in Edelia, before being kicked out and branded a chaosweaver after an incident in which she violently attacked a classmate using soulweaving, apparently in retaliation for her friend’s bullying.
In order to survive, she first turned to theft, being a local street rat with the help of her soulally, Wisp, the Wind-attuned Elemental Spirit of Mischief. She eventually turned to bounty hunting to make meets ends. The process slowly corrupted Wisp, whose mischief went from playful to tormenting towards those she saw as enemies. (Wisp is still friendly and playful with her friends however)
She’s not outright good or evil, being a lot more morally in the middle. She’s like Circe in a sense, although she keeps a much more professional demeanor. She’ll help whoever gets her enough money to survive. The only rule in her bounty hunting : no harming children.
Sanya most often projects a silent and tough exterior, a sharp contrast to her bubbly and excitable soulally. However, she has shown a softer side towards children. (which made me realize after that I basically made her like the Mandalorian. Tough on the outside, but give her an orphaned child and she will do everything to defend them. That wasn’t on purpose.)
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mindfulgraffiti · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
#MindfulGraffiti #Motherhood #Beautiful #Love #Experiences #Writer #Author #Thinkers #Mindset #Mindfulness #ThoughtYoga #EnergyHealing #Instamindfulness #Enlightenment #Motivation #Gratitude #PurposefulLiving #CreateYourOwnHappiness #InspirationDaily #PositiveEnergy #GoodVibes #MindBodyAndSoul #FoodForThought #SelfCare #SelfHelp #SelfCareDaily #WordPorn #MindPorn #QuoteOfTheDay #lifesamazingsecrets
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wolfstarrysky · 5 minutes ago
The Guilt Of Silence
So um I wrote something after a long long time (incredibly personal poetry you can stop reading if you're not into that stuff I don't blame you)
There’s something I want to say,
a price I have to pay.
The spiral in my skull,
the days running dull,
The fear furrowing my brows
the guilt of silence, the daily rows.
There’s nowhere to go, my blood’s run cold
Strewing the sins of my old man
Burying the alibi’s of my mam
I want to yell to run to kill
there’s so much more I wanted to be,
Smiles I wanted to see
Mountains I thought I’d conquer
the pride with which I’d prosper.
But here I am, lost, confused and masked
I can’t be anything but a pawn,
Laughing at the tornado
the upturned domino
yelling profanities in vain
Holding my neck, the all-encompassing  strain
Where do I go from here?
There’s a fall no matter in which direction I steer
Running from constant questions choices I shouldn’t have to make
That’s what they’ve done, put my sanity up at stake.
I am nothing more but the echoes of a scream.
I am trying, I really am, but there’s no fighting this ungodly stream.
It’s a swing I am tied to
No matter how hard I push, no matter what I do.
I’ll stay tied to the ground never to fly, never to soar.
The ocean’s bounty, an illusion of a shore.
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deiasilva10 · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Reposted from @dianaandkal ✨Your eyes are like a mirror to me. I can see my soul in them and I can find love for me in them.✨ #Superman #ClarkKent #Kalel #ManOfSteel#HenryCavill #WonderWoman #DianaPrince#DianaOfThemyscira #AmazonPrincess#GalGadot #SupermanWonderWoman#SupermanandWonderWoman#SuperWonder #DCcomics#DCEntertainment #powercouple#ultimatepowercouple #lovebirds#supercouple #love #loversandbestfriends#lovers #reallove #truelove #relationshipofequals#relationshipgoals #couplegoals #bae #justiceleague
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nodaudaboutitt · 5 minutes ago
God im back on my loving uhlman bullshit 😅
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missiemoosie · 5 minutes ago
Nothing like getting ready to fall asleep when your cat lets out a fart so rank, you can smell it through your cpap machine.
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heartcrew · 5 minutes ago
god bleach really coming back im so happy
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feisty-freckled-redhead · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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