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#cottage aesthetic
starfleckedsky · 11 minutes ago
As much as I love dark academia it's so eurocentric and exclusive at times. Please I want dark academia lit, architecture and art from different cultures all the world. I want different clothing to be included like for eg give me saris for dark academia or a kimono with dark academia aesthetics. Give me architecture from south africa, Nigeria, Somalia, etc. I want latin american literature, arabic and middle eastern literature. This aesthetic should make everyone feel welcome, it's about loving learning not about being white and ignoring the beautiful history and culture of other places.every deserves to see themselves represented and everyone deserves to love knowledge and have a community where they feel accepted. And honestly this problem is very prevalent among many other aesthetics too and also the mood board community. Have black people on you cottage core boards or include black hair in your hairstyle tips. You don't have to appropriate to appreciate these hairstyles or culture. Show me more POC, plus size, androgynous people represented. We have to change our media and what we consume and be diverse and inclusive in every sense of the word whether it be race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality or gender. Let's do better
So if y'all have made a diverse mood board or reading list, etc etc that isn't euro centric PLEASE tag me and I'll reblog it. Or if y'all have or know accounts that are diverse PLEASE tag me.
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the-soup-and-clothes-store · 31 minutes ago
☾ 𝒮𝓅𝒾𝓇𝒾𝓉𝑒𝒹 𝒯𝑜𝑔𝑒𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓇 ☽       ⁺˚*・༓☾ 3 ☽༓・*˚
Chihiro was lucky she didn't have to go to work until ten because the poor girl slept until nine.
When she awoke a wave of exhaustion washed over her. She yawned and slipped out of bed. Ignoring the untidy bed, Chihiro slipped downstairs for breakfast. The stairs creaked with every step she took. The scent of scrambled eggs and sizzling bacon wafted through the home.
Her mother was at the table reading a book, while Chihiro's father was tending the bacon.
Chihiro's eyes widened when she saw how much food was being cooked.
"Why so much?" She asked, getting her favorite coffee mug off a shelf.
"Your father has a guest coming over soon," answered Mom.
Chihiro nodded.
Dad always had work people over, whether it was lunch, breakfast, brunch, or dinner. And she was always forced to join, showing what a fine family they are.
Dad was a respectable architect. Even people from their old town would try and secure a spot to get him.
Chihiro set her mug under the coffee dispenser and set to work preparing the grounds, sugar, and cream. The mug was hand painted by her. A spiraling field of grass and colorful wildflowers dotted the bottom and went all around the mug. A bright teal sky and a yellow sun completed the landscape. It faded and became a sunset as you rotated the mug. Chihiro was rather proud of the smooth gradient between skies. Everything else was just... meh.
As she finished stirring in the cream and sugar, there was a knock at the front door.
The front room was supposed to be a living room, but it's large space was turned into her father's office. Two desks and one fat, spindly chair were tucked against the left wall. Bookshelves occupied the rest of the room. Papers, notebooks, and pens littered the floor. Those items along with shoes and a couple shirts were piled up, blocking the front door.
When the family left the house, they went through the double wide, sliding door next to the dining table in the kitchen.
That was exactly how Chihiro exited to deal with whoever was at the door.
She walked around the side of the house, her bare feet crunching on the dry, summer grass. Luckily, there were no stickers in this yard, like the one at her last house. Pulling out the little, angry burs was as bad as stepping on them.
Peering around the side of the house, she checked to see who was knocking
A woman in a pink sundress was checking her manicure. Her other hand was holding a flat bag used for carrying papers. Everything about her stature and person said business.
Definitely the work friend Dad was having over.
"Hello," Chihiro said, stepping to the woman, while also keeping her distance.
"Ah, you must be Chihiro. I'm here to meet with your father."
Her voice was monotone, as if she was restraining her real one.
"The front door is blocked, so you can follow me around back."
The woman stayed still, surveying Chihiro, who didn't like her one bit. Suspicions of that woman flowed through her. There was something wrong about that woman.
When they arrived at the open door, the table inside was all set with food and dishes waiting to be dirtied.
While the woman spoke to Chihiro's parents, she checked the time.
Yes! She had an excuse.
"Chihiro this is Margret Chen. She's planning to turn the abandoned amusement park into a full fledged tourist attraction," explained Dad.
Knots tore up Chihiro's stomach. Why? Why did she hate that idea? They only went there one time years ago. And it was only for a minute or two. She wasn't attached to it aside from those short moments.
"Fascinating," Chihiro managed. "But, you'll have to excuse me. I need to get ready and go to work."
Her mother smiled from the table. "That's our independent girl. You're excused."
Chihiro gave them a small bow before hurrying upstairs.
Once she was finished changing clothes, Chihiro left the bathroom and went to the door downstairs that led to the garage. She went and got out her bike and snapped on her helmet.
The ride into town was always a pleasant one. The small town's air was fresh and felt nice after being in the house all night. And the sounds of people and all other life was calming.
When she was on her bike, Chihiro was the happiest. She was alone and could ride wherever she wanted as long as her legs functioned.
That dream was put to an end as she closed in on the cafe.
Lina was waiting outside for her with her arms closed.
Chihiro sighed and braved herself for the yelling.
"Ten minutes late! In ten minutes I could've been yelled at because the service wasn't great! And you know why the service wasn't great? Because my other waitress was late! Honestly, what were you doing?"
Chihiro listened while she removed her helmet and locked her bike to a stand.
"I'm sorry, Lina. But, I'm here now. So, let's get going!"
Lina's yelling turned to a halt. She blinked. "Yeah, ok. Let's go!"
And the two women got to work.
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minikponyo · 39 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cute-cottage-core · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
A little bookmark design I made for my friends birthday! Contains snippets from pride and prejudice, Matilda and Jane Eyre
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the-moon-is-so-pretty · 3 hours ago
me in the morning looking at pictures of cats and frogs: nice :)
me @ 3am: what is life
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