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sparrow-in-wonderland6 minutes ago
Also I found out, My sim ( he is trans) ended up on /lgbt/ board... HOLY FUCK. What I've done... Now they call him he is look like some fag on twitter who is posting porn lmao 馃槀馃槀馃槀
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brattycobra9 minutes ago
Johnny: are you two getting along?
Robby: *holding a knife to Miguel鈥檚 ribs* we get along great!
Miguel: *pressing a piece of glass to Robby鈥檚 throat* yeah we鈥檙e best buddies!
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dreamsmpmemes11 minutes ago
Dream: George, keep an eye on Sapnap today. He's going to say something to the wrong person and get punched.
George: Sure, I鈥檇 love to see Sapnap get punched.
Dream: Try again.
George, sighing: I will stop Sapnap from getting punched.
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sinkyx0122 minutes ago
I changed my theme
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yamchaas29 minutes ago
Namekians: Gosh I wish we had someone who could breathe under water to stop the giant crabs from eating out crops!
Piccolo: why don鈥檛 you make someone who can breathe under water then? It wouldn鈥檛 be to hard.
Namekians: what the do mean 鈥渕ake鈥.
Piccolo: ya know *describes tambourine, drum, and the other full grown monsters his dad gave birth to*
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Namekian鈥檚 like, straight up bro WHO ARE YOU?!?
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deathbywarcraft31 minutes ago
I think I'm fairly confident that I actually HAVE found a voice claim for Tarinne this time, and it happens to mostly be a Mortal Kombat character (so, therefore, the collection of voice lines are going to have a lot of screaming). I was brainstorming in Discord when
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adriheavymetal32 minutes ago
GTA SanAndreas Ugh Made in China again lol馃拃馃槀 Ethmods Graphics Preset (Enb Series) 馃敟馃幃馃幃馃憤馃摲馃摲 #grandtheftautosanadreas #ethmodgraphics #enbseries #madeinchinaagain #wtf #lol #lmao #pcgraphics #pcsettings #grandtheftauto #grandtheftautosanadreas #gtasanandreas #gtasa #gtavgraphics #enbseries #onlyonpc #pcgamer #pcgraphics #nvidiaexperience #nvidia #gtx1060 #gtx1080 #myphotos #myphography #pcgamer #gamergirl#beautifulgraphics
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mousemadej32 minutes ago
Tumblr media
HAHA BAD QUALITY ART (and tumblr will just make it worse) cuz I did this too small. Fun fact: this is the first thing I've done in like two months lmao
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unpunny36 minutes ago
Food and Country
Yesterday I was so Hungary, I decided to Czech if there was any food. I was Russian to the fridge, but found only a Turkey full of Greece. Iran to the store to get some salt, pepper, Chile and Korea-nder, because I was in the mood for some Sweden sour. I found Iraq of pork chops but there was Norway I could eat them all. The Romanian ingredients where some Belize pepper and a Canada best soup I could ever find. Can you Bolivia it? I Cyprus the urge of buying some Fiji Water. I Haiti the fact that bottled water leaves a Denmark in the environment. My friend, the Seargent Tina, decided to join me in my quest for the ultimate food fest. She suggested cooking some Japan-seared Tuna, but that Kuwait for a moment. Our friend Chad also came. I told him to bring his acoustic Qatar. We Singapore song after other while we Polish the silverware and clean the China. We prepared some Cuba libres, as well as a drink consisting of Jamaica flower and Malta Whiskey. I think is our best Croatian yet! My friends Sudan-ly had Togo. Once I was Finnish with my cooking, I enjoyed thoroughly my meal. It was so Yemen! I'm Ghana repeat this meal some time in the future. To be honest, I Benin ignoring quality food for some time. I'm Thai-red of eating only Seoul Food, but those days are Gabon! I've been Peru-sing my choices lately, so Angola look for better recipes. Israel hard to find good food in my city. I Congo for days and days looking, Bhutan no avail. Kenya'll understand what am I saying? Syria'sly I'm running out of puns, although I'm sure there are a Brazil-lion of them. I hope this has been India-ring to all of you. I hope it hasn't been a Spain to read. Probably I'll try later to find Samoa phrases! Fin (land)
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sinkyx0148 minutes ago
Ran out of shampoo? No problem, just add water and do the shakey shakey and BOOM!
Problem solved.
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technobladestanblogan hour ago
on one hand I hate twitter for all the bs and drama that happens but I am also extremely nosey and love to talk about the dumb shit that happens on there
there a block list against technotwt and I just wanna know if I have enough clout to be on it
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twitblran hour ago
Tumblr media
I bet this happend to some of you. (x)
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