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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.
boilingtherat · 5 minutes ago
a message from a dumbass:
make yourself a big breakfast - you deserve it 
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slutforwitchcraft · 13 minutes ago
A trad woman’s guide to a pants free wardrobe!
If you’re interested in ditching pants for good, this is the post for you. I decided to go skirts only over two years ago, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my confidence, self esteem, and body comfort.
Why go skirts only?
A lot of women only wear skirts for religious reasons, so if you fall in that category, you already have your reasoning laid out! My husband and I are pagan, so there was no religious influence in my transition to a pants free wardrobe. I chose to go skirt only because it felt like a statement, it looked better on my body type, it allowed me to explore my femininity (that I had for many years cast aside) and my husband absolutely adores it. You also don’t need a reason at all - if you just like skirts better, go for it! Your fashion taste will improve as you start putting together outfits that don’t involve pants, you’ll never be underdressed, and you’ll likely feel more confident going about your day.
If you’re on the fence about making the jump, go buy or thrift a few good dresses or skirts you really like and wear only those for a week, no matter what activities you’re doing, and journal every day how you felt. At the end of the week, decide if you’re ready to proceed.
How do I transition to a skirt only wardrobe?
The best way to transition to a skirt only wardrobe is to slowly start phasing out pants.
To make the initial move, go through your closet with a fine tooth comb - keep all your skirts and dresses, but be very very selective about your pants. If you don’t absolutely love them, or if they don’t fit perfectly, donate them.
Pick out your absolute favorite skirt or dress, that you would love to wear every day, and purchase a few more that are either just like it or very similar. Essentially you’re trying to crowd out the pants in your closet so you reach for the skirt or dress every time.
After a few weeks or months of this, when you’re ready, donate the pants. I held on to one pair of jeans for almost two years after starting my transition because I was afraid to let go - it’s okay! Take your time and be kind with yourself.
The last step to giving yourself a fully skirt only wardrobe is to get Special Skirts for your Activities. If you’re athletic, trade out your leggings and shorts for athletic skirts or skorts. If you wear pants for your job, find or request the skirt equivalent from your employer. Toss your old sleeping tees, and stretched out shorts - replace them with nightgowns. Make sure you have the skirts to fit your needs and your lifestyle! There are skirts for all activities.
Tips for the new skirt wearer:
After a little while of wearing skirts, your friends and family may comment on your transition, and the comments may not be positive. You do not owe anyone an explanation beyond “I prefer them.” However, if you have family or friends who are persist about, or you’re excited to share, go ahead and tell them your reasons! Explain to them why skirts are important to you, and hold your head high doing it.
If you’re unsure about your employers skirt policy, check your employee handbook (request a copy if you need to). For most jobs, finding a satisfactory skirt is easy - if your job requires you to wear khaki pants, a below the knee khaki skirt should be acceptable. Be sure to double check before purchasing - sometimes the skirt policy is entirely different. For example, I worked at TGI Friday’s, and regularly severs had to wear blue jeans, so I assumed I could wear a jean skirt, but the skirt policy was actually black circle skirts only.
If you’re apple shaped and plus sized like me, skirts and dresses are going to bring your confidence to the next level. Pants are just not made for us - but almost any skirt or dress looks amazing! This goes for ANY body type though - we all struggle with pants, but a knee length circle skirt and knotted or tucked in top will always look amazing.
Your first winter in skirts will be a learning curve, but thankfully they make skirts and dresses specifically for winter. Check Etsy for these! Always layer leggings under for extra warmth, or wear several layers of floor length skirts!
Take notes from history - women have been wearing skirts for thousands of years. If you’re stuck in a rut, can’t figure out how to style something, or are having a hard time figuring out how to wear a skirt in the snow without freezing - look at how historical women have done it!
Biker shorts or lace thigh bands under your skirts will save your life in the summer.
This post is already way too long, so I’m going to end it here. Feel free to message me for help and more advice any time!
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katelyn-marie323 · 17 minutes ago
I used to envy movie and book characters who would wear beautiful dresses and spend their time picking flowers while the sun warmed their skin—
Then I realized, wait, why don’t I just do that? Why don’t I just read folk tales and buy pretty accessories for my hair and wear my dresses for no reason and bake good smelling things and romanticize the simple things in my life?
...And then my life and confidence improved immensely...So what it’s silly, it makes me happy!
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literarysnail · 19 minutes ago
Looking for a pen pal!!
22 / F / USA
Hi! After somewhat creeping on the penpal tag, I’ve decided I would like to get into penpaling as well.
As stated above I’m 22F and I work in a library (my dream job!). I’m currently working toward a Master’s degree in Library Science so that I can become a - real - librarian. (Yes, of course, I love to read!).
Other hobbies/interests:
- true crime
- mysteries/unsolved
- paranormal
- cottagecore stuff
- dogs! I have four, I’ll send pictures of them!
- pop punk/punk rock
- anything to do with the 80s/90s
- flowers
- witchy stuff
I’m looking for someone around my age and preferably in the United States. Gender, race, religion, etc. doesn’t matter. Feel free to message me, I hope to talk soon!
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falrycore · 32 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i wanted to thank you guys for 4k followers so i decided to make a special giveaway for a special occasion
in this giveaway you will win a handmade fairy charm bracelet as shown in the picture
how to win:
follow me and reblog this post
when is the giveaway closed:
on 30th may
i still haven’t sent my first giveaway price which was a long time ago due to being a procrastinator so it will probably take me a while to send the price so only enter if you’re patient enough
that is all, good luck!!
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razielim · 46 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Flaer: Estranged
Miha’s kitchen on a foggy morning, full of herbs and fresh vegetables from the garden.
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iam9inwonderland · 52 minutes ago
Soft butterfly babey 🦋
Tumblr media
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timeturner-jay · 53 minutes ago
☀️☁️? c:
☀️ How do you bring cottagecore into your everyday life?
My options are kind of limited at the moment since I live in a one room apartment, but I have some nice flower pots in which I grow a bunch of kitchen herbs. :D I love my little herb garden.
☁️ Do you prefer rainy days or cloudless skies?
Why choose one when I can have both? :D I love all the different weather patterns. 🥰 They all have their own charms.
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scamgirl · 56 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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creek-cottage · an hour ago
Tumblr media
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daydreaming-daffodil · an hour ago
i’ve never seen a firefly before and i think about that fact every day
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