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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
soft-and-sapphic-sweetheart · 21 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
Can I hold your hand?
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plurgai · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Gender Apathetic Lesbian
Gender Apathetic or Apagender is when a person really doesn't identify nor care about any particular gender. They are fine passing off as whatever and do not have an opinion towards their own gender.
This flag is for people who identify as Lesbians, and are Gender Apathetic!
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cipheramnesia · 29 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
Can I still call it being fucked stupid if I was stupid before getting fucked?
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tiredzane · 36 minutes ago
okay, just here me out...
jess and fei😳
that will be all, thank you 🚪🚶
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romellura-soulmates-zine · 44 minutes ago
Guest Artist Spotlight
Tumblr media
Our fourth guest artist, MJ!
Applications will remain open until April 30! Make sure to apply by then if you’re interested in being an artist, poet, or merch artist for the zine! (We’re still in need of more applicants especially for the poet position and the merch artist position!)
Apply Here!
Linktree | Schedule
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artofjoh · 46 minutes ago
Tumblr media
You guys I’m drawing more lesbians 🥺
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dreamywlws · 58 minutes ago
dating Agatha ‘Agnes’ Harkness would include...
Warnings: A bit of smut NSFW and soft! SFW Agatha <3
Note: Anyways I miss her. 
gif credit: @bonniebirddoesgifs​
Tumblr media
You met Agnes when you first arrived to Westview 
What you didn't know was how important this woman was going to be in your life.
She intrigued you from the first day you guys met
she was just so mesmerizing.
Agnes was a very friendly, sociable woman with many charms
You loved how comfortable you felt around her and how you didn’t feel awkward talking to her
She would always come over to your place to tell you about the latest gossip
And the two of you would talk on and on for what seemed like hours gone by
and neither of you regret it one bit
You always go to her for advice since she always knows what to say to you when you need to hear it the most
weather that be a cheering up or encouragement on whatever you were feeling doubtful about
Agnes is also a good listener 
You’ve noticed that about her whenever you would just go on about whatever was on your mind and she would always be there to listen
Then you've noticed how your "platonic" feelings for Agnes have grown into something more...
Something you never wanted to admit out loud until one night someone has to say it
You were babysitting the twins, Tommy and Billy Wanda's adorable sons as her and Vision haven't been doing well lately and she needed someone to help look after her kids and so she reached out for you to help
Which you happily accepted the offer with or without pay
When the twins finally went to sleep, you and Wanda shared small talk outside enjoying the nice calm atmosphere and staring up at the beautiful sky filled with stars.
Then that's when Wanda asked you about your feelings and thoughts on her neighbor Agnes.
"So I can't help but notice you and Agnes seem pretty close" wanda said, bringing the wine to her lips as she grinned at you.
Your head turned sharply to her, confusion on your face as you laughed.
"W-what? What do you mean by that?" You asked not liking how your heart started beating fast.
"I just mean you two have amazing chemistry" Wanda said, shrugging and taking a sip.
"I still don't know what you mean--"
"Y/n I'm gonna make this simple for you to understand. Your thoughts are so loud honey and your crush on Agnes is just gonna keep growing and growing stronger the more you spend fine with her and one day you might miss your chance" she simply told you and you frowned at her.
Before you could reply you thought about that hard. You thought about all the subtle touches you thought were just friendly gestures Agnes did. Or the way she sometimes stared at you that seemed way more intimate than a friend would to another friend. Or how your heart would beat really fast around her whenever she was close by. And how you couldn't stop thinking about her when you couldn't sleep most nights.
You've known about your crush on Agnes... But you're just frightened.
You don't wanna ruin the relationship you already have with her.
And you sure as hell don't wanna loose her.
"Y/n?" Wanda's voice snapped you away from your thoughts and you looked back at her.
"Thank you for the talk and the wine but I think I'm going to do it" the words just fell right out of your lips and you just couldn't stop.
You were going to do what...?
Oh right. Finally confess your love to Agnes.
And see how badly that goes.
Wanda just smiles proudly at you, "I wish you nothing but the best for my two favorite neighbors" she said while raising her glass at you and you smiled.
You mouthed a thank you before walking away to go find Agnes.
You first went to her house, obviously. And you knocked on the door before walking in.
"Agnes?" You called out to her.
When she didn't answer you just walked right in, ignoring how nervous you felt entering her home with out an invitation.
Everything felt really off inside her home for some reason you couldn't put your finger on it...
Your wrap your head around why this felt wrong.
"Agnes where are you? I just wanna tell you something important before I chicken out again" you laughed, wrapping your arms around your chest when you felt a cold breeze go past you causing you to shiver.
Why is it so cold...
Agnes what are you up to?...
"Y/n?" Agnes's voice spooked you, and you turned around with a surprise squeal.
"Agnes! Don't sneak up on me like that!" You said, playfully hitting her on the arm and she smiled.
"I'm sorry Hon, I thought I heard someone knock at the door. I was just busy. What is it that you have come to talk about? You seemed urgent" Agnes said, urging you to sit on her sofa.
"Ah yeah that. Well you see Agnes, I have something that I've been wanting to fell you for some time now. I just never knew when the right time was--"
You heard Agnes hum acknowledging that she was paying attention as you heard the kettle being turned on.
Right, Agnes was making some tea.
You felt your cheeks heat up, wondering how to finally admit your feelings to hour friend.
You don't realize that Agnes came to sit next to you and she handed you the warm cup of tea and smiled brightly at you and the smile reached to her blue eyes.
She never looked so beautiful before...
"What was it you wanted to say, darling?" She asks, tucking some hair behind your ear.
"I'm in love with you Agnes" you said, not stopping yourself now.
Agnes didn't say anything for a bit must stared at you as you felt nervous and wanted to leave immediately.
"I'm sorry that was so stupid of me to actually think you like me back--"
A hand grabbed yours to stop you from walking away, you turned back around to face Agnes once again.
"Don't go. Otherwise I can't kiss my girlfriend" Agnes said, smiling when she saw relief come over you.
You laughed, letting her pull you in closer for a kiss as you straddled her lap and kissed her as if it were the last time you could ever get to kiss Agnes.
When you pulled away for breath you both were smiling like to teenagers in love.
You pressed your foreheads together, breathing together in harmony and you even could hear her heart beat if you listened closely.
"Okay before you announce me as your girlfriend, can you take me out on a date first?" You said, giggling and she laughed with you.
"I'll take you on as many dates as you want, doll."
And then she did.
Every date with Agnes just kept on getting better and better.
You didn't tell Wanda straight away but when you did she was so happy for you both and almost ended up crying.
"Does that mean we have two aunties now? That's so cool!" Tommy said and Billy agreed as you and Agnes thought that was so adorable.
Now you two are inseparable.
You go on picnic dates.
Going on night walks with senior scratchy.
Cooking together.
Helping babysit the twins.
Going shopping with Wanda.
Eventually you had to move in together.
Sleeping in the same bed together, waking up to the smell of deliciously cooked breakfast from bacon and eggs to pancakes.
So much cuddles.
Attending committee meetings together.
Having really good fun sex.
Seriously, Agnes is really good and not just kissing and hugging but sex amazing with her.
She can be a bit rough too but out of love.
She loves reading to you as you cuddle and lay your head in her lap.
She's SUCH a softie.
Big simp for you.
Will die for you.
And will kill for you.
Just ask. And she will do it.
But obviously you don't want her to do either because you just don't want her in danger.
She could be your personal hitman honestly.
And Agnes does tend to get protective and jealous of any one who dare tries to get in between you.
That's how she told everyone about you two dating when she had enough keeping it a secret.
You were fine with it though.
Jealous and possessive Agnes was hot.
Though Agnes knew she couldn't keep lying to you...
She's been keeping a secret from not just you but from everyone else around you too.
about who she really is.
Her true identity.
She's scared of telling you though because of how much she loves you.
But she knows she has to tell someone she knows she can trust you better than anyone.
It's now or never.
Agnes has set up a fancy date for you thought, a night inside her house so you both won't be disturbed.
And for when she finally tells you her big secret...
"Agnes this is so lovely, you are just amazing" you said, smiling at her and she blushed at the compliment.
"Oh darling, you always knew how to make me all flustered don't you" she giggled, winking at you as she sat down on the floor next to you by the fire.
"To us" she said, bringing up the glass of wine and you did the same.
You stared into her eyes, grinning as you brought the cup up to clink with here.
"To us."
"Doll there's something I must tell you... I can't keep on hiding it forever or it will crush me and you" Agnes said, bringing your attention back to hers as you nodded.
"You know I will always love you, silly. Now tell me" you said, encouraging her.
She took a shuddered breath, placing her glass down.
"I've been lying to you, but I have a good reason for it. But I just can't keep this secret from you forever. It will break my heart and I just need you to know--" Agnes said mentally preparing herself for the worst.
"My name isn't Agnes. My name is Agatha Harkness, I'm a witch. And this town isn't normal either everyone here is trapped under Wandas mine control and I'm going to figure out how she did all of this and stop her" Agnes or Agatha said, rather quickly and you tried processing what she said.
She couldn't look you in the eyes, but she did anyways.
"Darling?... are you mad? I understand if you are I can just leave you be..." She said, looking at you with wary eyes.
"So you're a witch?" You said and she nodded.
"Yes... And my name isn't Agnes it's Agatha" she replied.
"I thought you were American" you said, then bursting out laughing at her confused puzzled expression.
"You should have seen your face! You was priceless! You think I'm gonna hate you because your a witch? You do what you need to do love. I still love you regardless, my feelings will always be true even if this entire town doesn't exist I still love you. And I have a witch for a girlfriend? I say that's iconic" you said, smiling at her and she sighed very much relieved.
"You have no idea how much that means to me and how much I love you come here" she grinned, pulling you in for a kiss.
When she pulled away for air, she locked eyes with you and never felt so at peace before.
"Can I ask you something?" You said and she nodded.
"Do you ride a broom? Because if so can I ride it? I wanna try flying" you asked and she laughed.
"We can do whatever you want, doll."
The two of you were more unbreakable after that and she never left your side.
That's unless someone more powerful could do that.
But Agatha isn't going to let them take you away from her that easy.
She loves you more than she has loved anything.
She believes you are her soul mate.
Agatha will always love and protect you no matter what. 
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jayjaysavestheday · 59 minutes ago
“Well fuck here i am in love with the devil. The devil who holds my hand always. Will always make sure i’m in her sight, and will always always make sure i am close enough to be protected. She’s my devil and i’m her angle.”
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little-baby-princess · an hour ago
Where are all the dom girls at? I just wanna be used like the lil cumslut I am 🥺 pretty please
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sweetfemmedyke · an hour ago
so um any butches out there want to edge me and hurt me until i cry before bed and then kiss away my tears, call me your sweet girl, and let me rut against your thigh as i fall asleep? 🥺👉🏻👈🏻
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angeldrogyne · an hour ago
Alright tumblr I know we all miss the nsfw stuff anyway I made an onlyfans and don’t know how to use it I’m just some dumb bottom lmao anyway I want attention
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your-taxidermy · an hour ago
Hiii!! i’m not dead on this tumblr and it would mean the world to me if y’all could boost this and maybe support my small business.
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I've always hated the idea of soulmates, that one day you just meet someone and they're your perfect match. Not because I'm heartless or anything, but because I much more find the idea of making a soulmate. Becoming comfortable with someone over time, loving them, showing them they can be the real them around you. Just experiencing the wildness along the way.
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mother-of-wolves · 2 hours ago
If books,movies,video games, etc don’t add more buff ladies, imma cry.
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bipolarbullshitt · 2 hours ago
I forgot to take my meds last night
I didnt sleep last night
I rolled around and my thoughts had thoughts and I waited until the sun rose and I still didn't know what to do.
I've been up for more than 30 hours now
And I'm manic
And I want to call you.
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