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mecvryo · 3 hours ago
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my little poster of my favorite swordsman
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robots-scare-me · 3 hours ago
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spooky hidey hole in the school theatre
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yakamozunisiklarii · 7 hours ago
"Kafeste büyümüş bir kuşsun. Ve şimdi gökyüzüne yükselmeye çalışıyorsun ama kanatların idmansız."
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gotta-love-alejandra · 10 hours ago
Veda and Ever
I wrote a very gay story about Ever, a non binary forager who lives in a cottage with her cat, and a large lesbian, Veda, who has traveled her whole life with her her pet wolf. They meet one day and both of them question whether or not they want to spend another day apart.
I don't write very often, so its not very good.
In all seriousness I am really proud of this, I hope you like it.
Word count: 2078
Ever woke up knowing that today they need to go out and get some wild herbs. They have an entire garden full in their yard, surrounded by forest. They practically have an entire bush of herbs growing in their kitchen, but the onions that they were growing just weren't blooming as much as they’d hoped, and they needed some for the stew they were making tonight.
They hopped out of bed, opened their wardrobe, grabbing a pair of overalls, an earthy colored top and a golden colored beanie they crocheted themselves. After they dressed, they walked into the kitchen being met by Chamomile, a light grey cat with pastel purple eyes they had found wandering about their garden all those years ago. Chamomile jumped on the table and nudged Ever with her head, asking to be pet, Ever complied, patting her head a few times.
“Today we have to go out and find some onions for our stew, '' they remarked mostly to themselves. Chamomile replied with an understanding mew.
On their way out, they grabbed a pair of boots and threw the beanie on their messy, raven black curls, and headed out the door. Followed by chamomile walking out of the small cat door Ever had made. Walking away from their small little cottage in the middle of the forest, they ventured on, determined to find what they needed for their stew.
After walking nearly 5 miles Chamomile pawed at Ever’s feet, asking for them to turn back. “I know we’ve been walking for a while, but I need the onions for my stew!” When Chamomile gave no response other than a very disapproving look Ever knew that it was time to turn back. They hadn’t noticed, but now that they had taken a moment to stop, they’re legs were beginning to ache. Ever had turned to the mark on the tree that they had placed so as to not lose their way and started to follow it. After taking a few steps they noticed that Chamomile wasn't following them anymore.
“Chamomile?” They called out to the cat, asking for her to follow. When they turned around to look at Chamomile they noticed that she was eyeing a large bush, “Did you find something?” They asked, stepping towards the gray cat, when suddenly a large wolf leaped from inside the bush growling. Chamomile immediately took a defensive stance in front of Ever, who had taken a few steps back in surprise. When all of a sudden they heard a voice coming from the direction the wolf had.
“Dex? Where did you go?” The voice belonged to a woman, her voice was deep, sounding slightly gravely. The woman walked out from where the wolf had, “Oh, there you ar-” She looked up from the wolf and saw Ever, with their small frame and slender body. Immediately, she felt a need to protect them from anything that came their way, it was almost as if it was instinct was telling her that she needed to protect Ever.
Ever looked at the very tall woman that stood in front of them, taking in her Broad shoulders and muscular build. They noted the sword sheathed on their left hip. They stood silently for a few seconds, neither of them saying a word, when Ever eventually broke the silence.
“H-hi, My name is Ever and this is my cat Chamomile.” They gestured to their cat, who was still holding a defensive position now standing closer to Ever.
“I’m Veda” she shot out her right hand asking for a handshake, which Ever accepted. “This is my wolf Dexter, I swear he won't bite.” She said, noticing Ever’s nervousness. “I didn't know anyone lived around here, I can leave if you want”
“No, it’s ok. Would you like to come have a cup of tea with me?” Ever offered; truthfully, they were lonely and Veda was one of the most handsome women they had ever seen. They didn’t want her to leave, not yet.
“Oh, Are you sure?” She replied, growing nervous under the gaze of Evers beautiful hazel eyes.
“It would be my pleasure. Although we are quite far from my house, do you mind walking?” they asked now wishing they had walked father so that they and Veda could spend more time together.
“No, not at all” Veda replied with a warm smile. Ever couldn’t help but notice the way her light brown hair complimented her amazingly, honey yellow eyes.
They walked in silence for most of the way, both nervous and stiff. Ever, being too caught up in their thoughts, tripped on a branch in front of them. Before they knew what happened they realized that they were pressed against Vedas chest, she had caught them.
“Woah, are you ok?” she asked letting go of them, wishing she could hold on to them for just a moment longer.
“Yea, yea I’m good. Thank you” They paused, “for catching me.” they said, continuing to walk.
“You're welcome, I'm glad you're ok.” Veda replied following Ever to their house.
The rest of the walk went pretty smoothly, filled with awkward glances. Once they arrived at Evers house they walked directly in only stopping to take off their boots, covered in mud. Veda stopped halfway on the stone-paved walkway, admiring it all. The house was round, only one floor, and was made with dark wood, the roof was a faded red. There were plants everywhere, some for decoration, some were vegetables or herbs.
“You can come in.” Ever remarked sarcastically from the open doorway, pulling Veda out of her thoughts.
“Oh, yea. Right.” she muttered, embarrassed. She walked into the door, “Your house is beautiful, by the way.” She was met with cream colored walls with dark, faded green accents and a burnt orange couch. Further in the house was a kitchen and dining room with a table next to the window.
“Take a seat, I’ll get the tea ready.” Ever said while cutting a few leaves from a plant next to the stove then filling the teapot with water. Huh, mint Veda thought to herself. She turned around and realized most, if not all, of the chairs were too small for her to fit in. She moved the chair sitting on one end of the square table and sat on the floor with her legs crossed.
Both Veda and Ever turned when they heard a loud thunk come from the living room, Dexter had bumped into the table and knocked off a glass.
“Oh jeez” Veda said as she stood up, bumping into the table that she was sitting at, almost knocking over the potted plant that was sitting in the center. She scrambled to grab it, catching it before it rolled off the table. She met Ever’s gase as they burst into laughter. Confused, Veda asked “What?” with a bashful smile.
“It seems my house is too small,” They said between giggles.
“Yea, Yea it does.” Veda chuckled .The teapot wined, reminding them both of what they were doing.
“Here. You stay there, try not to break anything,” they laughed, “and I’ll serve us tea.” They turned around and grabbed the teapot from the fire and poured their drinks. One small mug for Ever and a larger cup for Veda. Grabbing the honey and both cups, they took their seat at the table. “Would you like some honey?” they asked, handing Veda her larger cup.
“No, thank you.” Ever nodded in response and proceeded to put some in their tea, grabbing the honey wand, placing it in their cup and stirring.
“So, do you live around here or are you just passing through?” Ever asked, wanting to know more about the amazing woman sitting at the table with them.
“No- no, I don’t live around here, or much of anywhere really.” she said with a sigh. Ever tilted their head, not understanding the answer she gave. “I don’t really have a home,” Veda continued, “I travel everywhere I go, I haven't found a place I want to settle. So, I go from place to place, looking for somewhere to stay” She sighed, “haven't found it yet.” She didn't know why she was telling them all of this, but sitting there looking at their face she couldn’t help but feel like she could trust them with it all.
“Wow, that must be hard. I can only imagine.” Ever replied, worry etched on their face. “Why don't you stay here?” they paused seeing the concern on Vedas face, “Just for a few nights.” they suggested. “Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep in a warm bed, even if its just for a few nights.” Ever looked at Veda, who was silent. She couldn’t help but notice the hint of desperation in their voice.
“I really don't want to intrude, you’ve already been so nice.” She said, carefully standing.
“ No- Please.” Ever interjected standing with Veda, “Please don't go yet, I would love to have you here for a few days.” They paused sitting back down, Veda soon following. “Honestly, it can get pretty lonely out here, I don’t get many visitors” Veda hated seeing the way their shoulders slumped, and the way they wrapped their arms around themselves lightly.
“I understand that, the whole being alone thing.” Veda said, mindlessly petting Dex, who was laying next to her. Looking at Ever, Veda knew she couldn’t leave, not yet. Something in her gut told her that she needed to stay. “Okay, I’ll stay, even if it's just for a few nights” She said with a smirk.
Ever’s eyes lit up and they excitedly rushed over to their bedroom and came out with more blankets than one person would ever need. They plopped them all down on the couch and turned to look at a surprised Veda. She had never been cared for like this… not since Val. She walked over to the couch and sat down, even though it was smaller than what was comfortable, and started to feel the blanket that was on top. It was soft, and seemed to be knitted or crocheted.
“Did you do this yourself?” She asked, the blanket was very well made. Veda had never had time, nor the materials to learn. Her life had been too sporadic, always moving from one place to another, for her to learn not essential skills.
Ever, sitting on the floor in front of the couch, reached over and touched it. “Yea, I made that myself, took me almost 4 days.” She chuckled remembering, “My fingers were sore for a week after that,” They looked down at their fingers and flexed them, reminiscing the pain. They sat in silence for a while. Ever made their way off of the floor and grabbed a book for themselves and looked to Veda, “Do you want a book to read?” They grabbed the book they were currently reading.
“I’m not much of a reader.” Ever nodded, turned to the shelves and started looking for one of their favorite books, The Land of War and Fire, once they found it they scurried back over to the couch and handed Veda the book they had retrieved. “This is one of my favorites, I think you’ll like it.” they smiled so wide Veda had no other choice but to smile back, their happiness is contagious.
“The land of War and Fire,” Veda read aloud, “Sounds interesting.” They both sat in silence enjoying their books. The only sounds were the soft taps of Chamomile walking about, and the soft turning of pages.
It was getting late, Ever was not a night person, you would find them in bed by 10:30. It was no surprise that when Veda looked up from her book Ever was fast asleep, book in hand. Veda looked at the sleeping beauty in front of her and admired how peaceful they looked while they were sleeping. Though Ever wasn’t an anxious person all their stress carried in their shoulders, tensed and raised slightly. Now, they were completely relaxed.
Veda very slowly got up and grabbed the book from their limp hands, marked the page and set it on the coffee table in front of them. She had been accustomed to staying up late, instead of going to bed she continued reading the book Ever had given her. She enjoyed every word she read. Hours later she lay in the same position Ever had, book laying in limp hands.
A/n: I really hope you enjoyed this story, if you want a part 2 please let me know!!!
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