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#mall goth
thegothtaku · 4 hours ago
Hai guyz! (Introducing myself)
Hiya! I’m GothTaku (he/they). I wanted to say hey to everybody and hopefully meet some new people (or reconnect with old mutuals).
Tumblr media
I got into scene stuff during 2014-2015 ish and started participating in the community on Instagram during the heyday of Cringe Culture (dark ages...). I went by Azazel back then. I was also pretty active in the Nu-Scene/Scenecore/Scene Revival/Emocore/Mall Goth/etc. stuff but I stepped away from a while. I started really missing the aesthetic and community and wanted to pop back in with a fresh approach! I used to run the Emo-Scene-FM blog with Edie if anybody remembers that. 
Right now I’m a YouTuber (on hiatus due to serious health problems but I’ve been recovering pretty well and plan on returning soon) and I’ve been planning on converting a lot of my old posts into actual videos. That and I have to remake a few of my now private videos since the quality of them wasn’t really on par with what I think I’m capable of.
I’m looking for some blogs to follow. Anything related to:
Mall Goth
Visual Kei/J-Rock
Black Veil Brides
My Chemical Romance (Listening to Bullets while I type this)
The Birthday Massacre
From First To Last
Invader Zim/JTHM
Death Note
Soul Eater
Marble Hornets
No kink blogs, exclusionists, TERFs, bigots, MAPs, etc. You know, none of that shiz.
Like I said earlier, I plan on returning to making YouTube content with a heavy 2000s/Old Internet vibe. Reviews, video essays/investigations (think Whang or The Cozy Representative style stuff), tutorials and DIYs. So if any of that interests you, stay tuned!.
I used to go by a few other usernames a few years back but I had some very stupid, ignorant moments and deleted my accounts cuz of that. I wasn’t very wise or measured back then, ngl. I don’t mean to make excuses but to provide context I had a very bad mindset, and people in my life who enabled some bad behaviors without check. I’d like to apologize for that in case anybody I’ve wronged happens to read this. Those were very unbecoming days for me.
Anyways, nice to meet you all! RAWR XD
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motelgoth · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
☆ Tripp NYC Jacket ☆
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starg0th666 · a day ago
Tumblr media
If I invited you over for a sleepover, would we have a pillow fight or play dress up??
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