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ennuijpg · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
「我說了,近我者死。我是沒有辦法把你們全殺了,就看你們誰想先死,誰想活著。」// “I already said that whoever comes near me will die. I indeed won’t be able to kill you all, so let’s just see which one of you wants to die first, and which one of you wants to live a little longer.” -episode 32
[id: four gifs of wen kexing from episode 32 of word of honor/shan he ling. he is standing on a marshy cliff near qingya mountain, wearing medium cyan and aqua hanfu robes. he has a trail of blood down his chin from his lower lip. the gifset is dominated by blue, cyan, and green coloring. in the first gif, kexing rips a key on a pendant from his neck. the dialogue caption reads: Heroes, see this? The key to the world's armory you are all clamoring over is right here. in the second, he holds the key out towards the members of the five lakes alliance, unpictured, standing on a small plateau above him. the dialogue reads: To open the armory, you don't need that so called Glazed Armor. This key alone will open the armory's door. in the third, he clasps his hand around the key and looks towards the five lakes alliance derisively. the dialogue reads: Does anyone want it? in the fourth, he talks to them with a challenging expression in his eyes. the dialogue reads: Kill me, and the key will be yours. the colored caption reads: 「我說了,近我者死。我是沒有辦法把你們全殺了,就看你們誰想先死,誰想活著。」// “I already said that whoever comes near me will die. I indeed won’t be able to kill you all, so let’s just see which one of you wants to die first, and which one of you wants to live a little longer.” -episode 32 /end id]
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xduderanchx · 8 minutes ago
can we like... normalize emo/scene/alt/etc. ppl listening to pop music???
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how2bake · 11 minutes ago
Before I go to sleep let's look at tenma
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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vilbabywrites · 12 minutes ago
☆ Put this star into the inbox of your favorite blogs. It’s time to spread positivity! <3 ☆
a message for my wife
i’m love you 😠
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krayolacolor · 12 minutes ago
Heya, hope you're having a great day. For the ask game maybe 16 and or 24?
I'm doing great, thank you!
16: Do you want any tattoos?
Yes! I want to get a set of theater masks on my hip! I also want a few other things but I can't remember off the top of my head ^^"
24: Do you want piercings?
I love the look of snake bites & industrial piercings, but I don't think I'll ever get them for real tho ^^"
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loveatsutani · 17 minutes ago
guess i know what to do with that caveman au ask now
if only you knew the state of my drafts
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imperator-me · 21 minutes ago
I finally got around to finishing Falcon and the Winter Soldier and I've gotta say, Sam my beloved is such a thing for me right now
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chrishansenfromdatelinenbc · 22 minutes ago
me: i will get my wife flowers for our first text anniversary
my brain: you will get your wife a turkey baster and dont breathe her for ur textiversary
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mudwingprincess · 29 minutes ago
ok since i havent gotten an ask yet, im gonna choose a song myself :') (hopefully this can prompt others to send in songs...)
and why not do Housewife Radio :)
descriptions of blood and abuse, proceed with caution
You're in a hot room
You're sweating
You must keep working
You must please
If you stop, you will experience pain once again
You cannot stop at any cost
You continue sewing
Even when you prick your fingers on the needles
Even when you bleed
You continue
Must please must please must please quickly turns into help please help please help please in your mind
It hurts
Your fingers ache
So much blood
You cannot stop
You're sweating
Its hot
Make it stop
Stop please
The heat makes it hard to think straight
You accidentally send a needle straight through your thumb
It hurts
So much blood
It drips onto the white fabric
Pain pain pain
You need to keep working
You're afraid of him
You pull you're eyes away from your finger
The sky is black, only being illuminated by the moonlight and stars
You look back down
The fabric is white
You glance at yourself
The dress that your wearing is blue
You look up again
The walls of the house are green
You look at the ground
The floor is tinted yellow
You look at your finger
The red blood runs down your hand
The world was spinning and blurry
It's hard to think
You can't think
Its hot
You're sweating
You feel the world tilt to the side as you pass out
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ky-ju · 31 minutes ago
Removing the final pieces of straw from his hair, Faran collected the rest of his belongings. He couldn’t hold back the laughter that was still tumbling out of him from his fall.
“While it is of no boost my confidence,” he said, attempting to smooth his voice as well as he had his tunic. “I can be happy it was, at the very least, not my very first impression. I assure you, I am usually much better with horses.”
The young man leaning against the entrance of the stable laughed, and the fire from the nearby torches made Faran’s cheeks flush. Yes, it certainly was because of the fire.
He refused to acknowledge the lights distance.
“Oh, I’m quite sure of it.” Said the boy with a click of his tongue. Quite the cheeky thing, wasn’t he, thought Faran. “Steady as you were when you skillfully flailed for the reigns. Does your grace always precede you so, Sir Knight?”
The teasing had been more of a shock than anything. Most common folk, upon learning his status, maintained only the highest of manners. And yet this young man seemed to hold him in no precedence at all. No fear that his words, though playful, might somehow offend him. It wasn’t something he was used to, and it, along with the striking black of the young man’s waving locks, and the light of mischief in his coal-dark eyes, had him suddenly and uncharacteristically flush with embarrassment.
“My fair fellow,” Faran began, ignoring the burning in his arms and chest. “Tis’ something far more than grace which precedes me.”
With a clink against his belt, Faran checked that he had fastened the holster for his blade properly, before unsheathing his sword. He spun it skillfully in his hand, holding it before him proudly.
The boy, whose face Faran was now unable to tear himself away from, chuckled, and it sounded like a song.
“Well, perhaps one day you may show me your skills. Could help me hone my own, even, if you fancy the idea...” the boy scanned him, and Faran grew all the warmer. “...As I do.”
The light from the torches glinted against the metal in his grasp, and Faran, determined to not ruin anything by stroking his ego, sheathed his weapon, and moved forward to carefully take the hand of the young man before him. He bent himself as low as he could, though he still towered over the him, as he brought his fingers to his lips in a chaste movement. One that also allowed him to catch the whiff of lavender that emanated from his new companion. Faran had to keep himself from inhaling too deeply.
“It would be an honor, to be considered worthy of departing my knowledge to one as radiant as yourself. Fancy it I do. Please, I must know your name. We must meet again.”
The lovely young man only smiled mischievously at him and pulled away, preparing to mount his horse once more. Faran chased after the lost contact before remembering himself.
“Shouldn’t you go back to attending your business? I’m sure the king is waiting for you.”
The knight blinked in surprise. He hadn’t mentioned that. Snapping out of his confusion, he called after the boy who had already began to urge his steed into a trot.
“Wait, you haven’t told me your name!” He called, suddenly feeling desperate.
A smile as the boy glanced back at him for just a second was the only response he got. Faran stared until the boy disappeared completely. He shook his head, feeling a bit like he had just awoken from a dream.
“Wow.” Was all he said, before turning to his own horse, preparing to head to the castle, as the mysterious beauty had suggested he do.
He double checked to make sure his sword was properly sheathed.
Maybe after his...duties were fulfilled, he’d be able to find him again. In fact, he must. Lest the fire that was building in him never cease.
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bubsy3d · 34 minutes ago
Tumblr media
HIII I made a discord server for kandi makers and anyone who'd like to do kandi trades...! also its just a general hangout for anyone who's into scene or rave culture, you don't have to be a kandi maker to join :) come say hi!!!!
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skeletore · 37 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Johnny justification for being an absentee father? "Sticking around and being a bully" is just... the crux of all his fears about fatherhood.
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