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#dark aesthetic
invisiblebeingg · 3 hours ago
back to school today after a week of Spring break, the pre-anxiety is already kicking in 🤠
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beautifullyexisting · 3 hours ago
gimme a book written by oscar wilde, embedded with donna tartt's philosophies, infused with virginia woolf's quotes, dipped into franz kafka's thoughts, with side glances at emily dickinson's verses and littered with sylvia plath's poetry .... and you've just given me a masterpiece
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beautifullyexisting · 3 hours ago
“There is something moon soaked and dawn flavoured about her. Something kissed by the wild and loved by lightning. She looks like Artemis after a night of storm hunting. She looks like the sun as it rises after kissing the dawn.”
— Nikita Gill, Artemis Girl
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dark-is-aesthetic · 3 hours ago
Today I sit here and grieve
The death of the child I never got to be
The little one who believed
In music, love and everything in between
The child with glittering eyes
With dreams of stranger worlds and beings
The kid in love with stars
Believer of magic, of good in all beings
I bury this child today
With aching bones and a heavy heart
Now I think, I won't ever be brave
Now I think, I won't be visiting this grave
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deadseagirl · 5 hours ago
is there anything romantically aggressive than saying "kiss me" looking right at one's eyes while the rain pours down outside violently trembling the sky to pour it all, through the bed of the earth's womb.
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sucker-for-marvel · 5 hours ago
Simple minded and childish but favourite idea of
*female avenger but make it dark aesthetic*
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appreciationcollection · 5 hours ago
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(Ancient rustic candle dark decor purple candles altar | Etsy gönderdi)
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