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#hot topic
augustwater · an hour ago
Tumblr media
The arms are alil too long but my spin on bowmori ttttadaaandkwdncjkd
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tetsusaki · 2 hours ago
syd...... i’m so sorry for what i’m about to say but u look like u’d work at hot topic i’m sorry i’m sorry
stares,, i look like i’d work where? 🙂🔪
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greaserink · 2 hours ago
Alright, since I found a nasty ass terf trying to follow me just let me know just a heads up you are so I can block you on the spot.
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sonic-quonit · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
I’ve been playing shadow has a gun 2005 for the first time and I just. I can’t take him seriously he just looks so small and adorable
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I still laugh about Ichirou and Riko's names. You can sense how much love and creativity went into the naming process, the parents definitely spent a lot of time coming up with these names /s
The mother: Here, this is our first born son
Moriyama Kengo: Oh I know the perfect name
Mother: This is our second child-
Kengo: I don't care about her, she's the second born
Mother: In truth, it's a boy-
Kengo: Just call her Riko-chan or some shit whatever
Mother: Nani tf 💀
Jokes aside, Nora really invested time into thinking of the perfect names for the Foxes huh. I mean, Neil is champion? Heck yeah. Kevin is Irish and means handsome? Suits him. Andrew means strong? He is indeed a strong man. Wish my name suited me that well.
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elrena · 17 hours ago
hot topic just isn’t the same anymore
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pawne4 · 21 hours ago
GGM is absolutely lying about all that stuff
Yes, I’m certain he is.
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ibetteracethatinterview · 21 hours ago
Ahhhh this song
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crownedcams · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
absolutely living for these dramatic ass Jedi robes they give them
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valentinesparda · 23 hours ago
i don't ever wear my glasses even tho i need to bc my eyesight is slowly worsening but f/os would think me wearing my glasses is cute. they're all like "you look so handsome with your glasses" and some of them would even go "yeah clear vision is pretty sexy huh" and I'm like yeah. it sure does help to be able to read stuff sometimes like *looks at my own reflection* gimme ur lunch money nerd
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tsbearby · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Black and white today. Striped shirt is thrifted, top is Hot Topic (but he missing his titties), skirt is upcycled and thrifted, platforms are also Hot Topic, and I made the necklace. Happy Caturday 🐈
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donbizzle · a day ago
#talk #of #the #town #hot #topic #natural #soaps #organic #sinkcare
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ugh4500000000000 · a day ago
went to hot topical today and i realized that they cleared out their section that was once dedicated to supernatural, i only saw a few items that were scattered over the store
i think the plus side of it, is that now i can walk without feeling like i'm suffocating since it was messy af
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