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#old internet
chickenisamazing · 9 hours ago
The day started off terribly and I got nothing done today because I've been feeling blah but my friends made it better by creating absolute chaos
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smolpoe · 16 hours ago
Good call on not reading fandom takes. Wish I had been as wise as you, but alas.
*Joe voice* Thank you, thank you!
Yeah, I didn’t mean that post as like, a condemning of the fandom analyzing things, I think that’s what fandom is for to a certain extent, and I often have a lot of fun doing it myself! It’s just that at this moment I am tired and overwhelmed and I am gonna read my littol cominc book about some queer people experiencing history and just enjoy it and move on lol. It’s a guest author for a comic book which is just always going to be a different take than the original author, and that’s great! I love seeing how different people write different interpretations of these characters whom I love a lot.
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